URGENT! Massive Destruction Heading Towards Midwest On Day Netanyahu To Address Congress

If these storms do hit tomorrow, it is a sign that the Holy God of Israel is putting an end to the US interfering with His prophetic plan for...

This is what they are saying will hit tomorrow, Tuesday May 24, 2011

Massive storms predicted ahead of Netanyahu speech to Congress Tuesday
The following is a breaking news report from Dr. John McTernan
I just watched the evening news and there was a frightening weather report for Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri about fierce tornado storms tomorrow. It could be a historic outbreak of tornadoes. The report said that F-4s and F-5s could be on the ground for miles! Tomorrow is the day that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is addressing Congress! If these storms do hit tomorrow, it is a sign that the Holy God of Israel is putting an end to the US interfering with His prophetic plan for Israel. He does not want Netanyahu involved with America. There is a lot to watch for tomorrow. Tornadoes just hit north of me less than 10 miles! There has been no damage report as of yet. In April, a weak tornado was near my property line. It took the roof of a neighbors barn and brought down many trees.
Please pray and intercede for each other as I can sense a great dread of what is coming. The danger with the LORD is extremely great at this time while the vast majority sleep on. May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.
AccuWeather Meteorologists are forecasting that there will be at least 50 tornado reports on Tuesday, many of them across the eastern half of Oklahoma and eastern Kansas.
Residents from Paducah, Ky., through Charleston, W.Va., to Washington, D.C., will have to be on the lookout for rapidly changing weather conditions on Tuesday.”
Notice how the storm warning danger goes as far East as Washington, DC. This is while Netanyahu is there speaking before Congress!!! source – John McTernan’s Insights

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