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NTEB Comment Policy For Stories And Articles Published Anywhere On The Now The End Begins Global Network


Here at Now The End Begins, we take great care to produce accurate, hard-hitting and truthful articles and stories designed to warned the lost of their lost condition before God, and to encourage and edify the saints in the Body Of Christ.

It should be noted, that in the process of doing so, we also try very hard to not insult people personally, or do anything that would be a bad Christian testimony.

As such, we do ask the same of our wonderful NTEB readers who post so many thoughtful and insightful comments to our stories. We have set filters designed to stop as many profane words as we could think of, though from time to time one or two will slip through. Please be aware that if you post a comment using one of the blacklisted foul and filthy words, and you know what they are, your comment will be instantly deleted, and in some cases, it will result in your being permanently banned from future posting.



If your comment does not immediately appear on the site after posting, it may have been flagged for review. There are a number of things which will get your comment flagged for review, we ask that you please keep that in mind before resubmitting the comment multiple times or contacting us about it.

  • Use of any of the curse words and/or slurs we have on our blacklist will automatically flag a comment so it won’t appear on our site. Sometimes these words are used as part of a good discussion, these comments will be approved by a moderator when appropriate.
  • Using a Disqus account without a verified email address will automatically flag a comment.
  • Fluctuations in the space time continuum. Sometimes things just get auto-flagged and we don’t know why.
  • Comments can also be flagged for review by our readership (please do not abuse this option for other users you simply disagree with, it makes our moderation jobs a lot harder).
  • Anyone who posts non-scripture, such as the book of Enoch or the gospel of Thomas, in a way meant to confuse people into thinking it’s something from the Bible, that comment will be deleted as soon as we see it.

NTEB is not in the habit of censoring comments that run opposite to our stated beliefs

Now The End Begins is a dispensational, rightly dividing, King James Bible only end times ministry, just in case you didn’t know, now you do. That said, we will never delete a comment simply because it takes a stance or position counter to ours. If you, however, choose to spam that comment by reposting it several times thinking that you will be heard by your ‘much speaking’, those efforts will be in vain. Duplicate comments will be removed.

Here are things that will get you banned immediately:

  • You will be banned if… you make violent threats about or against anyone for any reason.
  • You will be banned if… you send obscene comments to anyone on this site.
  • You will be banned if… you attempt to humiliate or intimidate anyone on this site.
  • You will be banned if… you use ethnic, racial or sexual slurs in a manner designed to cause harm.
  • You will be banned if… you use anti-Semitic language. You don’t have to love the Jews, just respect them.
  • You will be banned if… you are warned repeatedly about something but don’t change your behavior.

Remember, we are Christians who follow Jesus Christ. We are against the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile movement, but we are not against the people themselves. We are against the Vatican and the Roman Catholic church system, but not against the Catholic people. Our job is to tell the truth, yes, but to also seek to win the lost to Jesus Christ. Bible bullies, and you know who you are, not welcome here.

  • PLEASE NOTE: While we here at NTEB are King James Only, you can use any version you like when posting scripture. Just be aware, however, that we will only respond to comments that use the KJV only when posting.

So that’s it, pretty simple. Also, we reserve the right to update this policy without notice. If you are not sure if something has changed, it is your responsibility to come back and see if anything is new or different in this policy.