Obama’s Never-Ending Defense Of Islam Ensures More Bombing Attacks


Since Barack Hussein Obama has occupied the President’s chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, there have been a number of Islamic Muslim terror attacks, both foreign and domestic, which have barack-hussein-obama-islam-muslimresulted in the death of America citizens. The Fort Hood shootings, Benghazi, the Underwear Bomber, and now the latest one, the Boston Marathon Bombing, which resulted in 4 dead people and scores more injured with limbs blown off as well as a whole host of other injuries.

What do all these attacks have in common? Obama’s refusal to stand up in front of the American people and call it for what it is – Muslim terror attacks against America.

Here is what Mr. Obama had to say about the Muslim brothers who terrorized Boston for the past week:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama declared Friday night that the capture of a second suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings “closed an important chapter in this tragedy.” But he acknowledged that many unanswered questions remain about the motivations of the two men accused of perpetrating the attacks that unnerved the nation.

“The families of those killed so senselessly deserve answers,” said Obama, who branded the suspects “terrorists.”

The president spoke from the White House briefing room after 10 p.m. on the East Coast, just over an hour after law enforcement officials apprehended 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.” source – The Blaze

Obama’s love for all things Islam

So Obama seems puzzled about the “motivations” of the two men who planned and carried out the bombings? Well, my my, anyone with internet access and the ability to read could tell you what the “motivations” of the Tsarnaev brothers was – Islamic terror attacks. So why is Obama unable and unwilling to call all these myriad attacks for what they are? Let’s look at a few of his quotes since 2008 and perhaps that will shed some light on the situation:

“The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Hussein Obama, Cairo speech 2008

“The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam” – Barack Hussein Obama, speech at the United Nations 2012

“I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction” Barack Obama, in his book The Audacity of Hope

Do you know that the Obama administration has declared the Ft. Hood Shooting to be an act of workplace violence? Do you know that Obama has simply stopped talking about Benghazi and hopes you don’t notice? Do you read about anything other than basketball scores and the Kardashians?

Obama stood in front of the United Nations General Assembly and functionally addressed the entire free world when he proclaimed that anyone who “slanders the prophet Mohammad” has no part in the future of America.

America, sound asleep and easy pickings

Hey America, are you awake?…are you alive?…are you even out there? Our government has been hijacked by an Indonesian Socialist who stands for, stands with and promotes Islam in all its many disgusting forms. The wolf is in the hen house and making chicken nuggets out of our entire nation and way of life.

Do you care? The deed is being done…while you watch.

I will close with my prediction of an event that will occur before Obama’s second term becomes his third term. Ready? Here it is –

a Muslim flag will fly over the White House…and YOU, America, put it there.

USA!—USA!—USA!—Allahu Ackbar!—Ka-BOOM!

Goodnight, Gracie…wherever you are.

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
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  • Back up the track Kemosobie….I am an American and I did not take part in putting a Muslim flag over the White House neither did countless millions of other Americans…face the facts….those in power did and those who thought they were voting for ‘some in power found out the ones in power’ had other agendas with a larger and deeper pockets for these than the mere ‘do the right thing’!!! (smile)

    • In what we didn’t do, we allowed it. You are right that many did not intentionally do so. However, the main problem is America turned from God, so God has given the people what they wanted.

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  • Sorry but we all did we sat back and let him take over. God forgive us.

    • So where do you think we go from here?

  • Heaven 🙂

    • LOL That works!

    • Lots of truth to that, Valerie, lots of truth.

      • Ron,
        Don’t forget, you said the chopping block first when you answered under Pastor Larue’s comment. It can’t be both ways. I’ll stick with Heaven.
        Praise Him Always

        • That what I’m saying, Tracy. You can only see one way, Tracy and that is your way. Valerie did not specify any thing but going to heaven. As long as I get there is what matters to me. Chopping block or rapture, as long as I make it. As long as you all make it. I’ll be happy. I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. God bless all His children.

  • “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” – Barack Hussein Obama, Cairo speech 2008″””

  • We begin by praying that God will answer our prayers and come back into our lives and into our nation. We do no have to just give up and accept what has happened.
    “If God can be for us, then who can be against us.”

    • Yes, if America as a nation repents and returns to God, God will restore America. We will be great again…but if man chooses their sin over God and America continues on this road, it is not going to be pretty. But as the church of Jesus Christ, we have God’s protectiion. Be of good cheer for He has overcome….Glory

  • Only 51% of Americans voted for the evil thing in the White House – 49% did NOT! God forbid that Congress and the Senate vote to allow third terms! I’ve known since before he first was elected that he is evil. Read the book he “wrote” about his father (borrow it, don’t buy it). He is here to destroy America. That is evident in the book! It’s difficult to accept that Americans are so gullible, so self-centered, so…..stupid! But many are! Glenn Beck says he has explosive information to reveal tomorrow; information that will destroy Ovomit. We can only hope. If he’s right, he says it can be used to impeach the Liar-in-Chief, which will in turn make all laws he has passed or signed into law by executive order, illegal! LET US PRAY! That’s all we can do. Beck is not usually the man to exaggerate or over-build peoples’ expectations. He generally delivers. I hope he does tomorrow! What a great day for America if Ovomit is brought down! He has hidden so much, sent so much money to countries who hate us, even armed our enemies! It’s time to put a TRUE AMERICAN at the helm! It’s time to put Americans back to work! It’s time to deport ALL radical Islamists, and all illegals! It’s time to be able to walk, in peace, in confidence, anywhere in this great country, knowing all is well across our great land. God, please, bless America. Please Father, send Your Holy Spirit to us. Give us the chance to tell our friends, neighbours about Jesus and His wonderful, free gift of salvation. Please, Lord, prepare our hearts, prepare our tongues to speak your words in such a way that others will hear, understand, and believe. I ask these things in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

    • Amen! Jody

    • You can get the book at the library.
      Did you see America 2016?
      I pray for revival.
      Also I pray that America will repent and return to God. Have you read the Harbingers? A must read and it makes clear what is going on NOW.

      • Amen Weezie!! The Harbingers are a MUST READ for every Christian out there, then share it with non chritians. Weezie, have you gotten the companion study book for the Harbingers? It’s real good and we are actually doing another study based on it.

    • @ Klansman Jody, you are a disgsuting hateful racist bitch!
      YOU ARE A HATEFUL, BIGOTED, RACIST! You and the entire cancervative movement are the modern version of the KKK. Racists to the core. Anyone who hates Barack Obama IS a bigot, IS a racist! of this there can be NO doubt!

      What is even more disgusting is that you racist constantly demean and desecrate the name of God and Using God’s name To Promote Right Wing political Anti-Christ, Racist, Bigoted, Obama-hating rants like this!

      Does Barack Obama hate America? no but the GOP does they want to destroy it to make the rich richer!

      Wow. I was right! Anyone who Hates Barack Obama IS a racist, bigoted Klansman POS! the a-hole who wrote this garbage is just that!

      I know the fact that he won and your side lost is distressing for you, but that doesn’t make Obama evil.
      As suspected, it’s only a problem when a black man does it!

      A pathological liar tells lies for attention and cannot stop himself. Calling broken campaign promises pathological would mean that every person who has ever run for office was a pathological liar, that’s not Obama!

      He has demonstrated his Christianity more than once and has also demonstrated the reasons why he cannot be a Muslim more than once.

      A communist believes that all people are equal and that no one should own private property or industry and there should be no government but the people. Since later on you try to call him a tyrant, the two are mutually exclusive. He is not a communist!

      No. A tyrant believes that he should control everything to his own benefit. Since the Republicans have kept him from doing 90% of what he wanted to do, and since he works in a government system with representative democracy, at least by name, he cannot become a dictator.

      Obama is not a Disgrace!
      Is there something wrong with you?

      Are you a racist?

      Do you have a mental illness?

      Are you planning on attacking the president?

      You are a disgrace.
      Calling the POTUS a POS and a fraud seems to the usual calling call for you right-wing racists and bigots like you!

      You people are disgusting, just like the KKK!

      • Wow Questionman. You have totally lost your mind. Was your Kook Aide tainted?

        • Questionman..your funniest line is when you asked if she is planning on attacking the president. That is the most ridiculous comment. What drama!!! Your post was much more radical and hateful than hers. You did make me laugh though. Attack the president…you’re absurd. Lol

      • You are delusional. End of story! I pray for you.

        • Does this mean that if a black man / women didn’t vote

          for Obama, he or she is, racist, mentally ill, wants to

          attack Obama, or just a bitch, how does this work ?

          • My comment is to questionman, not you jeanne Lol .

            sorry !

      • Philip

        You suure an Obamanite, he is the worst Liar-in-Chief this Country ever had, he hates America.

        This is what he said apology tour around the World,Apr 3, 2009 … President Barack Obama has declared that America has “failed to … where
        America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive. If he don’t hate America, why would he say such things as that?

        I am glad he is your president not mine, he don’t know how to be a president.
        Been on O J T for near (8) eight years now and still knows nothing about what to do, except cause trouble,
        and division. a pathological liar, and can’t stop lying.

      • Philip McKee

        You are for sure an Obamanite, if you think he is so great why,would say all this if he didn’t hate America? Apology tour to the world? (“America Has Shown Arrogance”)and been dismissive, even derisive.

        He don’t like America and America don’t like him Obamea the Blowhard, Liar-in-Chief.
        Has been on O J T for near (8) years now and don’t know anymore than when he started.

        May 4, 2013 … “He’d still be a community organizer” until he got,
        promoted the former junior senator from Illinois to the White House.
        He should be in the jail house, NOT the WHITE HOUSE. A Treasonous/”Traitor”

  • He’s got to have some supernatural power over some people. I saw a NBC news clip of him in June ’06 where he was making fun of our Bible, and didn’t even know who he was. (Hard to believe now that NBC actually showed it.) Then, a short time later he was elected President????? It still doesn’t add up!!!
    Wake up people!

  • Hey! D City, Roland, Debra, Check this out. Rev.11:15,17, Christ beginning His reign here. Know turn to Rev.10:6,7 When he sounds it is Time no longer and Mystery of God is finished. Now turn to Rev 19:11,14, Heaven opened His army following Him. Now to Rev 20:4, Christ begins His reign here. Now put together Rev.9:16 with Rev.19:14 This is Armageddon. Now Rev. 16:16 and Rev. 19:17,18 this is Armageddon. Rev. 16:17 It is done.

  • Remember back in the 1970’s Obama proclaim himself as a muslim, so why so many discussions over how he feels about the american people? Muslims do not switch from one religion to another, there devolted for life!
    The only way Obama won a second term, getting people to believe they would stop recieving their food stamps, that the 51% of Americans voted for him! ITS ALL DECEPTION!

    • True , Pastor.

    • I don’t think 51% of Americans voted for him, The only states he actually won where the ones with no laws/perventions to protect against voter fraud. This was a fixed election from start to finish and if we don’t get off our butts and make sure it doesn’t happen again, then we best get out and vote and make sure ALL votes are legal and complete, not “forgetting” the military votes. Not one person voting 5 or 6 times…no he didn’t win with 51%, he stole and bought the election. We where ripped off big time.

    • and I believe there was a lot of voting fraud going on as well

  • What does the article mean by “before his second term becones his thrd term?” He’s only allowed two terms, right?

    • He’s trying to have that changed. Do you think he can???

  • And yet, everything happening in America is just part of a global event that is unstoppable. Oboma is just a pawn in all of this – America just a piece of the puzzle. Nothing we do from here on will change what is about to come, except to spread the good news and get as many saved as you can.

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  • # 10 Jody

    Q. If Mr. Obama is impeached, then who is next in line?

    A. Smilin’ Joe

    Oh boy oh boy.

  • I wonder if anyone in Washington is looking on to impeach Obama? I just might try my self. I think the people that put him back in office wish they could have done it all over again, and I wonder if these people that voted for Obama know that they put a killer in office and he has a few more years to kill more folks, him and his brotherhood.
    When you have the Nation turn their back on God this is what you get, it want be long now folks, and I am ready to go and leave this world behind.

  • Dan:
    President Bush got some laws pasted before he left office, one was a third term of office, he got the dollars change to the Amerco Dollaqr, which would take Canada, USA, and Mexico into one currency, remember his daddy wanted the One World Government and he did it without Congress approval! In the beginning of the Tribulation there will be 3 currencies in the world. China for the Far East, USA, Canada, Mexico and central and South America, then Europe!


  • Ron: look at President Bush, how many laws he change before leaving office, without Congress approval? Do you really believe the most powerful man in the world, can not get laws changed?
    There is no Rep. or Dem. there haves and have nots! Obama is a pawn on a chess board, the king is Satan! Soon as the Tribulation begins, the USA will only be a memory, its all has to do with the Middle East and Europe! The man of the Hour will be the Antichrist. He’ll blame Jesus for all the bad things on this earth from his religious order, Antichrist will bring peace to the entire planet, then to get rid of Jesus religious order, there coming after the christians!

    • That what I sad also , Pastor. I agree with all this except, Europe.

  • Ron: your up early?

  • Pastor, did you run the verses I posted above in Revelation? Very interesting.

  • Ron: I saw them, But I consider you as a Good christian friend, but also I learned not to go there with you in your comments! Your a devolted Post-Tribber! But Europe is tied into the end times with the Tribulation for the False Prophet and the AntiChrist will reign at Rome!

    I have one question, how are you going to react, when Isreal attacks Iran and then Damascus? Then Iran= Persia, Russia=Magog, Libya=Put, Sudan= Ethiopia, Turkey= beth-togarrmah, Germany= gomer attacks Isreal, before the Tribulation begins?

    • It isn’t happening, Pastor, I have to react. It will happen after trib. Then my actions will be will the Lord to slay the third part of men. Wow! That’s one big army, Rev. 9:15,18.

  • Pastor, BBC NEWS. The U S A is going to equip Israel

    with a range of fighter jets, defence chief Chuck Hagel

    said. This includes anti radiation missiles, advanced

    radars for its fleet of fighter jets, KC 135 refuelling

    aircraft and Osprey V 22 transport aircraft. Looks like

    Israel are getting serious about Iran ?

    BBC Middle East .

  • Mike: Its like when the USA prepared to go to war, they move everything into position. The law is set- Resolution 65- from the U.S. Senate give Isreal the right to attack Iran. Hagal said on Sunday, to Wall Street Journal, Isreal must attack Iran!
    Its just amatter of time, before this happens, everything is almost set. Please give me your insights! I believe after Isreal attack Iran. Iran will start forming their counterattack, which Ezekiel Chapter 38 explain as the Magog War starts just before the Tribulation, using Russia, Libya, Sudan, Turkey, Germany! But somewherte before this Magog War, Isreal will use a nuclear weapon on Damascus Isaiah 17:1. I believe after this attack on Iran. Iran will go to the UN and cry bloody murder and turn the UN on Isreal to be allowed to counterattack Isreal.

  • Ron: Your theory is going up in a poof of smoke, these conflicts with Isreal and Iran and the attack on Damascus will happen ( before the Tribulation). But you can show me all the scripture you like, but these conflicts will be before the Tribulation!

    You said, It will not happen, soon time will tell?

    I would rather go with Ezekiel. We know that the Tribulation is a period of 7 years and in Ezekiel 39: 9- talks about the 7 years. In Chapter 38: 4- speaks of the hook into your jaws, that will be proven by Isreal actions attacking Iran, God talks about He will bring Iran armies for war against Isreal and he’ll destroy Iran and all his muslims brotherhood armies by a great earthquake burying most of their army Ezekiel 39: 11-12: talks about burying all these men in mass graves for 7 months. that action will occur right after the Tribualtion began! Now since the Rapture occurred right before the Tribulation and the restrainer or the Church will be in Heaven 1st Thess. 4:14-17 and 2nd Thess. 2: 3-10, talks about the antichrist taking power.

    Just think about it! Million of evangel’s Christian disappear and millions of muslims are dead, the Antichrist will have a clear entrance becoming the world leader of One World Government, at least the unbelievers will not be bitching about it?

  • Pastor, what in the world are you thinking! the Jews are not going to burn weapons for 7 years of tribulation, that time is after God’s wrath when the 1000 years reign begins. Why would they burn weapons for the tribulation, Ezek. 39:9. Ezek. 38:4 is referring to Rev. 19:18. You might not want to look, Pastor, it would be awful to see the truth. Note the Horsemen & horses in both passages. By the way, Pastor, Rev. 19: 18 comes just before, Rev. 19:20, the beast is thrown into the lake of fire, after tribulation and at the end of the wrath of God. Ezek. 39:11,12. Yes, Pastor that Valley( Hamon-gog) if I’m not mistaken is the same as Armageddon. Rev. 16:16. Again at the end of God’s wrath. This also correlates with Rev. 14:20 with God’s wrath and the winepress being full unto the horses bridle. Pastor the believes coming against this antichrist is what gets us persecuted and put to death, The world will love him.

  • Please don’t bring cancer into it unless you’ve had that horrible sickness you have no idea what its like. I’ve had cancer and am currently cancer free.

  • So glad to hear Valerie. God Bless.

  • Valeria: You know who made you cancer free?

    I lost my 2 year old daughter to cancer, that tore my whole life into little pieces. But it was not God’s fault, things just happen, no one really knows why?

    • Pastor When did that happen?

  • JESUS tells us to live for today and let tomorrow look after itself…

  • Andrea: To answer your question? I lost my daughter to cancer and loss my wife to suicide, it was alot to handle, in the 1973.

  • Mike: Take it a little easy on Jeanne, she losted her beloved country–USA! Its hard for her to understand the lost!

    • Pastor the comment was to questionman, but I sorted it

      out before everyone goes nuts ! Lol.

  • Mike: your statement about questionman an jeanne got confused. I see that alot on this web site, when we discussed scripture.

  • If you people were true Christians, you would accept everyone. What kind of a god would want certain people to be fine and make other ones suffer just because they are Muslim and have slightly different beliefs?

    This kind of stuff is just sad. Oh and make sure you throw in Hussein anytime you can with Obama and throw in plenty of racism wherever you get the chance. Oh wait…you already do that. Another thing I’m sure God would be very proud of.

  • DAVIS:
    Who do you say, Jesus is?

    • Exactly what does that question mean? Your incorrect grammar and punctuation makes it difficult to understand what you really mean, pastor.

  • DAVIS: The question was simple?
    Who do you think Jesus is?
    How is it incorrect grammar?
    Who was this person?

  • Not somebody that would want people who are supposedly following his word to use his name to try to back up these crazy conspiracy theories, to bash people with beliefs different than theirs and to call our president, who is a CHRISTIAN, the anti-Christ.

    Something tells me that Jesus is a little more tolerable than that and would probably be pretty embarrassed about this kind of stuff.

    As a “pastor” I would think you’d probably understand this…

  • Ron:
    On Tuesday, from the Associated Press from a bogas report of explosions at the White House, U.S. Stocks fell sharply from the false tweet.

    From Yahoo News the Rawson Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas, let out 1500 patients gave them a one-way tickets to parts unknowned. Hospital cut backs!

  • In what way do you mean ”I or anyone that has no authority ‘sat back and Pharaoh’ take over? that mentality is propaganda! and the ones who spout it goes home to a huge meal and undoes ‘his’ belt and stuffs his face feeling smug! While all the while his belches makes his kids laugh and his wife ‘pretend to be irritated Oh Henry’…must you in front of the children…for goodness sake put your shoes on Henry, Sister Tilly is coming up the walk, if she sees you like that it will be all over the
    Church before you get there to do tonight’s service!

    Bottom line…God is the one who puts people in Power..and He is the one who allows people to get wealth …His Word says so 🙂
    So I guess you’re right (smile) …but instead of ‘God forgive us….on that count…we can say ”Praise God for His wonderful plan for raising up Pharaoh Obama in Office again to show forth HIS GLORY in these last days like He did when He raised up Pharaoh in Egypt and told Moses to Go tell Pharaoh ”Let MY People go!”

  • America will do nothing but sit back and bitch because they don’t have the balls to stand up and start fighting. I know Obama needs of War 2 accomplish his takeover but he will take over if we just sit back and do nothing. Its probably true we are going to see a Muslim flag flying over our White House. If a war starts I will shoot every Muslim Mexican and black who follows Obama. Be assured that all three of those denominations hate whites.!!! Even the black people of America feel we have wrong them for 250 years and are going to make us pay…. here in Virginia they get free rent food stamps electric and water paid a free phone from Obama and a welfare check from: 800 to $2000 a month. They live better than the whites they drive nicer cars and live in better Homes. They have fine clothes lots of jewelry and plenty of money for drugs and alcohol all paid for by the American taxpayers. When will America stand up.???

    • You talk like a fool,… put your eyes on Jesus and stop lusting after what you ”think” what others get you don’t have…the State of Virginia does not give out $2,000.00 dollars a month plus food stamps plus free rent plus free jewelry, plus cars, plus all the things you listed…granted they do make and give out bonuses and ‘tokens’ for the varieties of peoples they bring over here from other nations from time to time…but layoff the the black race in your foolishness….also there is no boundaries in the ‘lusting for the things of this world in the Soul of man….people all over the world claim they are ”soul people, looking for soul mates, soul food soul this soul that so much so they put the ‘soul body spirit first as Satan would not as God does in His Word…in Thessalonians…..spirit, soul and body…
      One other thing in the State of Virginia if you can find a place to live for $800 a month it is a dump in the ghetto!! so what ever Virginia is paying anyone it’s to ‘keep them under the poverty level not to lift them up !!

  • While I really don’t agree along with you, I locate your supply of your belief one which I’m able to truly discover pleasurable to listen to.
    My experiences with science and nature have naturally been diverse.
    I seriously admire your considering.
    I have to choose an opposing view on “vulcanism”, nevertheless. Like a pretty untypical woman, I have been advised I’m exceptionally reasonable and analytical. And, such as the usual girl, We have triggers that make me cry, but it really may well cause you to giggle.
    I locate myself most frustrated and pushed into tears by people behaving illogically. I finally had a boyfriend take a look at me and say, “That’s just it. People you should not make perception largely. You have to end expecting them to, and after that you’re going to be considerably less disappointed much less generally.”
    Just assumed you would possibly have a giggle away from me.

  • Awesome Movie! We within the United states would not be able to try and do that, because the law wouldn’t allow the windows for being opened, and perhaps when they ended up, our fat asses could hardly ever in shape away from them to reach the shutters! Boo-hoo, I want a further cheeseburger.

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