Harold Camping’s Family Radio Cult Worth $72MIL, and STILL Accepting Donations

Accountants put the total worth of Family Radio at $72 million. With those kind of financials -- and controversial beliefs -- it's no wonder skeptics have accused the group...

Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — By now, you’ve probably heard of the religious group that’s predicting the end of the world starts this weekend.

Harold Camping and his devoted followers claim a massive earthquake will mark the second coming of Jesus, or so-called Judgment Day on Saturday, May 21, ushering in a five month period of catastrophes before the world comes to a complete end in October. At the center of it all, Camping’s organization, Family Radio, is perfectly happy to take your money — and in fact, received $80 million in contributions between 2005 and 2009. Camping founded Family Radio, a nonprofit Christian radio network based in Oakland, Calif. with about 65 stations across the country, in 1958.

But not even all of his own employees are convinced that the world is ending on Saturday. In fact, many still plan on showing up at work on Monday. “I don’t believe in any of this stuff that’s going on, and I plan on being here next week,” a receptionist at their Oakland headquarters told CNNMoney. A program producer in Illinois told us, “We’re going to continue doing what we’re doing.” According to their most recent IRS filings, Family Radio is almost entirely funded by donations, and brought in $18 million in contributions in 2009 alone.

According to those financial documents, accountants put the total worth of Family Radio (referred to as Family Stations on its official forms) at $72 million. With those kind of financials — and controversial beliefs — it’s no wonder skeptics have accused the group of running a scam. Camping first inaccurately predicted the world would end in 1994. Even so, he has gathered even more followers — some who have given up their homes, entire life savings and their jobs because they believe the world is ending. Esther, the receptionist in the Oakland office, said some of her most extreme coworkers have recently driven up in fancy cars or taken their families on nice vacations as a last hurrah.” source – CNN Money




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  • Why does he need donations?
    Aren’t they checking outta here?? LOL!!

  • Good question. Will he give back the houses donated? I plan on calling out the false prophet in the streets here.

  • That old man is really setting himself up for a very rough spot in Hell if he doesn’t wake up and change… you’d think the fact he’s so old would implement some fear of God in him. I REALLY hope he repents and changes after this for his own sake.

  • This is a very special message from the one known as the Comforter in End Times (John 14:16 and 14:26) to Harold Camping of Family Radio posted at http://merkaba.org/recent/052011.html

    Harold Camping, Today is May 20, 2011

    “The Comforter” would like to thank Harold Camping and his group for making people aware of the fact that the Rapture Energies are coming and soon there will be the Physical Body Ascensions of those who are ready.

    You are special people who stood up for God during the End Times. Thus, you still have time to get ready for a Physical Body Ascension and learn how to consciously work with the sun’s Rapture Energies so you are prepared to Ascend at anytime, from anywhere.

    We can teach you how to use Rapture Energies so you can be part of those who leave for the City of Gold in the prophesized Archangelic level Physical Body Ascension Process that will occur before December 21, 2012.

    These 3 steps enable one to begin training at home with Rapture Energies and to partake each week in our Sabbath’s guided visits to the City of Gold.

    · Step One: Free Techniques *
    · Step Two: A Two Day Meditator Class
    · Step three: A Two Day Activator Class

    * Daily usage of our free techniques and a liberal’s lifestyle of properly helping others in need, will enable one to become ready for an Angelic level Ascension on Judgment Day, December 21, 2012.

    Email Classes @ Merkaba.org for a calendar of our family’s Classes in your area of the world.

  • Ah, the Prophet of Profit! I suggest that Harold Camping’s Day of Judgment will occur when he is absent from the body and in the presence of a Holy God. Then the Lord will judge Him. And before you pity those Heretic Harry has led astray, please remember that they will be held to account for their own selves. Help them pick up the pieces in love.

  • Here’s the perfect response to Harold Camping…

  • ya know the bible does state that there will be false prophets and harold camping is one, this is the second prediction hes made and was wrong

    i think his radio company should be shut and stopping preaching to the world about this ending of the world nonsense.

    he single handed cause family millions of dollars in EVERYTHING they owned.

    hes crazy and needs to have therapy. Not even the hardcore Christians believed this guy. One of the Churches by my house were still having events yesturday.

    this family radio cult needs to be slienced

  • as long as gullible narrow minded individuals like us are around people alike harold camping will emerge and live off the suckers of the world who are the majority of world population.

    look around you there are hundreds and hundreds of harold campings spread around the world who keep on winning and winning on pulling the wool over the eyes of millions and billions of hopeless and trusting people like us who believe and trust what others telling them and not trusting own simple common sense logic and not discounting other possibilities.

    one example the computer programmers of lottery systems which allows the top steak holders and owner administrator who is enabled to register new betting numbers after the winning numbers are drawn and as result claim the winning or sharing the winning jackpot as result? and get away with it.

    Mr camping you know better you can do this again and for sure we will buy your prophesy over and over again.

  • To the followers who humiliated by Harold Camping, there is still hope.
    Please have time to find the most and only sensible preacher in the world.
    That answers “ALL” your questions not to his own words but it is base in the bible. And if God finds you that you truly want to find that man with Gods Help you will find him. (^__^) Godbless.

  • example: Are “tithes” applicable in our time?
    Is it true that nothing imposible to God?
    Can God commit sin?
    Is God everywhere?
    Is Jesus son of God is also a God?
    etc. And if God finds you that you truly want to find that man with Gods Help you will find him. (^__^) Godbless.

  • Any thinking person who is serious about trying to understand how God relates to the world and people He created owes it to himself or herself to investigate, fairly and objectively, the teachings of the Baha’i Faith. The “end of the world” occurred almost exactly 167 years ago, on May 23, 1844 A.D., when this new revelation came into the world to continue the progressive unfolding of God’s plan for us — a plan that began with Adam, Abraham and Moses, continued with Christ and Muhammad (yes … check it out with an open mind). Today, followers of this new belief are persecuted in many Muslim countries, just as Christ was vilified in His own day. Because we have the technological progress that began (check this out!) on May 24, 1844, the documentation is on the world wide web. You can read it for yourself, check, verify and make your own decision. Start at http://www.usbnc.org.

    Nobody can decide for you if this is true or not true. That’s your decision. But, please, investigate and determine scientifically, fairly and thoroughly first. If it’s wrong, you;ve learned something, just as Bro. Camping’s friends have: this is hogwash. But if it’s right, you’ve found something REALLY important!

  • Is any portion of this guy’s empire tax exempt? If so, cue the IRS.

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  • Really when someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other viewers that they will assist, so here it happens.


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