Associated Press Willing Cooperated With Adolf Hitler As Nazi Germany Persecuted Jews

The AP’s images appeared in many of the regime’s propaganda publications. Most of the images in a pamphlet called “Jews in the US” were provided by the AP. In a different publication entitled “The Subhuman,” the AP provided the second-largest number of photographs, according to Scharnberg.

The Associated Press news agency willingly cooperated with Nazi Germany, submitting to the regime’s restrictive rulings on the freedom of the press and providing it with images from its photo archives to be used in its anti-Semitic and anti-Western propaganda machine, a new report reveals.

When Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists rose to power in 1933, all international news agencies but the US-based AP were forced to leave Germany. The AP continued to operate in the Third Reich until 1941, when the United States joined World War II.

According to German historian Harriet Scharnberg, the world’s biggest news agency was only allowed to remain in Germany because it signed a deal with the regime.

The news agency lost control over its copy by submitting itself to the Schriftleitergesetz (editor’s law), agreeing not to print any material “calculated to weaken the strength of the Reich abroad or at home,” she wrote in an article published in the academic journal Studies in Contemporary History.

Scharnberg’s research was first reported by the UK-based Guardian newspaper.

According to the paper, the Nazis’ so-called editor’s law forced AP employees to contribute material for the Nazi party’s propaganda division. One of the four photographers working for the company in the 1930s was Franz Roth, a member of the SS paramilitary unit’s propaganda division. His pictures were handpicked by Hitler, the Guardian writes.

The AP’s images appeared in many of the regime’s propaganda publications. Most of the images in a pamphlet called “Jews in the US” were provided by the AP. In a different publication entitled “The Subhuman” the AP provided the second-largest number of photographs, according to Scharnberg.

It is possible to argue that the AP’s agreement with the Nazis allowed the West a “peek into a repressive society that may otherwise have been entirely hidden from view,” the Guardian writes. On the other hand, the deal allowed to Nazis to cover up their war crimes. The cooperation with the prestigious American news agency allowed Hitler to portray his “war of extermination as a conventional war,” Scharnberg told the Guardian.

“Instead of printing pictures of the days-long Lviv pogroms with its thousands of Jewish victims, the American press was only supplied with photographs showing the victims of the Soviet police and ‘brute’ Red Army war criminals,” Scharnberg, a historian at Halle’s Martin Luther University, told the paper, citing one example of the agency’s work helping the Nazis.

“To that extent it is fair to say that these pictures played their part in disguising the true character of the war led by the Germans,” she added. “Which events were made visible and which remained invisible in AP’s supply of pictures followed German interests and the German narrative of the war.”

Responding to the Guardian’s report, the AP said it would research the matter but rejected the notion that it deliberately collaborated with the Nazis.

“An accurate characterization is that the AP and other foreign news organizations were subjected to intense pressure from the Nazi regime from the year of Hitler’s coming to power in 1932 until the AP’s expulsion from Germany in 1941. AP management resisted the pressure while working to gather accurate, vital and objective news in a dark and dangerous time,” the agency stated. source


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  • Walter Mintz

    Wow. The media will cooperate with anyone who hates Jews, won’t they?

    • DC

      Walter, you said a mouthful in one short sentence. What a sad truth….

  • Jerry

    The AP response left out that the Associated Press, was the ONLY western news agency able to stay open in Hitler’s Germany, continuing to operate until the US entered the war in 1941. The general feeling is that they have always be leaning to the FAR left…

  • MG

    He persecuted more than just people we call “Jews.”

  • Of course they did… the media has hidden the NWO’s real agenda for over 100 years…

    More End Time News At:

  • DC
    • DC

      Oops! That should’ve gone under Marquette U. article. Sorry.

  • Marian

    Do an internet search on “Operation Paperclip” and you will find more collusion with the Nazis by none other than the US govt. Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show has recounted his father’s firsthand experience, told on the man’s deathbed, in this horrible example of US govt participation in evil. I know 2 unrelated people who maintain that Germany really did win the war… not militarily, but through the results of Nazi creations that have proliferated worldwide.

    Also, check out Wall Street’s financing of the Nazis. Unbeknownst to most citizens, our nation began a long walk down a dark road in the early 1900s and we’re seeing the consequences.

  • David Flynn

    So rare to see a word about op. Paper clip! To see the present function properly, you must no the past. Studying the bible even proves that. There is no excuse for the millions of45yrs old on up to be so ignorant of whats saddens me to see so many elders that have given life as much thought as a teenager does.Ive talked to people in church about whats coming and they were alive and knowing what wwll was about.they give you a blank stare like your nuts! How does that happen? Im 56 and saw this beast comming 20 yrs ago.there is a good book written in the80’s called the unseen hand.(sorry cant remember the author).It give great detail on how long satans hand has been in americas mold as a country.its as thick as a bible with sources on all articals. May we all shout and be filled with joy as the final chapter is seen and GODS will moves foward!!!!!!!!!! GODS BLESSINGS TO ALL. SAVED AND NOT SAVED WHO HE PROVIDES FOR ALSO.

  • Marian

    Thank you, David for affirming my post! I know exactly what you are talking about when you describe people’s reaction to information that they should already know.

    I recommend Gary Allen’s book None Dare Call It A Conspiracy. It’s a short book written in 1970 by a Congressman who spills the beans about the corruption in our government. It doesn’t even get into the spiritual aspect, but is a good intro into how the world, including out nation, really works.

    God will not be mocked and willful ignorance is not protection from the consequences of participation in evil.

  • Joanna

    Things are going back to those dark days…there are many Anti-Semitism ideology at the moment, and the mainstream news are fanning the flames of hatred against Israel. The Jewish people say that the negative news stories on TV and newspapers are causing increased anger towards them, the Jews I’m talking about they don’t live in Israel they are in Europe and they said there is a definite change…
    Did anyone hear that the synagogue was smashed up in Germany again? So both times, in 1938 and again 2014…
    Many Jews are moving to Israel. Many French Jews are going to Israel and some from UK too.

    There is a evil hatred for Israel at colleges and Universities, you wouldn’t believe what they are saying…
    Dark clouds on the horizon….

    God will fight for Israel, pray for Israel my brothers and sisters. Pray against the tidal wave of evil of Anti-Semitism.
    God bless you

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  • The MSM is not the only American companies that did business with the Nazis during the war. George Soros, worked for the Nazi helping to detain, and steal all the property of those going to the gas chambers. Even though he was Jewish also, he never admitted it to the Nazi, and turned his back on his own people. What a dirt bag with no character, nor morals. Then there was General Electric, and American owned coal mines who built factories next to the work camps, and used them to produce their products for little money. Let us not forget Rockfeller, Papa Bush who also capitalized from trade with Germany. And the military companies who sold war machines to the Germans that were used to kill our servicemen. Take the time to research this if it is to hard for one to believe, because it is true. America has dirty hands in most of the wars, and trade with our enemies. Corruption is beyond belief.


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