Tolerance Of Westboro Church Shows How Far America Has Fallen

Until the false guise of 'free speech', the hateful, cowardly jackasses that populate the Westboro Baptist "church" continue to carry on with their unchristian protests of military funerals. But...

This is not the ‘greatest generation’

Until the false guise of ‘free speech’, the hateful, cowardly jackasses that populate the Westboro Baptist “church” continue to carry on with their unchristian protests of military funerals. But what makes this a real tragedy is that fact that their protests are not only tolerated, they are protected under our judicial system. Just as it is not allowed under ‘free speech’ to walk into a crowded theater and yell “fire!!”, protests at funerals of brave American soldiers is not free speech and should not be allowed. Allowing it does not show our ‘tolerance’ for diversity, it shows our weakness and inability to discern between right and wrong. America has forgotten how to lead, and how to administer justice and fairness.

The Westboro Baptist "church" continues to do the work of the Devil, and will one day get what they deserve.

(CNN) — A day after the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed Westboro Baptist Church’s right to protest against homosexuality at military funerals, the fallen Marine’s father, who unsuccessfully sued the controversial Kansas congregation, warned that the church’s protests will eventually spark violence.

“Something is going to happen,” Albert Snyder told CNN Thursday. “Somebody is going to get hurt.”

“You have too many soldiers and Marines coming back with post-traumatic stress syndrome, and they (the Westboro protesters) are going to go to the wrong funeral and the guns are going to go off.” “And when it does,” Snyder said. “I just hope it doesn’t hit the mother that’s burying her child or the little girl that’s burying her father or mother. It’s inevitable.”

In an 8-1 decision, the high court ruled Wednesday that Westboro Baptist Church has a First Amendment right to picket military funerals, no matter how “hurtful” the message may be. The decision ended Snyder’s five-year court fight on behalf of his late son, Matthew, a Marine lance corporal killed in Iraq, whose funeral was picketed by Westboro church members.

Albert Snyder again slammed the high court justices for not having “the common sense that God gave a goat.” “I just can’t believe that there was no common sense used in this decision,” Snyder said. Because of the ruling, Snyder will have to pay $116,000 in court costs to the Rev. Fred Phelps, the pastor of Westboro.

“The worst part of this,” Snyder said, “is I know they are going to use that money to do this to other soldiers.” source – CNN


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