THIS IS ISLAM: ‘Once Ten Of Us Rape You, You Become Muslim’

'He showed me a letter and said 'This shows any captured women will become Muslim if ten ISIS fighters rape her.'' She told CNN that he proceeded to rape...

Revealed ISIS fighters say slaves become Muslim if raped by ten men

EDITOR’S NOTE: For a “religion” that brags about how strictly they follow rules of moral conduct, Islam is a huge fan of both heterosexual and homosexual rape. If you recall in the Benghazi assassinations orchestrated by the Obama administration, US Ambassador Chris Stevens was assaulted anally by male muslims before his brutal death. Aside from rape, Islamic honor killings happen a whole lot more than you think they do. But today’s story is particularly revolting in that ISIS is teaching that by being gang raped, you are then considered a Muslim. Do you wonder we we call Islam the Devil’s religion? 

Pregnant women abducted and sold as sex slaves by Islamic State fighters have been forced to undergo abortions leaving them unable to move or speak, freed Yazidi girls have revealed. ISIS jihadists would bring their own gynaecologists to ‘slave markets’ in the Sinjar region of Iraq where captured Yazidi women who were found to be pregnant would be subjected to painful abortions so they could be used for sex.


One woman, Bushra, 21, revealed that her friend was three months pregnant when she was captured, and that ISIS forced her to undergo a termination. ‘Afterwards, they brought her back. I asked her what happened and how they did it. She said the doctors told her not to speak,’ Bushra told CNN.

The young woman was bleeding heavily after the forced abortion, which left her in so much pain that ‘she could not talk or walk.’

Another young Yazidi escapee, Noor, revealed that the jihadist she was sold to waited two days before he forced himself on her.

‘He showed me a letter and said ‘This shows any captured women will become Muslim if ten ISIS fighters rape her.” She told CNN that he proceeded to rape her before passing her on to 11 fellow fighters who all forced themselves on her.

Noor and Bushra, whose real names have been withheld for their protection, are just two of hundreds of Yazidi women subjected to horrendous rape and torture after being captured by ISIS fighters.

Islamic State fighters have slaughtered more than 5,000 Yazidi people and captured up to 500 women and children in the Sinjar region.

The Yazidis, whose religion has elements of Christianity and Islam, pray to a being known as Melek Taus – which translates to ‘Peacock Angel’. For this reason, ISIS fanatics see them as ‘devil worshippers’ and under the group’s twisted version of Islamic law, give Yazidis the choice to convert to Islam or be killed.

Last month,  advocates for the Yazidi people urged the International Criminal Court in the Hague to investigate their persecution as a potential case of genocide. In a meeting with ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda, two Yazidi groups submitted a report detailing atrocities they allege IS fighters in northern Iraq have perpetrated since August 2014.

They include the summary executions of more than 700 Yazidi men, the killing of the sick and elderly, the rape and enslavement of thousands of women and the abduction of their children, who are forced to convert to Islam and fight for IS.

More than 400,000 Yazidi have fled Iraq’s Sinjar and Nineveh Plains districts, at times with the help of U.S. and Iraqi strikes against IS forces. They are now living in camps in areas controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government of Iraq. source

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