New House Speaker Paul Ryan Grows Muslim-Friendly Beard As He Begins Campaign Of Defending Islam

Paul Ryan wasted no time in letting America know where he stood on the topic of Islam in America. Ryan also wasted no time in growing a full, thick beard that sent the Washington rumor mills into hyper-overdrive.

Rep. Paul Ryan was officially elected as the 54th speaker of the House after he got the votes of 236 members by the full House of Representatives

“Do the opposite of what the pagans do. Keep the beards and cut the moustaches short.”the Prophet Mohammed

Washington, DC – On October 29th, 2015, Paul Ryan was elected Speaker of the House after being nominated by house Republicans. Ryan wasted no time in letting America know where he stood on the topic of Islam in America. Ryan also wasted no time in growing a full, thick beard that sent the Washington rumor mills into hyper-overdrive. As his beard came into place, he told reporters on December 8th that he usually doesn’t wade into “what’s going on in the presidential election” — but he wanted to make “an exception” in the case of Donald Trump.

Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on,” the real-estate magnate’s campaign said in a press release Monday.

Ryan bombards social media letting you know he now “has a beard”:

Ryan stressed outside of a closed caucus meeting that he “made very clear at the time” the House passed a pause on the Syrian refugee program “there would not be a religious test.” Turning his attention to Trump’s proposal: “This is not conservatism. What was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands for,” Ryan said. “And more importantly, it’s not what this country stands for. Not only are there many Muslims serving in our armed forces dying for this country, there are Muslims serving right here in the House working every day to uphold and to defend the Constitution.”

When Paul Ryan uses phrases like “that’s not what this country stands for” and “that’s  not who we are as a people”, he is repeating exactly the phrases Obama uses when he is defending his pro-Islam  and pro-Muslim positions.

Now to us, this is a very interesting and revealing sequence of seemingly unrelated events that actually are quite related. Ryan has leveraged social media to hammer home the point that he now “has a beard”, posting photos to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few. History shows us that only two ethnic groups of people have rules regarding the growing and wearing of beards – Jews and Muslims. Ryan, a staunch Roman Catholic, is not Jewish. So that only leaves Islam. With that in mind, take a look at his new spending bill.

Paul Ryan Partners With Barack Obama To Betray America With ‘Fundamental Transformation’ Spending Bill

Rep. Paul Ryan’s first major legislative achievement is a total and complete sell-out of the American people masquerading as an appropriations bill. Ryan’s omnibus serves a chilling purpose. By locking in the President’s refugee, immigration, and spending priorities, Ryan’s bill is designed to keep these fights out of Congress by getting them off the table for good. Delivering Obama these wins–and pushing these issues beyond the purview of Congress–will suppress public attention to the issues and, in so doing, will boost the candidacy of the Republican establishment’s preferred presidential contenders, who favor President Obama’s immigration agenda.

The massive appropriations bill will provide more than $1.6 billion to resettle illegal immigrants arriving at the U.S. border through 2018.

Paul Ryan is 100% in line with Obama’s liberal agenda, he is 100% against Donald Trump, and he has just authorized billions to be spent to bring more Muslim migrants into the United States.

And, oh yeah, he suddenly has a full beard. Do a Google search on what Taqiyya is.

Allahu akbar.


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