Paris Attacks Puts World On Notice: Confront Islam At Home Or Pay The Price

The brave though misguided European grand experiment in Muslim inclusiveness must be labeled an absolute failure, and this disastrous policy reversed with the greatest of haste.

Until Obama and the other world leaders change their deadly and flawed thinking, the Islamic terror attacks will continue unabated

There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.” Isaiah 57:21 (KJV)

The French military has been a beehive of activity today. French fighter jets have carried out a series of ‘massive’ air strikes on Raqqa, destroying a key ISIS command centre and training camp in Syria. The heavy bombing raid comes just two days after the militant group claimed coordinated attacks in Paris that killed 128 people, the defence ministry said. ‘The raid … including 10 fighter jets, was launched simultaneously from the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Twenty bombs were dropped,’ the statement said.

Now all that is well and god, but don’t lose the lesson being taught here. What the french did today was a reaction to Islamic terrorism, it was not an action to prevent it. In boxing, you cannot win the fight by reacting, that’s purely defensive. In order to win any battle, either in the sports arena or on the field of battle, you need to take offensive measures.

The Coded Message Obama Is Giving When He Says ISIL Instead of ISIS



The world is at the same tipping point in 2015 that it was back in 1932

In the 1930’s, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis slithered up out of the pits of Hell and declared that they would soon own the world. My dad, who served in WWII in the Air Force, told me time and again that they came very close to pulling it off. In our day, the same type of threat is present in the form of radical Islamic terrorism, but with a two-folder kicker that makes it ten times more dangerous than the Nazis.

  1. Not Branded To Any One Nation: Radical Islamic terrorism has no national borders, unlike the Nazis who were based in Germany. Islamic terror is everywhere and no where at the same time. When the 19 Muslims brought down the Twin Towers on 9/11, who do you bomb in retaliation? We attempted to do that by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, and you see how those results turned out. Why? Because 9/11 wasn’t hatched by a country, it was done by an ideology at the hands of individuals working as a group but at the same time alone.
  2. Indistinguishable From Moderate, Everyday Islam: One huge point that the Paris attacks brought home was that it is impossible to peel away and separate the radicals in Islam from the so-called moderates. If I put an eyedropper of poison into your 32oz. soda, what means would you employ to identify and remove the deadly one ounce from the good 31 ounces? Answer: it is impossible, you cannot do it. When the Muslim migrant invasion began two months ago, NTEB and hundreds of other news outlets warned as loud as we could that ISIS and al Qaeda terrorists were mixed in with the legitimate refugees. Europe’s response was to haughtily and dismissively waive their collective hands, denounce us as “racists” and “intolerant”, and then proceed to let an unvetted, unchecked, horde of “refugees” into their cities. The blood of those 128 dead people from Friday’s attacks is not only on the hands of the attackers, it is on the French leaders as well.

If you thought Friday’s Islamic terror attack was bad, wait until it happens again on a much larger scale in Germany. Because it’s going to unless Germany takes immediate measures to first contain and then to deport their hundreds of thousands of “migrants”. The brave though misguided European grand experiment in Muslim inclusiveness must be labeled an absolute failure, and this disastrous policy reversed with the greatest of haste.

Obama under fire for saying that ISIS has been ‘contained’ just hours before Paris attack as he heads to Turkey for G-20 Summit

On the very morning of the Muslim terror attacks, US President Barack Obama went on ABC News and declared that “ISIS has been contained”. I guess no one told ISIS about that, because mere hours later they pulled off the greatest attack in France since Hitler had Nazi tanks roll in during WWII. ISIS contained? Nope, not even close. As we previously stated, you cannot contain an ideology and you cannot sequester a movement. Until Obama and the other world leaders change their deadly and flawed thinking, the attacks will continue unabated.

Who is the only country that has never had a Muslim terror attack in their homeland? It might surprise you!

So what do you do? The answer is surprisingly simple but it is certainly not an easy for liberal leaders to do. But there is one country where they are doing it, and with great success. Japan.

This is how they did it:

  1. Muslim Immigration Is Very Low: Officially, Japan is not closed to Muslim immigration, but it might as well be. Estimates place one Muslim in Japan for every 1,300 Japanese nationals. So if Japan’s population is 130 million, then that only makes for 1,300 Muslims, a very workable number. It’s very easy to keep an eye on such a small group like that.
  2. Language: The Arabic language is taught by very few academic institutes; we only found one such institute: The Arabic Islamic Institute in Tokyo. But even the International University of Japan in Tokyo does not offer courses on Arabic or Islamic languages.
  3. Religion: Until recently, there were only two mosques in Japan: Tokyo Jama Masjid and Kobe Mosque. Now, the total number of Muslim praying sites in Japan is counted in some 30 single story mosques and about a hundred apartment rooms set aside for prayers. And Japanese society expects Muslims to pray at home: no collective “prostrating” in the streets or squares; in Japan, for such “shows” the actors can get pretty high fines, and in those cases Japanese Police consider “serious”, the participants can be deported. Japan forbids exhorting people to adopt the religion of Islam (Dawah), and any Muslim who actively encourages conversion to Islam is seen as proselytizing to a foreign and undesirable culture.
  4. Unapologetic: Japan’s leaders know they have to protect their people and keep their economy strong, end of story. The most interesting thing in Japan’s approach to Islam is the fact that the Japanese do not feel the need to apologize to Muslims for the negative way in which they relate to Islam. They make a clear distinction between their economic interest in resources of oil and gas from Muslim countries, which behooves Japan to maintain good relations with these countries on the one hand, and on the other hand, the Japanese nationalist viewpoints, which see Islam as something that is suitable for others, not for Japan, and therefore the Muslims must remain outside.

Japan’s leaders figured out that in order to preserve their culture and way of life, it is of tantamount importance not allow any outside influence to get a foothold within their society. Japan makes little to no distinction between “moderate” Islam and radical Islamic terrorism, to them it is one and the same.

Number of Islamic terror attacks on Japanese soil: Zero.

In closing, let me leave you with this thought. Nearly 100% of all terror attacks committed anywhere, anytime around the globe are now Islamic in origin. Let that thought sink into your brain for a week or two, ponder on it, meditate on it. Then act on it. Listen to these words from a high-level Islamic thought leader:

“No one should feel safe without submitting to Islam, and those who refuse to submit must pay a high price. The aim of our movement is to turn the world into a series of wildernesses in which only those under our rule enjoy security.” Islamic strategist Abu-Bakr Naji

Are you listening, France? Are you listening, European Union? Are you listening, America?

My family doctor, the very wise Doc Colfax, once told me this, he said “son, one day there will be a cure for cancer, but there will never be a cure for stupid”. How true those words are when applied to the current Islamic crisis. The only way to stop the bloodshed is to seal your borders and return all Muslim migrants to their countries of origin, or to any other Muslim nation that will accept them. Case closed. Now, you can either follow that advice and live in relative peace, or you can keep having multicultural funerals like the 128 France will be having this week alone.

Like I said, it’s a simple solution but one that takes courage to act on in a world gone mad with liberalism.

Do the world’s leaders love their people enough to do it?



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