Adolf Hitler’s Inspiration For The Concentration Camps Was Henry Ford, His Auto Assembly Line, And His Shared Hatred Of The Jewish People

In recognition of Ford's industrial prowess and his erstwhile labors against the many realms of Jewish perfidy, the Nazi government chose 1938 to recognize one of its most revered Americans. And so on 30 July 1938, Ford celebrated his 75th birthday by receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the most important honor that Germany might offer a non-citizen.

Imagine for a moment, the absolute horror of the Nazi concentration camps during WWII. Imagine the ovens that burned alive 12,000,000 victims, both Jew and gentile. Imagine the gas chambers disguised as showers that suffocated the never-ending crowds of people stuffed in there to die.

Now imagine, if you can, that you are the person that inspired Adolf Hitler to conceive and then carry this plan out. Can’t do it? I don’t blame you, I can’t either. But American automaker, Ford founder Henry Ford was that inspiration for Hitler. How can this be, you say? It happened because Henry Ford, millionaire industrialist, was also a rabid Jew-hater, and started a newspaper to spread his peculiar brand of antisemitism to the world at large.

“But, The LORD liveth, that brought up the children of Israel from the land of the north, and from all the lands whither he had driven them: and I will bring them again into their land that I gave unto their fathers. Behold, I will send for many fishers, saith the LORD, and they shall fish them; and after will I send for many hunters, and they shall hunt them from every mountain, and from every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks.” Jeremiah 16:15,16 (KJV)

Henry Ford’s newspaper, The Dearborn Independent, was started in 1919 and it ran until 1927. He used that paper as his pulpit to inform the world that there was a “Jewish conspiracy to control the world.” Ford blamed Jewish financiers for everything from starting WWI to conspiring to undermine Ford Company sales policies. This is how it all began –

“I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration”Adolf Hitler, 1931

In 1918, Ford’s closest aide and private secretary, Ernest G. Liebold, purchased an obscure weekly newspaper, The Dearborn Independent for Ford. The Independent ran for eight years, from 1920 until 1927, during which Liebold was editor. The newspaper published “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” which was discredited by The Times of London as a forgery during the papers publishing run. The American Jewish Historical Society described the ideas presented in the magazine as “anti-immigrant, anti-labor, anti-liquor, and anti-Semitic.” In February 1921, the New York World published an interview with Ford, in which he said “The only statement I care to make about the Protocols is that they fit in with what is going on.” During this period, Ford emerged as “a respected spokesman for right-wing extremism and religious prejudice,” reaching around 700,000 readers a month through his newspaper.

In recognition of Ford’s industrial prowess and his erstwhile labors against the many realms of Jewish perfidy, the Nazi government chose 1938 to recognize one of its most revered Americans. And so on 30 July 1938, Ford celebrated his 75th birthday by receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the most important honor that Germany might offer a non-citizen.

Henry Ford received the award — a golden Maltese cross embraced by four swastikas — in his office, joined by the German consuls from Cleveland and Detroit.

A longtime admirer of Ford’s, Adolf Hitler sent a personal note of gratitude to be delivered at the ceremony. Signed on July 7, the parchment scroll warmly thanked Ford for his “humanitarian ideals” and his devotion, along with the German Chancellor, to “the cause of peace.” Contrary to legend, the note mentioned nothing about Ford’s genius in manufacturing cars; it was, rather, a gesture of ideological affinity.

At a ceremony in Dearborn, Michigan, Henry Ford is presented with the Grand Cross of the Supreme Order of the German Eagle on his 75th birthday. Henry Ford was the first American recipient of this order, an honor created in 1937 by Adolf Hitler. This was the highest honor Nazi Germany could give to any foreigner and represented Adolf Hitler’s personal admiration and indebtedness to Henry Ford. The presentation was made by Karl Kapp, German consul in Cleveland, and Fritz Heller, German consular representative in Detroit. source

Along with the Protocols, anti-Jewish articles published by The Dearborn Independent also were released in the early 1920s as a set of four bound volumes, in a non-Ford publication in Weimar Republic Germany cumulatively titled The International Jew, the World’s Foremost Problem. Vincent Curcio wrote of these publications that “they were widely distributed and had great influence, particularly in Nazi Germany, where no less a personage than Adolf Hitler read and admired them.”



Hitler, fascinated with automobiles, hung Ford’s picture on his wall; Ford is the only American mentioned in Mein Kampf. Steven Watts wrote that Hitler “revered” Ford, proclaiming that “I shall do my best to put his theories into practice in Germany, and modeling the Volkswagen, the people’s car, on the model T.

Adolf Hitler And Henry Ford

One of the many ways that Adolf Hitler was inspired by Henry Ford was Ford’s work on mass producing automobiles on his invention of the modern-day assembly line. Hitler wanted to copy that when starting the Volkswagen car plant. Yes, your beloved VW bug and bus are creations from the mind of the world’s biggest serial killer, Adolf Hitler. 

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Reel 1 (1945)

Now Hitler, being the smart young man that Satan created him to be, thought of another wonderful use for Ford’s assembly line, the concentration camps. In a moment of supreme irony, Henry Ford was inspired to create his auto assembly line by a chance visit to a Chicago slaughterhouse, Swift & Company. Adolf Hitler took Ford’s auto assembly line concept and turned it back into a slaughterhouse. But Hitler’s slaughterhouse was for people, not animals. 

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Reel 2 (1945)

GRAPHIC WARNING: This is a rough one, watch with extreme caution. Not for children. Here we see, carried to its full extreme conclusion, the concept of the Ford assembly line to mass produce death on a scale heretofore unimagined. The 80 or so editions of The Dearborn Independent, with its inflammatory and endless anti-semitic vitriol, was the perfect muse that Hitler’s sick and diseased mind required to create Auschwitz-Birkenau, Ravensbruck, and all the rest of his demonic death factories

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