China Shows The World How To Deal With Muslim Jihadis Who Want To Join ISIS

Images broadcast on Chinese television showed the Muslim Uighurs suspects sat hooded and bound as they were flown back to an undisclosed location in China. ...

More than 100 Chinese Muslim Uighurs have been deported from Thailand

EDITOR’S NOTE: In stark contrast to Barack Obama’s call to defeat ISIS by coming up with “better ideas“, China does things a little bit differently. The Chinese Muslim terrorists were deported, placed in shackles with a hood over their heads, and lead away to an “undisclosed location”. This is how your safeguard your country and defeat the Muslim terrorists of ISIS. 

The Chinese government claims more than 100 minority Muslim Uighurs who were sent back from Thailand to China after fleeing the country were on their way to wage jihad in the Middle East. The 109 ‘illegal immigrants’ had been on their way ‘to join jihad’ in Turkey, Syria or Iraq, and 13 of them had fled China after being implicated in terrorist activities, it was reported.


More than 100 Uighurs accused of attempting to make their way to the Middle East to wage jihad are pictured shackled and hooded as they are sent back to China

Images broadcast on Chinese television showed the suspects sat hooded and bound as they were flown back to an undisclosed location in China. The Uighurs, a Turkic-speaking Muslim minority in China’s far western region of Xinjiang, have complained of harsh cultural and religious suppression under Chinese rule.

China’s official Xinhua News Agency said a Chinese police investigation had uncovered several gangs recruiting people for jihad. The Uighurs were detained in Thailand more than a year ago, but claimed to be Turkish.

A group of 173 were sent to Turkey after Thai authorities said they determined they were indeed Turkish, but the remaining 109 were found to be Chinese, according to Thai deputy government spokesman Major General Verachon Sukhonthapatipak.

Another eight arrived from Thailand to Turkey on Saturday and 52 remaining Uighurs would be sent back to their country once their nationalities were verified, Verachon said Saturday.

Xinhua News Agency said many of the 109 Uighurs had been radicalized by materials sent by the exiled World Uyghur Congress, a Germany-based rights group for the ethnic minority, and the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, designated by China as a terrorist organization. source


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