Muslim Judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo Sworn In On The Qu’ran Hiding Terrifying Secret

On Saturday, October 24, Muslim judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo was a keynote speaker at the CAIR fundraising banquet "Strengthening Our Voices Advancing Together" at Sirico's Caterers in Brooklyn, New York.

NYC’s New Muslim Judge Has A Terrifying Secret She Didn’t Want Out

Muslim judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo, who was elected last month in Brooklyn’s 7th Municipal District, took her oath of office Thursday using the “holy” book of Islam as a testament to her Muslim faith. This, of course, caused a firestorm of controversy from the moment the social media world became aware of it. But the bigger story went almost completely unnoticed. Carolyn Walker-Diallo is intimately connected to the terror-friendly group known as CAIR.

On Saturday, October 24, Muslim judge Carolyn Walker-Diallo was a keynote speaker at the CAIR fundraising banquet “Strengthening Our Voices Advancing Together” at Sirico’s Caterers in Brooklyn, New York.

For those of you not familiar with CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, here are 10 points you need to consider:

  1. CAIR was created by the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic supremacist organization that pioneered 20th century Islamic terrorism and sanctions violence against civilians.
  2. CAIR only has about 5,000 members, despite a membership fee of just $10.
  3. CAIR represents the opinions of only 12% of Muslim-Americans according to Gallup.
  4. CAIR receives financial support from foreign powers who have also provided direct support to Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and Hamas.
  5. CAIR has solicited money from sponsors of terror and received financial support from convicted terrorists.
  6. CAIR founders have praised terrorists to Muslim audiences and said that suicide bombers are acting on behalf of Islam.
  7. CAIR has raised funds for terrorists under the guise of helping 9/11 victims.
  8. CAIR board members have called for the overthrow of the United States and the imposition of Islamic law. CAIR has suggested applying Sharia punishment (ie. the death penalty) to users who criticize Islam on the Internet.
  9. At least 15 high-level CAIR staff members have been under federal investigation for ties to Islamic terror.
  10. CAIR has discouraged Muslim-Americans from cooperating with law enforcement and has spent more time and money advocating on behalf of convicted terrorists than for their victims.


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