Female Killer In Las Vegas Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ As She Ran Over 40 Innocent People Last Night

This was an act of Islamic Terrorism, perpetrated by an Islamic woman driving a car with a three year old child inside, who INTENTIONALLY rode onto the sidewalk to strike innocent people. Police, however, have been instructed by their superiors to NOT use the word "terrorism" in relation to this incident, because Las Vegas does not want tourists to be frightened away from the city.

A woman in a car with its windows down screamed “Allahu Akbar” as she ran up onto the sidewalk and ran-over upwards of 40 people in Las Vegas last night

EDITOR’S NOTE: So, if what Obama and the Liberals tell us is true about mass killings and gun ownership, we must now ban cars from public use because they, obviously, are nothing more than “assault weapons”.  Am I am the only one that finds it fascinating that she chose to do all this carnage out in front of the PARIS SECTION of the Las Vegas Strip? Paris??? Is ANYONE awake?!? – “She rode the sidewalk, she came to a stop at the Paris intersection, people are punching into the window. … She accelerated again and just kept mowing people down.” 

Lakeisha N. Holloway, age 24, of Portland, Oregon, (pictured at top) has been arrested for the incident. She is charged with Murder and leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury, as well as child endangerment.

According to one eye witness  “As we were walking across the street, this car comes flying through the red light. She ran up on the sidewalk and smashed into a group of people walking accross the street and into the group of people at the corner. She did not slow down and appeared to accelerate as she hit the sidewalk.”

According to that witness, there was a huge row of plants and bushes separating the sidewalk and the strip, but the woman driver ran through both, at a speed he guessed to be 40-45 miles per hour. “People were flying off the front of her car and people were smashing into other people as she plowed through the crowd.”

The witness went on to say “As this unfolded, the only thing I recall as this happened is the insane sound of her car accelerating and the voice from the car was screaming “Allah Akbar!” I’ve heard the sound enough times on the news that I was waiting for a bomb to blow up or guns to start firing. ”

According to Police, 37 people were hit and one person was killed.  Six of the victims were listed in Critical Condition but they have since been upgraded to stable.

The crash occurred about 6:40 PM local time in front of the Paris Hotel & Casino, and Planet Hollywood.  Police are quite explicit in saying the crash was intentional.

This was an act of Islamic Terrorism, perpetrated by an Islamic woman driving a car with a three year old child inside, who INTENTIONALLY rode onto the sidewalk to strike innocent people.  Police, however, have been instructed by their superiors to NOT use the word “terrorism” in relation to this incident, because Las Vegas does not want tourists to be frightened away from the city.

But Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo was forced to admit when he said “We’re not 100% ruling out the possibility of terrorism”, that it is quite possible that indeed it was Islamic terrorism.

Family members recently noticed drastic change in Lakeisha Holloway’s mood and personality

Sheria Agum, Holloway’s cousin, added that she last saw Holloway a month ago and after that she changed her number. Holloway’s mother told her she had not heard from her since and she ‘went off the radar’.

Miss Agum said that Holloway had been staying in Texas until recently but upon her return to the West coast she noticed a change in her character. She said: ‘I have never seen my cousin like that. Her whole attitude changed. She was having problems down there. When she came back she was different’.

It’s quite possible that as this story gets more investigated it will come out that the shift in her personality was due to becoming radicalized in the Muslim religion. Perhaps the biggest clue in all this was that the carnage occurred out in front of the Paris section of the Las Vegas Strip.

Holloway chose to do the bulk of her carnage outside the Paris section of the Las Vegas Strip

“She rode the sidewalk, she came to a stop at the Paris intersection, people are punching into the window. … She accelerated again and just kept mowing people down.”

Paris, as you may recall, was the scene of the largest Islamic terror attack in it’s nation’s history, and the biggest attack since Hitler rode tanks in during WWII. Out of all the places in Las Vegas where she could have done this, doing it out front of the Paris section was perhaps Lakeisha N. Holloway’s way of sending us a message

Point well taken.


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • the other mary

    So sick of the lies & deceit. When I read this “news” story there was no mention of what the woman was screaming….well, maybe in a few weeks t hey’ll say it was a terrorist act.

    • Bryan

      This woman was affiliated with the federal government, which was stated in her bio.. The Feds are the ones we need to question. I worked for a “private company” before.. Secret societies are possessing poor innocent people everywhere! They try to distract a person so that the person can not get enough sleep.. Especially the poor!! It’s all part of the potion they use for “the depopulation program.” They tried doing the same thing to me.. But they tried to possess me to commit suicide. They failed. But it looks like these satanic vampires won’t stop until they get what they want. I’m a ti and also a victim of gangstalking from these murderous pigs!! I’m sure I won’t be alive much longer as they are always breathing down my neck and trying to set me up for something. All I have to say is they are all cowards. Possessing people to commit crimes is weak!! And we are catching on to you!! Contact me at bryanfaux7th@gmail.com – (friends and victims only). Looking for support and hopefully help the victims of this tragedy and help educate the public!!
      “And no I don’t want to hear anymore disinformation from perps! Or misinformation from the misled!” Thankyou

  • And these freaks are peaceful . You have to be brain dead to think this way.

  • Christian Gains

    I find it HUGELY INDICATIVE that there are no other comments…But this illustrates our problem as a people, no one REALLY gives a hoot’R holler, unless THEY themselves are involved…or, MAYBE if a friend or loved one was…apathy and “normalcy bias” run rampant in the streets of American, and disregard for anything that isn’t DIRECTLY effecting one’s “personal space”…we FAR TOO OFTEN react as dumb sheep, being led to the slaughter by the “Calief’N Chief!

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Comments are coming in 🙂


      Christian, I too have felt that American apathy would destroy us. I am so angry that our traitorous elected officials are commiting treason by allowing our enemies free access to our country. Obama is speading these so called refugeees to every state, even Alaska. These so called refugees are supposedly fleeing war, but the truth is that only 17% of the refugee immigrants are from Syria.

      The muslims being brought here are from the most savage countries on Earth. Liberal idiots , who refuse to even research current world events, are supporting this invasion. Our schools are actively being used to train our children to worship islam. But there is hope.
      Donald Trump is waking people up. he speaks the truth and people are responding.


      • MONIQUE

        To BlACKLIESMATTER: What you just expressed is what millions of American people feel which are” <<frustration,horror,disgust,distrust>> of most of our representatives whom we sense are YES MEN AND WOMEN collaborators,they are on the take filling their pockets with muslem terrorists money and allowing the biggest of them all in THE WHITE HOUSE’S RESIDENT CON MUSLIM IN CHIEF who has taken over America as a dictator. He is destroying us and imposing illigally ISLAM,HIS RELIGIONON OUR CHILDREN AND US ALL BY THEIR GUTSY MALICIOUSNESS WITH A LOT OF NERVE AND MANIPULATIONS USING AS A WEAPON OUR OW METHOD OF LAW ETHIC’S AGAINST US AND WE KNOW IT! We must stop this liar and recover our nation and our constitution laws that our fathers fought for. We must Throw out ALL MOSLEMS THAT ARE SUSPICIOUS TO AMERICA AND APOLOGIZE FOR NOTHING. Obama and has been placed in the position he is now in as a mole to takeover our nation and invade us with millions of muslims on the sly to finish us off. We only have one last chance to get our heads together, forget our differences and allow Donald Trump and his future administration and congress do their job to EXPELL FOREIGN AGENTS AND MOST MOSLEMS AND ARREST THE AMERICAN REPRESENTATIVES WHO BACKED AND CONNIVED WITH THE WHITE HOUSE’MAFIA.
        I DON’T GIVE A RAT’S ASS ABOUT WHO THEY ARE.The facts show that Obama is a disgusting outlaw and should be arrested and put in prison for life as a traitor and enemy of the United State because truthfully we are at war with I S L A M led by a foreign agent who was placed in power by a long ago by THE ISLAMISTS AND IT WAS A COUP D’ETAT FOR SURE BY ISLAMIST ARAB AMERICANS WHO INFILTRATED ALL OUR BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT. THIS IS THE HORRIBLE FACT WE MUST ADMIT AND FIXE NOW!!!!!

  • Kat Swigert

    This is why I don’t feel sorry for Muslim women. If you try to free them from the heavy yoke of Islam, from their culturally-based Lack of Worth to Muslim men, from performing FGM upon their daughters, from the giving of their young daughters as brides to old men…this is how they will repay you. Muslim women are just as rotten to the core as the men are. If we don’t ban these animals from our soil, this will continue, more innocent people will die and die and die and die and die…because THIS is who they are. It’s time they all left our country, and the very few ‘peaceful’ ones amongst them will just have to pay the price; don’t you think the price WE’VE paid for allowing them here has been heavy enough?

    • Me

      This was a blatant lie! I live here and she said nothing!

      • MARK

        I was there, its definitely true, but not being reported


          The orders from the White house are explicit…From now on, any acts of terror will not be listed as such. All police Dept’s have been ordered to supress as much islamic violence as possible. Stories that do get reported on are NOT to be called islamic terror, and no one will be arrested for a hate crime. I would bet that inthe near future, a false flag event with a supposed white Christian man will occur so that all liberals can point to it and claim that christians are the danger not muslims. WE ARE ALL BEING LIED TO. OUR GOVT IS FULL OF TRAITORS.


      • LAUREL


      • tony

        Can’t trust Snopes. Proven to be a liberal detracting website.

  • J.Johnson

    If this is true we should be told. Keeping this secret would make the media an accessory in my opinion.


  • Linda Sedlak

    When is America going to admit that we are at war with radical Muslin Terrorists? Obama is doing nothing as far as I know to protect us. Personally I am very disappointed with Obama’s lack of actions to protect us innocent Americans. Does Obama not care, or is this problem something that cannot be prevented? I fear for my children, and our entire country as none of us know whom to trust to keep us safe and aware of the potential dangers until the attacks have occurred! May God Bless America, and protect us from harm.

  • Gabby

    I do not believe this was a Muslim woman. I think it was someone wanting attention. Look at her picture. Muslim women do not dress like that. They do NOT wear make up nor jewelry. She is just someone wanting some attention and I hope she gets it for life!!!

  • Mark

    If the U.S would actually execute people for committing crimes that put them on death row, there wouldn’t be so much overcrowding, or cost, to keep inmates alive.

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  • Cat

    Hmmm…no other report lists her saying Allah Akbar??? Is this verified??


  • Star

    One mysterious witness no names no video and on the strip. Please show one witness or one video confirming this.

  • donnie

    business as usual.

    • You are right Donnie. I’m sorry. But don’t worry, God see’s all. 🙂

  • Guest

    May islam rot in the lowest, most torturous pit of hell.

  • David
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  • Suez

    How horrible! Truly possessed woman! Seems no one is safe anywhere these days! We must trust in the Almighty God, and submit our family, friends and ourselves unto him, for His protection!

    • Bryan faux

      I agree completely. This was a case of possession. This woman became possessed by evil. Evil tried possessing me a few years back, and it was much the same situation as this poor child of God. I’m sure she struggled with fighting off her evil demons as long as she possibly could. My heart goes out to her and the victims who were hurt/killed. This is all part of the zombie Apocolypse! God is the only one who can save us from these evil demons! Safety tip: Get plenty of rest! Emotional stability is key, and stay away from drugs! Be in control of all your thoughts!!! And above all PRAY to whatever God/Diety you believe in! You are definitely going to need help! These demons are very powerful!!! I am trying to fight them also.. Although they have already posseessed the majority. Have hope! God is waking up the Hebrews. Be patient in adversity. Thankyou

  • Joseph W. Egan

    I’m the first to say wipe the Jihadists off the face of the planet, but I also happened to drive by the scene of the crime 20 minutes before this happened and then came within a block of it less than an hour after the slaughter, while they were still loading people in ambulances. I also walked right down that sidewalk this morning.

    I mention all of this because I can say with certainty that this person whos is quoted in the article claiming this is jihad stated something that is absolutely false, which makes it all but certain that he was not a witness to this event.

    Despite being a central detail of his story, there are not bushes or shrubs on that part of the street. The murderous nut could not possibly have driven right through any of them at 40 MPH because they simply do not exist. This spot is located at one of only two small stretches of the center Strip where there’s nothing but a run of the mill curb serving to seperate the street from the sidewalk.

    My job is driving up and down Las Vegas Blvd. all night, so I know this for a fact. I am not mistaken about this in tge least bit. I even stood over a blood stain on that very sidewalk three hours ago. There’s no shrubs, no bushes, no trees, no anything between the street and sidewalk. It’s just pavement and an occasional street sign. This source is lying.

  • Cooleemeeedd

    I KNEW it! Take that child from her and have that child disappear into a Christian home with nothing ever told to her (or him) about “mom.” Take “mom” out on the sidewalk and put a bullet into the back of her head, then bury her in a park somewhere with a nice tree on top of her. She’ll provide much-needed fertilizer until she has thoroughly returned to dirt.

  • Why are the police so quick to come out and say this was not another terrorist attack on American soil.. Shouting Allahu Akbar is an Islamic saying god is great.. Does tourism come first before human lives,,

  • America has a huge Islamic terrorist threat on the country,, the longer you bury your head in the sand,, the bigger the next atrocity..

  • John

    There is no evidence that the female said “Allahu Akbar” or is linked to Islam at all. All this news article is doing is fueling more hate towards Islam by these false, incredibly biased, news stories. Witness claims don’t count, since they could easily be lying in order to fear monger. News journalists like this one is the reason why America is doomed.

    • Larry/vietnamvet1971

      hey John, she is an innocent little misunderstood female trying to find her way around in Vegas and accidently hit those people, now try again with another liberal story

    • MARK

      john,if this isnt a terrorist incident,which is possible,many have ,in fact ,been driven by muslim extremists,yet covered up by our misleading,devious administration.the reason AMERICA MIGHT BE DOOMED IS THAT FACT that cair,and muslim brotherhood are pulling the strings in washington…

  • Marian

    Great! Now the gun ban will include cars… and sidewalks. Blonde hair/ blue eyed women with toddlers in car seats will be pulled over and groped because, you know, the word no one dares say. TSA on the street where you live coming soon. And we’ll all be safe except when we’re killed by you-know-who who isn’t a you-know-what.
    Rant over. Carry on…

  • bho

    stupid obamanites

  • ~MASO~

    The victims needs to sue the politicians all the way up to the white house

  • Larry/vietnamvet1971

    has Odumbo went on TV in Hawaii to SHOUT “Car Control” !!!

  • Angel pie smith

    Another deliberate act of using a car to kill people. WE MUST BAN CARS NOW!!!!! or more will be hurt or killed

  • US “Citizen”

    You article was very interesting. May I make a suggestion. Either change the color of blue to a lighter shade or make the type in white. It is VERY difficult to read your articles.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Thank you!

  • Char

    I read somewhere that Obamanation is not allowing the media to say the word “terrorism” in their news casts anymore, so that could be why they are not calling it a terrorist act. I saw this on the news a little while ago and they just say she ran into these people and that she didn’t appear to be drunk. Did she appear to be demon possessed like she is? She should be in jail a long time just like someone who was drinking and had a child in their car. Hopefully they will put her in prison for a very long time where she can think about attacking some women prisoners and yell “Allah Akubar” to them and see how long she lasts in there.

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  • bob
  • Heather

    The behavior of this muslim terrorist, black lives matter gangster, shows the same lack of love for her child as the muslim terrorist who dropped her baby off minutes before going to murder multitudes in San Bernardino. Does the police really need to try and figure out a motive when the terrorist is screaming Allahu Ackbar?
    This only reminds me how many muslim terrorist in Israel are ramming their cars into innocent people. I am reminded of a video I saw in which I can’t get out my mind where a muslim terrorist violently ran his car into an Israeli citizen walking on the side walk. The victim flew up 15 feet in the air and came tumbling down to the ground next to the car. As he was laying there half dead, the terrorist got out with a hatchet and started hacking him with it. Fortunately there was another citizen bystander who had a gun and when he confronted the murderer, the muslim terrorist came at him with the hatchet and was met with 10 rounds of bullets. Thats how many it took to finally take him down.

  • I would like to know why the original artical was changed.At first it read that she wanted to kill white people.And I printed it.Now it’s all changed.what’s up with that.

  • You Suck

    This story is a complete fabrication, but the sheep that use this site will never know the difference.

  • Anti Propaganda Police

    Before all of the xenophobic and bigoted comments flow, can we at least get confirmation that this is a terrorist attack and that the woman in question is a Muslim acting as a terrorist? Just to make the point of how incorrect the so-called media is, the attack in San Bernadino had numerous stories pointing to the suspects being white American nationalist gun nuts until it was confirmed that they were in fact Jihadists. My point is… the press sucks and seldom gets the facts before rushing to publish online. This in turn fires up the bigots and stirs the pot of hatred. Let’s get the facts straight and lets demand that the media right well rounded and truthful news.

  • Andrew

    This is nonsense. Honestly if i was to run over a bunch of people i would yell allahu akbar too because thats hilarious. That doesnt make me a islamic terrorist or even a terrorist.

    • MARK

      no,but your comment clearly show’s your an idiot….

    • Vee

      When a moslem yells out allahu akbar it means God is great, but most of the time jihad terrorists yell that before during and after attacks on moslems and/or non-moslems. If it was not to make a statement about jihad and making the whole world moslem, what were the reasons for her atrocities. The moslem jihad terrorists to kill, destroy, maim, torture, and enslave all for the name of Allah feel they will gain a reward in heaven and do not care who they offend or which nation’s laws they break as they feel they are working for the good of themselves and allah.

  • JEFF

    where is TRUMP?

  • Some Racists are only dreaming about “Allah ho Akbar”. Was this person with her in the car? or she was on the phone with reporter. Everyone was screaming at the scene to save his/her and other people’s life and this “dreamer” was hearing only these two worlds. Be careful from such fanatic reports.

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  • This woman is off her nut. Period. She is going to kill people with her 3 year old child in the backseat??? Is this indicative of what Islam mandates???? Muslim Women’s Lives/Children’s Lives are NOT Important??? What does that say about Islam???? Women and Children are NOT IMPORTANT…..only the men????????????? I wonder what this Animal told her child while she was trying to murder those Pedestrians …..’There There, Sweetheart….remember, Darling, the Car must be going OVER 40 miles an hour to take out the most Americans’…….

    I hope the child is taken away and is never allowed to see this animal again. How dare she take her child with her while she commits murder.
    Yea for Islam….The GREAT Machine for GENOCIDE……Look what Islam (Turkey) did to the Armenians 1910-1915….1.5 Million got ‘lost’ on the FORCED MARCHES…..by the by…Armenia was the FIRST Country in the World to declare it was a Christian Country…..That Pissed off Islam to no end……but obviously Islam got even with the Armenians…..so now they come …..

  • I stumbled across your ‘report’ You really are reaching here, folks. This ‘witness’ remains invisible. No word about this in ANY other reports. You are falling right into ISIS’s plan. They want to divide our country along religious lines (they have stated this very clearly) and you are their perfect patsy. You want the real truth? All organized religion, Islam, HIndu, Christianity, Judaism are to blame for radical terrorism. This world would be better off if you would take the advice of your own Book and keep your religion between yourself and God. Trying to Christianize the country and the rest of the world is just plain stupid. Get a life.

  • Jimmy

    I’m getting that bumper sticker that says “Everything is fine! Just Keep watching TV”

  • MARK

    Lol this is funny, go check all other news sites, no one mentioned that she shouted “allah akbar”. because she did not !.. plus how can u hear her shouting over the sound of the engine ? windows where not even open looool .. STOP LYING TO MAKE US HATE MUSLIMS ! Islam terrorism is only 6% of the attks happened in USA in 2015 !

    • MARK

      no -one’s pulling the wool over your eye’s!

  • Anti Propaganda Police

    What’s funny is that this is a so-called Christian Blog. What a bunch of hypocrisy. People spreading fear and hatred. What would Jesus say people?


    Here is the thing most Americans dont seem to get, aside from the agenda of not wanting the public to panic, they are building force in the USA, there are hundreds of Sharia court appeals, even recently a NY judge was sworn in on a Koran. They will take over soon and the Liberals know that islam doesnt integrate, they are just planing on Americans integrating to Islam instead. And its happening already 200,000 Latinos have converted and many more whites.

    Secondly and just as important ISIS has a big freind in the Nation of Islam which is also behind the Black Lies Matter movement, they are calling for blacks to attack the police, refuse them service etc.

    If you do not stand up, soon enough you will end up like Europe, In the UK we will be out numbered by 2050, they breed like wildfire – 7 kids per family per generation to our 1 kid per family (you do the math) In Sweden they are taking crosses off of churces in case the muslims are upset. And in America you have converts like this mowing down people and the rhetoric is already ‘she was pushed to do so due to white casino security guards picking on her’

    Stand up America and fight, you still got a chance but its slipping away.

  • Frank the jew

    Just another lie by a biased media source trying to conjure up hate. This was just some dirty dirty (barely) Christian woman who lost her mind. So sad for all the victims…

  • Jill

    This article is so inaccurate. It’s funny how people swallow this garbage to be true.

  • This story is not true you should check facts with http://www.snopes.com before you spread lies


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