Were Massive Chinese Explosions A Warning Shot From United States Over Devalued Yuan?

Was the Tianjin explosion waged as an act of kinetic retaliation by the Pentagon in response to China's devalued Yuan currency war?...

Was the Tianjin explosion waged as an act of kinetic retaliation by the Pentagon in response to China’s devalued Yuan currency war?

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have, for many years now, run stories that originated at NaturalNews.com, and have always found them to be a reliable and trusted source of news and information. So today, we bring you this explosive story (irony intended) and will allow you to make up your own mind about it. One thing is for sure, though, when you look at the photos of the amazing devastation, this was no ordinary explosion. This was just like the World Trade Center bombings. Hey….

The Chinese government has put in place unprecedented secrecy surrounding the mysterious explosion, and aggressive police state tactics are now being invoked to control the flow of information surrounding this event.

The Chinese government’s official explanation for the explosion, which has now killed 114 people, is a complete whitewash. China is going to declare regional martial law in the next 18 days, in order to exercise total control over the movement of people and information. The government has banned reporters from entering the area and has begun arresting bloggers who promote what the government calls “conspiracy theories” regarding the cause of the massive explosion.


The death toll from massive explosions in China’s port of Tianjin has risen to 112 and 95 people, most of them fire fighters, are missing, state media said on Sunday, suggesting the toll will rise significantly. source

China has blacked out reporting on Tianjin in exactly the same way the U.S. media blacked out reporting on Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower who admitted the CDC buried evidence linking vaccines to autism. In both China and the United States, when the government doesn’t want the citizens to know something, it censors the story across the entire state-run media, invoking “information totalitarianism.”

Immediately following the massive explosion, the Chinese government began flying “black helicopters” in formation across Beijing. Chinese dissidents took numerous photos of these helicopters.

Chinese dissidents have told Natural News they have reason to believe the attack on Tianjin is a warning shot from the United States, which is terrified that China is on the verge of announcing its own gold-backed currency while declaring a fire sale on U.S. debt holdings.

The actions would collapse the U.S. dollar and destroy the U.S. economy, sending the United States into economic freefall. The “Rod of God” weapon deployment by the U.S. Pentagon, we’re told, was America’s “shot across the bow” to send a powerful warning message to China while disguising the attack as a domestic chemical explosion.

Timeline of events: In mere hours after China devalues currency their currency, the twin explosions rocked the Asian nation:

August 11, 2015: China devalues the Yuan by 1.9%, sending “shockwaves” around the world and setting off “devastating” impact to the U.S. economy.

August 12, 2015: Tianjin struck by Pentagon’s secret “Rod of God” weapon, a space-based top-secret kinetic weapon that can be dropped from high orbit to strike almost any land-based target. The weapon instantly destroys six city blocks on the edge of the city of Tianjin, sending a message to China that’s eerily similar to the message sent by the United States in the dropping of the world’s first atomic weapon on Nagasaki in World War II. (Yes, the USA is willing to drop weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations. It has already done it twice!)

Tianjin Evacuates All Residents Near Blast Site After New Explosions; Rod of God Weapon

August 16, 2015: Obama issues stern warning “…about the presence of Chinese government agents operating secretly in the United States,” reports The New York Times. “And it comes at a time of growing tension between Washington and Beijing on a number of issues: from the computer theft of millions of government personnel files that American officials suspect was directed by China, to China’s crackdown on civil liberties, to the devaluation of its currency.”

The Pentagon’s secret space-based weapons

The “Rod of God” weapon consists primarily of a kinetic weapon arriving with unimaginable kinetic energy… more than a small tactical nuclear weapon, in fact, giving it the appearance of a tactical nuke. U.S. websites are now speculating that the Tianjin explosion was a U.S. space-based weapons test involving a “Rod of God” weapon dropped from orbit. “The [resulting] lake [crater] in China proves a 5 kiloton blast, possibly nuclear or possibly from a space based ‘rod from God’ (pictured to the left) weapon [was] deployed by the space plane,” says The Unhived Mind.

“After looking through the images of the soviet nuclear tests, the new lake in China appears to have been made by a slightly sub surface burst of at least a 5 kiloton nuclear bomb… This was NOT an accident and the fracture pattern around the crater proves a sub ground burst. If it was a sub ground burst, then a small nuclear weapon is the biggest possibility because once a nuke has to push dirt, the blinding flash will not happen. A slightly subsurface detonation would explain why camera sensors did not get strange artifacts. And if it was not a nuke, it was something else incredibly huge, but not a fuel air bomb because fuel air bombs will not leave craters.”

Space-based kinetic weapons “dropped” onto targets are explained by Popular Science in this article from 2004:

Martial law will be declared across Beijing in the coming days, dissidents have told Natural News. Meanwhile, the Chinese government — which runs a massive state-controlled firewall that snoops into all internet traffic and blocks VPN access — has added “Tianjin” as a red flag keyword to its internet traffic filtering.

China to declare martial law as total control of information and people kicks into high gear

Local police raids have already begun at the locations of bloggers and independent journalists who have attempted to report true stories on what really happened at Tianjin. The Chinese government is engaged in a total cover-up.


NTEB was the very first news outlet to label the explosions as a nuclear attack. Click to read our original story.

Natural News has learned that the Chinese government is now setting up roadside checkpoints near and around both Tianjin and Beijing. Additional security measures now in place to control the movement of people include:

• All hotels are reporting details of visitors to the government, including passport numbers, nationalities, names and phone calls made from the rooms.

• Tourists who don’t stay in hotels are now required to register with local police or risk arrest. The Chinese government has mandated that it must know the location of every person at all times.

• Red armbands are now being worn by workers to indicate they are serving as Stasi-like obedient police snitches. The red armbands indicate total obedience to the government, and the workers wearing them have all been trained in how to spot dissident behavior. It’s China’s version of “If you see something, say something” just as was pushed in the United States.


Does this look like the aftermath of a chemical fire to you?

• In preparation for China’s Sep. 3 celebration for the defeat of Japanese occupation — it’s the 70th anniversary — China has banned Japanese writing in most of its large cities. Government propaganda runs 24/7, condemning the Japanese and the horrifying war crimes committed by Japanese soldiers against China. (It’s true, the Japanese committed unimaginable atrocities such as mass-raping women and then chopping them into pieces with machetes to destroy the “evidence.”)

• Helicopter patrols are now routinely witnessed across Beijing and Tianjin, where military choppers are flying in formation as a show of strength.

• Massive populations of laborers are now living in underground cities, underneath the clean, high-tech buildings of Beijing that seem like world-class architectural achievements. But underneath them, an entire class of sickly, impoverished laborers lives like rats, with very little food, poor sanitation and no sunlight. source

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • marlene

    I hope it was!

    • marlene that was a misguided and hateful statement . if you think this will stop china in their endeavor to crash thr dollar you are dreaming. america also has a payday coming that will make this pale in comparison, 56 million aborted babies and endorsement of ss marriage by the supreme court and obama selling out israel and sticking a knife in their backs so i would not be to comfortable about america’s situation either.
      this is just what this is is speculation at this point and dangerous speculation also. who is to say the chinese govt themselves did not do this as a false flag and i would not put it past them to do such a thing because they as well as our govt could care less about the general population of the country. you see communism and our country also the general population is considered sheep for the slaughter and a coming slave population to serve the ones in charge.

    • Oingo

      Marlene, you’re a C.U.N.T!

  • Mark Gabrielson

    There was a smaller explosion and then after about 15 seconds a larger explosion.

    The explosions were amongst shipping containers at night.

    Kinetic weapon would have been largest explosion first.

    More likely was caused by a fire near explosive laden containers.

    I’m guessing one or more 40 foot containers filled with high explosives would make a really big bang.

    • just read an article that said they had 800 tons of ammonium nitrate stored on the site guess this blows all the misguided gun jumping theories on this one to the trash bin huh?

  • Sola Scriptura

    No because our government doesn’t care about our economy, our military or our people. We have an ever worsening debt problem, a massively (and aggressively )diminished military and a work force being flooded with illegals to the detriment of our citizens. Everything being done in and by america is SOLEY for the benefit of the New World Order, of which China is an important part. We would never, ever sincerely defend ourselves from any kind of attack – economic or military. America has to die for the NWO to rise…and the leaders of america get that and are working hard and fast to bring about our deaths.

  • carson

    this kinetic weapon, nuc like…yet the explosion in china started small then staged up twice to the final and huge explosion..not very nuc like.
    when they dropped the bomb on japan back then it went off huge..then small explosions no doubt happened/fires etc, the nuc being the first and main and largest.
    This explosion in china is the opposite, small to large, just watch the many vids.

  • mike watchinski

    “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
    Just to take him at his word
    Just to rest upon his promise
    Just to know thus saith the LORD

    Jesus, Jesus, how I trust him
    Jesus, Jesus, how I’ve proved him o’r and o’r
    Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus, O for grace to trust him more!”


  • midwest granny

    I thought it looked like there was a mushroom cloud.

    • Yep.

    • a very large explosion can cause a mushroom cloud also it does not have to be necessarily atomic in nature besides i am sure the chinese govt i am sure had geiger counters there soon after the explosion. this is some serious and dangerous speculation from every one all around and is unfounded at this point so hopefully cooler heads will prevail until it is investigated thoroughly.

    • MRH

      @midwest granny: All explosions cause fireball and mushroom cloud effect (fire and smoke), to varying degrees. However different materials create different effect, also size of explosion is a factor.

      A firecracker produces a tiny bright flash followed by a quickly dissipating smoke cloud, while a mega nuclear bomb produces a huge bright flash followed by a lasting fireball mushroom like smoke cloud. It’s an earth physics effect due to hot air rises factor, with turbulence aspect.

      P.S. Explosions in outer space would react differently, as space is a vacuum 😉

  • Hendo

    I shared a dream with my wife last year about a massive explosion that struck a nation. What I’m seeing in this explosion in China was very similar in my dream. I’ll keep the citizen in China in my prayers. God bless

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  • MRH

    If you examine the videos it is evident that there were fires burning prior to the blasts. Therefore unless the fires were staged, then the missile idea holds no water in my book. Also the second explosion was largest. With missile there probably have only been one explosion. Also the fact the explosion occurred at night, not during common people hours, suggests likely a freak accident.

    As for the fireball and mushroom cloud, such is common with many types of explosions; gas, chemical, bombs, etc. And huge explosions will cause lasting effects. A nuke would likely be a huge explosion due to bomb build.

    • MRH

      Another point to note, all the cameras were aimed unto area, which suggests fire was present. Of course none expected the explosions to occur.

    • amen all sorts of conspiracy theorist nuts jump on the bandwagon of these types of events. i think it was a fart lighting setting off a chain reaction that is my theory makes as much as some of these.

      • MRH

        Alan: Like with other past events, evidence is the missing ingredient. Was it just a random incident, or possibly another false flag event? Such effect is becoming a common thing these latter confusing days?

  • Marian

    I think it’s telling that mainstream pundits are downplaying the effect of the devaluation on US economy. Some of the economic commentators surely know better.

  • Hennie Van Staden

    If I had to guess, this was no attack from the US. Rest assured, if it was, the Chinese would have retaliated very swiftly and by now, we would be in the beginning of World WarIII. So relax people, this was only a chemicalaccident.

  • clockwork angel

    to those who doubt this wasnt done by the US terrorists in DC need to read up and really read on MOP’s (Massive Ordnance Penetrator’s-who said there couldnt be a pre explosive device to trigger the main explosion-wake up amerika—And he does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

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