Was A Nuclear Weapon Just Detonated In China? (VIDEO)

According to the official Chinese Seismological Network, two blasts occurred in the city, a first explosion equivalent to the detonation of 3 tons of TNT, and a second, much...

The 12 firefighters who are among the 44 dead came from more than 1,000 who were sent to fight the blaze set off by the explosions shortly before midnight, according to the official Xinhua News agency. It says 520 people are being treated in hospitals, 66 of them seriously injured.

08/13/15 UPDATE: Police are keeping journalists and bystanders away with a cordon as many as a few kilometers (miles) from the site. On China’s popular microblogging platform of Weibo, some users complain that their posts about the blasts have been deleted, and the number of searchable posts on the disaster fluctuated, in a sign that authorities are manipulating or placing limits on the number of posts. source

>>Original Story Follows: A huge explosion rocked the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin on Wednesday, state media reported. Initial reports said hundreds were wounded, although the exact number of casualties has yet to be determined. According to the official Chinese Seismological Network, two blasts occurred in the city, a first explosion equivalent to the detonation of 3 tons of TNT, and a second, much larger explosion 30 seconds later which was equivalent to a detonation of about 21 tons of TNT.

The blast was caused by explosive material in a container at a terminal in Binhai Dist, according to Business Insider.

The official Xinhua news agency said a deafening bang was heard as plumes of flame lit up the sky, scattering dust dozens of meters into the air.



Central Television said on its website no deaths had been reported. It said there had been two explosions within 30 seconds of each other and that about 100 fire trucks had been sent to the scene. Xinhua said fireballs from an initial blast had ignited further explosions in premises nearby.

Video footage of the explosion showed it causing a massive mushroom cloud and a quake that could be felt up to six miles away. source

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  • chris

    If it were nuclear looking at the footage i think there would be a LOT more damage.

  • muleskinner

    Nope…not a nuke…first of all, the camera he was holding and all of the lights in the city would have instantly been rendered useless by the EMP…Second, although a nuclear device does detonate twice…first the triggers that slam one isotope into another to create a chain reaction and then the nuclear detonation itself, the timing is in micro seconds, these two were wayyy to far apart…third every nuclear capable country on the planet monitors for thermonuclear detonations..and none of them reported anything…not a nuke…I’m thinking fertilizer or fireworks plant…

  • Voiceofreason

    Leave it to you evil frothing mouth end of world fanatics to hope this was a nuclear bomb. Sorry to disappoint but it was just a tragic dual explosion of unknown material.

    Isn’t it rather telling that none of you so-called Christians seem to care about the humanity. Stop the fantasy and show a little respect and compassion for those injured and killed.

    • BethrothedToHim

      Voiceofreason, not sure how this article incited you to the bash on “so-called Christians”. I don’t see anything in the article that had anything to do with faith. Am I missing something?

      However, I must say, I do appreciate your admission of using trollish comments.

      “A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. In origin, troll may have been a negative synonym for a jötunn (plural jötnar). In Old Norse sources, beings described as trolls dwell in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, live together in small family units, and are rarely helpful to human beings.

      Later, in Scandinavian folklore, trolls became beings in their own right, where they live far from human habitation, are not Christianized, and are considered dangerous to human beings. Depending on the region from which accounts of trolls stem, their appearance varies greatly; trolls may be ugly and slow-witted, or look and behave exactly like human beings, with no particularly grotesque characteristic about them.”

      I’d rather be identified with Jesus than a troll.

    • Mark

      We do care. Unfortunately, not enough of us are vocal about it. I hope the survivors are treated quickly and recover as best they can. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

    • Wendy

      Is your ignorance of Christians ever showing!!!

    • truthinchrist

      voiceofreason loves their sin that is why they hate any ties which leads to the Word of God. The God of the Bible! Many sodomites despise those who would stand in the way of their lust for the flesh. voiceofreason is realy a voiceofdoom.

  • Me

    LOL, no way was it a nuclear explosion. If it was, thousands would be dead, not just 13.

    By the way, this site gave me the email of somebody called “Voiceofreason” in the email box. You are lucky I am not a malicious person who would use that email to my own ends. You need to fix this problem of giving out other people’s emails, fast! As for me, I use a “dispostable” email which is disposable, as the name suggests, and does not connect to my real account. Until this problem fixes, I would advise the rest of you to do the same.

  • Voiceofreason

    Thank you for not being malicious, Me.

    I’m not either. This poorly configured WordPress site has been generously giving out real names and email addresses for ages. 🙁

    I’m pleasantly surprised that I’ve never been attacked (for my views and trollish comments) through my burner email address.

    BTW, I didn’t think anyone still used AOL. 😉

    • The email address problem in the comments section is now fixed, thank you for your patience 🙂

      • Sueawatcher

        Thankyou Geoffrey,I was concerned about that also but I noticed that it has been fixed.

  • Voiceofreason

    BTW, your “you’re lucky” is kind eating at me. Why am I lucky? Are you suggesting that this group isn’t a safe group of Christians who are kind to all, despite their differences?

    That’s okay, the posts that I’ve read over the years from this and other “Christian ” groups tells me that I am probably “lucky”.

    BTW, I don’t hate Christians or any other group. I just don’t trust and like the fake ones that cherry pick bible passages and don’t put these books in their proper ancient context. (I.e. It is not an authority on much of our modern society for things like law and science, and barely an authority on morals)

    • me

      No matter where on the Internet you’re posting, among whatever type of crowd, having your email being given away in a free-for-all to any random person who clicks on an article is NEVER good news. You’re definitely lucky I don’t intend to send you spam, use your email to sign up for accounts, pose as you and post comments using your name and email on this website or others, or any other malicious thing I was given the ability to do when this website handed your email to me on a silver platter. You never know who is silently watching a site like this just looking for such a malicious opportunity. I’d say you are quite lucky. In fact, if I was you, I would count my lucky stars.

    • me

      By the way, when I said “you’re lucky” I was referring to the website managers in general, not you specifically. Ultimately this whole thing is their problem, not ours. But you are indeed lucky I don’t intend to do anything malicious with your email and indeed I erased it the moment I saw it to put my own in instead. You never know who is watching a site like this just looking for an opportunity to do something malicious. (-:

      • @me that doesn’t sound right. Why would you need to tell them you did so? Unless you really didn’t and your guilt is eating away at you. it is just suspicious to even bring it up to begin with.

        The thing is a common person wouldn’t even bring it up and would delete it regardless, just cause.

        But someone that practices in the deep secrets of the internet would get defensive about it and need to tell the person they got rid of it. Usually as a cover to calm their guilt, if they have anything.

        If the second is not the case at all my apologies for reading into it too far. but if it is….. you should be ashamed.

    • terri

      When studying the science of the ancient world, one is more apt to be impressed with its ignorance than to admire its accuracy. However, the Bible offers a definite exception to this rule. The Scriptures are replete with statements suggesting scientific knowledge which predates the corresponding discoveries of secular science.
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      First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics
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      Those Old Time Dietary Guidelines
      I got this from the sight http://WWW.inplainsite.org.
      Of course you probably will not read it most people who disregard the bible based on what others have said have never even opened it up. The things listed below were a part of the bible way before humanity even discovered this in the secular world. In fact I believe it was Gallileo that was killed for saying the world was not flat.

      The Jews were blamed for the plague way back when as very few Jews in Europe died and that was because it talks about cleanliness such as bathing and most Jews practiced that when the plague was going on and the plague was at such a time most people may have taken baths every 6 months or so. I believe it would be Levitus chapters 15 and sixteen. the best reference for th world being round is in Isaiah 40:22

      • Wendy

        Hey Terri, you have a real gift for writing!! How wonderful it would be if you were to choose to do that for your enjoyment, and God’s glory!

        Peace be with you~

  • Vic Christian

    Sort of a ridiculous headline. Neither of these explosions came anywhere near close to a nuclear explosion. Remember that the atomic bombs dropped on Japan were in the kiloton range (equivalent to thousands of tons of TNT). I do agree, though, that we need to pray for all those involved. In the future, I will question anything from this source.

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  • I would say definitely NOT nuclear. I load and unload steel shipping containers everyday. a 40 foot container can easily contain 30 tons of material. Now if you had a couple or more containers being shipped to a single customer, they would have been put next to each other to be loaded on trucks at the same time. So if one of those customers could have a company that deals with exspolsive or flammable material, and the containers were not grounded properly. That could easily happen, and just like that too.

  • Jacob

    Is NTEB a clickbait/fear porn site that uses attention-grabbing headlines to garner web traffic? Yes.

  • AndrewA

    That explosion is a bit of a humbling sight. Especially when you realize they are estimating 21 tons of TNT when you have disasters like Texas City and Halifax which were closer to 3000 tons of TNT.

  • I just read an email that at least 44 people have died in this exposition!!

    Please PRAY for the Families and Friends of all the victims!!

    Love Always and Shalom,

    Kristi Ann

  • Jeff Walters

    NO, it wasn’t a nuclear bomb. Why don’t you idiots stop with the misleading and inflammatory headlines?

  • tealt

    대단 하네. 꽝~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Sword of Anger

    If that was a nuclear explosion the death toll would have been in the thousands.

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  • Sueawatcher

    All the disasters that are now happening world wide, floods,droughts, famine, storms, forest fires, earthquakes, mega tornatoes, devastating accidents etc. Is our time of sorrows. (REVELATION) This is just the beginning. Even non believers can’t deny what you are seeing unfold each day. The Grace of the Lord could end at anytime. You can still ask for forgiveness and be saved.


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    that isn’t the same unwanted rehashed material.
    Wonderful read! I’ve saved your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.


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