US Navy Chaplains To Begin Performing Same Sex Marriages On Base

Anticipating the elimination of the military ban on homosexuality, the Office of the Chief of Navy Chaplains has decided that same-sex couples in the Navy will be able to...

Out of the closet, and out of God’s will

The move by the Obama administration to glorify and celebrate homosexuality on a national level is a direct slap in the face to the holy God of Israel who forbids homosexual union of any kind and on any level. This will surely bring God’s judgment on this nation like nothing before could ever do.

“Anticipating the elimination of the military ban on homosexuality, the Office of the Chief of Navy Chaplains has decided that same-sex couples in the Navy will be able to get married in Navy chapels, and that Navy chaplains will be allowed to perform the ceremonies — if homosexual marriage is legal in the state where the unions are to be performed.

Be all you can be.

The advisory came in the form of an April 13 memo issued to all chaplains, in which the Chief of Navy Chaplains, Admiral Michael Tidd, said the Chaplain Corps was revising its Tier I training manuals, which had previously indicated that same-sex marriages are not authorized on federal property.

Instead, Tidd called for chaplains to comply with service-wide efforts underway to be more accepting of homosexuality and same-sex marriage as the end of the military policy on homosexuality nears.

Citing “additional legal review” by Navy attorneys, the admiral said the Navy “has concluded that, generally speaking, base facility use is sexual orientation neutral.”

“If the base is located in a state where same-sex marriage is legal, then the base facilities may be used to celebrate the marriage,” the admiral’s directive states.” source – CNS News


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  • As a veteran of the United States Navy but more importantly as a Christian, this is a slap in the face. The United States was not founded on gay principles or agenda’s. It was founded by Puritan’s who held the Scriptures as sacred. The United States had been blessed by God for those reasons. WE are no longer a country that is blessed due to Sodom and Gomorrah mentality that is sweeping this land. And we all know what happened to them!

  • Cynthia Daniel

    The wrath of GOD has already been kindled against not only towards America but the world as a whole. But the ones who claim to represent GOD are in trouble for condoning an abomination . This is why judgement must first begin in the House of GOD!

  • Amen, Caroline! Well said Cynthia.

  • Dear Jesus, Please install the wisdom and strength of character, that all, yes ALL Chaplains, and Officers, offer up their resignations from the US Navy, and may all Enlisted notify SecNav that they do not intend to reenlist, if forced into a Homosexual promoting military. I would also pray that no young person, that would be offended by this directive, enlist for service, in any branch. Two to four weeks of this would make Washington recant this direction of sinful pursuit.
    God’s Will, be Done. AMEN

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  • How many of you depend on scooters to get around?


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