SINGULARITY: IBM Claims Computers Will Have All 5 Human Senses By 2018

IBM believes computers will have all five human senses, and will communicate with us in radically different ways....


The coming singularity

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If you’ve only just got used to talking to your phone, get ready for a major change. IBM has revealed its predictions for the computer we will all be using in 2018 – and it believes they will have all five senses, and will communicate with us in radically different ways.


‘Infrared and haptic technologies will enable a smart phone’s touchscreen technology and vibration capabilities to simulate the physical sensation of touching something,’ the firm said.

‘So you could experience the silkiness of that catalog’s Egyptian cotton sheets instead of just relying on some copywriter to convince you. ‘It’s amazing when you look back over the 60+ years of the computing revolution and see how far we have come in such a relatively short time,’ said IBM’s Bernard Meyerso.

‘The first electronic programmable computers, built in the 1940s, were essentially really fast electronic calculators. Then came the mainframe, the PC, the Internet and social networking.

Today, we’re entering the era of cognitive computing–machines that help us think.’

‘One of the most intriguing aspects of this shift is our ability to give machines some of the capabilities of the right side of the human brain.

‘New technologies make it possible for machines to mimic and augment the senses. ‘

Today, we see the beginnings of sensing machines in self-parking cars and biometric security–and the future is wide open. ‘These five predictions show how cognitive technologies can improve our lives, and they’re windows into a much bigger landscape –the coming era of cognitive systems.

‘But the point isn’t to replicate human brains. We humans are no slouches when it comes to procreation.

‘And this isn’t about replacing human thinking with machine thinking.

‘Once again; not necessary.

‘Rather, in the era of cognitive systems, humans and machines will collaborate to produce better results–each bringing their own superior skills to the partnership. ‘The machines will be more rational and analytic. We’ll provide the judgment, empathy, morale compass and creativity.’ source – Daily Mail UK



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  • Daily lucifer and his minions move forward with out any resistance especially from clergy and politicians bought and paid for loosing there souls for the world flesh and devil hold on the ride has just began it is going to get very nasty daily

  • This is creepy.

  • “My peoples, hear the Word of The Living God!… All peoples of the earth, hear the voice of your maker: You have all entered in!… The Day is here, and you have entered in!… THE DAY OF THE LORD!

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  • I do not want to take to much away from what Tomy had written, but I believe when the Lord Jesus said that it is Finished, much more was done then most Christians know! If we must spread some blame lets go back several generation’s, not just this one! I believe no Christian should be a part of Babylon but some say just owning a computer makes us guilty! We Christians are under the New Testament Covenant and I do believe what wrote in 1st & 2nd Peter! Do many people (Christians) know, many people that go by the name of Christ say’s that John (the writer of much of the new testament) should of been stoned before his (Paul’s) ministry even began! Why? Because many (like the Scribes & Pharisee’s) ‘orthodox’ or those who think work’s need to be a part of there (our) Salvation. That’s one reason we don’t necessarily worship on Saturday or the Sabbath! Every Christian should work out their Salvation w/fear and trembling and we know how Martin Luther did his. Jesus sweet (Holy) Spirit will confirm w/all that are truly His, Sa-tan will attack every Christian he can by having them (Christians) doubt Holy Scripture or the promises of Salvation! As a young boy we would sing the song ‘If your Saved & you know It’ what a good message! The Lord warned us of this age where the deception(s) would be so great that even His very elect might be deceived (during Daniels week) and the devil has many tools! Us Christians have to get out of Babylon but just be wise on what is meant by Babylon! Read the book of Romans. Is it not interesting that the book of John in the 4 gospel’s is the only one that brings up the blessed hope event? Remember, John was the one that wrote the book of Revelation, it’s not a coincidence, of coarse His Bride is taken out before Daniels 70th week!
    One thing more, an ‘over comer’ is one that has received His Pardon, you have to Him at His Word so that No one can boast! Lord knows, I had to learn this through many night’s of doubt, His sweet Spirit had confirmed w/mine so i’ll trust in Him through thick and thin! The Church seems to be the only ones who kill and eat there own! If I’m wrong in anything I said above, my prayer is that may the Lord Jesus please show me in His Written Word!

  • 2018 is 5 years from now. We’ll be still here when it comes?

  • Ken

    Blast from the past from the good folks from IBM; “In cryptography, Lucifer was the name given to several of the earliest civilian block ciphers, developed by Horst Feistel and his colleagues at IBM. Lucifer was a direct precursor to the Data Encryption Standard. One version, alternatively named DTD-1, saw commercial use in the 1970s for electronic bankin. The name “Lucifer” was apparently a pun on “Demon”. This was in turn a truncation of “Demonstration”, the name for a privacy system Feistel was working on. The operating system used could not handle the longer name.”-Wikipedia

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