Occupy garbage can

By now we all know who they are, the Occupy Wall Street people. They have protested, they have rioted. They have had hundreds of cases of STD’s. They have raped, they have looted, they have set things on fire. They are unwashed, unshaven. They are anti-semtic and anti-America. And most of all they hate successful people with money. They are the opposite of the Tea Party Patriots. They are, for lack of a better name, the Flea Party. And they are, according to President Obama, the reason why he ran for office to become president in the first place.

From the Weekly Standard: President Obama hugs an increasingly unpopular, vulgar, and lawless movement. The Hill reports that after President Obama was heckled by protesters at an event in New Hampshire, he said:

“I appreciate you guys making your point; let me go ahead and make mine,” Obama said before continuing his speech. “I’ll listen to you, you listen to me, OK?”

A few minutes later, Obama acknowledged the Occupy protest movement again, saying: “You are the reason I ran for office.” Weekly Standard