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All Hail Francis, The New World Order Pope

| March 20, 2013

The Blood of the Saints

“And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.” Revelation 17:6

From TIME: Habemus Papam Franciscum came the tweet, the first official word from the @Pontifex account, after the white smoke curled from the copper chimney watched by hundreds of thousands in St. Peter’s Square, by millions and millions on every imaginable 21st century technology around the world. And there it was, old and new, past and present, the arrival of a Pope who for the first time hails from “the most unequal part of the world,” as he once called Latin America, who cooked his own dinners and rode the bus and took his regal name from the sainted champion of the least among us.

pope-francis-I-new-world-orderJorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, brings to the throne of St. Peter a concern about the “spiritual sickness” that can afflict a church if it seems to care more for its priests than its people. “I want you to bless me,” he told the crowd, before it was his turn to bless them. He noted that his brother Cardinals had gone “to the end of the earth” to find the new Bishop of Rome.

But there was a kind of subtle, rounded—perhaps divine—justice to it all. And by the time his brief debut was over, it was already clear that a profound change had occurred in an institution famously resistant to it.

He will deliver much-needed oxygen to parts of the Catholic empire. Just before the conclave convened, he celebrated his 55th year as a member of the Society of Jesus—popularly called the Jesuits.

That itself is a matter of rejoicing for the order—even though Bergoglio is on the conservative end of the often liberal Jesuit scale. The order has seen its once formidable influence wane as the star of Opus Dei rose during the reign of John Paul II. Bergoglio’s choice of name is also telling.

Many people immediately saw the reference to the great saint of the church, Francis of Assisi. But anyone raised by the Jesuits would have heard the resonance of another great saint and member of the Society of Jesus: the evangelist to Asia, Francis Xavier. In Mexico City, stunned Jesuits simply murmured “the Argentine” at the news, with one older priest saying, “Our first Pope—let us pray for him and for our church.” source – TIME

Petrus Romanus

For more than 800 years, scholars have pointed to a prophecy regarding “the last pope,” and of a “great apostasy” and even the destruction of Rome. Taken from St. Malachy’s “Prophecy of the Popes,” it includes a list of verses predicting each of the Roman Catholic popes from Pope Celestine II to the final pope, “Peter the Roman,” whose reign would end in the destruction of Rome.

The prophecies, first published in 1595, were attributed to St. Malachy by Benedictine historian Arnold de Wyon, who recorded them in his book “Lignum Vitæ.” Tradition holds that Malachy had been called to Rome by Pope Innocent II. While there, he experienced a vision of the future popes, including the last one, which he wrote down in a series of cryptic phrases.

According to the prophecy, the next pope is to be the final pontiff, Petrus Romanus or Peter the Roman. Some Catholics believe that the next pope on St. Malachy’s list heralds the beginning of “great apostasy” followed by “great tribulation,” setting the stage for the imminent unfolding of apocalyptic events – something many non-Catholics would agree with.

This would give rise to a false prophet, who according to the book of Revelation leads the world’s religious communities into embracing a political leader known as Antichrist. source – WND

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NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

52 Comments on "All Hail Francis, The New World Order Pope"

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  1. My goodness!! Well get down with your evil self!!

  2. Debra says:

    Time will tell whether this Pope will fit the bill for the false prophet. We can speculate until we are blue in the face, But for sure time will tell if he can call fire down from heaven we will know for sure according to the scriptures! Why fret about who the false prophet is or the anti-christ? God fortold about these days long before the last days began! He knows the end from the beginning, and the beginning to the end!

    God has it all under control! To live or die is of no concern to me because Christ has overcome death hell and the grave! Praise His Holy Name! We are not to fear, but stand in faith looking for the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ! To die is to gain and to live is for Christ alone! There is no fear in Christ’s everlasting love for us! Shalom!!!!

  3. This is just a guess! But being in the Order of the Jesuits, Jorge Begoglio would of know about the St. Malacy Prophecies of the last Pope being called Peter the Roman.

    So he chosed Francis 1, as a kind Pope for his people. But we also know under all this appearance, he was a bitter Jesuit, who conformed to the Argentina regime in 1976 to 1983, that left thousands dead in Argentina. So he can’t be 2 different people.
    So He could take the name as Peter the Roman at a later date?

    Debra you said, why fret over the false Prophet or the Antichrist. As D City said, “Be Prepared,” as you said, your going to enter the 7 year Tribulation.
    When the rush comes when the antichrist takes over, You’ll fear, its human nature, to feel fear of the unknown. Yes! you have an idea what the scriptures told you what will happen in the Tribulation but these scripture are not that clear, what exactly will happen to you. Before your killied for the name of Jesus, you’ll be in prison for 10 days and these 10 days will be the most horrible days of your whole life. I could not even think how it would feel being beaten and raped as a woman!
    Satan will do anything he wants done to you, to forced you to take that Mark of the Beast! So do not look at this period in a calm way!
    I have sense fear of death in war, lieing on a battle field, bleeding to death and that’s just a drop in the bucket, I felt in my life!

    • Brother, you are COMPLETELY off in your prediction of what is going to happen in the near future. 10 days in jail, where in the world did you come up with that? All born again believers will be taken to heaven in the rapture, and that begins the tribulation. End of story. Go read the Bible for yourself and stop spreading lies.

      • Ambrosius says:

        If you waite for rapture you will bite your four fingers, then you wil finish the thumb. rapture is unbibilical and I want to asure you that you and your Pastor will worship the beast. The Bible never teaches that the church will be raptured before the great tribulation. if you are raptured, who will the beast power persecute? You are the people whom peter prophesied who will complain during tribulation saying” where is the promise of his coming? this will happen, because we are already entering the tribulation and there will be no rapture before that. I also read my Bible. rapture is not in the Bible. send me those verses and I will teach you. the beast is the pope, the mark of the beast is sunday. the image of the beast are all this false protestants who came from catholi, but are still following all his teachings and celebrating her feasts. the second beast of revelation is USA and 666 is the number of the beast(pope)
        persecution is starting soon and you will be there. i am not guesing send the verses about raputure and I send the verses about this too.

  4. Carolyn says:

    The pope has already physically immersed himself with greeting his flock, handshaking and touching. And a thought occurred to me when I saw one of his bodyguard keeping a sharp eye on the crowd: this pope is making himself TOO available…know what I mean? Scripture says that the beast or antichrist will suffer a fatal wound to the head and come back to life…? Hmmmm!! See Revelation 13 and 17.

  5. “I could not even think how it would feel being beaten and raped as a woman!”

    I cannot even imagine why would you mention this, except that you are as weird as you are ignorant of Scriptures!

  6. mike repluk says:

    How does this pope translate to Peter the Roman?

    While I do not dismiss the prophesy I see no relation with this last pope. Can someone offer some insight?

  7. janie says:

    this website http://www.one-evil.org gives a history of the Jesuit priests. Read it. When the prophecy speaks aobut a “black pope” it wasn’t necessarily talking aobut the color of skin, but, rather, condition of heart.

  8. Carolyn says:

    MIKE There have been two thoughts on how this pope can be ‘Peter.’ St. Francis of Assisi’s ORIGINAL NAME was “Giovanni Francesco di PIETRO Bernardone.” See THE PETER in there? The second idea is a “wait and see” kind of thing, to see how this pope develop in the near future. My local newspaper here in central Massachusetts has sounded an ominous note: [pope Franis] “will also stem the tide of some Catholics in South and Central America who are opting out of their faith to join evangelical churches.” That means Rome hates it when their own correctly defects and becomes born-again in Christ! The Catholic church has not ended its war against the Reformation. Beware the Jesuits.

  9. He is not a true and real pope he is hand picked by lucifer and his minions behind closed doors since 1968 and a little before that look up the books by Father Luigi Villa a real catholic hero

  10. Brian C. says:

    Misleading title of this article as Time wrote New World, YOU added ‘Order’. They were referring his being from South America the first pope from the new world as Europe called this side of the Earth.

    As for the odd comments about what will happen during the Trbulation. Leave that assumption to the future.

    These are exciting times. Yes, it appears that we are getting closer to the Messiah’s Return, That just means we must be working harder to be a witness of God’s Love for all mankind. To bring more people out of darkness and into the Light of God. It’s time for revival.


    • NTEB News Desk says:

      Yes, we did add the word “Order” because we believe that is what they meant…thats our opinion and we are entitled to it.

  11. Bendage says:

    Let’s not leave out the fact that his parents are of Italian descent. Peter the ‘Roman’. Straight off Wikipedia…

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio was born in Flores, Buenos Aires City, one of the five children of Mario José Bergoglio, an Italian immigrant railway worker born in Portacomaro (Province of Asti) in Italy’s Piedmont region, and his wife Regina María Sívori,[3] a housewife born in Buenos Aires to a family of northern Italian (Piedmontese-Genoese) origin.

  12. Everything fits except his public persona as a good guy. Only time will tell. The St. Francis image doesn’t fit the history and oaths of Jesuits, so there is reason to speculate that he is a really bad guy in disguise. I want to believe good things about this guy with the engaging smile who goes out of his way to bless a cripple. I also wanted to believe in the symbolism of the first black president and the message of hope and change. Reality, though, is that he either is the last pope or he is a one-and-done pope who will pave the way for the really bad guy. The stage is all set. Time is short. This will not be prolonged or hastened by our speculation. Our job is to watch and pray and speak. Our job is also to love our Savior and hunger to see him face-to-face.

  13. Jack says:

    Some good thoughts. I have a thought and it is simply my own humble thought, but I think the antichrist/false prophet, at least at first, is supposed to come off seeming as nice, at least to the majority. that is how they begin to decieve the masses. they make promises of good to the people. they try to reach out to the people and get them on their side. so when the time comes, “hey, the leader you like so much wants you to take a simple mark of loyatly, no big deal.” in time the true and sinister nature comes out, but by then for most people it will be too late.
    Your right on though about what our job needs to be during this time and the time is drawing near. Jesus himself said He was coming soon and I think most of us get the feeling that soon is in the very near future.

  14. Remember Satan is a grand decievers, he’ll have you believing in one direction, but he’s slipping in the back door, while your so worried about what’s occurring in front of you.

    And unbelievers will be yelling, believing all this crap from Satan, before long these unbelievers will be yelling at the Post-Tribber Christian, turning you in.

    History never exactly changes, but when you think it changing, is because your so concern for yourself, because you never was given the Hidden Wisdom from God, you’ll believe anything, to save your butt from all these problems.

    The reason we think all these things are changing because you were too stupid to believe in God’s Word!

  15. D City:
    Some believe I’m too open with my thoughts, but the truth hurts!
    This Tribulation will be the Worest time since the being of man.
    So face it the worest, then your prepared fot it!

  16. Hey! Reformed:
    I’m just Prepared for the worest! Are you?

    Start believing it, its just around the corner.

    Just the facts!

    • Tracy says:

      Just let it go! I think you’re trying to, but you know exactly who you sound like. And, haven’t we heard enough from him already.

  17. Tracy:
    If your tried of my preaching the truth, wait until you have to deal with Satan! It sounds like your avoiding the truth what will happen to you in the near future?

    Life is not rosey, we need to stop believing in fantasies, I hear from unbelievers all the time, don’t talk about Politics or Religion, these people are living in a fantasy,

    And when you get frustrated, you say I’m ending this conversation. Life does not work that way!

    Their is 2 sides to each conversation, some you’ll never agreed with them, but we continue to listen, so we continue to learn more!

    The unbelievers, got the heads so far up their b+++, they will never learn anything productive!

    • pheonix1982 says:

      Tracy, pastor is disguising good old fighting as preaching. Its what he likes to do. Pit one person on here against the other. Good for you for trying to counsel him to stop but its a futile attempt. If my pastor ever used the language he does I would RUN out of church.

  18. Tracy:
    If you saying, we heard enough from him already, are you talking about D City or Debra, no! I still learn from them each time in each discussion, we need to keep an open mind to everyone, that doing what God wants from us!

    • Tracy says:

      “Just the facts.” Sound familiar?
      Yes, we do need to keep a open mind. But, none of us need to monopolize a thread either. Whenever these disagreements start, it keeps other true believers away.
      Haven’t you noticed? Don’t you like to read their comments as well? I sure do.
      Thanks for listening Pastor.

  19. david says:

    Since I heard this man is a Jesuit…..that said it all. A sworn enemy of Jesus. This is the last pope. YOU WANT INSIGHT ! Listen to the witness of Ephraim. He has blown the shofar.
    He is DR. Bill Deagle. Also direct bloodline descendent of Aaron and Moses. Since an answer from our most high God, I am no longer a Catholic. I have come out of Babylon.

  20. Tracy:
    Maybe the true believers as you say, are christians in name only?

  21. D City:
    I was reading this article about the Jesuits!

    From the day of Pentecost when the “church” of Jesus was really born, Christians were hated and persecuted by Rome. Because they only worshipped Jesus, and refused to worship or bow down to Caesar. They suffered propert confiscation, imprisonment, torture and death for 300 years.

    These believed they were tortured enough, while they waiting on the Rapture before the Tribulation.

    This persecution caused the Christians to scatter into other lands, fomented the spreading of the gospel.

    During the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great from 306 to 337 A.D. He declared Christianity to be the state religion and persecution finally stopped!

    He also decided that Rome should become its own Christian Empire with a religious leader designated as ” Bishop of Rome.” By the 6th Century, the title of the religious leader became the ” Pope,” as the ultimate Christian leader on earth. They introduced false doctrine that taught they are the only ones worthy to interpreting the Bible. Forcing the general population to look at the church leaders for answers regarding Salvation, Baptism, and Confession.

    As there power grew, they label anyone who opposed the Catholic Church and Papal Authority as Heretics.

    However, in 1517, theology professor, Martin Luther, got tired of the church lies. This kick off the ” Protestant Reformation.”

    This was a Political disaster for the Catholic Church, people were leaving in droves, when he said, the average person was not allowed to read the Bible. The Papel power and money walked out of the door.

    So the Catholic leaders started, ” The Society of Jesus ” later known as the ” Jesuits.”

    Jumping ahead in time!

    Then these Jesuits assisted the Nazi’s in rounding up the Jews for labor camps. The Jesuits High Order are who worship Lucifer. In the Vatican under ground chambers you see Lucifer as the angel of light. And true leader on this earth.

    Includes black masses, and satanic rituals to abuse and sacrifice of the children. This was documented by survivors of this abuse.

    According to Isreal National News on 2/1/2013, an agreement was drafted between Isreal and the Vatican, giving the Pope an official seat on Mt. Zion.

    The Jesuits are pushing gun control for the confiscation, just as they did in Hitler’s Germany. So Obama is just a player. Their using their power to managed by the ” Knights of Malta,” to influence Obama to close down military installations acrossed the USA. Don’t you wonder how fast Obama imbraced the New Pope?

    If the Jesuits can manage to blow up the “Dome of the Rock” and blame it on the USA for it, the Arabs will invade the USA, using International Business Corporations, just like the USA did to Castro’s Cuba and now in Greece.

    Now, the Jesuits are directing their American Dictators internal police (FEMA) are exterminating American heretics and liberals, the European Nations will be driven to lay down their historic differences and heritage and unity.

    By the Jesuits killing the dollar and fomenting foriegn invasion, America is TOAST!

    Christ is coming very soon for his bride!

  22. beloved777 says:

    Valerie’s comment was halarious.LOL.

  23. D City:
    Take your head out of the sand, USA is already broken, we are just living on lies!

  24. beloved777:

    Valerie’s comment was halarious.LOL.

    . Thank you so much! Now where’s that toga party?

  25. D City:
    Now after I say, take your head out of the sand, you call it profanity! Get real, then you use scripture against me, Oh! your the annointing person of the Holy Spirit, since you said, its profanity, its written in stone.

  26. profane AND vain not my words, Gods words. If they do not relate then no worries but if they do well thats between you and the Lord. God Bless You Pastor.

    • pro·fane
      Relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical; secular.
      Treat (something sacred) with irreverence or disrespect.
      adjective. secular – unholy – worldly
      verb. desecrate – defile – pollute – violate



      Having or showing an excessively high opinion of one’s appearance, abilities, or worth.
      Producing no result; useless: “a vain attempt to sleep”.

      futile – useless – unavailing – idle – conceited – empty

  27. D City: Your sick, just drop it and move on to something someone want to hear!

  28. The new pope looks so neat & godly, also the place where he resides looks so dignified… so beautiful to behold.

  29. Debra says:

    God bless you D city! Don’t waste your time on commenting back to negative, judgmental, posts! There are many people like Ron and I who enjoy very much what you post! No one has the whole revelation of what’s going to take place and it’s interesting to knock around different opinions in a loving christian way through scriptures. I always feel your love and concern for the body of Christ when you post scriptures to explain your view. Stop allowing negative posts to provoke you to defend yourself. The word of God speaks for itself brother and the future will prove who is interpreting it correct! Hopefully many who have read your’s and Ron’s posts will remember what you said if they need faith for the future! Shalom!

  30. DEBRA:




  32. Onenhm says:

    to: Pastor???? Please don’t beat the sheep. We all just need to trust in G-d! If we are seeking His face and desire to be obedient to His Word. We will be prepared for what ever is to come. Now is the time to encourage one another to draw closer to our L-rd and Savior Yeshua and get our hearts right with Him. Become one with each other so the world will know the Grace and Mercy of G-d that is in Yeshua the Messiah. He will lead us and guide us. Just like in the firy furnace there was a 4th Man. Encourage one another We are to be ONE IN MESSIAH. Blessings May His Holy Spirit teach you His ways.

  33. Debra says:

    onenhm, Thank you for your encouraging positive post!


  35. Debra thank you for your insightful comments. May you be blessed.

  36. Ambrosia you are lying to us go read 2nd timothy!

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