Wisconsin Win Gives No Bounce As ‘New York Values’ Ted Cruz Gets Booed In The Bronx

Ted Cruz, fresh off a big primary win Tuesday in Wisconsin, was in the Bronx campaigning ahead of New York’s April 19 primary. He insulted the city when he derided “New York values" in an attack on Trump.

Ted Cruz got the Bronx cheer Wednesday from angry New Yorkers upset over the Republican presidential candidate’s callous “New York values” crack and his harsh stance on immigration.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Tuesday’s win in Wisconsin was a pretty good win for Ted Cruz, but did little to close the massive delegate gap between himself and GOP front runner Donald Trump. Adding to that, Cruz visited the Bronx today where he was roundly booed and jeered by people still smarting from his ‘New York Values‘ slur. Could Cruz win New York? Fuggedaboutit.

Ted Cruz was blasted during a stop in the Bronx, where residents and elected leaders derided him for insulting the city and the borough, only to come crawling back begging for money and votes.

“Just because he has a Hispanic last name does not mean he’s Hispanic,” said hairstylist Edna Ferrer, 57, who was chastising Cruz supporters outside a campaign event in the Bronx. “His mind is white.”

Moments earlier, the Cruz campaign took a page out of rival Donald Trump’s book, removing one demonstrator from the event when the criticism got too loud. The heckler got the heave-ho from Sabrosura restaurant on Westchester Ave. in the Soundview section after shouting that Cruz had no business in the Bronx.

“You’re running on an anti-immigrant platform, and you’re speaking in the Bronx,” the demonstrator said. “You should not be here.” The demonstrator was cheered like a Yankee slugger by fellow protesters after Republican Party staffers removed him from the restaurant.

A day earlier, a group of students from Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy got Cruz disinvited from an appearance at their school after threatening a walkout.

Ted Cruz, fresh off a big primary win Tuesday in Wisconsin, was in the Bronx campaigning ahead of New York’s April 19 primary. He insulted the city when he derided “New York values” in an attack on Trump.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. slammed Cruz as a hypocrite earlier — just hours before Cruz met with his father in the Bronx. Ruben Diaz Sr. represents the area in the state Senate.

“Ted Cruz is a hypocrite. He not only offended New Yorkers, he offended Bronxites, and now he’s here today in New York and in the Bronx looking for money and votes,” Diaz Jr. said. “We in the Bronx know how offensive he’s been. We know the truth about our borough.”

Cruz also drew the ire of New York Democrats after bashing the Bronx at an event in 2014.

“I understand that Manhattan is very concerned with their security with the Bronx,” Cruz said “But it’s a little bit different on 2,000 miles of the Rio Grande.”

Diaz said Cruz was out of line.

“Everything good we’ve done, we’ve done it with New York values. Our values are strong in New York and for him to come here looking for votes and coming for money is at the highest levels of hypocrisy,” Diaz said during a press conference of Latino lawmakers from the Bronx in support of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. “Hopefully, he’ll learn a lesson about how wrong his words are.”

“We weren’t going to let Ted Cruz come to the Bronx and not face him and let him know he’s not welcome,” Rodrigo Venegas said. “The Bronx has historically been a community that has fought back and that’s what we did.”

Cruz, meanwhile, doubled down on his New York values insult attacking Donald Trump and a string of “liberal Democrats” for policies and positions that have been “hammering” the state. source


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