Who Is Behind Explosive Devices That Have Been Delivered To George Soros, Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton Over The Past 24 Hours?

A law enforcement official told The New York Times that the "explosive device" sent to the Clintons' home in Chappaqua, New York, was found by a technician who screens mail for the former president and his family. The Secret Service said in a statement that the package addressed to Obama was intercepted by agency personnel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning.

The U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday that ‘potential explosive devices’ were sent to former President Barack Obama and ex-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. George Soros received  one as well yesterday

Could there be some nutjob Republican behind the recent spate of explosive devices being sent to high-profile Democrat operatives over the past 24 hours? Sure, that could be true. NTEB categorically condemns any and all such actions as being vile, repugnant, un-American and totally un-Christian. But could it also be possible that these devices are being sent by desperate Democrats who, watching the ever-rising Red Wave, be seeking to stop that wave by framing Republicans by being behind this?

Just keep in mind that it was Democrats who exposed Christian Blasey Ford when she asked to remain anonymous. It was Democrats that accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of ‘gang rape parties‘ when no such parties ever existed. It was the George Soros financed Democrats attacking senators in elevators. And it has been Democrats telling their followers to ‘get in the faces‘ of Republicans and cause disruption. Could it be that some of Maxine Waters followers have taken her literally and sent these packages to frame Republicans? Absolutely possible.

Any true and sincere investigation of who is behind these pipe bomb attempts will look at both sides for the answer. But I will not be the least bit surprised if the person or people behind it come from a George Soros financed disruption group. In fact, I expect it to be the case.

FROM CNBC: A law enforcement official told The New York Times that the “explosive device” sent to the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua, New York, was found by a technician who screens mail for the former president and his family.

The Secret Service said in a statement that the package addressed to Obama was intercepted by agency personnel in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning.

“The packages were immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures as potential explosive devices and were appropriately handled as such,” Assistant Special Agent Mason Brayman said in the statement. “The protectees did not receive the packages nor were they at risk of receiving them.”

Suspicious packages found near Clintons’ and Obamas’ homes, CNN NYC Bureau

In a statement Wednesday, the Secret Service said the packages were “immediately identified during routine mail screening as potential explosive devices.” Neither package was delivered to its intended address. A law enforcement source tells CBS News the device addressed to the Clinton home resembled a pipe bomb, similar to an explosive device sent to billionaire financier George Soros discovered on Monday. The source said the package addressed to the Clinton home was sent through the U.S. Postal Service.

Live: Time Warner Center, CNN NY evacuated due to suspicious package

Watch Live: Suspicious packages were sent to the Clintons, the Obamas and the Time Warner Center where CNN’s NY offices are located. Get the latest updates on this story here: https://fxn.ws/2RdrBwS

Brayman added: “The Secret Service has initiated a full scope criminal investigation that will leverage all available federal, state, and local resources to determine the source of the packages and identify those responsible.”

New Castle Police Department Lieutenant James Carroll told CNBC that his department has assisted the FBI and U.S. Secret Service in investigating the package sent to the Clintons, which was discovered last night.

In a tweet Wednesday morning, the New York branch of the FBI acknowledged the existence of the package sent to the Clintons, but said it would decline further comment on the ongoing investigation. READ MORE

FROM ABC NEWS: A pipe bomb loaded with explosive black powder was hand-delivered to the suburban New York City home of billionaire financier George Soros by a would-be attacker, prompting the FBI to launch an investigation into who would want to harm the philanthropist and political activist, a law enforcement source told ABC News on Tuesday.

The FBI photographed the device and then detonated it near Soros’ home in Katonah, New York, and were analyzing fragments to determine why the bomb did not go off, the source said.

The device was not delivered via U.S. Postal Service, a source familiar with the investigation confirmed to ABC News. Law enforcement is now investigating if the device actually came through a private package-delivery service and whether it was hand delivered or came through some delivery system, the source said.

Soros has become a favorite target of right-wing groups due to his support of progressive causes and Democratic candidates, but authorities have not commented on whether any specific group is being investigated in regard to the incident. The source emphasized that the device was no hoax. READ MORE



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