Tennessee Bill ‘Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act’ Could Put An End To Drag Queen Story Hour In Their State, Help Us To Get It Passed Now

The Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act, sponsored by Tennessee state Sen. Paul Bailey and state Rep. Andy Holt, would establish a five-member review board for each public library to determine “whether any sexual material provided to the public by the public library is age-inappropriate sexual material.” Voters would elect the members. It could also stop Drag Queen Story Hour dead in its disgusting tracks.
Tennessee Bill Could Ban 'Drag Queen Story Hour' with Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act

A Tennessee legislator has introduced a bill that would establish a parent-led review board for each library that could ban “age-inappropriate sexual material,” including drag queen story hour.

We all know how vile and disgusting Drag Queen Story Hour is, that it is indoctrinating children to accept the radical LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement agenda, and that the Church, Laodicean though we may be, must rise up against it and stop it. Today we will try and do just that. I am asking every Christian who reads this article to send a message through all the points of contact below for the Tennessee legislature, and politely demand that this bill, The Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act, pass immediately. Drag Queen Story Hour must be stopped, and it must be stopped now.

  • Ask Tennessee Governor Bill Lee to ban Drag Queen Story Hour by clicking here.
  • Contact Tennessee Governor Bill Lee via telephone (615) 741-2001.
  • Ask Tennessee Sen. Paul Bailey to ban Drag Queen Story Hour by clicking here.
  • Contact Tennessee Sen. Paul Bailey via telephone (615) 741-3978.

I do not blame the lost souls at Drag Queen Story Hour, nor do I blame the lost souls of the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement. No, they are just doing what Hell-bound, Jesus-rejecting lost people naturally do. But I do blame Christians who name the Name of Jesus, who claim to be born again and headed for Heaven, for staying silent and allowing this evil to flourish. It is time to wake up, sleeping Church, the battle rages and we are losing. Help us to get this bill passed in Tennessee. Now. Drag Queen Story Hour is child abuse. Thank you.

Tennessee Bill Could Ban ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ with Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act

FROM CHRISTIAN HEADLINES: The Parental Oversight of Public Libraries Act, sponsored by state Sen. Paul Bailey and state Rep. Andy Holt, would establish a five-member review board for each public library to determine “whether any sexual material provided to the public by the public library is age-inappropriate sexual material.” Voters would elect the members.

The board would hold public hearings, during which time “members of the community may present concerns to the board,” according to the bill’s text. The bill is HB 2721 in the House and SB2896 in the Senate. Holt said it would provide local control on controversial issues. “There haven’t been many” drag queen story hours in Tennessee, he said, “but there have been a few.”

“This bill is trying to create panels to decide for themselves – at the local level – what is and what is not age-appropriate as far as presentations in libraries,” Holt told the Jackson Sun.

He added, “The people on these five-person panels would be elected by the people of the geographic area served by the library – the county or city, whichever applies – and they would be the ones to decide what is and what is not appropriate for their libraries.”

Drag Queen Story Hour Sponsored By American Library Association

Drag Queen Story Hour Teaches Toddlers How to 'Twerk' at Library Story Time


The bill defines something as age-inappropriate that is a “description or representation, in any form, of nudity, sexuality, sexual conduct, sexual excitement, or sadomasochistic abuse, that:

  • ‘Taken as a whole, appeals to the prurient interest of minors;
  • “Is patently offensive to prevailing standards in the adult community with respect to what is appropriate material for minors; and
  • “Taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.”

“Any such determination or order made by the board shall be the final determination or order on such materials, and shall not be subject to any review by the governing body of the public library, the state, or any political subdivision thereof,” the bill says. READ MORE

Drag Queen Story Hour Grooming Your Children

Outrage Against “Drag Queen Story Hour” for 3 Year-Olds

Endorsed by the American Library Association, the “Drag Queen Story Hour” has spread to twenty-one states, targeting preschool and grade school children with homosexuality and transgenderism in public libraries. The Associated Press filmed a “Drag Queen Story Hour” in New York. “Who wants to be a drag queen when they grown up?” asked the drag queen. “Meeee!!!” cried the room of little children. Coloring books used at these immoral programs teach toddlers how to “create your own drag name,” and “circle your pronouns.”

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