WE WARNED YOU: Drag Queen Story Hour Is Using Registered Sex Offenders To Read LGBTQ+ Themed Stories To Your Children At The Public Library

Drag Queen Story Hour is happening in Delaware County, Ohio, an affluent suburb north of Columbus. And taxpayers are putting up quite a fuss. A June 5 session called “Drag 101” is advertised on the teen page of the Delaware County Library website, and here’s how the announcement reads: “Drag 101—Teen Program. Curious about the art of drag and no idea where to start? Come learn the basics with former Miss Gay Ohio America, Selena T. West! All genders welcome; drag is for everyone! Teens only, please.”
Libraries Becoming Private Child Corruption Centers?

Registered sex offenders populate the Drag Queen Story Hour now being held at public libraries across the country, where is the outrage from Christian parents on this?

Sometimes I feel like I will wake up and find that this type of child abuse was just a nightmare. Unfortunately, it’s very real and our anger at this cannot even come close to the anger of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Brethren, can you imagine how our Lord feels when He sees the emotional and physical abuse of the little children; and he sees the parents of these children being complicit – all in the name of Political Correctness? How did we arrive here at Drag Queen Story Hour at the Public Library?

“And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”  Matthew 18:5,6 (KJV)

I weep for these children.  They are the innocent ones in this horrific Evil.  Instead of having parents who teach them about the Lord and His Word – they have parents who are “feeding them to the lions.” What kind of EVIL is this?

Are Public Libraries Becoming Private Child Corruption Centers?

It’s bad enough that some libraries encourage little children to perch on the laps of transvestite males as they hear fables about well-adjusted homosexual families, in the so-called “Drag Queen Story Hours” featured in some communities. And then those guys turn out to be convicted child molesters, as recently happened in Houston.

But other libraries have devised another method for mental molestation of youth. Middle and high-schoolers are invited to a private “safe space” session with a garishly -dressed she-male to explore what “drag” is all about. And adults are excluded—until the public hears and cries “foul.”

It’s happening in Delaware County, Ohio, an affluent suburb north of Columbus. And taxpayers are putting up quite a fuss. A June 5 session called “Drag 101” is advertised on the teen page of the Delaware County Library website, and here’s how the announcement reads:

“Drag 101—Teen Program. Curious about the art of drag and no idea where to start? Come learn the basics with former Miss Gay Ohio America, Selena T. West! All genders welcome; drag is for everyone! Teens only, please.”

What– no parents? And why not adults? One’s suspicions are heightened immediately over any program for a 13- year-old to be unsupervised in a private space with a man who likes to dress as a woman.

And in a taxpayer-funded library, no less.

It turns out it’s the half-a-brainchild of the children’s librarian, Becky Woodruff. And now we all feel a lot better. Following the public outcry, one adult will now be allowed to accompany each student, but no other adults will be permitted in the room with the 12 to 17-year- olds they have invited to attend. What are they hiding?

At least now the library is doing background checks on the presenters, the director recently revealed. And why weren’t they doing that before public objections?

The library director, George Needham, said this on social media: “…it’s very common in our regular teen programming to use the phrase, ‘Teens only, please.’ This is because, within teen development, it’s very important that they feel like they have ownership over a safe space.”

Who made him a psychologist and does anyone want that in a librarian? NO. And he’s wrong. Parental oversight, not privacy with disordered adults, is critical during childhood and adolescence to keep kids actually safe from major life-damaging episodes as well as to protect them from predators.

Do we have to worry about predators in the library? Seems that some healthy suspicion is in order. (#LibrariesToo )

Needham went on to explain that the “teens-only phrase” is “used to deter young children or tweens from attending programs intended for a teen audience.” Why is that important? Why can’t fifteen-year-old Josh attend with his nine-year old sister?

Unless there are sleazy elements you librarians think teens will keep from their parents but little kids are more likely to blab.

And Needham continued: “Typically, parents are also encouraged to give a teen program its own space and wait in a nearby area of the library.” Parents, go away. But I say, taxpayers, rise up. Indeed, these folks crave private sessions with adolescents and we’ve seen this before with sex educators and others pushing slimy agendas. “Drag 101” is part of “summer reading.” And you thought libraries were safe spaces.

The library board’s meeting on May 21 heard from members of the public speaking both against as well as for this event. Their decision? They are not canceling.

But hold on. The situation gets even shadier when one finds out that the organizer, a man who calls himself “Selena T. West,”  has sexually suggestive images all over the Internet. Who is “Selena, “anyway? If one of these teens arrives at the library, courtesy of your tax dollars, and likes the “drag” lessons, surely there will be follow-up contact, right? Are these unsupervised adults allowed to collect cell phone numbers from their private teen audience? And then what? “Come down and meet me at the pride parade!”

If a teen checks him out on the web, “Selena” sets an example that is questionable at best. Is this a public relations/publicity campaign taxpayers should be funding?

Until the recent uproar, this event had no parental notice or permission. Is the library willing to be held legally accountable for any complications as they bypass parents and endanger children? A “drag” interest and gender confusion could create serious emotional disturbances in some adolescent boys.

The outrageous promotion of depravity by this library doesn’t end with private corruption sessions. The teen page is dominated by pro-homosexual and pro-gender confusion propaganda, with an entire “LGBTQIA” section that links to many groups specializing in child endangerment: GLSEN, the Human Rights Campaign, the local “gay” youth center (open to children as young as 12 without parent knowledge), the Nationwide Children’s Hospital THRIVE program, which has only one answer to gender confusion in kids—start the dangerous drugs of “transition” ASAP; pro-homosexual legal groups like ACLU and Lambda Legal, and information trashing “conversion therapy.”

Are there no conservatives or people of faith in Delaware County? This page has not a single resource with an opposite ( aka, safe) viewpoint. They are uniformly urging minor children to go full steam ahead into the high-risk behaviors of homosexuality or gender “transition.”

When Adam comes home from Drag 101 eager to start wearing dresses and heels, where do his outraged parents go? If he implicates the library, are the country commissioners and library board willing to absorb the legal costs of a multi-million dollar lawsuit when Adam is permanently sterilized ( after he starts opposite sex hormones)?

Probably not. Maybe someone should advise the library staff and board: “Grow up, get responsible and get a real heart for children.”  source

Is the reader  shocked yet? Are you angered? I would definitely call what I am feeling Righteous Indignation!

This makes me want to go into our local library and find out if this is happening there.  If it is, I am so tempted to go into the library during one of these Satanic sessions and tell the children “Don’t listen to this!!  Jesus LOVES you and does NOT want you to learn such EVIL!!!

But I would probably be thrown into jail.  You see, Christians are the Evil ones now, and child molesters are “good.” YES – Woe to you evil doers!

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”  Isaiah 5:20 KJV

Houston Mass Resistance exposes more horror: 2nd public library “Drag Queen” is  a convicted child sex offender – and a transgender prostitute specializing in BDSM.

The Houston man identified by MassResistance activists is William Travis Dees.

Drag Queen Story Hour” participants pose outside of Houston Public Library for social media photo. Houston MassResistance has exposed man at left as child sex offender. Note rubber chicken – a “gay” symbol for pederasty.

Had been greeting young children as they came to reading event. Library’s Drag Queens belong to bigoted anti-Catholic group. Is this what’s going on around the country?

Let me insert a thought here:  As born again believers in Christ, we know that the Catholic Church is a works based cult.  But these degenerate drag queens don’t know that.  You know what they DO know?  They know that Catholics are against Abortion!  Does that give you a clue about how Satanic  these people really are?

The Shocking Discovery In Houston
Last month we reported how Houston MassResistance activists exposed a Houston Public Library “Drag Queen” as a convicted child sex offender.Now, it turns out that a second Houston Public Library Drag Queen was convicted of multiple sexual assaults against young children, according to records uncovered by Houston MassResistance activists.
The man has also written a lurid article describing his work as a transgender prostitute. And he was photographed at a Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) event carrying a rubber chicken – a symbol used by homosexuals to indicate a sexual preference for young boys.This man is part of the local Drag Queen group brought in to do the Story Hour” events. We now know that local group is part of a bigoted national anti-Catholic Drag Queen organization.It’s becoming clear that the outrages we’re exposing are not an anomaly, but more likely the norm – not only in Houston but probably around the country.

The Houston man identified by MassResistance activists is registered sex offender William Travis Dees.

He is a member of the “Space City Sisters” Drag Queen group. The Houston Public Library thought it appropriate to invite these unbalanced men to lead Drag Queen Story Hour readings to little children.As part of these DQSH events, Dees has served as a “greeter” for young children as they came into the library, among other roles.
William Travis Dees posts photos of himself and his “transgender” alter ego on social media using his fake name, “Liza Lott.” According to criminal records uncovered by Houston MassResistance activists, Dees was convicted in 2004 of sex crimes against four young children (ages 4, 5, 6, and 8), was jailed, and is listed as a “high risk sex offender.” MassResistance activists have also identified numerous aliases which Dees uses for his various characters and personas.
Since Dees was 16 years old at the time of his conviction, his record is “sealed” and not posted on government sites. However, it is available from other sex-offender record sources. READ MORE

Registered child sex offender read to kids in Drag Queen Storytime

A registered child sex offender has been reading to children at Houston Public Library as part of its Drag Queen Storytime.

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