New Documents Reveal That Pope Francis Is Driving The Liberal CLimate Change Movement As Joe Biden Promises To ‘Answer The Call’ Of Vatican King

Joe Biden, though, is the one who made Laudato si’ a consistent part of his campaign. The former vice president has it listed as the document that drives him to support policies that will help people “serve as stewards of our creation and protect our planet against climate change.” Some of his goals include reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050, cleaning up pollution in low-income communities, and creating jobs within the clean energy sector. Biden argued, in an op-ed published in the Religion News Service, that as president, he would answer Francis’s call by caring for the “imperiled planet” with environmentally conscious policies.
New Documents Reveal That Pope Francis Is Driving The Liberal CLimate Change Movement As Joe Biden Promises To 'Answer The Call' Of Vatican

Joe Biden argued, in an op-ed published in the Religion News Service, that as president, he would answer Pope Francis’s call by caring for the “imperiled planet” with environmentally conscious policies.

When the leader of the world’s 1.5 billion Roman Catholics came to Congress here in America back in 2015 to lecture us on climate change, NTEB was right there to expose Pope Francis and his globalist New World Order agenda. We certainly hit a nerve that day when we were picked up by none other than Rush Limbaugh who gave us a shout out on his radio program:

“Hey, folks, I just had this pointed out to me. Somebody sent me a website called Now the End Begins. (interruption) Yes, I’ve got the Rich Lowry sound bite coming up. And it’s all beneath the dignity of this program, but I’m gonna play it. I’ve got it. I got all that Trump stuff coming up. Yeah, just hang in there, be tough.

Anyway, this website, Now the End Begins. Yeah, The pope never once invoked God. Never once. Did not open or close in prayer. And the website also mentions something else that we all heard. It registered when I heard it a number of times, but I didn’t think to make a note of it. The pope repeatedly said he wanted to enter into dialogue with the American people.” The Rush Limbaugh Show

“And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.” Revelation 18:9,10 (KJB)

We were showing the world the intentions of Pope Francis to insert himself into politics, something he was just starting to do 5 years ago, and boy has that come true in spades here in 2020. So much so that Joe Biden has pledged to ‘carry the message’ of the Roman Pontifex Maximus into the White House should he win in November. Revelation 17 and 18 show us a Roman pope who ‘fornicates’ with the kings of the earth, which is what Pope Francis is doing exactly right now with his Laudato Si letter which is nothing other than NewAge Gaia worship of the earth.

How a controversial letter from Pope Francis shaped Liberal climate politics and the Joe Biden 2020 campaign

FROM WASHINGTON EXAMINER: It was June 2015, and Joe Biden was addressing a White House-sponsored forum on clean energy investment, his first public appearance since his son Beau’s death from cancer in May. The vice president was in good spirits. Just the day before, numerous media outlets had obtained an early copy of Pope Francis’s book-length letter on the environment. For Biden, the contents were encouraging: Francis framed climate change similarly to the way the Obama administration did — as both a moral and economic issue.

“We have a good one now,” Vice President Joe Biden laughed as he read aloud a leaked draft of Pope Francis’s landmark encyclical on climate change.

Before quoting the encyclical at length, and becoming the first Obama official to comment on it, Joe Biden declared that the concerns of the pope fit nicely with the president’s push for more businesses to adopt clean energy alternatives. He warned that when even the pope weighs in on the issue with such urgency, it’s a clear sign that humans are approaching the “point of no return” in preventing climate change’s negative effects.

“There’s a consensus growing,” Biden said. “This doesn’t only have a moral component to it. It has a security component to it, as well as an economic component.”

Within days, the Vatican published the full version of the encyclical, titled Laudato si’. The encyclical, written five years ago this week, decries “throwaway culture” and calls modern society “one of the most irresponsible in history.” It concludes that global mistreatment of the earth is a symptom of the same destructive urge that leads people to sideline the poor, the elderly, and the unborn.

On Earth Day, Pope Francis Says Nature Will Not Forgive Our Trespasses. Gaia Worship.


Since its publicationLaudato si’ has become a lightning rod in American public discourse on the environment: the extra-political document to which politicians appeal when framing climate change as a moral crisis. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was one of the first to realize the potential of Laudato si’. Upon its publication, the self-described nonreligious senator hailed Francis as a “miracle” and Laudato si’ as a “powerful message” that should “change the debate around the world.”

“Denying the science related to climate change is no longer acceptable,” Sanders said.

Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer also sensed opportunity. Still, in the throes of his spat with the Obama administration over the permit for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, the billionaire climate activist began plugging the encyclical in his fundraising messaging. Steyer praised the pope, calling Laudato si’ “the most important statement in the history of confronting climate change.”

“He is somebody who has won over more people in the world than anybody,” Steyer said of Francis when the encyclical was released. “And what he has to say on this could have an absolutely dramatic impact on how this issue is viewed.”

Republican politicians weren’t so enthusiastic. The 2016 presidential campaign season was just starting up, and the media frenzy over Francis’s encyclical made Laudato si’ one of the first litmus tests (on an issue already uncomfortable for many Republicans) in the crowded primary field. Many of the Catholic candidates, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, distanced themselves from the pope.

Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, both a Catholic and a fierce critic of climate change legislation, said that the pope “should leave science to the scientists.” Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a Catholic convert, echoed Santorum, saying that he didn’t rely on the pope for his political positions.

“Religion ought to be about making us better as people and less about things that end up getting into the political realm,” Bush said.

But at that point, it was too late. For better or worse, Laudato si’ had become a document with political weight. President Barack Obama released a statement praising Francis for using his “moral authority” to call for “action on global climate change.” Obama promised that, through his administration, the United States would become a “leader” in combating climate change protecting the poor. The president then outlined some of his goals: cutting carbon emissions, encouraging clean energy innovation, and building “resilience in vulnerable communities.”

Pope Francis unleashes his inner pagan in Pan-Amazonian document laying foundation for ‘new’ Catholic Church


Obama also said that the encyclical would likely be a guide for him when considering how to proceed at the Paris climate summit scheduled for that December. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proved that prediction correct when, in choosing the delegation to send to France, she commented on how “thrilling” it was to have a pope whose writings provided a moral framework for the need to reduce air pollution.

When pope Francis visited the U.S. in mid-September, environmentalists redoubled their efforts to push the message of Laudato si’. At a rally held on Capitol Hill just days before Francis visited Washington, D.C., Sanders called for a living wage and better conditions for workers. When he finished speaking, the crowd knelt in prayer as a pastor read out passages from the encyclical, asking God to “touch the hearts of those who look only for gain at the expense of the poor and the earth.”

When Francis arrived in the city on Sept. 23, climate activists swarmed the halls of congressional office buildings. Many handed out copies of Laudato si’, along with pamphlets backing Maryland then-Rep. Chris Van Hollen’s Healthy Climate and Family Security Act, which sought to establish a system of capping carbon emissions.

Pope Francis delivered a speech to Congress that day and exhorted it to heed his message in Laudato si’.

“I am convinced that we can make a difference, and I have no doubt that the United States, and this Congress, have an important role to play,” he said. “Now is the time for courageous actions and strategies, aimed at implementing a culture of care and an integrated approach to combating poverty, restoring dignity to the excluded, and at the same time protecting nature.”

The pope was met with applause — but not unanimous. In anticipation of a paean to the environment, Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar, himself a Catholic, said he would boycott Francis’s speech.

“I don’t need to be lectured by the pope about climate change,” Gosar told CNN. “When he wants to take a political position, I will tell you: He is free and clear to be criticized like the rest of us.”

And so it went for the remainder of Francis’s time in the U.S. The pope won near-universal acclaim from climate activists and widespread criticism, at worst disdain, from climate change skeptics.

After the pope’s speech before Congress, Sanders told MSNBC that he was “deeply impressed.” He added that because of Francis’s work linking environmental issues to economic inequality, his own movement was able to “very significantly turn the tide” on economic justice, combating “the idolatry of money, the worship of the millionaires and billionaires.”

The admiration was mutual. In early 2016, after Sanders had become the surprise star of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Vatican invited Sanders to speak at a forum on economic injustice, occurring only several days before the New York primary. The speech was ostensibly apolitical, but Sanders was able to wedge his campaign issues in at the end.

“As Pope Francis made powerfully clear last year in Laudato si’, we have the technology and know-how to solve our problems — from poverty to climate change to health care to protection of biodiversity,” Sanders said. “We also have the vast wealth to do so, especially if the rich pay their way in fair taxes rather than hiding their funds in the world’s tax and secrecy havens.”

Sanders concluded that, to him, the message of Laudato si’, along with several other encyclicals, was a “moral” challenge, aiming to instill politics with a “vision to the common good.”

The election of Donald Trump put a damper on the late Obama-era euphoria over climate action. But by then, Laudato si’ had become stamped in the public consciousness. When Trump visited the Vatican in 2017, Francis gave him a copy of the encyclical as a gift. It was widely interpreted as “a message” to Trump, who has not included climate change as one of his administration’s top priorities.

The document also became a rallying cry for many Christian environmentalists, who protested the Trump administration’s climate positions at the 2017 People’s Climate March. And, with the introduction of the Green New Deal by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it once again became a reference point for advocates of climate change grounded in both moral and economic awareness. And when the 2020 Democratic presidential primary started up, as early as January 2019, hopeful candidates began testing if the encyclical still carried the cache it did in 2016. Steyer began mentioning it again in his stump speeches, at one point saying that the pope “really nailed it” with the message.

Joe Biden, though, is the one who made Laudato si’ a consistent part of his campaign. The former vice president has it listed as the document that drives him to support policies that will help people “serve as stewards of our creation and protect our planet against climate change.” Some of his goals include reducing carbon emissions to zero by 2050, cleaning up pollution in low-income communities, and creating jobs within the clean energy sector.

Joe Biden argued, in an op-ed published in the Religion News Service, that as president, he would answer Francis’s call by caring for the “imperiled planet” with environmentally conscious policies. “My faith teaches me that we should be a nation that not only accepts the truth of the climate crisis but leads the world in addressing it,” Biden wrote. “Pope Francis is right in Laudato si’: ‘Never have we so hurt and mistreated our common home as we have in the last 200 years.’” READ MORE

Pope Francis Delivers Historic Speech to Congress

Pope Francis was representing the government of the Holy See, which is a country. Pope Francis is the ruler, or king, of that nation. The Vatican is a religious entity, and the Holy See is a political entity, and the pope rules over both of them equally. Thus fulfilling the prophecies of Revelation 17 and 18 which show us one man who is a religious leader as well as a political ruler. Joe Biden has promised to carry out the Gaia worship mandate of Laudato Si should he win in November

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