Obama Threatens England! Says EU Exit Will Put Them To ‘Back Of The Line’ In US Trade Deals

The President insisted his remarks, which have been long planned by Mr Cameron's In campaign, were not a 'threat' to Britain. But the speech enraged campaigners who support Brexit, with Tory MPs immediately warning that drumming up support from foreign presidents was 'not a good look' for Mr Cameron.

Barack Obama tonight warned Britain would be at the ‘back of the queue’ for a trade deal with America if it quits the EU.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Doing the bidding of his New World Order globalist masters, Barack Obama THREATENED the sovereign nation of England that, if they had the nerve to leave the European Union also known as the ‘Brexit‘, that they could kiss any decent trade deal with the United States goodbye. Absolutely insane times we live in. Don’t you listen, England, get OUT of the EU as fast as you can!

In an extraordinary intervention standing alongside David Cameron at the Foreign Office, the US President warned there was no prospect of a deal ‘any time soon’. Mr Obama defended his right to comment on Britain’s June 23 poll despite claims from Leave campaigners that he was being ‘hypocritical’ and had ‘double standards’.

The President insisted his remarks, which have been long planned by Mr Cameron’s In campaign, were not a ‘threat’ to Britain. But the speech enraged campaigners who support Brexit, with Tory MPs immediately warning that drumming up support from foreign presidents was ‘not a good look’ for Mr Cameron.

Mr Obama said as a ‘friend’ of Britain he had to be ‘honest’ about the impact of a Brexit vote.

And he insisted that if Out campaigners would continue to be ‘ascribing actions’ of the US after Brexit, they should hear from the President.

He said: ‘And on that matter, for example, I think it’s fair to say that maybe some point down the line there might be a UK-US trade agreement, but it’s not going to happen any time soon because our focus is in negotiating with a big bloc, the European Union, to get a trade agreement done.

‘The UK is going to be in the back of the queue.’

But Justice Minister and Vote Leave spokesman Dominic Raab immediately hit back at Mr Obama.

He said: ‘The President made clear that uncontrolled immigration into the EU is a threat to national security. I agree – that is why it is safer to take back control so that we can stop terror suspects from Europe coming into the UK.

‘He argued that he thinks it is in America’s interests for the UK to stay in the EU but what is good for US politicians is not necessarily good for the British people.

‘We want more international cooperation after we Vote Leave, but the EU is not fit for purpose, and cannot cope with the multiple crises we face like terrorism, Syria and mass migration.

‘The US would not dream of opening its border with Mexico, so it is hypocritical for President Obama to insist that we do the same with Europe.’

Mr Raab’s intervention concluded what could prove to be the biggest day in the referendum campaign:

  • Mr Obama launched his pro-EU blitz with an opinion column on the benefits of European Union membership in the Daily Telegraph
  • London Mayor Boris Johnson hit back with his own remarks in The Sun – but the Tory MP sparked a fierce row of his own with a claim that the ‘part Kenyan’ US president had an ‘ancestral dislike of the British empire’
  • In a  choreographed day of activity surrounding the President’s visit, Mr Obama flew to Windsor Castle on Marine One for lunch with The Queen and Prince Philip. The 94-year-old Duke drove Mr Obama, his wife Michelle and the Queen to the Castle
  • The US President then swept into Downing Street in a 19-vehicle convoy shortly after 3pm for an extended meeting with Mr Cameron. After a warm greeting on the steps of No 10, the two leaders spent more than an hour on wide-ranging talks
  • At 5pm, Mr Cameron and Mr Obama emerged from No 10, crossed Downing Street to the Foreign Office and launched a  passionate joint defence of EU membership
  • The claims by Mr Obama enraged Brexit campaigner who accused No 10 of orchestrating the whole event to intimidate Britons into voting In on June 23 

As he outlined the reasons for voting In, Mr Obama said trying to do ‘piecemeal trade agreements’ was ‘hugely inefficient’.

And setting out the choice facing the UK, the president said: ‘If, right now, I have got access to a massive market where I sell 44 per cent of my exports and now I’m thinking about leaving the organisation that gives me access to that market and that is responsible for millions of jobs in my country and responsible for an enormous amount of commerce and upon which a lot of businesses depend – that’s not something I would probably do.’

Mr Obama said Britain’s membership of the EU ‘enhances the special relationship’ because it meant Washington had a trusted partner in Europe on issues including the fight against terrorism.

‘Precisely because I have a confidence in the UK, and I know that if we are not working effectively with Paris or Brussels then those attacks are going to migrate to the United States and to London, I want one of my strongest partners in that conversation.

‘So it enhances the special relationship, it does not diminish it.’

Following an intervention which could not have been more supportive, Mr Cameron simply said: ‘Barack feels strongly about this and he has said what he said.’ source

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