Barack Obama Flashes Two Fingers Illuminati Salute At Nuclear Security Summit In Washington

After a day of tense, sensitive discussions on ISIS and the Middle East, Obama played up for the cameras as he grinned and held up the peace sign. The President has come under fire for his relaxed attitude in recent weeks.

Obama gave the two finger ‘peace sign’ as the group stood together for a ‘team photo’ – bemusing dozens of the world’s politicians

The Daily Mail UK reports today that US president Barack Hussein Obama did something very unusual at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC. During a group photo of world leaders, Obama flashed a narrow-eyed grimace as he held up two fingers in a salute used by countless popes and Nazi leaders. A symbol that stands, not for peace, but for world domination and global conquest.

As we have reported to you before, the two-fingered ‘peace sign’ popularized by Winston Churchill during WWII and by the hippy movement in the 1960’s has nothing to do with peace at all. Unless you are talking about the false peace that will be brought by the Antichrist. The two fingered salute, used by both Nazi soldiers in allegiance to Hitler and by Popes on their followers, is an occult symbol of war and conquest.

According to Codex Magic, the sign can be a sign of Satan, of malediction or the horned pagan god, Pan. It can also represent Vulcan, the ancient god of fire and destruction. The sign can also be taken to represent a chevron, the symbol of “Wrath and Destruction”. American hippies adapted the V for victory in war sign to mean peace. The hand gesture quickly became the hand sign for peace. It is anything else but that.

German Nazi Army Swears Oath of Loyalty to Adolf Hitler 1934 with two finger salute

All through the history of Catholic art over the past 1,500 years, countless paintings of Christ have been made with the Christ represented making the two finger salute. This gesture, in which his first two fingers and his thumb are extended and his third and fourth finger are closed, is among the most frequently occurring of Christ’s hand gestures in Catholic art. It emerged as a sign of benediction (or blessing) in early Catholic and Byzantine art, and its use continued through the Medieval period, and into the Renaissance. But as the Catholic persecutions of Christians increased, during times like the Spanish Inquisition, this symbol was proven to be a sign of conquest, dominance and eventually the death of all those who would oppose Roman spiritual rule. When you see a Pope, Cardinal or priest using this sign today, it is a sign that the Vatican and the Catholic system will not rest until you are under it’s control. For this same reason, all popes kiss the ground whenever they land in a foreign country, they are claiming it for Rome.


The two finger salute is a sign that is satanic in origin, and wherever and whenever it is used it is always a “bad sign”. The connection between both the Nazis and the Vatican using this sign gets especially more evil when you consider how the Vatican not only signed a pact with Hitler, they also helped thousands of Nazis to escape through Switzerland after WWII.

Today, Barack Obama sent a message to his New World Order leaders that everything is ‘under control’ and proceeding according to plan.


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