Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ Project Nearly Complete

Israel's Iron Dome rocket defense system is near completion, and may be operational within weeks, according to a report in Globes. The system recently passed a trial run by...

Eye on the incoming sky

Both Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38-40 tells us that we are living in the time where all the Muslim nations of the world, along with others like Russia and Germany, will form a confederacy to come against Israel. So in preparation for that, Israel is nearly complete with it’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. While NTEB is sure that the system will worked pretty good, the bible tells us that it will be the Lord, and not Iron Dome, which will do the defending. But it is certainly another clue and sign of how close to the action we sit. How sure are we of God’s promise to defend Israel against the coming Muslim attack? Listen –

“Behold, it is come, and it is done, saith the Lord GOD; this [is] the day whereof I have spoken.” Ezekiel 39:5

“The Iron Dome rocket defense system is near completion, and may be operational within weeks, according to a report in Globes. The system recently passed a trial run by the Air Force, after previously passing tests created by its designers. Defense officials plan to order four or five Iron Dome systems. United States President Barack Obama has asked Congress to approve $205 million in aid for the project.

Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile defense system is said to be mere weeks away from coming online.

The report of the system’s readiness follows rocket attacks on Be’er Sheva and Netivot. Gaza terrorists targeted both cities in recent weeks for the first time since the Cast Lead counterterror operation of early 2009, which crippled Hamas’ weapons stores, rocket factories and infrastructure. The Defense Ministry has touted Iron Dome as a solution to terrorist attacks from Gaza. However, the system can only successfully target rockets with a flight time of approximately 15 seconds or more, while Gaza terrorists can hit several Israeli communities with rockets that have a shorter flight time, including the city of Sderot.

In addition, each Iron Dome missile costs approximately $100,000, far more than the average short-range Kassam rocket preferred by Gaza terrorists. Military analyst Reuven Pedatzur, a critic of the system, said last year, “All the Palestinians would need to do is build and launch a ton of rockets and hit our pocketbook.” Iron Dome was previously rumored to be near deployment in early 2010.” source – Arutz Sheva

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