Hurricane Michael At Category 4 Stage As It Prepares To Slam Into The Florida Panhandle Beginning On Wednesday

As of 11 p.m. Tuesday, the top sustained surface winds were at 125 mph, making this a major hurricane. The center of the storm was located about 220 miles south-southwest of Panama City, Fla. or about 200 miles south-southwest of Apalachicola, Fla. Michael was moving north at 12 mph.

President Donald Trump warned Americans on Tuesday of the growing threat posed by Hurricane Michael as it heads to the Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Michael is fast shaping up to be the type of hurricane not seen in the Florida Panhandle for quite some time. Please pray for the safety of all those in Michael’s path, and for all the first responders who will be working to rescue and keep people safe.

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” Psalm 91:1,2 (KJV)

NTEB will be updating this page throughout the duration of the storm, so check back often.

FROM WUNDERGROUND: Just hours away from an expected Wednesday afternoon landfall, Hurricane Michael became ever stronger and more organized on Tuesday night over the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Michael’s high winds, torrential rain, and very large storm surge were pushing briskly toward the Florida Panhandle and the Big Bend region just to the east, the areas in line to experience the worst impacts. Update (2 am EDT Wednesday): Michael has been upgraded to Category 4 strength as of 2 am EDT, with top sustained winds of 130 mph. Some additional strengthening is possible before landfall.

Satellite images of Michael’s evolution on Tuesday night were, in a word, jaw-dropping. A massive blister of thunderstorms (convection) erupted and wrapped around the storm’s eye, which has taken taking a surprisingly long time to solidify. A layer of dry air several miles above the surface being pulled into Michael from the west may have been one of the factors that kept Michael from sustaining a classic, fully closed eyewall (see embedded tweet below). A closed eyewall is normally a prerequisite for a hurricane to intensify robustly, but somehow Michael managed to reach Category 3 status without one. READ MORE

Hurricane Michael upgraded to Category 4 storm

FROM FOX 5: Hurricane Michael has intensified even further late Tuesday evening. The powerful Category 3 storm continued to be fueled by the warm Gulf of Mexico waters as it trekked toward the Florida Panhandle. Forecasters now believe Michael will be a Category 4 when it makes landfall midday Wednesday.

As of 11 p.m. Tuesday, the top sustained surface winds were at 125 mph, making this a major hurricane. The center of the storm was located about 220 miles south-southwest of Panama City, Fla. or about 200 miles south-southwest of Apalachicola, Fla. Michael was moving north at 12 mph. READ MORE

FROM BREITBART: “We have another one coming, and a big one,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “Much bigger than they anticipated a week ago.” The president said that his administration was “very well prepared” for the category 2 storm predicted to hit Florida on Wednesday.

He suggested on Twitter that the storm could grow to a Category 3 storm, which would be “even more intense that Florence.”

“FEMA is ready, we’re all ready,” Trump said. “I spoke with Governor Scott, spoke to everybody that you have to speak to.” Trump said that other parts of the storm could hit Georgia and even parts of North Carolina and South Carolina. READ MORE

Michael Intensifies to a Category 3 Major Hurricane; Forecast to Be Florida Panhandle’s Strongest Landfall in 13 Years

  • Michael has intensified to a Category 3 major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Hurricane Michael is expected to make landfall along the Florida Panhandle Gulf coast Wednesday.
  • Dangerous storm surge, damaging winds and flooding rain are likely impacts along the northeastern Gulf Coast.
  • Hurricane warnings and storm surge warnings have been issued along the Gulf coast of Florida.
  • Heavy rain and strong winds will spread farther inland across parts of the Southeast after landfall.
  • Tropical storm warnings and watches are posted along the Southeast coast as far north as the Outer Banks.

FROM THE WEATHER CHANNEL: Hurricane Michael has intensified to a Category 3 major hurricane and is forecast to strike the Florida Panhandle Gulf coast Wednesday with life-threatening storm surge flooding, destructive winds and flooding rainfall. Michael will also spread heavy rain and strong winds to other parts of the southeastern United States after it moves inland.

“A potentially catastrophic event is developing,” the National Weather Service office in Tallahassee, Florida, wrote in its hurricane local statement Tuesday evening. “Locations may be uninhabitable for weeks or months.”

Hurricane Michael could be the strongest hurricane to make landfall along the stretch of the Florida Panhandle Gulf coast in 13 years. READ MORE


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