THE GORE EFFECT: Global Warming Protesters In Colorado Met With Freezing Temps And Snow

This phenomenon is called the “Gore effect” — coined after a global warming rally held by former Vice President Al Gore in 2004 was met with frigid weather. A similar rally held by Gore in 2006 in Australia was also hit by cold weather.

A group of global warming activists protesting oil and gas drilling outside the Department of Interior office in Colorado Thursday morning were met with bitter cold weather and snow.

“There’s a sucker born every minute”P.T. Barnum

EDITOR’S NOTE: I smile when people call me a ‘climate change denier’, why? Because the climate is always changing, it never stops changing. I don’t deny that. But I sure do deny the idea that it changes because of man made events and actions. But I also remember way back in the ancient days of 2005 when climate change was called global warming, and Al Gore predicted that New York City would be underwater by 2015. Well….(rolling my eyes)…that didn’t happen, but what did happen was Al Gore became a billionaire from using his former White House ties to sell “green living” to foreign countries frightened by his PowerPoint presentation. Somewhere, P.T. Barnum is laughing hysterically. At  you.

About 10 “Keep It In The Ground” activists waved signs next to a busy road in the Denver area, calling for the Obama administration to stop issuing leases so companies can drill on public lands. Activists say drilling only exacerbates global warming.

The irony, however, is activists stood outside about 4 inches of snow with temperatures hovering in the 20s — in degrees Fahrenheit. The official low temperature was negative 10 degrees early Thursday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

Climate Change Scam: Al Gore False Predictions

Activists with and Food & Water Watch braved the cold to protest hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” after two measures to restrict the drilling technique failed to make November’s ballot. The pro-fracking Western Energy Alliance took photos of activists trying to stay warm.

“While it is clear that the national activist groups behind these efforts are not abandoning their goal to ban fracking, they picked a day to protest the use of fossil fuels when most Coloradans are likely more thankful than ever for the affordable energy provided by domestic energy development,” Randy Hildreth, a writer for the industry-backed, Energy In Depth, wrote in a blog post.

Now, of course, one cold day doesn’t disprove global warming, but it continues a trend of activists being beaten by cold weather when holding events trying to highlight how fossil fuels are warming the planet.

The Gore Effect Explained:

This phenomenon is called the “Gore Effect” — coined after a global warming rally held by former Vice President Al Gore in 2004 was met with frigid weather. A similar rally held by Gore in 2006 in Australia was also hit by cold weather.

It’s not just Gore who’s held freezing global warming rallies. Yale anti-fossil fuel campaigners postponed a protest in early 2015 due to “unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues.” New Haven witnessed a negative 9 degrees when the event was canceled.

The Coming Ice Age Predicted In The 1970’s:

Yes, phony science trying to scare you existed before Al Gore invented Global Warming for a gullible and under-informed generation of Starbuck’s drinkers.

In 2013, environmental protesters in Washington state were hit with cold weather and snow flurries protesting global warming. Activists tried to encourage the crowd that “climate and weather are two different things,” but words didn’t warm anybody up that day. source



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