Far-Left Laodicean Magazine ‘Christianity Today’ Demands That America’s Christian Churches Pay Reparations To Blacks For Slavery

Christianity Today says it’s time for white evangelicals to confess that we have not taken the sin of racism with the gravity and seriousness it deserves. The deep grief and anger over the death of George Floyd is about more than police brutality. It’s about a society and culture that allowed for the abuse and oppression of African Americans over and over and over again. We have been a part of that society and culture, and sometimes we have been the last to join the fight for racial justice.

Christianity Today is calling on churches to “lead the way in biblical restitution” for racial sin, claiming that “repentance is not enough.”

Champions of the far-Left Laodicean Church, a magazine called Christianity Today and started by Billy Graham, has decided to throw their hat into the ring surrounding the discussion on racial tensions and domestic terror organization, Black Lives Matter. Their solution? America’s Christian churches need to pay reparations, or financial compensation, to descendants of black slaves from the 18th and 19th centuries. When all else fails, pay people off.

“Reparations is a scheme to extract money from people who were never slave owners, and give it to people who were never slaves”Larry Elder

The Jews who lived through the horrors of Nazi Germany, and the families of those who didn’t, received financial compensation for what the Nazis stole from them and for what they did to the Jews in the Holocaust. But here 75 years after the end of WWII, those reparations are nearly all ended as most of the people have died. Reparations are not a bad idea for the generation who was victimized, but when you get decades and centuries down the road, reparations are virtually impossible to rightly calculate. But that’s not the only problem with reparations.

Many blacks now living in the United States are not descended from US slaves, and as such, they would receive nothing. Imagine the outbursts of rage and riots from the people who, in their mind, deserve compensation because they’re black, receive none, and then have to watch as friends and neighbors do. Then the ones who receive compensation will immediately say it is not enough, no matter how much it is, to compensate for ‘incalculable pain and suffering’. It was just be a money grab given to angry black people in the hopes of stopping the riots. A nonsensical idea at best.

Affirmative Action in the 1970’s and onward was started to give preferential treatment to blacks with student loans, mortgages, college admission, health care, and a host of other things. It was not a success, causing more societal harm as opposed to helping blacks. It lowered the standards for people based on skin color, which gave rise to a near-permanent welfare class, reparations would fare no better. See the video below from Larry Elder for more on this topic.

The End Times Laodicean Church


Christianity Today calls for Christian churches to pay reparations to black people: “Repentance is not enough” they cry.

FROM DISRN: In a new editorial published Wednesday, Christianity Today’s President and CEO Timothy Dalrymple labeled slavery one of America’s “original sins,” adding that the Christian church was “silent in the face of slavery or even complicit in it.”

“Many of the same ministers who defended slavery in the antebellum South likewise defended the racist systems that followed after the Civil War,” Dalrymple wrote.

Dalrymple also referenced the story of Zacchaeus, in which the unscrupulous tax collector, upon meeting Jesus, promised to “give half of my possessions to the poor” and make reparations to those he had cheated (Luke 18:8).

“Zacchaeus had not personally designed the unjust system of Roman taxation. But he had not denounced it either; he had participated in it and profited from it. So Zacchaeus did not merely repent of his ways; he made restitution,” Dalrymple said.

“He set up what we might call a “Zacchaeus fund” in order to restore what belonged to his neighbors. Are we willing to do the same? Black lives matter. They matter so much that Jesus sacrificed everything for them. Are we willing to sacrifice as well?”

Although Dalrymple believes “the country is not ready to make reparations,” he asserts that racial injustice “demands a response” from the church — both personally and corporately. READ MORE

The Truth About Systemic Racism in America | The Larry Elder Show

With the Democratic Party presidential campaigns going full steam, a number of candidates have argued that systemic racism has infected America since its foundation. Larry takes a look at former President Obama and his transition from saying that race wasn’t important to fully embracing identity politics. Larry also looks further into how disadvantaged Black Americans truly are and finds some interesting information.

Larry Elder – Reparations for Slavery

Commentator/author Larry Elder comments on a scheme to extract money from people who were never slave owners and give it to people who were never slaves.

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