CHOSEN ONE: President Trump’s Retweet Of ‘Second Coming Of God’ Comment Only Goes To Show What We Have Said About Him From The Beginning

Evangelicals like Washington's Christian power brokers of 'The Family' run by the late master marketeer Doug Coe have done this nation a great disservice with their powerless 'love gospel' as we see on display in their yearly ecumenical 'National Prayer Breakfast' nonsense. Evangelicals who now say they 'feel betrayed' by Trump's comments only prove that never knew who he really was when they started supporting him. Bible believers know who Trump is, and we have from the beginning, he is the chosen one. Chosen to bring judgement. 
President Trump says he is the chosen one

Evangelicals who now say they ‘feel betrayed’ by Trump’s comments only prove that never knew who he really was when they started supporting him.

It brings a smile to my face as I watched evangelicals struggling to understand the words and actions of President Trump. Why? Because evangelicals didn’t understand why God placed him in office 3 years ago, and they still don’t understand in 2019 why he is there. Evangelicals, who are strong on evangelizing but tragically short on bible doctrine and prophecy, cannot fathom why Trump would call himself “the chosen one”, and retweet comments about him being the “second coming of God”. To the people like the man who wrote the article below, it is bewildering, but to us it is pretty clear.

“For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.” Haggai 2:6,7 (KJV)

Donald Trump as president is exactly what we said he would b when we first start writing about him in 2015 and ’16. We told you then that it was our considered opinion that God was placing Trump in power for two reasons. The first being to bless Israel and get something done for the Jewish people. This Trump has done is amazing fashion. Doing what no other president, Red or Blue, ever had the guts to do, Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. And in typical Trump style, he did it on May 14th, the 70th anniversary of regathered Israel. Not stopping there, Trump then proceeded to proclaim Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and finally recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. For prophecy watchers it was a giddy time to say the least. Then we get to reason number two why God placed Trump in power. Judgment.

In our article entitled ‘THE GLOBAL SHAKING FROM A TRUMP PRESIDENCY WE WARNED YOU ABOUT LAST YEAR HAS ALREADY STARTED‘ we told that as we had felt that God placing Barack Obama into office was God’s judgement for national sin on America, God placing Trump into office is God’s judgment on the world. God is using Trump to shake American and the world right down to its very core, letting him be a catalyst for the ever-rising chaos and confusion we now see around the globe. God is shaking everything, and we will not see an end to that shaking right up to the moment we are taken up and out of here in the Pretribulaton Rapture of the Church.

Lastly, and please don’t miss this point, Donald Trump remains, despite evangelical fantasy, unsaved and headed for the fires of Hell as all unsaved people are at this very moment. His official ‘spiritual advisor’ is gospel pimp and fraud Paula White who makes a great show for the cameras but is all Laodicean fluff and nonsense. And because he is unsaved, President Trump will say things like he is the ‘chosen one’ and retweet comments calling him the ‘second coming of God’. He has no idea who God is because he has no relationship with Him. Pray for Trump’s soul.

Evangelicals like Washington’s Christian power brokers of ‘The Family‘ run by the late master marketeer Doug Coe have done this nation a great disservice with their powerless ‘love gospel’ as we see on display in their yearly ecumenical ‘National Prayer Breakfast‘ nonsense. Evangelicals who now say they ‘feel betrayed’ by Trump’s comments only prove that never knew who he really was when they started supporting him. Bible believers know who Trump is, and we have from the beginning, he is the chosen one. Chosen to bring judgement.

I’m an evangelist and a Trump voter. But Trump as the ‘second coming of God’ is blasphemous.

FROM GREENWICH TIME: Since President Donald Trump’s election, many in the evangelical community have lauded him, grateful for his work to protect and propel some of the Christian values we hold so dear. The support has been unwavering, as he enjoys high marks from about 70 percent of evangelicals, many of whom are so concerned with protecting their rights and key issues that they don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize that support for Trump and cause people to vote against him.

But perhaps one of Trump’s most disturbing steps came Wednesday, when the president, who claims to be a Christian, tweeted quotes of and therefore validated radio host’s Wayne Allyn Root words that “the Jewish people love Trump . . . like he’s the King of Israel. They love him like he is the second coming of God.”

Christians believe and profess that the only true “King of Israel” is God, as clearly stated in Isaiah 44:6, and that he sent his son, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, into this world. That makes the description of Trump as “the second coming of God” shocking, blasphemous and sacrilegious. The silence from my fellow evangelical colleagues, ministry partners and friends that has followed is deafening. Many of them refuse to call out moral failures on the right that they have so vehemently attacked on the left. In the evangelical community, we have come to believe incorrectly that any critique of Trump only serves to promote the party on the left. But embracing critiques proves we are objective, not blind to the flaws in political parties or our presidents.

Trump is neither the “Second Coming of God” nor the “Messiah.” In repeating the profane quote, he gave a narcissistic endorsement and even thanked Root, a well-known conspiracy theorist, for his words.

Messianic claims are dangerous, because God does not share glory with anyone.

Another historic leader, Herod Agrippa – the king of Judea after Jesus’ death, from 41 to 44 A.D. – once found himself in a similar situation. In the New Testament chapter of Acts 12, Herod was called “God.” Herod’s response? He took credit. The Lord’s response? He sent an angel to kill Herod. In Herod’s case, the Bible doesn’t say he repeated the title – only that he allowed it to be spoken. Perhaps the president can learn from Herod’s mistake.

I am a conservative evangelical who cast my vote for Trump for the very same reason many other evangelicals did: his conservative stance on issues concerning abortion and religious freedom. I visited Washington last October for a briefing at which faith leaders listened to White House officials address many policy issues.

Christians cannot proclaim their morals, family values and faith, then sit down when such values are tainted and misrepresented by the very leaders we say we support. Imagine for one minute if President Barack Obama had made similar claims during his administration. The reaction would be quite different.

Inconsistency is at least one reason I hear a growing antagonism toward evangelicals. As a full-time evangelist traveling all over the United States, I find it increasingly obvious that many people legitimately see evangelicals as hypocrites. Why? Because too often, we dismiss or excuse every indiscretion of the president by approving his other accomplishments.

Being fair and equitable does not mean simply applauding what many of us endorse about Trump, including his stance on abortion, his promotion of freedom of religion, his appointment of conservative judges and his aggressive support for Israel. We must also vocally denounce his blatantly egregious actions, including not only Wednesday’s tweets but also his consistently negative interactions and dialogue with people of different races, genders and ethnicities.

As evangelicals, we have taken a hard line on conservative values, but we have also been moving our standards to fit our narrative. If we are going to condone or condemn certain actions, policies or behaviors coming from the current administration, then we had better be ready to do the same with the next president. Otherwise, we will continue to lose credibility and display a polluted brand of Christianity that is word without deed – completely unlike that of the true Messiah we claim to follow. READ MORE

Trump: “I Am The Chosen One”

Speaking to reporters, Trump defended his actions against china arguing that the US has been exploited to the tune of $500 Billion and that somebody had to stand up to them. Watch as he calls himself the ‘chosen one’. 

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