CIVIL WAR: The 2020 Battle Lines Now Clearly Drawn As Democrats In Congress Choose Impeachment As Their Only Means Of Stopping Trump

War – this is war against truths. This is a war against the highest nobleman who has defended our country and made us safe and great again. Let me stand with our president – let us all stand with our President Trump – in the time of such evil words trying for impeachment. This radical left are destructive. Their codes, of what is supposed to be, are corrupt with lies, deceit and anger. And, we ask why.
Jon Voight: ‘This Is War’ – ‘Stand Strong with President Trump’ Against Dems’ ‘Evil Words Trying for Impeachment’

This radical left are destructive. Their codes, of what is supposed to be, are corrupt with lies, deceit and anger. And, we ask why.

The Democrats in Congress sent a message this week, and no, it was not a message about the Ukraine and it wasn’t even about anything that President Trump did or didn’t do. The message sent by Democrats this week is “we know we cannot beat Trump in a real election, so we are going to bring impeachment as our only way of winning in 2020”. And with impeachment proceedings, the Democratic Party has formally and officially declared war on the United States of America. It is the only way the can see of winning in 2020.

“For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.” Isaiah 32:6,8 (KJV)

All throughout the Obama presidency, we here at NTEB warned you that Civil War was coming, that it was the intention of the Democrats to remake America in their image. But it never came to a boiling point because the Left was so completely certain that Hillary would win election in 2016. When she didn’t the Democrats became literally unhinged, and the seeds of Civil War laid by Obama have sprouted into a full crop. Make no mistake about it, this is no hyperbole when I tell you that right, as you read this, a state of war exists within America, against Americans, by Americans.

FROM CNS NEWS: “This is a war against the highest nobleman who has defended our country,” Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight says in a Twitter video urging Americans to “stand with our President Trump” against Democrats’ “evil words trying for impeachment.”

“The left are afraid, for their power is lessening with every deal that is accomplished by Donald Trump,” Voight warns, adding that their anger has been steadily growing – and has reached a breaking point that they’re now resorting to “such evil” because they want to run America “like a corrupt ring.”

“How can a human being have such anger?” Voight asks. He then explains that it is because the Left “have no open heart of loving and seeing the truth.” Voight closes by asking God to show truth to all Americans – and implores all Americans to, in the name of God, stand strong with Trump against “such evil among us.”

“I say: stand now with Trump. Let truth prevail. And, may God show all the truth: that we are truly a nation stronger because of our president. The left are afraid for their power is lessening with every deal that is accomplished by Donald Trump. In the name of God, and his power for this nation, let us stay strong – and without such evil among us.”

Voight’s full remarks appear below.

Jon Voight’s New Video Will Make Liberal’s Head Explode

T­u­c­k­e­r Carlson Tonight 9/27/19

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