As The West Brexits, Russia And China Sign Pacts To ‘Strengthen Global Strategic Stability’

The two countries often vote as a pair on the UN Security Council, where both hold a veto, sometimes in opposition to Western powers on issues such as Syria. China has raised tensions with its neighbours and the US over its claims to virtually all of the South China Sea, where it has built militarised artificial islands to bolster its claims in the contested but strategically vital region.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin promised ever-closer cooperation and oversaw a series of deals onSaturday, as the two countries deepen ties in the face of growing tensions with the West.

In what was Putin’s fourth trip to China since Xi became president in 2013, the two men stressed their shared outlook which mirrors the countries’ converging trade, investment and geopolitical interests.

“Russia and China stick to points of view which are very close to each other or are almost the same in the international arena,” Putin said.

The Russian leader added that the two had discussed “strengthening together the fight against international terrorism”, the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula, Syria, and stability in the South China Sea.

Russia and China have been brought together by mutual geopolitical concerns, among them wariness of the United States.

The two countries often vote as a pair on the UN Security Council, where both hold a veto, sometimes in opposition to Western powers on issues such as Syria. China has raised tensions with its neighbours and the US over its claims to virtually all of the South China Sea, where it has built militarised artificial islands to bolster its claims in the contested but strategically vital region.

Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula and support for other Ukrainian separatist movements have led to the worst East-West standoff since the Cold War.

At loggerheads with the West, Moscow is seeking to refocus its gas and oil exports from Europe – its main energy market – towards Asia and is diligently building an energy alliance with Beijing.

Xi emphasised that this year marked the 15th anniversary of the China-Russia treaty of friendship and hoped that the two countries might remain “friends forever”.

“President Putin and I equally agree that when faced with international circumstances that are increasingly complex and changing, we must persist even harder in maintaining the spirit of the Sino-Russian strategic partnership and cooperation,” he said.

The two sides signed over 30 cooperation deals in areas such as trade, infrastructure, foreign affairs, technology and innovation, agriculture, finance, energy, sports and the media.

Notably, Russian oil giant Rosneft inked a deal with China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec) on developing a gas processing and petrochemical plant in East Siberia, as China seeks energy to fuel its economic growth.

Xi and Putin signed two joint statements themselves, one “to strengthen global strategic stability” and one to promote the development of information and cyberspace.

Putin said that 58 different deals worth a total of around S$50 billion (S$67 billion) were currently in discussion, adding that the two countries will seek to secure an agreement on building a high-speed rail line in Russia by the end of the year.

Xi also called for closer cooperation between news agencies in Russia and China so that both countries could “together increase the influence” of their media on world public opinion.

Under Xi, Communist China has mounted crackdowns on dissidents and tightened restrictions on the media, while critics accuse Putin’s Russia of rights abuses. source


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  • Mark Labriola

    Gog and Magog

  • Larry/vietnamvet1971

    Looks like the World is assembling their 200 Million Man Army.

  • As obama cheats on his golf score…

    More End Time News At:

  • Gene Klosinski

    Oh ‘yeah?!….well….we just sided up with FIDEL CASTRO…AND …so we would be having CUBA on OUR SIDE!!!
    So, there!!!

  • Kim

    China and Russia will sneak attack the United States of America along with Iran and North Korea. The USA will only win against this evil if the Lord of Hosts backs the USA. What will the Lord of Hosts decide to do??

  • Marian

    Obama is working with Russia and so is Hitlery. Russian troops have been training in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC and TN since the ’90s (a SC Congressman I knew admitted this on a local radio show), so Bill Clinton and W are traitors, too. Fort Carson in Denver is saturated with Russian troops.

    The Wicked Witch from Arkansas has sold mineral rights, specifically uranium, in our western states to Russia. Cuba will be a staging area for a Red Dawn style attack on the US, but Russian troops will simultaneously attack from Alaska. This information comes from some high ranking officials in the military (I’m presuming who have been canned in Obama’s purge). Dave Hodges has chronicled these development (and much, much more than I can cover here) on his website

    God willing this final takedown of the US will happen after Jesus calls His Bride home. You absolutely must pray that’s the case!! Otherwise, prepare to die in your living room at the hands of foreign troops, because our military has been gutted (other sources, including one I know personally, in the military confirms much of this information).

    • Joanna Loves Jesus

      Yes we must also pray for revival, the churches here in UK are crying out, repenting and asking Jesus to move in our nation. Already there’s been 1,900 saved given their hearts to The Lord.
      The churches that love Jesus have been going out into the streets, praying for anyone that is willing to listen and handing out tracts, there are new people coming into the church and seeing a difference in their lives after giving their hearts to Jesus. I thought I’d encourage you, there are good things going on and God is moving in the UK.
      I pray that the United States will turn back to God. It starts with repentance and the churches have to repent, for not standing up for His Word and letting the younger generation be indoctrinated at schools and universities and for letting the morality slide into the abyss…

      We need men and women of God who are not afraid of standing up to authorities, who will challenge laws that persecute Christians, people filled with the Holy Spirit who loves Jesus more than this world…

      Persecution over here can also come from other churches, those that have decided that the world has more to offer them than God…they are most aggressive and slander the true church.

      Stand up for righteousness and stay true to the Word of God, pray for your enemies and bless those that hate you.

      God Bless you

  • Joanna Loves Jesus

    Already in the UK the Remain crowd have been crying bitter tears, slinging insults and have an online petition for another EU referendum because they were unhappy with the outcome, 2 million have signed so far….
    I pray even if they do hold another one, the outcome will be Leave again, God Willing….the churches cried out to God before the vote and asked for His will to be done.

    The vote is to Leave, deal with it! Honestly some people, saying we betrayed a whole generation because we voted leave, and it will cause WW3, the EU isn’t going anywhere, sure we guys in UK left, but the EU has prophecy to fulfil if the Anti-Christ comes from the revived Roman Empire (EU) it will be gone though in the future. Now Russia and China have grown very strong these past few decades, China has grown tremendously in our generation to be a Superpower and has the lagest army in the world.

    I hear that they’ve been creating a road from China through Russia and other countries in preparation so that large amounts of traffic and army vehicles will be able to travel along it. We are all further down the road (Spritually speaking) than most imagine… Just look at the increase of Occultic, Satanic spectacular shows on display for all eyes to see, such as the Half Time Show and the Tunnel opening in Switzerland…the colouring in books by the Satanic Groups aimed at children and the Ouija board being marketed as a ‘toy’ we live in dark times, but do not fear, Jesus Christ is our Saviour, Protector and He will defeat all evil.
    Evil’s days are numbered!!!!

    God Bless you all.

  • Kenna

    Watch Russia! Its anointed to take down USA one of this fine days.


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