US Military Warns Secret Weapons Testing Will Jam GPS Signals For 6 Hours Per Day

The testing will be centered on China Lake, California—home to the Navy’s 1.1 million acre Naval Air Weapons Center in the Mojave Desert. The potentially lost signals will stretch hundreds of miles in each direction and will affect various types of GPS, reaching the furthest at higher altitudes. But the jamming will only affect aircraft above 5,000 feet. As you can see from the FAA map below, the jamming will almost reach the California-Oregon border at 4o,000 feet above sea level and 505 nautical miles at its greatest range.

Starting today, it appears the US military will be testing a device or devices that will potentially jam GPS signals for six hours each day.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In this story today from Gizmodo, it originally contained profanity which we failed to catch when we ran it. It has since been fixed, we apologize for this rare miss. Thank you for extending us grace.

We say “appears” because officially the tests were announced by the FAA but are centered near the US Navy’s largest installation in the Mojave Desert. And the Navy won’t tell us much about what’s going on. The FAA issued an advisory warning pilots on Saturday that global positioning systems (GPS) could be unreliable during six different days this month, primarily in the Southwestern United States. On June 7, 9, 21, 23, 28, and 30th the GPS interference testing will be taking place between 9:30am and 3:30pm Pacific time. But if you’re on the ground, you probably won’t notice interference.

The testing will be centered on China Lake, California—home to the Navy’s 1.1 million acre Naval Air Weapons Center in the Mojave Desert. The potentially lost signals will stretch hundreds of miles in each direction and will affect various types of GPS, reaching the furthest at higher altitudes. But the jamming will only affect aircraft above 5,000 feet. As you can see from the FAA map below, the jamming will almost reach the California-Oregon border at 4o,000 feet above sea level and 505 nautical miles at its greatest range.


I gave the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division a call yesterday, but they couldn’t tell me much.

“We’re aware of the flight advisory,” Deidre Patin, Public Affairs specialist for Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division told me over the phone. But she couldn’t give me any details about whether there was indeed GPS “jamming,” nor whether it had happened before. Patin added, “I can’t go into the details of the testing, it’s general testing for our ranges.”

As AVWeb points out, Embraer Phenom 300 business jets are being told to avoid the area completely during the tests. The FAA claims that the jamming test could interfere with the business jet’s “aircraft flight stability controls.”

GPS technology has become so ubiquitous that cheap jamming technology has become a real concern for both military and civilian aircraft. And if we had to speculate we’d say that these tests are probably pulling double duty for both offensive and defensive military capabilities. But honestly, that’s just a guess.

These tests are naturally going to fuel plenty of conspiracy theories about mind control, weather modification, and aliens—especially with China Lake’s proximity to both large population centers like LA and Las Vegas, and the fact that Area 51 is practically just down the road. But it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to tell us we shouldn’t make it a habit of jamming GPS signals for everybody.

If you experience any significant GPS interference this month or know the “real” reason behind these test (aliens, right?) please let us know in the comments. source

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  • Charlton

    For future reference, please filter the profanity from the article before publishing. It’s not becoming of a site run by a minister of the gospel.

    • That was a extremely rare catch we failed to make, it has been fixed. Thanks for extending us grace in this matter.

      • Charlton

        I’ve been reading your blog long enough to know it was an unintentional oversite. Thanks! Your blog has been a blessing to me.

  • Scot

    Yes. Thank you Charlton… I was about to ask what’s up with the profanity at the end Geoffrey Grinder?

  • Scot

    Thank you Geoffrey… it happens…

  • We live in a corrupt world where things are going to get through!
    God listens to this day in and day out!
    He is ready to call it a day, I am sure!
    We know you, Geoffrey!
    Thank you for the job you do for the Lord!

  • Hollis Caravetta

    The F word and S word have yet to be removed. I do not like reading this from you….I expect more.

    • Come on Hollis, he explained what happened and he apologized and fixed it, what more do you want? How would you like to live with a spouse who uses those words all the time? I do and I don’t like it but it happens, a lot of ppl I have been placed around by the Lord use them as if it’s just normal words and yes I cringe every time I hear the words but God gives me grace, He has to or it would drive me insane. Maybe you would segregate yourself from everyone who ever uses a bad word but you would have to move to the mountains and become a hermit. And before I came to the Lord and received salvation I swore like a sailor, was raised up swearing, to me it was normal but thank God that He forgave me, gave me a new heart which cleaned my mouth up but glad He didn’t avoid me or I’d never be His. I am not making light of the use of foul language but I am not going to judge those who do use it or I would be judging everyone just about that God has place around me. And they must have been removed because I don’t see one bad word in the article.

  • I read some testimonies of some who live in California over the past couple of years where they have witnessed some strange goings on with the military, a lot of lights in the sky at night, helicopters flying over the ocean, strange sights and sounds so wouldn’t be surprised if this is some cover up for something else. And no one seems to have any answers for anyone inquiring about it all, naturally. One was even from a state trooper out early in the morning doing his normal patrolling, some weird stuff these citizens talked about, they can’t all be crazy. what are they doing, what do they know that we don’t?

    • Lee Rice

      In Oregon on the Coast we only see helicopters until the last year. Now we hear the jets high up and sometimes see them. They are traveling NORTH. We all noticed the sudden flight patterns. I can only assume they are headed to Alaska, After all that is where the huge misslile defence is located. I never see them going SOUTH.

  • Grace, I live in Oregon on the coast. We have had training flights going over our coast from time to time. But in the last 6 months, we have had JETS up high and moving fast. Going north toward Alaska. I don’t question it, as if it is necessary, go for it guys and girls. When I lived in aZ, we had jets over us all day everyday. But, they came and returned to the same airport. A training airforce base. Also, we had training of the travel planes near that area. But, this I am seeing is different.

  • DeniseC

    I know you used “aliens” tongue-in-cheek, but I wouldn’t count it out. I think they’re demons, but there was the case of them in L.A. They even made a movie, “Battle for Los Angeles.” Plus there’s the LUCIFER telescope on Mt. Graham in AZ put there by the VATICAN, so they are looking for something “out there.” I think it’ll be part of the great delusion—so many to choose from. Hillary wants the “truth” on aliens, so I think that it’s coming. I’d be interested in more on what the bible says about satan, the AC, and these demon-aliens. I found this so far:

  • Look, DeniseC, We have aliens running this Country. Aliens of our Lord Jesus Christ. We yet have any knowledge of the Evil we will have to face. I thought that what the Jews went through with Hitler was Hell on earth, I have a feeling however, that the Tribulation will be so much worse. If we are not ready with the scripture in our mind and on our hearts, we will not be able to give an answer for our hope. My question….If anyone knows, will some of the Evil people become Christians? If that is the case, we better have our Scripture down pat. We will have to do this by memory. I doubt I am capable of that, but I know God knows who will be able to do His work. But,then again, He may ask me to do what is uncomfortable for me. Fight in the battle with the Lord. He will give me the ability. I look forward to seeing my Lord.

    • DeniseC

      Well, I’m looking for the Blessed Hope. That is, I believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. I think the disappearance of the Church will wake a lot of people up and they will accept Christ, only they will have to go through the 7 years. As 1/4 are killed then 1/3 and then 2/3 of the Jews, hopefully people will realize it WASN’T a “fairy tale” and will survive without taking the Mark of the Beast, though it’s better to die in Christ (get beheaded) than spend eternity without Him in the Lake of Fire. I don’t think evil people CAN become Christians b/c their minds will be seared. Once the Mark of the Beast is taken, there is no turning back. As for aliens, Pope Frank says he’ll baptize them, though it won’t mean a thing without faith in Christ. As the Church Lady says, “Isn’t that special?”

      • DeniseC you made me laugh with your reference to Pope Francis as Pope Frank. I know it is no laughing matter but I just call him Frank. The things that come out of that man’s mouth are unbelievable. Saying things such as ‘Jesus’ death on the cross was a failure’ is mind boggling. Can people not see that there is something fundamentally wrong with this man. I have a friend who is an atheist yet he admires Pope Francis. He was a Catholic but has now rejected anything to do with Jesus. In my own way I am trying to bring him back to the Lord. I think you are right about truly evil people but then again we can never know what God will do in the lives of those who have rejected Him.

        • DeniseC

          Thanks, Steve. I think there is going to be a big split in the Catholic church because of Frank. Some still say his election was invalid and that Benedict is really still pope, no matter that he stepped down. Francis is way too liberal. I’m hoping that Catholics will wake up to all that’s wrong in their church and actually start reading the bible—not just believing everything the clergy says.

          Where do you live in Australia? My son and his wife did a semester of college there in Brisbane. They got to do quite a bit of traveling there and really loved it.

        • Lee Rice

          Steve, I cannot believe the pope said that Jesus death on the cross was a failure. Is he crazy? Why don’t Catholics question these statements I think they think they cannot as they have been taught that he is God’s voice on earth. Do not worship Mary or any of Jesus followers. They repeatedly told people it was not them but the Power of God. I guess the Catholic Church which is extremely wealthy, will scare people if they were to leave the church. I do not worship any pastor or any church. In fact, I get more out of my own study and receiving my pastors sermons and study on my own. I know God asks us to fellowship, and I believe that is what I am doing. I share the Gospel as much and as often as I can.

      • Amen, DeniseC! You preach it, girl! I find it quite interesting that Hitlery wants to know the truth about the aliens! LOL! She already knows what’s going on in Area 51 and elsewhere!

        Did anybody besides myself happen to see that the dates of the “jam sessions” are Luciferian? According to Satanic numerology, they revel in the odd numbers, which bear significance to themselves and their master (Satan). Notice especially, the number “30”! It contains two odd numbers! There’s something bigger going on here than what meets the eye! Don’t be fooled by the “28”; when one adds the two numbers together, they equal 30!

        Keep up the great work, Sis! I also enjoyed Grace’s comments too! Diddo for you too, Sis! God Bless!

      • DeniseC, I forgot to mention, that you also made me laugh when you quoted the “Church Lady”! That brought back memories of yesteryear! Thanks, for sharing your sense of humor! You and others call the pope, “Frank”; Christ calls him, a “worker of iniquity”! Mt. 7: 23.

  • CHAR

    DeniseC, Amen to that Blessed Hope that we are ALL looking for. Sometimes when I’m getting ready to go to bed, I think, I wonder if I will be here in the morning or if I will be with the Lord, but here I am, rolling out of bed, another day, but hopefully to win someone to the Lord. Yes, hopefully people that have heard about the Lord returning soon will realize it happened and get on their knees, although having to endure the tribulation until they are beheaded or whatever way they will have to die a martyr’s death, but will be with the Lord in eternity, Denise, you’re right. It will be worth it! It’s a shame they don’t give their lives to the Lord now and avoid that horrible time of Jacob’s trouble.

  • Geoffrey, just FYI…. the verbiage is still in your article (regarding the profanity). If it can be removed, I would suggest removing it, as we do not want your good to be evil spoken of! And, when you think about it, we will never be “f…..ed”, as you say, as our Good Father keeps a watchful eye out for us! Even in a worst-case scenario, it’s a win-win situation for us! Thank you for your diligence and your ministry.

  • Talking about foul language has anyone heard Glenn Beck and his Blaze Network; as well as Fox News Channel. They have been using foul language a lot lately to fight against Trump. The women on both the Blaze and Fox have been dressing like hookers and prostitutes. Not enough attention has been spent by this website or other Christian news sites on the behavior of these networks this year. Please Geoffrey report also on Fox News and The Blaze’s indecency. Their behaviors have been very bad. Pat Gray and Glenn Beck’s mouths need to be washed out with soap. We as Christians need to pray for Fox News and The Blaze that The Holy Spirit would move on them to convict them of their sins and accept Jesus and Him Crucified. For the only heart that God Almighty will accept is a humble and contrite heart. The only victory over the Sin Nature is through the Blood of the Lamb.

  • Karen U

    steven robbins, You are so right about Fox News. Don’t get the Blaze Network, but Fox is becoming so liberal, and my husband and I are amazed at how some of the women anchors have been looking lately. Seems like they are selling out too.

    • KAREN U, thank you, thank you, thank you. You and your husband are very discerning of the times just as God the Father has taught me to be since my youth. All we need to do is keep depending on Jesus and His Work on the Cross as we see the day of our redemption drawing nearer.

  • Beaumont

    “These tests are naturally going to fuel plenty of conspiracy theories about mind control, weather modification, and aliens…”

    It is usually the case, that the official story is somewhat questionable, based on nothing more than what we can see, and what they have told us:

    The West’s GPS and the East’s navigation seem to be inter-operable, to the extent that one shuts down the other.
    Or, the military has need of civilian channels.
    Or, a domestic exercise can’t be differentiated from a foreign attack.
    Since noone would realistically cause a disturbance, in the vicinity of armed soldiers, there is no effective difference between a war game and declared, martial law.

    Noone needs any radicalization, prophetic foreknowledge, control over the forces of nature, or little green men, to be wary of that.

  • I’m still amazed that so many folk are quick to deny the existence of extraterrestrail aliens, when the pope has declared he is ready to baptize them when they come. He has even gone so far as to encourage his flock to welcome an “alien savior”! Surely, a man in his position of power and prestige wouldn’t make himself appear moronic or simple-minded for a baseless fantasy?!

    When one read’s Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam’s book, “Exo Vaticana”, there is ample proof of ET’s, and the papacy’s involvement with them, i.e. communication! The astronomers on Mt. Graham, where the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope is, speak about their conversations with ET’s as though it were a common everyday experience! This is nothing to be laughed away!

    High ranking military men have also revealed in this book that there are in fact, very real aliens in Area 51, and they call the shots for the global govenment leaders from behind the scenes. They tell much more than that which would shock the shoes right off of ye!

    Why is it so hard to believe in ET’s/Demons, and yet so easy to believe in God and His angels? We cannot have one without the others! Even the O.T. prophet Ezekiel describes a spacecraft in chp. 1 ! Everything that is being called “conspiracy theory” is not a theory, but it certainly is a “conspiracy”!

    • This passage of scripture (Ezekiel 1:15-23) is speaking about the Cherubim or the Four Living Creatures also mentioned in Revelation 4:6-11. The wheels movement was the movement of these Four Living Creatures.

      • Greetings, Brother Steven Robbins! Was the wheels movement really the movement of the four creatures as you purport? I think not. First of all, you have mistakenly identified these creatures as “Cherubim”, but when I read the passages you cited, there is no evidence at all that these are cherubim! They are a perfect description of an outerspace alien, a life form we’re not accustomed to rubbing shoulders with! In fact, if you go back to v. 7, one could be very quick to identify them as demons! Why? I’m so glad you asked!

        “…and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf’s foot…” A calf’s foot is the same structure as a goat’s! They have cloven hooves for feet. I’m not suggesting these are demons that are being spoken of in Rev. 4, but just as Satan’s angels were God’s angels at one time, in Rev. 4, these are obviously God’s angels that are being spoken of…the fallen angels.

        You will notice in Ezekiel 1: 6 these creatures had “four wings”; in Rev. 4: 8, the creatures being spoken of had “six wings”. These are NOT one and the same creatures, according to this comparison. Therefore, if the number of wings is truly significant, these creatures spoken of in Ezekiel 1 have been demoted by the obvious absence of two wings!

        When you read v. 15 carefully, one wheel was “by” the living creatures, therefore, it is not part of the living creatures. When I stand by a huge rock, it is not a part of my anatomy! See the difference?

        The creatures are denoted as “living”, not the wheel. V, 16 describes the wheel as being within a wheel, still NOT a part of the living creatures.A wheel is mechanical by nature; this was a mechanical “thing” that Ezekiel couldn’t put a name to.

        This my brother is speaking of a spacecraft; there is no other possible explanation. Even today, these kinds of craft are being seen by millions around the world. V. 17 is the clincher! “When they went, they went upon their four sides: and they turned not when they went.” That’s the side ways movement of a spacecraft; no other creature moves in this manner.

        V. 18 gives even more credence to the spacecraft interpretation: “As for their rings…” What were the “rings”? Could they be some kind of energy force? I believe so.

        “…they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them four.” Hmmm…could these be ancient words for lights? Revolving lights! Perhaps they were lit up observation windows…

        V. 19 is the icing on the cake: “And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were LIFTED UP FROM THE EARTH, the wheels were lifted up.”

        This was clearly and undeniably a spacecraft of some sort! The creatures were travelling in this vehicle. It doesn’t get any planer than that. However, it shows us that we need to slow down and CAREFULLY read God’s Word, dissecting each and every part carefully, “rightly dividing the Word of Truth”. Blessings!

  • Ron

    Having been a Weaponeer on Subs and worked with Tomahawks and its fire control system it seems to me they are trying to design a Jammer

    of GPS signals because of The Russian’s Satan Missile. However almost all missles that are used against any target now a days employ

    GPS Positioning to accurately locate their target. Thus these make designing a GPS Jammer Imperative and the Satan Missile make it a

    super critical priority.

  • Ron, I agree with you that the GPS signals being jammed could be used on The Russian’s Satan Missile or any other missile even an Iranian or Chinese one. Could they know something we don’t? This is an interesting question. In any event this can be a time that they could be preparing for any attacks that our enemies can launch at us. The only problem I have with this is the military, the government or any one is not taking seriously an EMP attack and any computer hacker’s attack on this nation.

    • Steven Robbins, don’t worry about the emp! This is all a staged and pre-planned “funeral arrangement” for N. America that the Biblderberg meetings conjure up behind closed doors! There’s no need to take an emp attack seriously as you say, because our own governments are behind it! You asked, “Could they know something we don’t?”

      Of course they do! They know a whole lot more than any of us will ever realize! They’ve got the Nephilim advising them from behind the scenes! Since when do the people EVER know as much as their handlers? Since when do we, as the creation of God EVER know as much as our Creator? That’s the advantage of being over somebody; you only allow them to know as much as you feel they need to know. If the people of N. America and the globe ALL knew what was coming, there would be a global uprising against their respective governments such as the world has never seen, nor ever will see! Keep ’em in the dark; easier to slaughter that way! Satan is quite the task master! Thank God for God, and His infinite wisdom which provides a way of escape for us, through the Second Person of the Trinity: Jesus Christ, the Living Word! Without HIm, we’d all be toast!

      • I do agree with you about the demons being these aliens. Demons can change into any form they choose. Jack Van Impe a long time ago taught that aliens were in fact demons. Since demons are angels as well Satan’s Angels they would have the power to see to it that people see UFOS. Where I disagree with Brother Jack Van Impe is that we call Catholics our brothers and sisters. I disagree with that because I learned that the RCC borrowed a lot of their traditions from the world system and that they say that Mary, the Mother of The Man Christ Jesus, is co-redemptress. Mother-Son worship is not really worshiping Our Lord and Savior Jesus they put the Virgin Mary higher than Jesus, and that is not right. Mary did not go to the Cross. I respect her as Jesus’ mother, but I do not worship her. I personally would rather go to God the Father and My Lord and Savior Jesus than her and the apostles. Much of what’s in the RCC is paganism. Don’t think for a second they would not try to take our property, money and still persecute us if they had the power and means. The RCC is fulfilling their end time role perfectly even accepting the Muslims. Even Pope Francis is getting into the role of a shadow of the False Prophet pretty nicely. We don’t need to worry about these things because God the Father and Jesus are in control. We just need to believe, trust, have faith, hope in, accept and do not deny, and identify with Jesus and His Work on the Cross. The Cross includes the Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, Exaltation and soon coming again. Jesus is the source and The Cross is the means by which we have victory and are blessed, Praise the Lamb of God Forever!

        • AMEN, Brother! I’m with ya all the way on this! I’m afraid Jack Van Impe may also be in favor of the ECT (Evangelicals & Catholics Together), just as Billy Graham et al are. As a supporter of Jack’s ministry, I’m very disappointed that he NEVER encourages those whom he leads to the Lord to leave the RC cult, and to attend KJV Bible-believing/practicing churches. There’s no writing to this man to get an answer for such and I find that to be a bit discomforting. Apart from that, I really appreciate his coverage of world news in relation to the Church. I’m surprised the Muslims haven’t taken him out yet, as he exposes them as they are!

    • Ron

      Because that is The NWO’s motto:”Order thru Chaos” or something with similiar meaning.

      Besides they are looking for any excuse to start Martial Law.

      God Bless!

  • Ron

    Amen steven everything gets venerated except the Lord who should be Exalted above all!

    God Bless You Steven!

  • CHAR

    Skywatcher, what a coincidence. I just watched Jack VanImpe and he devoted his entire show to the Catholics and the Vatican magazine and is telling everyone to subscribe to that magazine. Huh?? He had the Catholic bible and he said it’s exactly like the KJV. Double huh?? So, I turned it off before it was even over. What a shame. He and Rexella have been on TV for such a long time and now he’s going senile on us or soft. I don’t know, but I sure hope he’s not going over the deep end after all these years of preaching the Word as it should be. Oh Lord, please call us home. It’s very disheartening to see and hear of all these preachers that are becoming lukewarm. Sigh.

    • I haven’t seen this week’s program, but thank you, Char for that very important update! I’ll withdraw my financial support immediately, as I won’t be supporting the Vatican, it’s imps, or the ecumenical church of the Antichrist! Keep the investigation hat on! God bless!

    • Char, here is my letter to Jack and Rexella Van Impe. I apologize, it is not very well-written because I was in a hurry.

      Dear Jack & Rexella,

      I just finished watching your program of last week. Jack, I love you and Rexella very much, and it breaks my heart to have to pen the following words, but I KNOW they won’t mean a speck to you!

      As a born again Christian, I’m greatly saddened to hear you from week to week, call the pope “our pope”. As a Protestant, he’s not nor ever will be my pope! You then call Pope John Paul II a “man of God” because he quoted Scripture…There are atheists who can quote Scripture; how ludicrous of you to make such a statement! He was a man of god alright..the sun god, Rah, hence all the halos around their demi-gods! How can this man be “a man of God” and bow down to idols, wear symbols of those idols on their priestly garments, pray to Mary, etc.? If St. Francis of Assissi and pope JP II were men of God, how come they didn’t marry? God’s Word says they are to be the husband of one wife!

      If they are God’s representatives on earth, we currently have two gods, as two of them are alive! At one time, there were three popes alive! How can a Jesuit represent Jesus Christ?! If you know Church History at all, the Protestants walked away from the RC cult because it was NEVER a part of the Bride of Christ, the Church! It was and is a counterfeit religion, and not a very good one at that! What happened to you? Where is your sound theology?

      You quote Bishop Sheen and Francis of Assissi as though they are speaking prophetically; they weren’t! They were clearly stating the futuristic goals of this cult, paving the way for the evil agenda to unfold! If these so-called holy or godly cardinals and bishops you speak of are having issues with Frankie, then why are they still in the Ratican? Why aren’t they defecting and speaking out en masse? They say one thing in writing, hoping to appeal to a segment of the “church”, and practice yet another! They like the luxuries of the trough, that’s why they don’t defect! They love mammon and little boys too much!!! A homo may be your pope; he’s NOT MINE!

      Jack, you’re a fence-sitter; you’re “neither hot nor cold”! If you were truly hot for Christ, you’d be encouraging these dear folk to “come out of her”, but you don’t! You invite them to Christ and then leave them to smolder and to die a spiritual death by staying in their paganism without sound biblical doctrine! You call yourself a man of God? I think not; you’re a RC ear-tickler…a man pleaser!

      Throughout the years, many of us have personally taken the time to write to you, asking for clarification of your position re: the Vatican and the R.C. cult; you don’t give us the dignity of a reply in any of your articles, but you take our money! You’re ignoring Rom. 12: 2 in your own practice, buddy! “…and be not conformed to this world…”

      How can you call something unholy and contrary to God’s Word (RC cult), “holy” or “good”? I’ve made notes from this program, and as a serious student of God’s Word, it’s easy to see you’ve blurred the lines between serving God and the Vatican. Are you a subscriber to the Manhattan Declaration and/or a member of the ecumenical ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together) movement?

      When does God ever resign? If the popes represent God on earth, He must’ve resigned when Benedict did! One cannot have it both ways! If he were God, why was he afraid and need to have a popemobile; when can God be killed? When does transubstantiation ever become biblical? If the Douay Rheam’s bible is as accurate as the KJV, then why don’t the “holy” and “godly” priests and popes marry? The first part of Exod. 20 re: serving other gods and bowing down to idols is missing! By the way, Peter was a Jew and NEVER a pope as you state; he had a wife, and probably a netful of children!

      Jack, you dropped the ball a long time ago! You should’ve been instructing the dear RC people to leave that mind-controlling, purse-sucking cult, but you didn’t! I know of former RC’s, converted to biblical Christianity, and they’re appalled at your lack of instruction and compassion for the souls of these people you lead to Christ. The folk I speak of want absolutely nothing to do with their former dictators and prevaricators! You’re just as bad as pope Frankie for not exposing them…ALL of them! If you’re not against it, you’re for it! This is just as dangerous to man’s soul as is Islam, Chrislam, or the counterfeit bibles, which you don’t mind exposing! In the past, I’ve heard you quote from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, yet, you’re vouching for the demonic cult that did this to the dear Protestant saints of God! Is God truly happy with your “ministry”? I’m afraid for all the souls you’ve “led to Christ”, the most you will hear from Him on that Day is the quotes from Mt. 7: 20-23. You may have merely provided these RC people with a false sense of security, sealing their souls in Hell because you chose to leave them in their wicked institution of false doctrine! The best they can hope for is “fire insurance” and nothing more, and that’s doubtful, according to God’s Word. I can lead a head-hunter to recite the sinner’s prayer, but if there is no proper teaching or fruit of the Spirit in his life, there has NOT been a conversion to Christ and maturity won’t happen! He’s still a practicing head-hunter who’s bound by superstition, tradition, and rituals.

      You send a mixed message; you support and praise demi-gods (popes, bishops, etc., i.e. Assisi, Sheen, Martin).

      I’ve supported your ministry financially throughout the years and overlooked much. I’m requesting that I be removed from your list of financial supporters and mailing list. God is not in favor of the ecumenical/global church of the antichrist (as you should know), that you and Freemasons Billy and Franklin Graham push. I do not feel comfortable giving you my money any longer. ** I will pray that a great many others will wake up and follow suit!** You’ve compromised the truth of God’s Word by your actions and lack of action; the Muslims won’t take you out because you support and endorse their mother church…Rome!

      A great throng of witnesses expected so much more from you, as did God, I’m sure.

      Please acknowledge and fulfill my request to disfellowship from you.


      If many more people would do this, Jack might just wake up out of his spiritual coma! He is definitely not in favor of Frankie or his doings; he’s speaking out against various policies and writings of the pope, but at the same time…he’s not encouraging his converts to come away from his clutches either. This is a mixed and confused message, and we know who the author of confusion is! SATAN!

      God bless!


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