Ukraine Warns Russia ‘We Will Go Nuclear!’

Ukraine may have to arm itself with nuclear weapons if the United States and other world powers refuse to enforce a security pact that obligates them to reverse the...

KIEV, Ukraine — Ukraine may have to arm itself with nuclear weapons if the United States and other world powers refuse to enforce a security pact that obligates them to reverse the Moscow-backed takeover of Crimea, a member of the Ukraine parliament told USA TODAY.


The United States, Great Britain and Russia agreed in a pact “to assure Ukraine’s territorial integrity” in return for Ukraine giving up a nuclear arsenal it inherited from the Soviet Union after declaring independence in 1991, said Pavlo Rizanenko, a member of the Ukrainian parliament.

“We gave up nuclear weapons because of this agreement,” said Rizanenko, a member of the Udar Party headed by Vitali Klitschko, a candidate for president. “Now there’s a strong sentiment in Ukraine that we made a big mistake.”

His statements come as Russia raised the possibility it may send its troops beyond the Crimean peninsula on the Black Sea into the eastern half of Ukraine.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said lawlessness “now rules in eastern regions of Ukraine as a result of the actions of fighters of the so-called ‘right sector’ with the full connivance” of Ukraine’s authorities.

Rizanenko and others in Ukraine say the pact it made with the United States under President Bill Clinton was supposed to prevent such Russian invasions.

The pact was made after the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 and became Russia, leaving the newly independent nation of Ukraine as the world’s third largest nuclear weapons power. source – USA Today

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  • j

    basically the slave masters must leave-now!

  • Another nuclear power country?

  • j

    Ukraine just wants and loves freedom. Is it too much to ask some one to stop bugging them!

  • J: Prophecy needs to be fulfill for us to go to heaven!

  • Unless the Ukraine can build a bomb in about a Month they’re out of luck that’s about how long it will take Russia to overrun them.

  • Reid: Its about prophecy, Ukraine will be taken over by Russia, without choice. God’s in control not the Americans or the Russians. The alliance needs to form so the Magog war to happen in the future, there just parts that needs to come together to form a whole story together.

  • I’m with you, Pastor. It truly is the beginning of The End! Russia doesn’t care what any other nation does; Putin is a KGB bully who knows Obama won’t lift a finger (his delicate pinky!), and Britain can’t go it alone against Russia. Poland is next, then more. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

  • Jody: What’s falling around us is in God’s control, prophecies are being fulfill rapidly now. Next we will see in April 15, 2014 The Jewish Passover with the 1st Blood Moon event, something bad going to happen in the Middle East, but when it does the world pays for it, if its not directly toward us.

    Obama is just another Jimmy Carter in a black custom. Oh! Did I say a racist comment, heaven help me! At least Carter has his peanuts?

  • THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are nothing but a pack of murdering thiefs,and anyone who believes america is going to get away with STEALING ALL UKRAINES GOLD,your dreaming,you’ll pay for that gold in blood,I guarantee it,putting these demoncrate criminals in power was the end of america…..and OBOOZO the demon from hell ain’t going to stand trial for treason,HE’LL BOMB AMERICA INTO THE DIRT FIRST………………….

  • russia should leave Ukraine alone. They can fulfil prophecy all by themselves!

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