UK ON LOCKDOWN: Islamic Terror Attack Leaves 1 American Dead, 5 Others Wounded

Witnesses described victims “screaming and covered in blood” following the rampage in which the woman was brutally knifed by a man around 10.30pm. Police sources confirmed the attacker hailed from Norway and is of Somali descent – and added that he has shown no signs of radicalisation.

An American woman in her 60s was knifed to death and five others injured during a bloodbath attack carried out by a Norwegian-Somali Muslim man in central London last night.

Witnesses described victims “screaming and covered in blood” following the rampage in which the woman was brutally knifed by a man around 10.30pm. Police sources confirmed the attacker hailed from Norway and is of Somali descent – and added that he has shown no signs of radicalisation.

Other terrified onlookers described the crazed knifeman chasing pedestrians and “lunging for anyone he could see” as police confirmed mental health was a likely factor.

A 19-year-old Muslim man was arrested at the scene after being tasered by police in Russell Square as officers yelled: “Put it down.” It comes as dramatic footage emerges of the suspect being arrested by police last night.

Witnesses reported the dying woman’s final words were: “He’s still here, he’s still here.”

Those injured were British, Australian, Israeli and another American.

London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan urged people to remain “calm and vigilant”. The horrific incident happened just yards from where one of the 7/7 terror attack bombs detonated in 2005.

One witness described a “chubby” white man in a t-shirt and shorts acting suspiciously. Fernando, 40, a paralegal from Brazil, said: “I was cycling by and people screamed at me to stop. It was a Spanish family who approached me.

“It was a mother and father and two sisters. Then I saw a white lady, in her sixties, slumped against the railings. “She had her head in a Spanish woman’s lap, the lady, who was trying to keep her alive by talking to her. They were not related, I think the Spanish family were just passing by.

“She had been stabbed in the back. She was bleeding. There was an English man who was white, I’d say around 45. He had been stabbed in the side.

“Then there was another lady. I didn’t know her nationality but I think she was white. She was in her twenties. She had been stabbed in her arm. source

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  • Pack up the immigrants and send them home. Then you can try to heal. These invasions are causing violence wherever they go! Good will has been abused. Kindly say,”GET OUT”!

    • 01e1ngvar

      They reap, what they sown

  • It’s interesting that almost all these supposed “mentally ill” people, according to the liberal media, doing the terrorist-style killings are all Muslims. Is it such a leap of logic to just connect the dots?

    • therev, in early elementary school, we were taught to rationally group together things which were alike, such as red apples, yellow bananas, purple squares, etc. Today, as adults, we use this same rationale (without even thinking about it) because IT JUST MAKES SENSE. What is the problem here? If mainly Muslims are the perpetrators in these incidents, why can’t they just call it what it is? That police fellow was shaking so badly, I assume, in fear of offending that group of people who refuse to assimilate. I’ve heard Islamists say “We’ve got the UK exactly where we want it…now we’re coming to claim America!” And I truly believe it if Obama and HRClinton have their way! It will get worse. Come Lord Jesus!!

  • Ron S

    The police in London are now saying that there’s no evidence of terrorism, just a mentally disturbed man. It’s the ‘nothing to do with islam’ tired old line. When will these idiots figure out that islam causes (and is) a mental (demonic) illness. I’m tired of being treated like an idiot by people who are themselves idiots i.e. the liberal media and liberal governments. The common factor is islam, anybody with more than 2 working brain cells can see that. Somali to boot – among the worst of the worst in my opinion. This attack had everything to do with islam.

  • SRB

    It doesn’t seem like anything has changed in the UK since the Brexit. I thought that was why they left the EU….because they were sick of the Muslims. Seems like they are still living in denial about those savages. Maybe it takes awhile to purge the old guard over there. I’m sick to my stomach of the lying media and I don’t know how those Britains put up with it….like how stupid do they think people are? Even the Muslims know it’s totally about their fake religion that’s why all the attacks….even they don’t deny it!

  • Marian

    Not to worry… knives have been targeted for a ban.

  • CHAR

    Folks, this will probably be our headlines in about 6 months (after the idiot in the White House Mosque gets out). I’m sure he has some very devious plans ahead and if his sidekick in the pants suit gets in, these things will continue until there will be no America left. It will be the United States of Islam. Terrible thought, but I’m probably not too far off the mark…..hopefully we will be long gone! Come Lord Jesus, quickly!

    • John33

      Yeah you right he is up to something really bad! But us gone before it all happens dont count on it our brothers in africa get teaches the same thing this prerapture stuff but when the muslims come and chop off heads they get confused cause we supposed to be gone so just prepare amd preach the good news!!

  • London Russell Square Stabbing Hoax 100% FAKE =


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