TONIGHT at 9:00PM EST! Combating The Galatians Heresy Of The Hebrew Roots Movement Cult

On tonight's bible study broadcast, we look at a group that, despite their name, are neither Hebrew nor Christian in doctrinal practice. The Hebrew Roots Movement seeks to replace...
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Tune in TONIGHT at 9:00PM EST – On tonight’s bible study broadcast, we look at a group that, despite their name, are neither Hebrew nor Christian in doctrinal practice. The Hebrew Roots Movement seeks to replace the freedom we have in Jesus Christ and replace it with a freakish hybrid that the Apostle Paul warned against in the book of Galatians.


Click Image To Listen To This Program LIVE at 9:00PM EST Tonight!

On tonight’s show, we will open the trustworthy pages of the King James Bible and show you how bible doctrine and Hebrew Roots doctrine are as far apart from each as as east is from the west. This is a fast-growing cult and you need to know how to defend your Christian faith, freedom and salvation that we have in Jesus Christ by Faith through Grace plus NOTHING. If you are “working to stay saved”, it is highly likely you have never been saved at all.

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NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • nothing but the BLOOD of JESUS…

  • DANE: How’s life treating you in the USA? Is your wife born or naturalized mexicana? Is your wife a christian? What type of Christian Church you attend?

  • trouble getting into tonight’s show.

  • I went to Torah study for a couple of years. The people also go a church on Sunday, so they are Christians.
    I quit, because I couldn’t go along with everything they taught. BUT what about all the paganism mixed in with the church. Santa claus, the easter bunny
    There is as much wrong in the church as this so called cult in my opinion. And in the end won’t everybody go down to the Temple to Jerusalem

  • Nk

    There is a hebrew roots movenment going on…..they are right on with some of their teachings and dead wrong as well with some things.. but i see good teachings in other denominations as well as wrong things being taught in other churches as well. With the hebrew roots movement.. they do restore HIS rightful name , show us what the true sabbath was and is today. They also call out the paganism that has infiltered our churches. However, where they are wrong at, is by telling others that we must stay away from pork, and unclean things when Yahuwah (God) said Himself that all things are deemed clean to eat. They also tell us that we must do the jewish feasts…which The new covenant clearly says that we do not need to do that since Yahwushua (jesus) has died… They tell you you cant cut your hair if you are a woman and you cant cut your beard.. the list goes on and on. That is where they are wrong at.. and teaching others this error is gonna get them int trouble with the Creator. However, the other denominations need to be called out as well… they mix paganism with the teachings of the most high. If they search out Christmas.. they would know it has nothing to do with our messiah.. in fact he has to do with other gods. Same with Easter, and etc. Not all holidays are wrong….but when you mix worship with the holidays that has pagan origins.. it is wrong. So if you call out the Hebrew roots movement, you have to call out the other denominations too. And if you do not know what i AM Talking about concerning the paganism with certain holidays.. search it out like i did. but my point is that we need to be careful what we teach no matter what group we may be in.

    • mm lombard

      Nk,thus far yours is the most balance comment I’ve read regarding denominations, I agree to most of what you said, but my opinions are not important. However, for the “christians out there. One should be careful before one starts to call people members of a cult when one sits week after week, year after in a ‘church’ taking part at sunrise services during ‘easter/christmas morning, et al.

  • THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!!! So, many people that are not versed in the Bible (KJB) are falling for this movement hook, line and sinker!!!! It is very sad! 🙁

  • This article is divisive and full of ignorance and error. Oddly, I sense a seething hatred that is prevalent in freemasonry. It also flies in the face of what God Almighty YHWH desires…which is one new man. JEW & GENTILE. As if there are no problems with the 501c3 State controlled pagan assemblies across this nation and the idolatry and greasy grace! People are sick of it and they realize all of the lies that have been layered upon the manipulation and the greed of those that preach the wide paved road and the satanic doctrine of “do what thou wilt” message. YHWH said in 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If MY PEOPLE, who are called by My Name, would humble themselves and pray and seek MY face and TURN FROM THEIR WICKEDNESS…”How are we doing thus far? He said His people…not the masses. Ever read the TEN Commandments in order? This site has lost all credibility for me with this article. I will avoid it in the future. Father forgive their ignorance. This individual knows not what he does… or does he? I smell an ugly rat in your midst, Jim.

  • KJB? Really? You mean KJV… the one that removed the Father’s Memorial name YHWH… close to SEVEN THOUSAND TIMES? The one that is a transliteration of a transliteration? Why do people worship imperfect transliterations of words instead of the living WORD which is the TORAH…the living LAW? Hey kids…Yahshua taught from it! The KJV is better than the NIV because of the MASORETIC text but it came along FIFTEEN HUNDRED years after our King walked the earth…It has its problems…People loved the darkness because of their SIN.


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