The HPV Vaccine Death Toll Among Young Teenage Girls Continues It’s Global Rise

Maham said: 'I was at home when Shazel returned. She was in a really bad state. As soon as she came home my aunt put her to bed. 'My aunt gave her water so she wouldn't dehydrate. My aunt and grandmother kept checking on her. 'An hour later she went blue. She had no pulse. The paramedics were here in seven minutes but she was not responding.

A teenage girl has died just five days after being given the cervical cancer jab after doctors dismissed her illness as a stomach bug and even branded her a ‘lazy child’ before sending her home

“So they poured out for the men to eat. And it came to pass, as they were eating of the pottage, that they cried out, and said, O thou man of God, there is death in the pot. And they could not eat thereof.” 2 Kings 4:40 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you have a teenage girl, please keep in mind that for every 700,000 shots to be administered, one person will die. Thousand more will experience frightening, crippling side effects. Can you live with those odds?

Shazel Zaman, 13, was suffering with a severe headache, vomiting and dizziness after having the HPV vaccine and her symptoms became so severe that her family took her to Fairfield Hospital in Bury.

But the family claim that a doctor dismissed her condition was linked to the cervical cancer jab and sent her home citing a stomach bug. She was found collapsed and unconscious with no pulse an hour later at her home in Bury, and died in hospital four hours later.

Now Pennine Acute NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, has launched an investigation into the standard of care Shazel received at the hospital

Her family believe her death is linked directly to the cervical cancer jab. Shazel had been given her second course of the HPV vaccine at Derby High School in Bury on April 13, and fell ill just hours later. Her condition rapidly worsened and she died on April 17.

HPV Vaccine Side Effects:

More than 26 million doses of the HPV vaccine have been distributed since it was approved for females ages 9 to 26. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on the first major review of its potential side effects.

Her sister, Maham Hussain, 19, said: ‘She had the injection on the Wednesday. On Friday she was complaining of a sore arm – no swelling just redness. ‘On the Saturday she complained of a severe headache, and by the evening she was throwing up. Come Sunday she was very pale, and my aunt took her to Fairfield.

‘Whilst she was there she was in and out of consciousness. My aunt had to get a wheelchair for her. ‘She had a blood test, and her heart rate checked, and everything was said to be normal. ‘She was asked to provide a urine test and when my aunt took her to the toilet she fell to the floor, she was so drowsy.

‘My aunt took her back to the doctor and that’s when the doctor made the comment that Shazel “came across as a lazy child”. Shazel’s aunt, Saimah Naseem, who took her to Fairfield, said she was ‘shocked’ at the comment.

HPV Vaccine Side Effects – Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

She said: ‘That was a horrible thing to say. One of the nurses also made the comment “she’s fine”.’ Maham said: ‘I was at home when Shazel returned. She was in a really bad state. As soon as she came home my aunt put her to bed.

‘My aunt gave her water so she wouldn’t dehydrate. My aunt and grandmother kept checking on her.

‘An hour later she went blue. She had no pulse. The paramedics were here in seven minutes but she was not responding.

‘At hospital it was just the machines that were keeping her alive.’

The family said that following her death she underwent a CT scan but it was unable to find a cause. They then paid £670 for an MRI scan at Oldham Royal Hospital. That too was inconclusive and an autopsy has now been carried out. However, the results will not be available for several months.

Mahan said: ‘The family strongly believe that there is a link between her death and the vaccination.

‘Before that she was perfectly normal, and active. Our own GP was really shocked that she had passed away. The reason we are speaking out is to raise awareness of what might happen. source

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

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    • GRACE

      I don’t trust these vaccines, they give so many different one nowadays. I was pressured by my GP a few years ago to get the flu shot because I am a diabetic, I kept refusing to get it till I couldn’t take the constant pressure of the GP telling me it was a good thing for me, but I got immediately sick and was sick for a week, haven’t had anymore of them and the thing is I hadn’t had the flu since I was a child until I got that shot. I don’t know if it was just a reaction that some may get but they could put anything in them and with Bill Gates statement about vaccines being used to kill off some of the population in which he gives out, it’s not reassuring. They have also given out too many antibiotics where there are strains that are now resistant to antibiotics, I believe God gave us a natural immune system that fights most common ailments and flu is one of them, I’ll never have another flu shot or pneumonia shot not willingly anyway or by choice.
      I know there is a debate about immunizations with parents who feel they are not safe vs parents who blame those parents for not vaccinating citing they are a danger to their own children but my question to those parents who believe those who don’t immunize will infect their child is this, if you have so much faith in immunizing your child and in the vaccine, why then would you worry that a child who isn’t immunized will pass on to your child some sickness that they’ve been immunized for? That is irony indeed and a oxymoron to boot.

  • Jizzus

    Oh come on. Get a real source. The Daily Fail? I mean, this story _seems_ plausible, but I can’t take it seriously.


    • carrierwave

      FDA moles will go where the fires never go out.

      • You’re unintelligible

        The hell does that even mean?

        • Ron

          It sounds like to me the FDA moles are going to Hell. IMO

  • Marian

    Bill Gates, who has invested millions in vaccines, says that population can be reduced by 15% using vaccines. What does that tell you? Hint: 15 out of 100 will DIE from the vaccine.

  • Ron

    My son got one and got bad headaches and low grade fever for a month and we said no way to him getting a second booster.

    My other son will not be getting it either. We thought we were doing him a favor by getting it and it almost killed him.

    I keep telling my sons abstinence, abstinence, abstinence. Because if you are not married and lose your virginity I

    believe people cheat themselves by doing such and risk contracting a myriad of diseases that even now may be untreatable

    even with anti-biotics.

    Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.

    • Righteously Dividing The Enemy

      Prophecy Links

      Seen to be seeing a large container fall on Saddam, a voice lamenting, “Hussein (Saddam/Barack Hussein), has been injured and will not recover,” 2003

      Seen to be seeing America, Britain going in separate directions, truly after they’ve desecrated
      mankind, a voice declaring: “America, Britain, separate them into itty, bitty, pieces, 2004, see Dan. 2:3-49

      A Voice Declaring: “Smiling faces don’t last, rub Canada from the map,” great judgment is come to westernized civilization, repent! 08/29/2007,

      It is Appointed Unto All Men, To Die

      -Holy Lords this witness, I count even pharmaceuticals commercials, especially those ten to 20 unthinkable brands of side effects, all set behind these heaven on earth images. Clearly, again I count it all as curses being spoken upon the listener and the home's inhabitants themselves, these side effects alone are truly bewitching. I mute them, watch highly screen movies, or I cut off the set altogether, pleading God have mercy, reminded He already has, get all that's life, love and treasured to Him, Jesus, Christ, reassures in heaven.
      -It's all no different than Holy Spirits inquiring of king Ahaziah,(II Kings), by the way, this same reference was made toward First Kingdom Elvis and Second King, Michael before their deaths, both highly relying on the medical profession, now their man/soul, slaughterers. That's ask of King Ahaziah, whether or not there's a God of Israel in the land, that he's to instead seek out witch doctors and soothsayers, (these deadly concoctions)of black magic? This shock reminder, all of which today are predominately your religious, political, medical, mental and science professionals.
      -This will further explain why the greater bringer of death in the land,(see Ezek. 9), rightly while a great stampede was gravely in it's mightiest of trimesters. Truly running for their lives Americans were all being villain zed by a grim reaper bearing a sword like syringe of all things, of all weapons. Where the again, scattering off to feel safe Americans unrepentant heart was his over all target, this victorious until nothing was left of America; than as a brown, magnetic manner of memorabilia one is to hang on the refrigerator. ...Is Jesus Your Head, are Holy Spirits, your Righteous Shepherd? See here Roms 6, Col. 2, awake, be as aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see also

  • Yolanda

    True story or not, Amen-Abstinence, Abstinence. I wish someone had preached to me! This vaccine doesn’t protect them from all the other myriad of sexually transmitted diseases, plus the baggage on your soul and body if/when the relationship fails. So, abstain. STD’s are consequences of sexual immorality and is one more reason why God said that “fornicators would not inherit the kingdom” (1 Cor 6:9); because the temple is defiled by all of your partners, plus your partners partners, and their partners partners.

    They wanted to vaccinate my son to protect girls, and I told them, he’s been warned from very young to wait till marriage. And still wants to as a teenager. We are responsible to influence our children, not the world!

    • Ricky

      I am not into the biblical reasons, but when they were into innoculating 12 year old girls at schools, i said no for my daughter. So many people said I was not a good parent for doing so. It was pushed by a group of school mothers who knew exactly nothing about the new release drug at that time. 13 years ago now. My daughter has finished uni, studied medical science actually and lives a good healthy lifes style. Still no BF and I am not in a rush. However, one of those mothers did loose a daughter back then to an “unrelated” problem. She has on a few occassion said to me, “do you really believe the drug could have killled my daughter”. The daughter contracted some unimaginable sickness just days after first innoculation.- I know I was right….I do feel bad for the brainwashed fools who believe all they hear and then cry when they loose something or someone close. I just think it was a waste to loose such a vivacious and beautiful and healthy Smart Young girl. No one would take responsability for the death of an innocent. Nothing to do with biblical for me…but reality is….if you commit no sin, you pay no toll.

  • carrierwave

    Irresponsible FDA doctors are nothing other than population control hit-men. Treat yourself at home and live longer. SAY NO TO BILL GATES VACCINES– he is a murderer at large.

    • GRACE

      carrierwave, I couldn’t agree more.

      • Ron

        The more I see these things happen and the push to get a Flu shot, I’m not so sure I will even trust flu shots anymore.

        They could care less whether you are protected or not, they hope you either become sterile from it or die from it.

        Some country has a massive lawsuit (India?) against Bill gates for his vaccines. You are right carrierwave.

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  • SS

    There are protiens that are put into vaccines that cause cancer. They cause it because the protien breaks down your immune system. It also inhibits your ability to absorb Vit.D, which boosts your immunine system.
    Also, there are things in vaccines like Human Diploid cells. These are DNA cells from aborted fetal cells. This is not a hoax. It is real. If you put Someone else’s DNA into a developing infant, exactly what do you think it will do to that child? My guess is Transgenders. But then again I don’t trust the FDA, CDC, WHO, AMA, or any of those alphabet groups any further than I can throw one of their fat butts.

    • I need a source

      Interesting claims. Do you have a source for these claims?

    • Himmler

      To what does your name refer, friend?

    • Heather

      SS, I don’t it a bit. It’s obvious there is a strong source that is causing so much cancer in people in the last so many years. I thank God for the whistle blowers.

  • Karen

    They say mental illness strikes kids during the college years. Interesting that they force the kids to get vaccines in college, and some of the vaccines can cause mental illness. Also, my mother-in-law and a friend of the family were forced to get the flu shot while being nurses at a hospital. Both ended up partially paralyzed and nearly put in an iron lung. They have never fully recovered. Who knows what they are putting in these shots. My grand daughter has peanut allergies as many children do these days. She found out they put peanut oil in vaccines and that’s what started it.

    • Ron

      I totally agree Karen we are getting vaccines by faith and they don’t give you a list of ingredients, lot number, or anything Your GP just loads up the syringes and comes what may will. They don’t care and they have billions set aside for any lawsuit. I don’t think I’ll be getting anymore I have had over 30 of them in my lifetime and now after the Bill Gates thing I don’t trust any of them.
      You know Grandma was right “Chicken Noodle Soup” since most flu’s originate from chickens it stands to reason that these soups would likely have some of the flu proteins in them. So maybe a can once a week or something? I don’t know, or can say for sure but I eat a lot of it and I am sure some flu proteins wind up in it. The highest fever I’ve had in 20 years is around 100.


  • DC

    A little off track but important. This is the latest post from Besides the scary articles about food from China, there’s one on the NWO’s agenda for depopulation. I haven’t watched the video yet, so I don’t know if vaccines and chem trails are mentioned, but I have been reading up on how we have diseases that weren’t a problem 50 years ago, due to the changes in our food (GMOs) many things causing cancer (previous article on the site says cancer is man-made—then they get all kinds of $ for the “cure.”)

    We were lied to about wheat and what it does to our bodies. “Whole grain” is also misleading. Today’s wheat in 2 slices of bread has more sugar and a worse effect on blood glucose than a Snickers bar. (Up until the 20th century wheat didn’t differ much from biblical times. Now we have genetically modified, hybrid, dwarf wheat that grows faster and can be harvested more often.)Docs, the AMA, the ADA all pushed low-fat and whole grains and now we have more and more obesity, diabetes, celiac disease, IBS, Rheumatoid arthritis, sleep disorders, rashes, asthma,etc. Eliminating wheat shown to help schizophrenia and autism. “Gluten-free” products still use starches of rice, corn, potatoes, and tapioca, which are still bad. Most of our corn and soy are GMOs.(source Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.) I think hormones given to livestock also affect our obesity and some have said they have “feminized” boys and make girls get their periods at an earlier age, though I’d have to search for that source.

    Skywatcher has also recommended and I recommend it as well. God bless all of you and protect you from all harm.

  • Karen

    Ron, I haven’t had a cold or flu in fifteen years, never had a flu shot, and I don’t go to the doctor. 1 oz. of Colloidal silver from your health food store or reputable company will stop the flu in minutes. You can even buy a kit and make your own. If you put a couple drops in your nose when you feel a cold coming on, it will stop a cold dead in its tracks. It is the only thing that will kill e-coli when you get food poisoning and 1 to 2 oz. will have you back on your feet in about ten to fifteen minutes. If it’s pure, you can put a couple drops in your eyes or ears to clear up infection. My husband travels to Mexico for work, he has finally convinced the other guys in the office to take Colloidal silver with them, as they kept getting Montazuma’s revenge. At first they laughed it off, but after getting sick a few times and noticing my husband doesn’t, they have changed their tune. It might pay to check into this. It’s a miracle in a bottle.
    I have learned how to heal many diseases over the years naturally because in this day and age, I do not want to be dependant on doctor’s and pharmaceutical drugs if this world falls apart. I fear they will be very hard to get a hold of when times get bad. We never travel without it.

    • Ron

      Sister Karen thank you for that info just curious how big of bottles Colloidal Silver comes in and how much it is.

      This is why doctors and especially pharmaceutical companies try to discredit old remedies

      They would lose billions in not selling you a product, and the nwo elites would not be able to exterminate as many people



  • Karen

    You’re welcome, Ron. I used to order mine from a guy who made it in Arizona. I ordered quite large bottles, but he no longer makes it. It was very good. You can get Sovereign Silver at your local health food store in a few different sizes, smallest being an oz. and up a little from there. You can order it cheaper yet from Swanson’s Vitamins on line. We keep it in our house at all times and in our travel bag in case we get food poison on the road.

    Really, the best way to keep your health is to alkalize. You can read about it on line. Between alkalizing and colloidal silver, I can be in a whole room of sick people and not have to worry about it.

    My daughter emailed me today and said Kellogg’s cereal is now adding peanut powder to their cereal for protein. It really makes you wonder what is going on when most kids these days have peanut allergies because of the peanut oil in vaccines. Why on earth would Kellogg’s do something like this? We can only speculate.

    • Ron

      Thanks again Karen I went to Swanson’s Vitamins website and the prices aren’t bad for colloidal silver.

      Does Colloidal Silver work if someone just started vomiting from a stomach virus will it stop further vomiting do you know?


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  • Karen Urbanik

    Ron, Usually the sooner you catch it the better, best if you take when symptoms first start being noticeable, queezy feeling. But, yes, it can still stop it, just might take a little more. Also, charcoal pills can kill it by absorbing the toxins.

    • Ron

      Thank You and God Bless You for all the info Karen!

  • Karen

    You are very welcome. God Bless You Ron. Stay in good health:)

  • Donna R Brown

    As a nurse I can confirm that colossal silver is great for eyes, ears, anywhere you have infection. Do you know that the pioneers used to drop a silver dollar into their milk to keep it longer. Bacteria can’t thrive in the presence of silver.
    Interesting, right? Also, in the healthcare profession we apply silver to skin in the form of silvadene cream. Also, silver is used for burn victims.

    • Donna R Brown

      I realized my post said colossal silver instead of colloidal silver. Gotta love auto correct!

  • Kristy

    Please do not vaccinate!! Parents are playing Russian Roulette with their kids. ESPECIALLY WITH THE GARDISIL (HPV) VACCINE. We are all different genetically and with our immune system. Why do they create vaccines as one size fits all?? Watch the film Vaxxed that exposes the fraud and cover up of the CDC and the CDC whistleblower who admitted they FALSIFIED data linking the MMR vaccine to autism. Or the film Trace Amounts. Or the film Bought to see the financial ties within the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma and Big Food (GMOs, etc).

    I used to believe main stream media and parrot the LIE that vaccines and autism have no link….until I had my first child vaccinated according to the CDC schedule and she developed autism. My second child only received the HepB vaccine before I began researching on my own, spent countless sleepless hours trying to find answers and praying. My second child did not develop autism. God used this situation to wake me up and to open my eyes to the times we are living in. We are working with a Defeat Autism Now doctor and and first daughter has recovered a great deal, to the point no one can tell she had autism. But it’s taken A LOT of work. There are aborted fetal cells in these vaccines and numerous toxins that go straight into their bloodstreams….just read the inserts! Do your research!

    Ask yourself why are we (in several states like California under SB277) being forced to vaccinate our kids in order for them to go to school, public OR private? Why is BIll Gates pouring billions into vaccinating 3rd world countries when he is also the biggest financial contributor to Planned Parenthood? Why does your GP keep pushing the flu vaccines on you when they are barely even effective? Why have there been NO long term studies done on vaccines EVER?? Why are those opposed to vaccines being silenced (like the film Vaxxed), and some naturopathic doctors even KILLED?


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