The Biblical Way To Start Your Own Street Preaching And Gospel Tract Ministry

See what is happening here in this photo? I am out in the street, prayed up, and handing a woman an NTEB Gospel tract. You do not need any special training to do that, none at all. You just have to love Jesus and be happy you are not heading to the Hell you so rightly deserve. He SAVED you from that! Now, can you go and tell someone else just what He did for you? Sure you can. It takes no seminary training of any kind. Ok good, let's move on.

Being a preacher, especially a street preacher, is a unique calling of God, not one to take lightly.

“And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” Luke 14:23 (KJV)

Let me start by saying right off that if you love the Lord Jesus Christ, and are grateful for your salvation, then I cannot imagine why  you wouldn’t want to tell other people about what the Lord did for you. If you are saved according to John 3:3 and Ephesians 2:8,9, then you already have your biblical commission to go and tell those around you. Not everyone is called to be a preacher, pastor or evangelist, but all saved people are called to be a witness.



See what is happening here in this photo? I am out in the street, prayed up, and handing a woman an NTEB Gospel tract. You do not need any special training to do that, none at all. You just have to love Jesus and be happy you are not heading to the Hell you so rightly deserve. He SAVED you from that! Now, can you go and tell someone else just what He did for you? Sure you can. It takes no seminary training of any kind. Ok good, let’s move on.

Men, after you realize that you already have been called to be a witness, now you need to pray and see what else the Lord might have for you. Being a preacher, especially a street preacher, is a unique calling of God, not one to take lightly. It comes with a high price tag if you preach the truth. Satan will raise up an army of haters against you, many of them “christians” who will come against you with unbelievable attacks and acts of betrayals. Just like Jesus got from his “friends”. Be aware of that, it’s not a free ride. Being a street preacher will cost you in time, finances, and friends. But trust me when I tell  you that it is so very much worth whatever it costs you. We have been blessed to see many people pray to receive Christ, many prodigals come home, and tens of thousands encouraged by our old-fashioned gospel message.


Bro. Jimmy Randolph surrendered to God’s call to preach while handing out tracts with us on St. George Street. Give God a willing heart and He will do amazing things with it.

Women, there is so much you can do on the streets. You can’t preach but you can hand out tracts and be a witness to everyone  that passes you by. Many other women will stop and ask for prayer with you, and it will be such a blessing. Perhaps the Lord will lead you to start a women’s Bible study with some of the people He puts in your path. There is so much you the Lord can use you to do if you will just be willing.

Children, you can stand with your parents and hand out tracts. My kids have handed out thousands of gospel tracts over the years, and have a great time serving the Lord while they do it. It’s also one of the best way to show your kids what serving the Lord looks and sounds like.



Lastly, do what you do for the Lord Jesus Christ and no one else. Don’t do it for your pastor, for your parents, or for your spouse. Do it cheerfully as unto the Lord because He who has called you is faithful. If you preach at the beach, wear shorts and sandals, if you preach on Wall Street, wear a collared shirt. In other words, dress appropriate for your audience. Nothing worse than trying to minister to homeless people when you are wearing a new suit and tie. Makes it seem like you think you are better than they are, and they will not be able to relate to you. Use some common sense. This is what Paul says about that:

“To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. And this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.” 1 Corinthians 9:22,23 (KJV)

A NOTE OF CAUTION: Don’t say inflammatory things so you can get hits with a YouTube video. Don’t provoke the police. If they ask you to move then move. If you are asked to produce ID, then do it immediately and with a smile. In the 4 years we have done street preaching, the number of problems we have had with the police registers exactly at zero. None of any kind. Be courteous and respectful to them, and they will do the same with you. I get a little short of patience when I hear that street preachers were “persecuted for preaching the gospel” then I later find out they provoked the police. If you provoke the police you deserve what you get. Case closed.

Please write to us and we will be happy to pray with you as you begin to follow the Lord’s call on your life to be a witness of the truth of the Gospel. I will close with this story about one of my heros of the faith, DL Moody.

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While in England Moody heard evangelist Henry Varley say, “The world has yet to see what God can do with and for and through and in a man who is fully and wholly consecrated to Him” Moody was captivated by these words and resolved, “By the Grace of God, I will be that man!”

Go thou and do likewise!

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • Thank You for offering me and everyone else the unique opportunity to take the message of salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to our corners of the world. This has been weighing heavy on me lately in what appears to be our final days here on Earth.

    • Amen, brother. Prophecy is great, but if studying it doesn’t lead you to have more COMPASSION on the lost and the DESIRE to reach them for Jesus Christ in these last days, then what good is it?

      Get some gospel tracts and go tell people about Jesus!

      • Dear Geoffrey;
        I had a phone visit from my pastor a couple evenings ago regarding my not attending the church he pastors. After telling him that I do not agree with his using the NKJV ( a discussion we have had before) and that I had been passing out tracts and considering starting a bible study he proceeded to tell me that I am out of fellowship with the church and that passing out tracts doesn’t do any good if I don’t have a church to tell the ones receiving them to go to. I guess in a sense that is true but I since there is not a KJV oriented church locally I have been doing what I feel I can to reach out to lost souls in the mean time until another church is found. I pass out tracts (your tracts) to share their need for Christ, not to tell them where to go to church. It is a sad thing that fellowship is broken because a pastor will argue that the KJV in its original English form is not the “Perfect” word of God. I told him I believe the KJV to be without error, the written word of God. I will continue to pray for my church and the pastor but will continue to seek another.

      • do you know any street ministry groups in bradenton fl?

        • Street ministries are rare and hard to come by, you might have to start your own…pray about it!

  • Sunny

    What Did Ancient Church Fathers Believe About The Rapture?

    • Please don’t troll here, nothing in this article is about the Rapture.

      • Leonard

        Sunny’s not a troll. Click on the link and read the story. I found the discussion that follows to be fascinating. You, as a Christian, will too.

    • Leonard

      Thanks for sharing that!

  • Marian

    I applaud your efforts as a street preacher! And I pray for you. As a woman, my witnessing takes a different form at this stage of my life. But I am so glad I can look back on all the times I stood publically, whether carrying a placard, handing out tracts, or going door-to-door inviting neighbors to church (yes, Southern Baptists used to do that).

    • Amen, sister, that’s awesome. And Southern Baptists may not do it anymore, but Bible believers sure do!

  • TimBerk

    Sunday Oct. 4th I will set up a table at the local Famers market along with setting up a free will offering table to warm the children in the community this winter. I want to have bible tracks available and be a witness for Christ. Please pray for me as this is the first time in doing something like this but I feel the Lord has put it on my heart to do it.

    • Amen, brother, will be praying for your efforts for the Lord. Feel free to order some NTEB tracts, they ship anywhere in 2-3 days. Thx!

    • mike watchinski


      I will pray for your Table set up. I too will be setting up my gospel booth at a flea market on next Saturday 9/26. Out door ministry is such a blessing. You will reach more people in a few hours than most can reach in a year.

      You will be a light to the lost, an encourager to the saved, a comfort to the hurting and you yourself will be emboldened to contend for the faith with the naysayers.

      I have a variety of tracts on many subjects, I hand out free bibles and have scripture signs and drawings hanging in the tent. Do not be afraid. You are an “ambassador for Christ”. Stand strong!

      be well,


  • AndrewA

    Thanks for the article this was something I wanted to hear from you on the last few days. Going to look into getting a few of the tracts should come in handy.

  • Donna R Brown

    So exciting to be able to spread the good news!! I have to admit I’m a little apprehensive at the prospect of it, knowing the ridicule and even down right meanness that often results. But we cannot let that stand in the way of doing what we’ve been commissioned to do.
    My prayers are with those of you who are preaching every week, that you’ll be well received and reach many.
    I’ll be ordering tracts as soon as possible. Many blessings on your work in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Tusitala

    The tracts I got from you gentlemen are wonderful, I love them, I carry them wherever I go. People react very positively, and many people ask if they can have several. I was so nervous at first to offer them to people but I have found folks are hungry for Jesus, starving in fact. Time is growing short, Jesus is coming, I can hardly wait… !!

  • sharon

    this is a great idea,and it works. the reason this form of witnessing is having this type of sucsess is because more and more families are so busy working just to make ends meet,they are spending less time in their homes.Jehovahs Witnesses have always taken the lead in the preaching of the good news of Gods Kingdom,and the King of that Kingdom,Gods son Jesus Christ.The street witnessing work is something I have been engaged in for more than 40 yrs. and I just love it.You could spend 2hrs doing door to door,and find maybe 1 individual home,theres no such thing as not at home on the street.However in light of current events,people want to talk,they are concerned with the troubling world events,so make sure you have your bible,make sure you have the scriptures in mind that you wish to share with them,they need answers to their questions,directly from Gods word.If we all take this article to heart we will fullfill Matthew 24:14 so that the Lord Jesus can return,with the words WELL DONE GOOD AND FAITHFUL SLAVE.

  • Jesus SAVES!!

    • Yea, He surely does 🙂

    • Lamar pinkerton

      I knew he must have. Any idea which bank he endorses?

  • Sola Scriptura

    I do street ministry in Orlando every day – buying food and clothes for the poor and giving out as many kjv Bibles as I can get my hands on. I preach the pure gospel message telling them that: Jesus Christ loves them and died on the cross for their sins. They must turn from sin to Jesus and get to know Jesus through the word. I put them in John and explain who Jesus was in John 1:1-18. Then I give them my cell number and email so that they aren’t alone.
    They have ALL been burned by greedy and deceitful preachers. It’s so sad. Few really understand sin and repentance.

    And we are all called to preach the word…all of us while there is still time:

  • nikki

    I love your posts and I am an avid reader BUT I disagree that women can not be street preachers especially as the first street preacher in God’s word was a gentile WOMEN..”Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?” John 4 v 29 KJV.
    That women should net preach is taken from 1 tim 2 v 12. If you look at where else the word “women” is used in scripture, you will see it is used also to refer to a wife. Mary was referred to as “Joseph’s women” and we obviously know here the word means wife. If you reread the passage with the word wife in mind, the passage makes so much more sense, especially where a wife would be saved by childbearing. Saved made complete/whole.The whole of scripture speaks of a wife honoring her husband and of course she should NEVER have authority over him nor be in a position to preach to him. It sits well on my Spirit.. I hope this is a blessing

    • That woman said what she said BEFORE the Church Age was started, and BEFORE the apostle Paul was given his revelations from Jesus. Paul says this: “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” 1 Timothy 2:12 (KJV).

      That being said, there are plenty of other ways a woman can minister. Thx for writing 🙂

      • nikki

        Hi Geoffrey. Greetings from the UK.

        My heart was to let this go but I woke up this morning and The Lord has pressed upon my Spirit the need to reply.

        If we get Scripture wrong, we find ourselves in error in 2 ways. First we believe an incorrect doctrine and secondly we loose an important teaching.

        As I stated in 1 Tim 2 v 12 the word ‘Woman’ in scripture, can mean both woman and wife. So let us read “But I suffer not a ‘wife’ to teach, nor to usurp authority over the ‘husband’, but to be in silence.”

        The first evangelist in scripture, the woman at the well “Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.” John 4 v 16…Yes Jesus wanted to point to her sin but Jesus was also saying come with your husband, come under the authority of your husband.

        If Paul set a new precedent and women were not permitted to “teach” nor preach, then why was Priscilla not condemned for teaching Apollos Acts 18 v 24. Why was she even mentioned? Why not just Aquila?

        As a woman, when your heart is beating fast and you feel sick to the pit of your stomach but you KNOW, that you KNOW, that you KNOW: God has asked you to street evangelize men, if they pass and will listen, it is so very important to have this scripture sorted in your mind.

        Let us face it, God has used a donkey to teach and preach, why not a woman. Surely this deserves and honest look at where else ‘Gyne strongs G1135’ is used in Scripture.
        Mat 1 v 20 and 1 v 24 refer to Mary as Josephs wife. So why not also in 1 Tim 1 v 12.

        If we misinterpret, we need to put hedges around scripture just as the Jews did with the law. Define preaching? Define Teaching?
        What can a woman actually do and say? Is not this very act of challenging an interpretation, an act of teaching? Yet Paul says, “I suffer not a woman to teach,” these are strong words, we need to make sure we read them correctly.

        Please Geoffrey, for the sake of us torn women, desperate to bring God’s word to the lost, yet shackled by this scripture. PLEASE, take this to the throne room and take a look at the Greek.

        Nikki, with permission and under the authority of Mike my husband.

      • Evanchelical

        But wasn’t that within the context of marriage, a woman and her husband, not a woman and lost souls? Or within the context of the church congregation? At that time, Corinthian women newly saved were in danger of rebellion and false teaching. If that applies to today, under every circumstance, how do you explain female missionaries ministering to men in other parts of the world? Are they living in sin? Or Priscilla and Aquila, the husband and wife who ministered to Apollos? Im genuinely asking, not trolling.

  • There is something important lacking in this article: The Holy Spirit.
    Whitout God it is impossible to bring any people to Christ. God is the Author of the salvation, the whole process of it.

    “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for WITHOUT ME YE CAN DO NOTHING.” (John 15:5)

    You cannot by yourself save anybody by just randomly giving tracts to people in the street. Most of your tracts will soon or later end in a garbage bin, while maybe a few people may respond. It’s like playing lottery. I tried to do that in the 80’s, what a bad experience and waste of time it was, I will not again do it that way.

    I now know that people can do nothing by itself if not called from God for that special purpose, and when He calls you, he will open the doors and miracles will happen. There are people who say that they cannot live one day without preaching about Christ to at list one person, they have a burning heart to do that, and that comes from God. If somebody is called by God to preach, God himself will bring people looking to be saved in his way and he will bear fruits for eternal life. But simply trying to do something because the Bible says to do this or that will produce nothing but frustration and deception. We are God’s tools and we have to let God uses us as his tools when He wants. Tools by itself can do no work. I have bever seen a hammer knocking nails by itself nor a screwdriver screwing by itself because working instructions were printed in a book.

    The hard part to begin with is for each of us to pray to ask God what we are called to do, prepare ourself and only begin when He wants us to begin according to his instructions. Some people do the mistake of begining before God’s time; if the devil see he cannot stop somebody from doing God’s will he will then try to convince him to start BEFORE God’s time, so that out of his will, without Him he will just fail…

  • Elaine

    How wonderful, Geoffrey,

    I didn’t know you had tracts. In 1983 I used to hand out Jack Chick’s tracts, like most former Catholics. I don’t know what the rules are today for hospitals, but please, please remember to go to hospitals in your area. If you live in a metro area might I suggest you start at the gift and flower shop. Just ask if you may leave some by the cash register or if they have display with slots for cards place some there. Remember to leave some in the chapel, and any floor that you are allowed.

    I no longer drive, but I certainly will be in prayer for all of you, and look forward to hearing a good report.

    • I went to a local nursing home every Tuesday for nearly 3 years, and now on the streets for almost 4. Thanks so much for the timely reminder and encouragement, sometimes we forget how “late” it really is. 🙂

  • Clay

    Geoff, just ordered your tracts and going to go to the streets. I pass out tracts already and want to use yours. I’m not new to this, but the time is short. Jesus is coming. Everyone should realize how close HIS coming is. Just pull up you tube videos on the rfid chips/ bio metric scanners. The anti christ system is here. Pray for me as I go to the town malls, squares, that many would come to Christ; not me. I’m just a vessel.

  • Clay

    I’ve got to make a cardboard sign. Any ideas brothers and sisters?

  • Clay

    I have been using it for over twenty years. Thanks. Can’t wait to get your tracts.

  • BRAndon Hooks

    I am coming up on my 3rd spiritual birthday. Ever since I have been saved I have had a consuming desire to seek the Lord in prayer in the secret place, to read/study God’s Word and memorize scripture, and to preach the gospel both one on one and open air/street preach. Soul winning is a work that I continue to increase in desire and hunger to do. I yearn for God to use me in another Great Awakening style revival. Many times I have wept for lost souls, knowing hell awaits them. I have actually grown to love fasting, and I love to eat! I wonder what God could be doing here? 

  • Greetings in Jesus name . Am Reverend Philip Maiyo from minority group in Kenya and I have ministry called SHOWERS OF BLESSING with 40 pastors and 100 evangelists, the ministry has widely spread in 12 counties in Kenya and same parts of Uganda. The ministry consist mainly the minority group of people from the Ogiek and sengwer community. The main request is to partnership together so that our vision of spreading the word of God to the world will be fulfilled, also in joining together we will be able to sustain and help this community to be self-dependent even in terms of businesses since we have orphans and widows , Also my community still live in very low standards of life and if we shall partnership together things like building schools and churches and bible school, hospital and adult school for the community to benefit. We are also requesting banks to join hands together with us so that we can proceed on. Also we are proposing to make a schedule in which we shall be visiting each another and join our churches to be one thing. BASIC NEEDS: 1.We need food. 2. Clothes. 3. Shelter. 4. Education. 5. Health. 6. Clean water. 7. Evangelism.8. Bible tracks and lesson, magazine. 9.Church instruments. 10. Transportation. 11. Media : // pastors
    RV. MAIYO<


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