Temple Of Baal Arch Unveiled Today In London But With Last Minute Name Change

The Temple of Baal arch was built as part of a project by the Institute for Digital Archaeology, a joint initiative that works with Oxford, Harvard and the Museum of the Future in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to draw attention to the destruction of cultural artifacts across the world, and to rebuild some pieces.

Replica of Temple Of Baal Palmyra Arch Is Unveiled in Trafalgar Square

“And he reared up an altar for Baal in the house of Baal, which he had built in Samaria.” 1 Kings 16:32 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Are you kidding me? Did they really think that by changing it’s name from the arch of the Temple of Baal to ‘the Palmyra Arch of Triumph’ that anyone would actually be fooled? 

A landmark Roman arch that was destroyed by Islamic State fighters in Palmyra, Syria, stood proudly once again on Tuesday, this time as a replica built from digital models that was installed in Trafalgar Square in London.

To create the roughly 20-foot-tall marble replica, which weighs around 11 tons, researchers built a 3-D computer model of the arch by compiling dozens of photographs taken by archaeologists and tourists in Palmyra before the Islamic State moved in. Robots in Italy then used the computer model to carve the marble replica.

BoJo unveils Temple of Baal Arch replica in Trafalgar Square:

Mayor Boris Johnson of London unveiled the piece on Tuesday, as crowds gathered in the square and on the steps leading to the National Gallery.

“Syria’s future depends on the conservation and protection of Syria’s past,” Mr. Johnson said. Calling the Islamic State’s actions in the Middle East “savage” and “nihilistic,” he said that the celebration was “in solidarity with the people of Syria” and in “defiance of the barbarians” who destroyed the original arch.

After the unveiling, a trio of musicians played traditional Mesopotamian music on replicas of ancient instruments.

The replica arch was built as part of a project by the Institute for Digital Archaeology, a joint initiative that works with Oxford, Harvard and the Museum of the Future in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to draw attention to the destruction of cultural artifacts across the world, and to rebuild some pieces.

Islamic State fighters, who occupied Palmyra for nearly a year beginning in May 2015, ransacked landmarks across the city, a Unesco World Heritage site. Late last month, the Syrian Army announced that it had recaptured the city from Islamic State fighters.

Crews pieced together the replica arch on Monday, and it will be displayed in front of the National Gallery through Thursday. It will appear in New York City in September and will also travel to Dubai, a spokeswoman for the archaeology institute said. source

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  • Had to laugh at this article..Remember in the OT, and Elijah God’s Prophet, challenged the BAAL Worshippers, to prove Our God was real, and BAAL, is like All the others false God’s.

    He let the BAAL Worshippers, scream, holler, cut themselves, to try and get
    BAAL, to come down and consume the sacrifice on their altar…NADA.

    Then Elijah had them pour 4 Barrels of water, over the same Sacrifice, cried out to The Lord, and The Lord let fire fall from heaven which consumed the offering, plus licked up every drop from the 4 barrels!…and Elijah had the people slain all 450 OF Baal’s prophets…Adios!

  • Marian

    The Lord Jesus can’t come fast enough for me, but before September would work well, since that’s when our fallen nation will be home to this affront to God.

  • Mikal

    Please tell me no one is surprised that they changed the name of this arch from Baal to what they have. Is it not true that the world, and its world religions always change names to deceive the masses? Was this not not done with the Father, and the Son’s Names, let alone the Prophets? (Proverbs 30: 4) No surprise here with the continuation of the Hellenization of everything no? Many would really be surpirised just how many pagan architectural objects of worship world religions have retained to this very day, and renamed and yes many are not aware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z5wKfF_QyE

    • GRACE

      They already have monuments that are lifted up to other false gods throughout D.C. and sure other cities and states as well so I am not surprised, am surprised they renamed it because I’m not sure most ppl even understand what it all means so keeping the original name wouldn’t have changed it’s going up because most think it’s restoring a historical piece that should be preserved, they applaud like it’s a triumph against “ISIS” not knowing the real reason behind it or the horrible deeds done at the real site in syria when baal worship was the thing. Oh yayyyy, now that’s something to celebrate, NOT! They are w/out understanding, they have eyes but don’t see, ears but don’t hear. It is insanity!

  • Mikal

    Please tell me no one is surprised that they changed the name of this arch from Baal to what they have. Is it not true that the world, and its world religions always change names to deceive the masses? Was this not not done with the Father, and the Son’s Names, let alone the Prophets? (Proverbs 30: 4) No surprise here with the continuation of the Hellenization of everything no? Many would really be surpirised just how many pagan architectural objects of worship world religions have retained to this very day, and renamed and yes many are not aware. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z5wKfF_QyE

  • Heather

    Perhaps the destruction of this replica arch of Baal will be greater than the one in Palmyra? Wake up London, there is coming a time when God’s wrath will no longer be delayed. How much longer, while an unbelieving world shakes their fist at God Almighty, daring Him to do something over all these abominations?

  • Nancy

    They didn’t really change the name: Read this- The Monumental Arch, also called the Arch of Triumph (Arabic: قوس النصر‎) or the Arch of Septimius Severus, was a Roman ornamental archway in Palmyra, Syria. It was built in the 3rd century during the reign of emperor Septimius Severus. Its ruins later became one of the main attractions of Palmyra. The arch was destroyed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in October 2015, but some remains still survive and there are plans to rebuild it using anastylosis…..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monumental_Arch_of_Palmyra

    This is far from over as the replica will be in New York this fall. I believe that this is related to the Royal Arch degree of Freemasonary. That degree refers to the 2nd temple and the Levitical priesthood. Jahbulon (or Jabulon) is a word which was allegedly used historically in some rituals of Royal Arch Masonry, and derivations thereof.

    Both Donald Trump (look at his hand signals and his home on the 66th floor of Trump tower) and Ted Cruz (look at his endorsement by Glen Beck where Beck talks about squaring the circle and other such hints of freemasonary) are connected.

    I personally favor Trump because he has pledged to move our embassy to Jerusalem as soon as he takes charge of the White House. He is the consumate deal-maker, and might do what the masons have writen about, ie: three houses of worshop on the temple mount: Jewish, Moslem, Christain (meaning Rome). This was mentioned in a book about Freemasonary called Born in Blood.

    Bible Believers know what will happen to the Holy Seed (the priesthood) once this process begins. I don’t know for sure if this is what is planned, but I do believe that whoever gets into ofice has been chosen already, that is if we are actually to have an election this fall.

    • Edwitness

      Very interesting info Nancy. Thanks and I will be watching more closely from now on. I don’t personally have a dog in this fight, but I appreciate your having paid attention. It gives me something to look for when watching them work.

    • How can Donald Trump have his home on the 66th floor when the tower only has 58 floors? Also, what hand signals are you referring to?

      • Robin

        “Interestingly, the building actually has only 58 floors, but Trump felt that number wasn’t sufficiently impressive, so he skipped some floor numbers to give his tenants a psychological boost.”

        From :”Face, Harmony, and Social Structure: An Anaylsis of Organisational Behaviour” by P.Christopher Earley

  • MG


    • Donna R Brown

      All of this evil & chaos on this earth has gotten out of hand. The pagans can build their altars to their false gods, so let them stand around and adore them. Let them curse and perform their pagan rituals, blaspheming our loving and faithful God. Let them point to their altars and monuments. We know those chunks of concrete will crumble at the first sign of pressure. God can merely wave His hand and the earth will tremble. At the first sign of real trouble, not only will their pagan monuments crumble and fall, so will their entire belief system. Their every word proclaiming evolution, reincarnation, abortion, and hatred will crumble with them. What will stand is the Word of God and His children. Those very same pagans can stand and threaten Jerusalem all they want. They can spew their vitriolic hatred for the Jews all day long. But the hand of God can protect or destroy any land at His will. (Bear with me, there is a point).
      When we come into contact with these pagans and their anti-semitism and antichrist beliefs, it’s a pity. We do need to take pity on their souls and try to reach them with the truth. We need to pray they’ll be receptive and recognize the truth. But if they refuse, as many do, we have to know when to walk away, when to brush off the dust and leave them. It’s very tempting to stay and argue the case, especially since we know the truth and validity in the gospel, but we cannot continue to cast pearls before swine. When the time does come for us to walk away, we must pray that the Holy Spirit will
      linger about them for a time, and that God will put Bible-believing Christian workers in their lives that they may repent before it’s too late. But we can’t stay in the gutter with them while engaging in lengthy debate. If you put on a nice clean pair of white gloves and go out and play in the mud, does the glove get muddy or does the mud get glovey? Yep, you guessed it. So while we can protest their behavior and plead with them to repent and receive forgiveness and eternal life, we can’t stay down there with them. We’ve got work to do. There are more people to reach before it’s too late.
      So when people build altars and conduct themselves in such a hateful way toward us, we have the advantage. For one, we know what’s coming next, for we’ve been told. We don’t have to fear because no matter how bad they and their false gods, demons, treat us, we already know our ultimate destination. They can’t touch our destinies with their wicked talons and they can not pluck us from the Master’s hand.
      I dread seeing the looks on their faces the moment they realize what they’ve done. The moment when they learn that God is real and His Son is Who He said He is. That moment when it becomes crystal clear that there is a hell and they will be in it for eternity. It breaks my heart. I have to admit, there have been times when someone has argued with me and said vicious, cruel things about us and our Savior that I’ve had a moment of smug satisfaction at the knowledge that one day I’ll be proved correct and they’ll be proved wrong. That was a sin that I needed to confess immediately, because that’s the last thing I want.
      I have to strongly commend our street preachers, Geoffrey and the others who take their own time and devote it to going out on the streets putting themselves in a very vulnerable position. They don’t know if they’ll be mocked and ridiculed, they don’t know if they’ll actually be physically or verbally attacked, they don’t know if after all their hard work even on person will receive Christ. But they do it anyway. They do it because the Lord has commanded it, and they do it out of love, a true desire to help them. I spend my Saturdays in pajamas in my chair (I’m disabled and don’t go anywhere much anyway except the doctor’s appointments) but I have to commend those who are putting themselves out there. They’re not doing it to prove anyone wrong or to win any argument. Trust me, saving face is not their priority. Their heart’s desire is to see the very people that mock them be saved, so that one day they can be joint heirs with Christ and receive the blessings we are bound to receive for eternity, all because He hung on the cross and His tomb is EMPTY! He is more than worthy of our praise.
      Okay, I’m getting to the point. This chunk of concrete that’s standing in the streets of London glorifying the devil isn’t gonna stand for long.
      But every single street preacher that stands on the streets of our nation spreading the gospel is a monument to the God of our salvation. Each one of them is better than any statue or altar man can build. Those pagan altars will crumble. But these men of God who preach the gospel to the lost will continue to stand when this world crumbles. They are living monuments to the one true living God.
      Not all of us can do that. Many of us have different roles, women in particular can most adequately serve the Lord in roles separate from preaching. I’m still in my pajamas in my easy chair living a life that is anything but easy. I’ve got injections,catheters, oxygen and more medical equipment than I ever thought. (And I’ve been a nurse for 20 years). But while I may be physically limited, I’m not tied to this chair unable to share the gospel. I’ve got this keyboard and a phone. From right here in my chair I can reach others, and it’s time for me to do it. As a writer I have a platform, although in my current role I’m constrained to a degree by editors, there will be a time when I’m able to reach more people.
      Our time is running out. That nasty chunk of concrete doesn’t alarm me. It’s laughable and I’d just as soon spit on it as look at it. It WILL crumble. But the word of God will stand forever, as will the obedient servants of God who stand on the same streets as these pagan idols and altars and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.
      I know this article wasn’t about street preaching, but I just wanted to point out that those idol worshipers can proudly show off their monuments; they will crumble. But we have our very own monuments that will stand on the Word of the Lord forever and the work they do on the streets of our cities is crucial. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

      • Donna R Brown

        One more thing. The reason I’ve been thinking about the street preachers is that I was watching The Way of the Master with Kirk Cameron and the other guy, I can’t remember his name, he’s Australian. Ray Comfort, yeah, that’s it.
        Anyway, I love how they put themselves out there and do it in a loving way. Even when they debate, they don’t take cheap shots or argue. They really do it in a loving way.
        I wish I could think of the things to say like that. Anyway, I’m wanting to ask Geoffrey what he thinks about that show. Geoffrey, have you watched them? Do you like their method of street preaching? It seems to come full circle pretty quickly and the people’s protests or defense of evolution, etc crumbles pretty quickly. These guys have a way with words. Actually, the Holy Spirit does.
        I noticed there were a couple of women talking to people on the streets. That’s not the same as preaching, right? Geoffrey, what do you think?

        • Edwitness

          Donna Brown,
          Great post! But, I am sorry that your health is not what it could be. As for the witnessing of Kirk and Ray, they are fervent but leave the idea that it’s our bad behavior that is the main problem that expresses our need for Christ. When in reality it is only a symptom of what the main problem is.

          We can express bad behavior because we are dead spiritually. But, sometimes we can express bad behavior even when we do know Jesus as savior and Lord. But, what if we did not behave badly while we didn’t know Christ? Would that mean we don’t need Him? Of course not. So our behavior, good or bad, has no bearing on our need to know Christ. It is the fact that we are dead, separated from God, that causes our need for Him. We need a personal relationship with Him. John17:3 He did not die to make bad people good. He died to make dead people alive. And with His life in us the behavior issue will then take care of itself if we truly love and worship Him.

          The method of revealing their lawbreaking promotes the idea that if they could have kept the law they would not need Jesus. And nothing could be further from the truth. I am not saying a person can not be saved when they are witnessed to in this way, but it just isn’t a Biblical way of oresenting the message of salvation.

          Blessings and better health to you Donna. 🙂

    • terry

      We are innocent? We elected Obama twice, who seems determined to follow the rest of the world in coddling to Islam.

      • MRH

        “We elected Obama twice”

        @ terry: Do you really believe that lie? If so, then it’s time to wake up! Voting is but a game a scam 😉

  • MG

    uses curse words!) why don’t they just bypass this country and just take it on to Dubai??? I’m not sure the people of America (non-muslim) really want an 11 ton piece of garbage dredged through our streets, but the antichrist is having his way for a time…and his time is short.

    • GRACE

      amen his time is short!

  • CHAR

    Yokam, why don’t you read your bible and YOU will get the answer regarding Israel. We Christians have already done our research by reading the WORD…..so after you read all about Israel and have faith to believe the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then see who the idiot is.

  • Not sure about “brainwashed” but the “Moron” part – yep, you nailed it.

    But Jesus loves Morons, so there is hope for you.

  • CHAR

    Edwitness, very well said to Donna and I also am sorry for your health problems, Donna and will pray for the Lord to shine His light on you that you will feel much better real soon. God Bless!

  • MRH

    Folks: It’s all part of the NWO agenda. Notice how the crowd is in awe? The Illuminati are behind it all! No country or person is exempt! And there are many players involved! Anyway, believe what you want to believe? But don’t cry too hard as they torture and kill you! They have no mercy and love to torment! WWIII is their final dark agenda. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!

    • MRH

    • MRH

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  • lydia

    All we can do as Christians at this point is keep our faith in the one true God and pray on. The word of God tells us that we’ll hear and witness these things coming to pass, but we should rejoice because it only means that our redemption draws near.

  • Iggy B

    I had the same thought, but I went to check, and it does seem that there were more than one arches.


    If you scroll down, you’ll find multiple photos from this site in Syria, and the one listed for the doorway into the Temple of Bel (Baal) is not identical to one also listed as the Arch of Triumph.

    For such a small village in which the Temple of Bel appears to have been the primary feature – this is more splitting hairs than justifying the use of the Arch in the UK…

    …In 2001, the Taliban blew up 2 ancient statues of Buddha carved into a mountain in Afghanistan. It got big media coverage. — It was just one of lots of ancient artifacts Muslim extremists have destroyed over the past two decades..

    So — why did these prestigious institutions decide anything related to Baal Worship was one to recreate in hopefully 1,000 cities around the world…?


    Good question IggyB,

    that pic.on the video of Hilary is grotesque! She knows she broke the law, Congress knows, the government knows and yet they keep investigating it, insanity. Clearly a distraction is all it is. Thanks MRH for sharing the videos, my son has said the same thing that they are all in on it, oppositional chaos and you can tell that it was a setup where the protester appears to get too close to Trump. The mainstream media only puts out what it is told to put out there, a lot of these so called truther sites are oppositional lies too, they are fear mongering sites and sites that cause divisions, the government would take them out if it wasn’t all part of a plan. Thanks to Jesus for even though we see these things happening, we know who the Victor is and He’s coming soon. God’s blessings to those who trust in Him.
    Psalm 37:7 Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

    • MRH

      @ Grace: It seems that the so called Temple of Baal (bel) arch, or now renamed Arch of Triumph is actually just part of the City Gate to Palmyra 😉 So it seems that MSM misinformed us, and NTEB failed to research things? 🙁

      City Gate, Palmyra = http://religion.utk.edu/travels/syria/Palmyra6.jpg
      Temple of Bel, Palmyra = http://religion.utk.edu/travels/syria/Palmyra5.jpg
      Temple of Bel, Palmyra = http://religion.utk.edu/travels/syria/Palmyra4.jpg

      Archived International Travel Highlights = http://religion.utk.edu/travels/syria.php

    • MRH

      @ Grace: Regarding the arches, see my above comment 😉 Concerning Hillary, according to video she was once involved with a coven 😯 Well they are all players putting on a show for the deluded populace. The irony is that off stage they are all buddies. I’ve seen video footage of them all in a group walking alone in a hallway chatting and laughing. It was from a video by Alex Jones, but I don’t recall title of video. But it revealed the extent of the party charade.

  • Mikal

    Fully agreed.

    Take a look at this YouTube video that highlights Baal and other Object of Worship that societies worldwide have allowed into their very lives.

  • Tabatha

    Hours after SNL aired their parody, which was a mockery of Yahweh, the earthquakes came. I do believe that this was Yahweh’s warning. Too bad these people didn’t get that. I do believe more is to come.

  • robin

    The devil. Coming to a temple near you.

  • John fen


    Not sure why the outrage about this. We as Christians know this will happen in the last days. The only way to counter this is on our knees. I guess it’s a wake up call to all Christians to get their act together. My point being erecting this structure does not alter God’s sovereign plan. I think we should get over the indignation and actually pride to humble ourselves and pray. There are far worse structures in this country that remind us of heathen worship – stone henge, gargoyles, etc … As the Bible says “IF MY PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED BY NAME HUMBLE THEMSELVES AND PRAY …. I WILL HEAL THE LAND …” . This what we should always be doing and we even more so when we hear such things.

    God Bless.


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