Ted Cruz Loses Composure, Refuses To Answer Simple ‘Yes Or No’ Question About His Marriage

Why couldn't Ted Cruz just simply have said "no", I have never been unfaithful to my wife? It would have ended all debate and all controversy about the subject. But he was either unwilling or unable to do so.

Ted Cruz hides behind Carly Fiorina and then refuses to answer simple question

In an interview yesterday in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz and his ‘paid-for endorser‘ Carly Fiorina stood to answer questions from reporters. Everything was the standard politician boilerplate replies until he was asked a question about his marriage to Heidi by a reporter from the Daily Mail UK. It was a very simply question, honestly asked, and it was a simple ‘yes or no’ question. What happened next was mindblowing.

Here is the segment of the interview uncut and unedited, decide for yourself. If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing skip to 6:30 to hear the question from the Daily Mail.

It was a yes or no question, and Ted Cruz was unwilling to answer it. All it would have taken was one word, “no”, and the moment would have passed without incident. Instead, Cruz allow Carly Fiorina to speak for him. When he did speak, he did not answer the question.

Why couldn’t Ted Cruz just simply have said “no”, I have never been unfaithful to my wife? It would have ended all debate and all controversy about the subject. But he was either unwilling or unable to do so. When Fiorina was answering for him, he looked visibly shaken and kept gazing at the ground. His only answer was to say that the ‘National Enquirer story’ was planted by Trump. But that has nothing to do with what the Daily Mail reporter asked him. He asked him if he was ever unfaithful to his wife.

He refused to answer that question.

When he went on to a new question you could hear the tremble in his voice. What should have been a slam-dunk moment to put all this behind him only served to make him look like he is hiding the truth.

What can we now conclude as to the truthfulness of his answers when he is asked a question? More and more it seems that he is living up to his name ‘Lying Ted’.


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • Angelgirl

    I would much prefer an honest sinner over a lying Christian. I know the Lord loves integrity. If I mess up, I will be the first to admit it and suffer the repercussions of what I did and do my best to fix things…is that not what Christians are suppose to do? Right their wrongs…don’t look back…keep pushing towards the prize. Hypocrisy is not a good thing….I am a sinner, I am broken and far from perfect, I am crippled and I love my Crutch and will never make it without Him.

    • Ray

      I agree with you, but I also think it’s about time that Christians wake up and understand that maybe Cruz isn’t really a Christian. People listen to a testimony or someone’s claim that they’re Christian and they accept it outright, but yet the Bible makes it clear that in the end only God will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. Lack of discernment is something many, if not most, Christians are guilty of these days.

      • bwest

        Where is your proof of your accusation?

  • David Flynn

    Someone should tell Carlyona shes still not running for pres.and stop all that sassy ghetto head bobbin and veavin!! Yo bro stuff.

    • Am I a dog’s head?

      Yes, very aggressive body language. Looked like she wanted to fight. Made Cruz look weak.

  • Foxtrap

    Why is this even an issue? You fawn all over Trump, and he’s nearly made a side business of sleeping around.

    • It’s an issue because Ted Cruz couldn’t answer yes or no to this question. If that what you want in a president?? That’s what we have NOW with Obama who never gives a straight answer. If Ted is unable to say “no, I never cheated on Heidi”, or “yes, I did it and we have worked through it”, how can he EVER be president of this country?

      • Judy

        It seems to me, it’s an issue to you because you are clearly a Trump fan. It also seems to me like you should be paying attention to Trump’s associates. The bible says “be wise by walking with the wise; hang out with fools and watch your life fall to pieces.” “Do not be misled; bad company corrupts good character.” Trump is a deal maker, which of our rights, our God-given rights is he going to deal away? He’s about power and money, not about America. If get were about America, he would never donate money to people who are clearly ANTI-AMERICA.

        • Jkittyc

          Have you not listened to Trump? evidently not. He wants to bring back American jobs to America. Get rid of illegal immigrants. Take power back from the ISIS, who Obama is giving our power to. Trump has donated millions of $$$ to people, privately. Oh, it’s not been in the news, he does not make a show of it. Trump does not say “Look at me, I’m giving money to the poor!”
          Trump wants Obamacare gone.

          Cruz is a Dominionist. Do you know what that is? A person who believes that it is their duty as a Christian to take over the world, “for Christ”, to take the wealth from sinners & put into their own hands~~and bank account. No, it’s not PROSPERITY GOSPEL that they are preaching. It’s a “ME PROSPER, YOU GIVE TO ME” gospel. They believe Christians should rule the world, & must rule the world, before Jesus is able to come back. Let me repeat that: CHRISTIANS MUST BE THE RULERS OF THE WORLD BEFORE JESUS CHRIST IS ABLE TO RETURN TO EARTH.

          Is that what the Bible teaches? Clearly not.

        • Judy, whoever runs this website, clearly loves smut. Attacking Senator’s Ted Cruz character as a husband, based on the false, non proven acccusations of infedelity, advertised by some scandalous two bit newspaper such as the natioal inquirer, that makes it’s living by trying to destroy people’s lives. It’s simply APPOLLING. The writers of this website, should truly be ashamed of themselves to even call themeselves humans let alone christians, particularly since one of the ten commandaments clearly states “Thou shalt not bear false witness”!

          • Are you UNABLE to read an article and ascertain it’s meaning? NTEB has done ZERO stories on anyone’s private life, and we didn’t write on the Enquirer story one time. THIS story is about a simple yes or no question that Cruz was asked, that was not about the Enquirer story. He was asked if he had EVER been unfaithful to his wife. It was really a non-question. All he had to do was say yes or no and be done with it. However, he was unable to answer with yes or no. That’s what the story is about.

      • Judy

        One more thing, I used to really like your posts, but the more you slander your brother in Christ and boast up someone who is not, the less I trust your judgment and your posts.

        • Sapling

          Just because someone claims to be a Christian doesn’t mean they are. Too many people use that label to buy trust. It disgusts me. I’m always wary of anyone flying the Christian banner, because they’re usually hiding behind it. I grew up around people like that. My grandfather went to church, claimed to be a Christian…people loved him, thought he was wonderful. Not just in church, but other places as well. He was a horrible disgusting pervert (I personally know) and a very, very mean man to those closest to him. We won’t even go into all my perverted uncles. They all went to church and played Christian too. It’s sickening. Yes, I’m immediately suspicious of people who have to “label” themselves Christian instead of just being one. Being one should be proof enough.

        • Steve.C

          Cruz is NOT a brother in Christ. This man is a liar and if you can’t see that than you don’t want to see that. Remember when he edited that video of Rubio walking through the hotel. In the video he changed Rubio’s comments (to the person who was reading the Bible) to make Rubio look as if he had blasphemed God by saying something disparaging about God’s word. We now know that Rubio did not say anything wrong and in fact praised the Bible. Now I already had mistrust about Cruz but that situation was the verifiable proof to me that Cruz is not a christian. Just think about it, if blasphemy of God is a big sin (and the bible tells us it is) than how do you think God looks at a sin where the person is falsely, purposefully and with intent accusing someone else of blasphemy. If you are voting for Lyin’ Ted because you think he is a christian than you need to pray and ask God for discernment. BTW I am a Canadian and have no vote but this election very much effects my county too. All I know is that the U.S with another democrat president will only continue the policies of removing God from the land and ushering in every conceivable abomination. Trump looks to me like the person to stop them. God Bless

          • bwest

            You obviously don’t know what a lie is and ignorant of the scriptures.

        • Lo

          I couldn’t agree more, Judy!

        • Billy

          Wake up Judy, Cruz is a lying snake oil salesman. Trump will tell you like it is an d if you don’t like it TO BAD!!!!!

      • What is crazy is how the mainstream media has let a “christian” conservative, with serious evidence indicating up to 5 affairs, all of whom were with young women over whom he might exercise some power, totally off the hook. When has this ever happened with a christian candidate, even if there was the tiniest sniff of a single affair? Never ever. What does that mean? It means he is a part of the machine that runs this planet….wife: CFR, Goldman; father CIA, NAR and probable freemason. Cruz…a part of that machine, and a very likely freemason.

      • Ky

        Geoffrey Grider

        Feigned compassion is not your strong suit. You may as well go back to your preferred National Enquirer literary style. If it is true, it is a sad day for the only remaining candidate who has championed God in this election. Your enjoyment of this is sickening.
        By the way, I know you have suppressed all alerts to new posts as well as replies regarding my account. Criticism makes you uncomfortable, doesn’t it?

        • Dianne

          Hello KY, glad to read your posts again. I missed reading them. Very disappointed to hear that Geoffrey suppressed all alerts to new posts as well as replies regarding your account. Well a BIG WELCOME BACK from me dear friend and GOD BLESS YOU.
          PEACE AND BLESSINGS, Dianne

    • There’s actually no proof that Trump slept around on his wives. Some say he did with Marla Maples when he was married to Ivana, but it’s never been proven. He had left Ivana before Marla became pregnant with their daughter. I’m not defending his failed marriages, and yet he doesn’t either. When asked about his failed marriages he takes full responsibility and says their failures were his fault. It’s also interesting to note that both of his former wives like him and endorse him for president. That says a lot. Usually people who’ve been burned by a spouse who had an affair aren’t supportive after the marriage is over.

      • /\ The 2nd post above wasn’t from me…the one about trump not sleeping around /\

        not sure how my info got on it….

        • Ky

          Sola scriptura

          “The 2nd post above wasn’t from me…”

          This website has several flaws and this is one of them. Always check to see if your name and email are populated right in the boxes before you post. This happened to me once and I posted under some one else’s handle. It is a security flaw of sorts because it reveals other people email address when it happens. I have reported this to Geoffrey but he has taken no action…

      • sTEVE

        Did you learn to accuse your brothers by the Accuser himself? Are you a Satanist Geoffrey Grider? Are you gossiping and spreading rumors as worship to Satan? Even if Ted Cruz committed adultery, what is that to you? Are you ready to cast the first stone? I doubt it….Stop the hypocrisy and division (like you accuse of Obama of)! You are acting as if you are Captain of the Gospel-Prevention-Team!!! REPENT!

      • lioness

        since you are pure and righteous i hope you have no skeleton in your cupboards. you expect so much from him but he is man and David fell and he rose again and God called him a man after his own heart. You DT supporters do not care what he does or say but you want perfection in TED CRUZ we are all human i remember when i fell from grace but Jesus was merciful to me I went back to him like the prodigal son and he forgave me and he does not remember my sins any more i think you should stop judging cruz to high standard for all our own righteousness is filthy rags in the eyes of God. I am praying for the will of God to be done for our redemption will not come from man but from God.

        • Steve

          Thank you for sharing this truth, many who gather on this site (or run it) have seemed to forgotten the grace and mercy of The Lord.

      • Patrice

        I am quite sure Trumps ex-wives are being paid plenty to keep quiet. have you heard the audio that Howard Stern played of Trump calling in and bragging about the women he has slept with “even happily married women” he says, among other things. He WAS married to Invana when he was fornicating with Marla, that is why she divorced him.

    • Ray

      There is no proof that Trump has slept around on his wives. He did get Marla Maples pregnant before they got married, but she wasn’t pregnant before he left Ivana. There is no proof of him cheating on any of his wives, only rumors. Yes, he might have cheated, but without proof you’re no better than anyone who makes false allegations.

    • Doris Lauter

      Trump admitted his mistakes, and Cruz denies and lies….That’s the difference.

  • J.Michael

    He should have asked Ted why he never voted on legislation he cob sponsored with Rand Paul.

  • i did not know ole carly was running for president and rubio was the one that started it. why has a slander suit not been filed against the NE ?

  • Gerry

    Geoff… you really have Cruz in your sights. Now if you bring him down, who will you turn on next? Seems like you have some kind of vendetta here. If Cruz is guilty of misdemeanor, then we know that God will disclose it in His time. It’s as simple as “Be sure your sin will find you out”… and it does…we can all attest to that. We can’t hide from God or run away from Him. But what I really don’t understand is why you are SO focused on Cruz when Mr. Trump has nothing to be proud of regarding his record. He’s a loose cannon and he has proven that in the past. Lying Trump says that he is a Christian… surely you don’t believe that, do you? He’s proud and arrogant and dishonest and a whore monger and and and….! Is he the kind of character Americans should idolize? Would you like your kids to act and talk like him? You need to slow down and look at the big picture here. There is more in this race than just Mr. Cruz. And NONE of them have anything to boast about as far as presidential credentials are concerned. You need some house cleaning. Soon and very soon a leader will arise and multitudes in this world will be taken in by his swelling words and subtle ways. He will convince the world that he has all the answers to the troubles and tensions we face in our day. They will run to him for deliverance. And they will be duped and deceived into thinking he is their messiah. When you park your brains at the door and lack God given reason and discernment, this is the results. We see a preview of this in the world right now. People are frustrated and looking for solutions. And they jump on some bandwagon without ever asking where this parade is headed. Look at the popularity of Putin in Russia and he’s a gangster, dictator and murderer! Trudeau was swept into power here in Canada on the crest of a wave and now they’re getting a picture of the foolish mistake they made. All they wanted was change and they got that alright. They’ve also gotten a lot of regrets with it. This whole phenomena is taking place all over the world. And one of these days real soon this evil dictator will show up on the scene and people will once again get with the flow and end up as fools rejecting the warnings that could have saved them from the peril to come. People will come to their senses but it will be too late. And they will raise their fists toward Heaven charging God and refusing to acknowledge the grave error of their ways. It’s coming, and soon. And the politics of confusion is simply telling us that it can’t be far off. “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give to eat from the tree of life” Are we overcomers or just prattling fools with itching ears and treacherous tongues?

    • Sam Fox

      The Cruz infidelity scandal is not the worst thing that has come out about Cruz. A more serious scandal is his wife’s insider connection to one of the NWO’s fronts, the US CFR. AND her co-writing the North American Union.

      The reason Cruz is ‘in our sights’ is because he is establishment to the core, but pretends to be an outsider.

      Look up

      Kelleigh Nelson On Ted Cruz

      And a Slate article that shows how the very clever wordsmith Ted has parsed his words so that he has a foot on each side of the illegal immigration issue that Trump has raised. At Slate look for

      Ted Cruz May Be The Most Gifted Liar Ever To Run For President

      Then go to the DC Clothesline & look for

      Can You Handle The Truth Ted & Heidi Cruz & The North American Union

      Ask yourself, IF Ted IS an outsider & non-establishment, “Why is NWO front man G Soros ONLY paying thugs to disrupt Trump rallies & leaves Cruz rallies alone? Why doesn’t the US & globalist establishment also attack Cruz?”

      Thank you.


      • You nailed it…but Trump is a part of the machine too. He just has a different part. He plays the role of brash and roguish outsider, who draws in angry whites and threatens to clean up the system! He plays to patriotism and those who are purposely being alienated from this economy. The people who run the world know how to pull in all types and how to cover all bases. This world is not our world amigos. Separate from it, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ, building up treasure in heaven while there is still time. Our best life…is later:

        • Linda coy

          Thanks for the link, the blog offers reminders that are so comforting. i intend to become a frequent visitor!

        • Ky

          Sola scriptura,

          And I think you nailed it. No one can be trusted, not one, and certainly not Geoffrey.

      • Cheshire Cat

        Hi Sam , just wanted to add , I read an article the other day that listed 187 organizations on the soros payroll,all after Trump. We know the answer , but I just have to ask others WHY ? Why is that the case ? Sam hit the nail right on the head ! Cruz has to be one of them , he can still be Christian and be one of them , only in error.

        Like Rush Limbaugh said the other day ,
        Where is the republican parties 100 day plan to stop Killary ?

        Where was the 100 day plan to stop oblahma ?

        But they have a 100 day plan to stop Trump, and people don’t find that strange ?

        The government controlled, news media, both political parties, all after Trump, only Trump, why ?
        Why is the battle flag of the republican party white ?
        Because the leadership, if that’s what you want to call it, has sold us out !
        They are democrats/commies in sheeps clothing trying to overthrow free elections in this country.
        If Killary wins they keep their jobs, position, perks etc etc , and if Trump wins ,he’s going to upset their applecart!
        For those who think there will be safety in same old, same old , no no, No, we lose this one, this country is doomed , and the republican leadership is going out of it’s way to make that happen .

        • DC

          Sam and CC, both of you have made some excellent points. I wish some people would concede that there is merit in another’s argument. A few have bravely said they started out liking Ted and then changed their minds. Others won’t give an inch. Gonna be a long 7 mos….

      • Herman

        You are wrong about Ted may be the most gifted liar ever to run for President. We already have that liar in the White House now. Its like the Bible say’s, he who is without sin to cast the first stone. Simply said, people who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. Monogamy is not in mans, or woman’s nature. I have said for many years, any man or woman can be had at the right time, by the right person, under the right circumstances. Take for instance, when these woman at a concert throw their panties up on the stage, its not to show what color of under ware they are wearing.

    • Ray

      Whore monger? That’s quite a claim. Please provide proof.

      As for calling him a liar because he says he’s a Christian, then most people are liars. But I don’t think many knowingly say they are Christian when they aren’t. More likely they think they are, but really aren’t. Christ was clear that many would come to him on judgment day claiming to be his followers and he’d turn them away because they aren’t. I know Trump’s church because I grew up in the same church. It does not teach the gospel, but rather teaches good works and personal responsibility along with positive thinking along the lines of Robert Schuller. My family thought we were Christians. Fortunately I met a real Christian one day and through a few years of arguments and love, he led me to salvation in Jesus. I was fortunate to see the rest of my family come to Christ later, too. But none of us were lying when we thought we were Christians. We didn’t understand what true Christianity is.

      The fact is that Americans have rights that no other nation in world history has given its citizens. Voting is a serious thing and each Christian American has to think carefully about who to support. And they also have to think about the fact that really only 2 candidates have a chance to win, the Republican or the Democrat nominee. Some Christians feel voting for a 3rd party fits their conscience because they cannot accept the 2 party nominees, but in doing so they are knowingly voting for someone who cannot win. Others feel they must choose between the 2 who can win and that they are obligated to vote for the better of the 2 (or the lesser or 2 evils in some cases). I’m not so sure either view is wrong. They must vote their conscience. And knowing that it is the rare chance you will have a true Christian as a nominee (there have been few, IF ANY, Christian presidents in American history) then you have to decide which non-Christian you are voting for. And given that I don’t believe that any of the current candidates are Christian, I would rather vote for a non-Christian who doesn’t put himself out there on some moral high horse yet is a lying, cheating fake with no chance of winning against the Democrats. That view gives me perfect peace in my relationship with my Savior. Could I be wrong? Certainly. But my conscience is between me and God, not between me and you.

  • tracy

    Honestly, this marital issues is between God, Ted and Heidi. However, it’s Cruz’s persona that he is such an outstanding Christian man that bothers me. He hides too much and the fruit he bears doesn’t match-up with his words. Many of us on this site have read numerous things about Ted, and know that he isn’t on the up-and-up; and takes us as idiots, just like the majority of the others in Washington do. That, I have a problem with.
    Thanks to God that He is in control of the entire world. That makes the strife in this evil, greedy place worth it all.

  • Sue

    We know that man is not God, but men do and will answer to God, ultimately. Ha, on to the failures of corporate inversions…nice switch. I am sorry, Cruz is not the strong leader that he sounds like, he has a good rhetorical conversation and basically a sophist, and WAS BORN IN CANADA.

    Are we to once again throw out the Constitution for another man that we know is not born here, after we have complained of a man that may have not be born here? We are talking about the Constitutional, and he eligibility of one that would hold the presidency.

    My gosh, forget about the issues of infidelity for a moment, and look at the greater lie. Ted can’t talk himself out of his discretions behind Fiorina, and he can’t hide his eligibility behind this smoke screen .

    Did he drop this via the Enquirer? Maybe it was his team? Just saying. Nevertheless, if you want to have Constitutional law and provision, then this isn’t the man, though talented, but no.

  • pat

    What I find most interesting are the micro-expressions in the video. Fiorina maintains a straight-face until the word “ever.” (Have you ever had an affair”)– at which point she does a lightning fast grimace, and they both glance abruptly left and down. A left glance indicates remembering a past event/s, while a downward glance is what we do when we feel shame. Looks a lot like a lie…

    • It looks completely like a lie. And remember, the reporter didn’t ask about the Enquirer story, he asked “have you always been faithful to your wife?” That was the question and ‘Lying Ted’ ran away from it at 100 MPH. Cruz’s list of lies on the campaign trail are getting almost too many to keep up with.

      • pat

        Yeah, I don’t like it at all. He totally deflects from answering the question. The super-fast tight lipped “smile” Fiorina does is a sign of fear and lack of confidence in what one is saying– it’s obvious when on the full-screen. Lying makes me sad…

      • DC

        Did you see that Glen Beck said he’d drop Cruz “like a hot potato” if the story is true?

      • sTEVE

        13 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to. [14] [b]

        15 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when you have succeeded, you make them twice as much a child of hell as you are.

        • Why do you violate our posting rules? King James ONLY please…

          • Steve

            Why do you violate the Word of God?

            …..the love of many will grow cold…..

      • Steve

        Are you praying for Ted? Or are you just focusing on slander and gossip and rumors? Is this a Christian site or a Satanic site? I’m confused, I can’t tell…did Geoff start s new religion, I don’t know? Is this pleasing to God? Wait maybe Geoff is serving a different god and we don’t know who that is….no, I bet he is a Christian, perhaps he just needs to turn and remember the kindness and forgiveness and mercy that God once gave him, and maybe he will realize that God gives it to everyone. Maybe he will stop acting like this

        • DC

          Steve, practice what you’re preaching about acting like a Christian. Your sarcasm and attacks and speculation of the Satanic really detracts from your earlier message.

      • herman Johnson

        Has any reporter asked any other candidates this question. I have been around for 72 years and I believe that John F. Kennedy or Obama wasn’t asked that question, how come? I don’t believe that Obama was asked if he was Bi or not. There seems to be a lot of stories going around that he is Gay. Why doesn’t this reporter ask Obama if he is Queer or not. I am not the only one who has seen all the lies that Obama has told over the past 9+ years. The only lie he didn’t tell was he promised change. Change we got, but it wasn’t change for the good.

        • DC

          Herman, I think it’s the double standard of the mainstream media/the Left. They give Obama and the others softball questions because the hard ones might give them a truth they don’t want to hear. Just recently they asked Hillary what her favorite movie is and does she prefer burgers or pizza. Don’t ask about Benghazi, no sir. Then the famous “boxers or briefs” one asked of her husband. The press is the 4th estate that’s part of the establishment. Even Bill’s illicit behavior wasn’t half as salacious to the press as is the Trump/Cruz wars.

          I agree that Obama’s “change” has not been for the good, and America doesn’t have much “hope.” In a way it’s good b/c we can put our hope into Jesus, our Blessed Hope and not rely on humans.

          • Steve

            Just like the Double standards of Christians on this site? They want all the grace, mercy and forgiveness for them self, but instead of showing what they’ve them self have received, they play god in their pride and pass judgement, spraying it around like they have been appointed judge.

            Remember, Jesus said he did not come to pass judgement, but to SAVE! Why don’t you all save the judgement for Christ when He returns?

          • DC

            Quite the non sequitur, Steve. Are you following me everywhere I go? You keep wanting to bring it back to what YOU want to talk about. No need to bring Herman or his Q about reporters into it; he’s an innocent bystander.
            You accuse Geoff of Satanism and then have the audacity to preach to others about grace and not judging?

            Still waiting on that retraction…..

  • DC

    I find it interesting how quickly Carly projected onto Trump’s affairs; at least he was honest enough to admit it. I read that one of the women with whom Cruz allegedly had an affair worked for Carly Fiorina and that Cruz gave a lot of money to her campaign–donation or hush money was the comment after that. I’ll try to find the article if anyone wants it (I go to a lot of news sites, mostly Christian), but it did say that, while Nat’l Enq. can sometimes be tabloid, they did get some major stories right and named them.

    • SteVe

      As a Christian (that means FOLLOWER of Christ) when you say or write: well, I read….or I heard….you should STOP dead in your tracks. You are about to gossip and spread a rumor.

      This is not pleasing to The Lord. You may be pushing truth – still is gossip. Or it may be a lie – it’s still gossip.

      Remember, gossip is one of the 7 abominations.

      • DC

        as are( Prov. 6)18 “An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

        19 A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.”

        Calling me Geoff is devising wicked imagination; stirring things up just for the pleasure you appear to gain from it would be feet swift in running to mischief; I wouldn’t say you are a false witness speaking lies, but you do have a cherry-picking theology; and you must admit, you’re enjoying sowing discord among the brethren.

        This is growing tiring; I’m not conceding defeat but agreeing to disagree. Go on and feel superior if you want; it really won’t ruin my day or my witness.

        • Steve

          I don’t feel superior. The Word of God is. And you are making my point, this whole article and others are wicked in many ways. And I think it would benefit the saved and unsaved if it stopped. This is why I was making the suggestion if the politics here were Satanic due to the wicked things being portrayed here about Leadsers, Mormons, Catholics, Christians, etc…

          Let the Word of God conquer youste

          • DC

            Steve, you won’t admit that you were wrong thinking I was Geoff in disguise, so how could I convince you that warning people about false gospels isn’t satanic? The point can only be made so many times and so many ways before one has to give up on moving one who won’t be moved. I’ve invested too much time already; your stubborn pride won’t allow anything but your interpretation to be the truth. You appear to believe Geoff is gleefully trashing Cruz and campaigning for Trump, no matter how he tries to justify his reasons for posting what he does. Admit it; you have it in for the guy and nothing he or any of his supporters say will change your mind. Some here see the big picture; you only see through your own spiteful lens. It’s called tunnel vision.

          • INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT ‘STEVE’: This man’s comments come from multiple IP addresses. The first one being in Lake Crest Estates, TX, and the second one from Colorado Springs, CO. Well, my, my, looks like we found ourselves a WOLF…..now who’s the deceiver, Steve?

          • INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT ‘STEVE’: This man’s comments come from multiple IP addresses. The first one being in Lake Crest Estates, TX, and the second one from Colorado Springs, CO. Well, my, my, looks like we found ourselves a WOLF…..now who’s the deceiver, Steve?

          • DC

            Geoff, are you sure? Are there different names? We do have a Steve C…

          • I am quite positive. A while back we installed software to let us know where people are located just in case troublemakers or bad guys came in. I can see where people are commenting from right down to their home address. We take ALL threats seriously these days, and are very capable of finding the bad guys.

          • Steve

            Ok I was wrong, that’s fine, you’re not Geoff. But are you wrong in something too? You are supporting a man who is writing abominations on this website!!! How can you be a minister of the gospel if you are choking on the milk of the word? You aren’t ready for meat although you should be, as Paul says.

            This is why I have suspected, as have others on this site, that Geoff posts under different names. Who goes and checks ip addresses, only in people whose comments he doesn’t like?? That is NARCISSITIC. Did you know “the Fool” in Proverbs is a Narcissist?

            You’ll notice that Geoff is all about the IP addresses below, it’s just like Obama to go around checking on people who don’t agree with you.

            And did you know that phones and tablets connect to different ip addresses, since they are mobile devices?

          • Looks like you have been BusTED.

          • No one has ever accused me of posting under false names, just you. From here on in you are being warned that your tone and words are rapidly approaching troll territory. Now go back to commenting on the stories and stop the personal attacks. You will be banned if you don’t.

          • DC

            Well, that’s fine, but if he does man up and say he’s sorry, I’d be willing to give him another chance. I don’t understand how people can think they are the only one who’s right and if you disagree, they “rebuke” you, or worse, the insincere, “I’ll pray for you.”
            I am most disappointed in Geri; she should be above it all,,and that’s all I’m going to say on that.

        • Steve

          How would posting from different ip addresses anyway make me a deceiver? You don’t know me just like you don’t know Ted Cruz or Glen Beck or Mormons or mason wells or Catholics or anyone else you judge.


          You are a sorry weak example of a minister who thinks he can teach –

          You think you can judge me, over ip addresses, you are the king of fools.

          You should shut this site down for its filth.

          May God deal with your false ministry harshly

          • Steve

            The Word says a minister must be able to teach and deal kindly with those who oppose him….

            May God rebuke and correct you

          • DC

            You are getting really defensive now, my friend, and that’s very telling. If you hate it here so much, why do you stay? I’m not going to repeat myself about why I support Geoff. You didn’t get it the first 3x. You finally said you were wrong about me being Geoff but you won’t back down on anything else. I don’t even have to point it out any more; you make yourself look worse and worse. I honestly don’t like seeing you humiliate yourself, and, what’s worse, you don’t even see it. It would’ve been better had you just said you think there’s a bit of a slant to a story and given an example why. You might have gotten some traction or support. Instead you make blanket statements now about the whole site being filthy, you insult Geoff as a minister, and then you ask God to condemn the ministry. Not good Christian character, Steve. I hope you think about it and come back with a contrite heart. I will be willing to be in fellowship with you again at that time, but until then, I think I need to have some space.

          • He is only here to attack, and now he is gone.

  • Herman Johnson

    Who cares. I don’t believe that there are to many married men or woman out there that haven’t cheated on their spouse, one time or another. That question was stupid and a little personal. Have her go ask Hillary, or Trump that question.

    • Dan

      Well I can speak only for myself, And I can say with a resounding “NO” I have never cheated on my wife and we have been married 26 years! I believe you don’t give people enough credit!

    • sTEVE

      Right! It’s between him and his wife and the Lord God – it has nothing to do with Geoff Grider or his website!

  • DC

    I looked at a few sites and still can’t remember the one that I wanted, but I did see people saying that the story came from Rubio’s camp.

  • DC

    Here it is, but I have to give credit to Tracy who posted the link:


    • SteVe

      Thanks for the gossip – I feel so Christiany now!

      • DC

        and publicly proclaiming “DC=Geoffrey Grider” ISN’T gossip? I noticed you responded to my other recent posts, so you must have seen my response to that, yet still no retraction…Keep digging that hole.

  • cozette clark

    Heidi and Ted are the uber Christians version of the Clintons. It’s amazing that both camps are so fanatically loyal that don’t care about character and honesty when it comes to their team. Very hypocritical and scary.

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    • Jkittyc

      Have you not listened to Trump? evidently not. He wants to bring back American jobs to America. Get rid of illegal immigrants. Take power back from the ISIS, who Obama is giving our power to. Trump has donated millions of $$$ to people, privately. Oh, it’s not been in the news, he does not make a show of it. Trump does not say “Look at me, I’m giving money to the poor!”
      Trump wants Obamacare gone.

      Cruz is a Dominionist. Do you know what that is? A person who believes that it is their duty as a Christian to take over the world, “for Christ”, to take the wealth from sinners & put into their own hands~~and bank account. No, it’s not PROSPERITY GOSPEL that they are preaching. It’s a “ME PROSPER, YOU GIVE TO ME” gospel. They believe Christians should rule the world, & must rule the world, before Jesus is able to come back. Let me repeat that: CHRISTIANS MUST BE THE RULERS OF THE WORLD BEFORE JESUS CHRIST IS ABLE TO RETURN TO EARTH.

      Is that what the Bible teaches? Clearly not.

  • bILL l.

    The WORD tells us, “lie not one to another”, to “speak the truth one to another”, and ” to give an answer for why you believe”. Now, I am the first person to say Mr.Trump is a rich man of the world, but he has always been in the public eye for as long as I remember and he is pretty much the same as always. He is Trump. Rafeal (Ted) Cruz wants the evangelical vote, says trust him and he has been in bed with Obama in selling out the people of the USA as long as he has been “a servant of the people”. You have not heard him denounce the illuminati, the FED, tpp.
    Cruz stood behind Obama when on 12/31/2012, the constitution and all our rights were signed away by Obama in a very, quiet way. Now Trump hasn’t sold out the American people, yet, he may or may not. But anyone defending any oof the current establishment elites has got to be a troll.
    Nothing is going to save this nation outside of the LORDS return. Read Romans chapter one, we have already passed the point of no return- 3 times GOD gave them over, USA is guilty of all. We need to fall on our knees, repent and beg the FATHERS mercy, judgement must start at the house of GOD!
    Your fellow warrior IN CHRIST.

    • Agree completely, there is a reason they are against him & the only reason has to be they don’t think they can still be in control. I was for CRUZ until I realized why they are against Trump so changed my mind. It may get worse but I don’t see it & besides that the Lord Jesus Christ has known from the beginning everything that will happen & it has been decreed so whatever He has planned is fine with me.

    • sTEVE

      The WORD also says that sin covers a multitude of sin, and to forgive one another, and to not gossip or spready rumors – God hates gossip!

      Speak the truth all you want, but don’t spread other people’s dirty laundry out in public forums.

      • Richard R

        Steve, this is NOT your website! Stop badgering Geoff! It’ not Christian!

        • Steve

          Is accusing your brother and spreading gossip Christian? I thought this site was about speaking the truth and preaching the gospel….this site is about offending Christ and His WORD!

          Richard/Geoffrey, how can you defend what is being written as an article on this site? It’s pure trash. IT’s anti-gospel. If you want to have a Cruz-hating site and a Trump-loving site, go for it – just don’t do it under a website about the gospel and the bible….

          This site makes me sick as a believer Geoffrey, there are clear violations against the WORD of God and His commands happening on this site!!!

        • Steve

          Hi Geoff

  • jay sprueill

    He is a politician and everyone expects him to lie, in my opinion there isn’t a MORAL person in POLITICS. So what’s the deal, no matter what he says he is a LIAR.

  • I can not watch her moving her head back & forth with every word! That may be too critical, but bothers me! Maybe she will read this & hold it a little more still, you think?

  • Marian


    This article reports, among other things, that Cruz promised his homosexual friends at this intimate party in Manhattan that he would not challenge the same-sex marriage decision of the Supreme Court. One of those friends is in the homosexual hospitality business on Fire Island, a well-known vacation spot for homosexuals.

    Christian Cruz supporters may want to check out Heidi and Ted’s living arrangement, as well. I think I understand why she has had a history of emotional instability.

    My only point in this post is to point out that Cruz is not any more “pure” than Trump.

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  • Pingback: Ted Cruz Loses Composure, Refuses To Answer Simple ‘Yes Or No’ Question About His Marriage | San Francisco Daily Digest()

  • Ic lori

    Here we go again. Trushing Tez Cruz. Even if he was unfaithful, do you think, really, Donald Trump never was, so you can make him a little saint?? All we get from this so called “christian news ” is the deplorable criticism of the people they don’t like. And then the comments go “just because a person claims to be christian it doesn’t mean they are” So the REAL christians are supposed to judge, bite and slander those who sin. And it is your fault Geoffrey, you are the example and the encourager of all of it!!

  • Lori

    Exactly!!! Thank you Teve!! This is a leader who thinks he never sins and also that our Lord cannot forgive, just like he does, he doesn’t forgive the failings of others,

    • Steve

      This site has gone off the deep end, I am ashamed to see Christians acting like this AGAINST others, I am all for having grace and forgiving others, but leaders stepping out saying they are preaching the gospel and then accusing others, especially our elected leaders, it is wrong.

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  • Hey Geoff, think about this.

    What if Ted Cruz did stumble and fall……..and what if he confessed this to Heidi and asked her forgiveness……..and what if they went to Christian counseling and their marriage became stronger than ever………..What if??

    Instead of acting like a tabloid, why don’t you get back to the Bible and end time prophecy??

    I think that people are getting pretty tired of this trashy stuff.

    • Geri, this is NOT about whether he had an affair or not. We have not done one story about his alleged affairs and never will. This is about the fact that, when asked a simple question, he sputters out of control and is unable to answer it. The reporter said “Sen. Cruz, please answer yes or no…” and Ted started spouting talking points. What is that?

      When I watched this video and I heard the question, for one BRIEF second I thought to myself “ok, here it is. Cruz is going to say “NO” and it will be over”. I was actually quite surprised when I realized that he had no intention of answering the question. Ted could have ended the whole debate right there, but he chose to be a weasel politician and give autobot answers.

      And as far as “going back to bible prophecy”, I have published half a dozen Bible prophecy stories in the past few days and you haven’t commented on a single one of them. So your statement is very disingenuous. NTEB has never stopped doing stories on Bible prophecy, but we have always reported on politics too.

      Nothing “tabloid” here…your man Cruz was asked ONE SIMPLE QUESTION and he couldn’t answer it. That’s very sad, but it shows you who he really is.

      • Linda coy

        Yes, please Geoff, back to the old NTEB, please! I’d like to respectfully say this; I still look in to find stories relevant to bible prophecy, but am less and less drawn to the site bc of the politics.

      • DC

        Why is no one here talking about the fact that Cruz gave $500,000 to Fiorina’s campaign when he was supposed to be running against her and that one of his alleged affairs was with one of her staffers? Now she comes out to defend him? Sounds like some good old backscratching to me. Also, why is Cruz blaming Trump or Trump’s people for the story getting out when it originated with Rubio’s camp?

        Why are so many coming out against this website, when the story has been reported everywhere? Are you all going to other sites attacking those who would report anything negative about Ted? Don’t shoot the messenger, people, just b/c you don’t like the message. Yes, this is a Christian, end times news site, but end times politics happens to fit in with end times prophecy. It would have been better for Cruz to come clean; likely, in showing remorse, he would’ve been given grace and forgiveness by Christians. Instead, in avoiding answering a direct question, he looks guilty. The cover-up is often worse than the crime.

        No one here is putting Trump on a pedestal, but many are doing so with Cruz. No one is blind to Trump’s sins, but at least he’s honest about who he is. He still has a long way to go to: he has to repent of his sins and ask forgiveness and make Jesus his Lord and Savior, I completely agree. No one who supports him is giving him a free pass on his personal behavior, but his candor is rather refreshing in our political arena, where lies and schemes are the norm.

        Meanwhile, notice how this Who’s the Bigger Sinner contest has taken the focus off Obama and Clinton. The plotting for a brokered convention continues and the MSM is complicit in distracting voters from the most important story of all: we are being had. Hillary has been chosen and they will push for a weak Jeb or Mitt who could never beat her. Trump throws a wrench in their plans and they must project him as the devil incarnate to support their scheme.

        • Tracy

          Amen !!!! DC
          Right to the point!

      • Steve

        Geoff, could you please reach out to the author of the article and ask him to clarify how this article isn’t tabloid? Also if we could get the author to share a little about his world view? Is he an atheist? Satanist? Or maybe he just like persecuting Christians? Also, what specifically is a weasel politician? Not sure if that’s a biblical term.
        Finally, should Ted be allowed to protect his wife and marriage from tabloid reporters? I mean, if Ted really is a Christian (jussayin) and believes his marriage is sacred, can he refuse to answer a question that is an attack on him and Heidi?

      • Geoff…….”My Cruz?”

        I’m to the point where I don’t even read about this election anymore. I’m sick at heart of all of the mud slinging.

        YOUR Donald Trump has boasted of his visits to the Playboy mansion and how many of the most gorgeous women he has slept with from all over the world..
        Is THAT not gross? We had enough of that behavior with Bill Clinton!

        What makes your pieces on Cruz seem like tabloids is when you use Trump’s “Lyin’ Ted Cruz.” Even if you wrote the same piece, but left out the “Lyin'” title, it would seem better.

        It almost sounds like you are campaigning for Trump.

        • Ted Cruz is a well-documented LIAR, hear his own lying words here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwIHJhtTSLg

          CNN says that Ted Cruz lied about the Ben Carson story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7asvC2_TOk

          Ted Cruz caught lying about immigration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb7JiIra794

          Ben Carson says Ted Cruz used lies and dirty tricks to win Iowa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoGbKz5yaEc

          More Team Ted Cruz lies and dirty tricks on the campaign trail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm39Dme0baM

          • Steve

            Drop it, forgive the man and pray for him if he is such a bad person in your eyes….if he is a liar, you are no better than him sinner with these wickedness you are posting! You are making Satan laugh

        • DC

          Geri, God bless you, but you have to let this one go. You two used to be friends; I’m going to send both of you to your respective corners…

          Take a step back for a moment and, rather than looking for malice in Geoff’s posts, try to look at it with the perspective that his motive is to warn people not to be conned by a CINO. Blacks voting for Obama just because he’s black ought to be an example that appearances are deceiving. (How are things in the black community,nearly 8 yrs. later?; their unemployment is twice the national average. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.) Wearing one’s Christianity on one’s sleeve to pander to the Christian community, while associating with questionable movements is devious, and it isn’t working.

          Tons of evangelicals have left Cruz and gone over to Trump, and it’s not because they are bad Christians but because they are tired of the same old promises from politicians that are broken every time. At the same time, the establishment is pulling one stunt after another against Trump. Why, because they are so concerned for our country’s soul? It’s all about power and money and control of the masses. The establishment owns their puppets, and they can’t control the self-made man, Trump. Even they aren’t enamored with Cruz, wanting to broker the convention and bring in a Romney or Jeb Bush.

          Geoff has repeatedly stated that Trump is an unsaved man who needs our prayers, but he hasn’t been caught in all these lies that Ted has. His emphasis hasn’t been on whether or not Ted cheated on his wife but whether or not he’s trustworthy. I think it’s really fishy that Ted gave Carly half a million dollars when they were running against each other and now she’s his defender. You don’t think it’s suspicious that one of his alleged affairs happens to be with one of Carly’s people? Your continuing to point out the Playboy mansion and Trump’s alleged conquests is just as tabloid as the reporting of which you accuse Geoff.

          We have two camps here: the die-hard-must-vote-for-the-most-Christian-candidate, even when his sincerity is questionable, even if it means giving our country over to global control, and

          we’ve tried it the old way and been disappointed; let’s give a man who can’t be bought a try.

          People on both sides are adamant in their reasoning, so going ’round and ’round isn’t going to accomplish anything but create distance between people who are supposed to love one another.Let’s agree that both need our prayers, our country’s on the verge of destruction, and that only God’s mercy can truly save us.

        • Ky


          Thank you for your position on all of this. Geoffrey is campaigning even if he refuses to admit this. I have come to the conclusion that no amount of “Crying in HIS wilderness” will make a difference on this website. Geoffrey seems to have removed me from being able to get updates on comments by email. I can only conclude ALL of this division he has created bothers him more than he would admit, and limiting communication is his way of controlling effective dissent. I will look for your posts on other websites.

      • Tracy

        You’re right, you never see Geri on this site anymore, unless you post an article about(her man) Ted Cruz.
        Hang in there!!
        Folks vote for whomever you want, but some here have Lying Ted’s number, and he’s not the great man you think he is. Read!!

        • Not ONE of the people who are critical of me for the Ted Cruz’s articles ever come here and read/comment on the HUNDREDS of Bible-based stories we do every month. Just look at our home page, it is BURSTING at the seams with radio Bible study, Bible teaching, Bible doctrine, street preaching as well as end times news. NTEB has never contained more BIBLE than it does right now in 2016. So people saying “NTEB has changed” are not telling the truth, we have never changed and never will.

          • Tracy

            Yes, it’s because you’re exposing their man Ted.

          • Geoff, I know that my word press website is such a tiny thing compared to NTEB, but even so, YOU never come and read my articles or comment on them. It goes both ways, brother.

          • DC

            ANOTHER passive-aggressive comment, Geri? What is your objective in continuing this? You are bound and determined to make this personal. Geoff was a gentleman and admitted enough is enough. Let it go, already. You are supposed to be a spiritual leader and you’re acting petty, sister. I am embarrassed for you!

          • DC

            Geri, I got your response in my email but it hasn’t shown up here yet. I’m about to log off, so rather than wait for it to appear, I’m piggy-backing on my last comment.

            Saying you’re no “Geoffry Grider” with his name in parenthesis, seems like a left-handed, insincere compliment. Maybe you do mean well and it’s your tone/sarcasm you need to work on. You appear to be offering a challenge. It’s just my observation; I have an English (teaching) MA in writing, so maybe I’m hypersensitive to nuances. If you really want to help out, that’s great, but you could do so privately to him, like how we’re to we admonish another in the brethren—take them aside. By making it a public spectacle, it does look petty, IMO.

          • DC

            I meant when his name is in quotation marks, not parenthesis. Sorry. I was in a hurry.

        • Tracy…….seems that Geoff heeded my advice and changed the title of this article. He got rid of the “Lyin'” part. My work here is done. I don’t write for Geoff anymore (my choice) and I’m busy writing for other End Times Prophecy sites. So THAT’S why I’m seldom commenting on this site. I actually was trying to help Geoff out, and it seems I was successful.

          • No, it never had that in the title. You are thinking of the other story.

          • Tracy

            I was posting here when you started writing for this site, and I remember when you stopped writing for Geoff. You disagreed with Geoff on a couple of his articles regarding “healing.”
            You wrote several great articles while you were here. However, why come back and comment just because you disagree with Geoff on the Ted Cruz articles? As we all know, satan loves dissension among God’s people. Also, as the Christian lady you are, I have difficulty understanding why you can’t see-through Cruz. Therefore, I don’t see where you are helping Geoff out.
            Whether our opinions are right or wrong, God’s got this too!

      • Geoff, thanks for changing the title. I hope all is well with you. And by the way – how do you know that I haven’t been reading many of your prophecy pieces? Just because I don’t comment doesn’t mean I haven’t read them.

    • diego dave

      Geri: thank you! I used to visit this site to get INSIGHT on scripture. But once it started becoming NOW THE GOSSIP BEGINS I rarely visit. For a truly edifying biblical based web site, try harvest.org.

      • Also Raptureready.com is very good.

        Olivetreeviews.org is another good one.

        I have my own word press site at grandmageri422.me.

        Blessings in Yeshua,


        • Steve

          Thank you, I will check those out!!

  • One thing I have noticed is that the majority of the alleged Christians posting here speak out of both sides of their mouths! They haven’t got a clue! The naievty and gullibility is mind boggling.

    Seriously, Ted Cruz is just as anti-Christian as they say Trump is. These hypocritical, faux Christians are blind guides. They are in for the shock of their lives!

    Geoffrey, don’t sweat it. There are no Christlike people to vote for; this is the truth of the matter. Role your dice with Trump if you like; at least he may be more interesting in his ruling. Ted Cruz is a cheating snake of a man…evil. That these phony Christians like him tells me all I need to know.

    • Ughhhh

    • To the Warrioress:

      Why do you say that this is not your picture, but that you will give your real picture to people after you get to know them? That is a bit weird.

    • Steve

      You are missing the point, @the warrioress, Just because you don’t like Ted, or trust him, or he really is a snake, you were never given permission by our Lord to take the matters in your own hands and talk about him like this, AND then talk trash about your brothers and sisters in Christ because they support Ted…. Then you start calling them “these phony Christians” you are the Hypocrite from Matthew 23! Examine your heart…. have your forgotten the grace and mercy of Jesus?

    • Not ‘sweating it’ one single bit. When we published over 1,300 stories on Obama over the last 7 years, these same people congratulated me for ‘being brave’ with our reporting. But when it’s on a topic they don’t like, suddenly we have gone ‘off track’. Nonsense.

      Ted Cruz is a snake, the worst type of trojan horse. Thanks for the encouraging words.

      • Steve

        Geoff, you should be ashamed of all the smut you wrote about President Obama, all the Mormons, all the Carholics, Ted Cruz and anyone else….all while saying you are a minister of the gospel. You are a Trump zealot, and you are violating the desires of our God in talking the way you are on this site…

        Is your wife proud of the things you out on this site?

        • DC

          You are so puffed up with pride, can you even see the screen in front of you? You concede not one point that many have made that, as Christians, we are to warn others about false teachers and cults. You even claim to know the desires of God! He desires that NONE perish, and those believing in a false gospel are headed that way. You have a real vendetta against Geoff which I really don’t get. You are smug and contribute nothing to edify others. You’re a real piece of work, I gotta say.

          • SteVe

            My point is: HOW are we to warn others of false teachers and cults? Not by acting like tabloid writers…..

            I am puffed up with pissed offness that a “minister of the gospel” is acting like this.

            If a pastor or leader in your church spoke like this, they would be put out of the church on the spot.

            Right or wrong?

          • DC

            Then why don’t you specifically use scripture to back your argument? Instead you use curse words and accuse Geoff of being a Satanist–more than once. Then you act condescending to warrioress, telling her “let me teach you something.” You need to learn something. There are plenty of verses in the bible that tell us to confront others of sin; we are held accountable for NOT leading them from it. You’re the one who brought the Mormons and Catholics into a discussion about Cruz. Geoff already did a long article about the cult of Mormonism.
            Frankly, if a pastor actually preached on sin and not this lovey-dovey “diversity” God Who loves us too much to send us to hell, it would be refreshing.

          • Tracy

            Well said D.C. Bashing Geoff is getting pretty old, when he’s only trying to warn you people.
            Read up on the CFR, Cruz’s history with the Bush’s, etc.
            My opinion, if someone doesn’t like what Geoffrey writes, just don’t read it. You make yourself look a bit unchristian whenever you continually attack him.

      • DC

        You forgot “do not judge lest you be judged” and the whole pointing out mote in another’s eye while ignoring the beam in your own, which are the standards of one of your ilk. No good argument resorts to sarcasm and name-calling. Sad…

      • We ALL know that the stories your wrote about Obama are based on fact – not allegations.

        We ALL know that Obama has a Marxist world view and that he detests Christians and is importing “Sunni” Muslims by the droves into our country.

        We ALL KNOW these things. They are documented and have occurred.

        What you are saying about Ted Cruz are all allegations. There is a vast difference between your articles regarding BHO and these pieces on Cruz.

        It’s apples and oranges, Geoff.

        • We ALL know that Ted Cruz is involved with the Dominionist cult movement that his own father is a pastor in.

          We ALL know that Ted Cruz has a Mormon preaching Mormon false doctrine on the campaign trail.

          We ALL know that he lied when he told people that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race when he hadn’t in order to steal his delegates.

          We ALL know these things. They are documented and have occurred.

          Ted Cruz is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is a “christian” trojan horse.

          • If you believe these things to be true, then it’s all in the way you present the pieces on NTEB.

            That is all I have to say on this subject.

          • Christians are allowing themselves to be fooled by Cruz when it is OBVIOUS he is lying. Only a FAKE Christian could want a Mormon preaching Mormon doctrine on his campaign trail. Your desire for America to have a “christian president” has BLINDED you to who he really is. You used to be a lot sharper than that, sad to see how you have changed.

          • Ky

            WE DON’T KNOW that Ted Cruz is involved with the Dominionist cult movement only that his own father is a pastor in it.

            WE DON’T KNOW that Ted Cruz has a Mormon preaching Mormon false doctrine on the campaign trail, ONLY THAT A MORMON HAS.

            WE DON’T KNOW that he lied when he told people that Ben Carson had dropped out of the race when he hadn’t in order to steal his delegates ONLY THAT SOMEONE IN HIS ORGANIZATION DID.


            GEOFFREY GRIDER is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he is a “christian” trojan horse.

            WE ALL KNOW THIS because Geoffrey has documented it for us.

    • DC

      Warrioress, I don’t think you said anything all that bad. I’ve seen true vitriol here, and I think you’re just blunt. Sometimes sugar-coating things doesn’t get an important point across.

      I don’t know if people are being faux or hypocritical Christians, but I do think they enjoy patting themselves on the back that they voted for the “most Christian” of the candidates—at least that’s what they want to believe. Then they can sleep at night and our country can seek deeper into the pit with Hillary and they can point the finger at all those who did not vote for Cruz. I don’t think they really understand what the New World Order is, not to insult anyone’s intelligence. Cruz and Heidi are a part of it. Trump could be as well and could be pulling the wool over our eyes. If so, it’s part of God’s plan that, one way or another, we are getting closer to the AC to arrive on the scene. What really stands out to me is that he will appear to be a good man and will fool even the elect. Obama has certainly done that and seems to me to be a foreshadowing of the AC. Is Cruz another precursor? Is Trump? Is Hillary? Does it matter if God is in control and His will is being done?

      I do know that God hates when Christians fight with each other and the devil loves it. Why don’t we all agree to pray for the salvation of all the candidates, stop the attacks on each other, and pray that God’s perfect will be done? If time is short, we also must reach out and witness to nonbelievers, and the way some people are acting, we’re not doing a very good job, which, again, the devil loves.

      God bless you.

      • Steve

        “DC” = Geoffrey Grider

        • DC

          That’s all you have? Someone supports Geoff and you think it IS Geoff under a different name? You’re wrong. I’m a female named Denise, former Catholic, trying to grow in my walk with Christ. Never had a blog site in my life. I can see the “bigger picture” that Geoff is trying to impart. I learn a lot from others who are better versed in the Word than I. I have learned NOTHING from YOU.

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  • Nancy

    This is all theater. Both Cruz and Trump are free masons These are only a sample, so do some research yourselves:

    Donald J. Trump FREEMASON HIGH PRIEST? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CQ7LKL2LuY (York Rite)

    TED CRUZ IS A FREEMASON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZWokUb9RJM (Scottish Rite like the Mormans)

    Mr Trump has been promising to move US Embassy to Jerusalem for some time now, which is why I personally support him for the White House. The Royal Arch degree is connected to the Levitical priesthood and the 2nd Temple which quest was started under the Persian (Iran) Cyrus. Most if not all Middle East Leaders are also masons (Scottish Rite) Mr. Trump brags about being a deal maker, and I believe he will be sucessful in whatever plans the elite have – and it is very much involved with the Temple Mount. The masonic plan (read the book Born in Blood and other works) calls for three houses of worship ie, the Jewish Temple, a Moslem Mosque, and a Christian (Roman) Church all on the Temple Mount. Geofrey has writen about the Baal temple to be errected in New York. Look further and you will find that 1000 of these things will be placed in cities around the world. Check this out:

    The Temple Of Baal Coming To New York Will Be Followed By Hundreds More All Over The World


    Stop fighting among yourselves and do what II Timothy 2:15 says – STUDY. This doesn’t just apply to the Bible, but we all need to examine everything going on today in depth. Time is very short, Thank You Jesus. I am looking forward to going home.

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  • Kurt aRtecona

    He and his wife is owned by the banks. Who cares if he cheated. She doesn’t why should we. We should care that his obviously a trojan horse. His in completely insincere about what he is saying.

  • Steve, neither you nor they had any problem with slandering and gossiping about President Obama. You were just fine and didn’t protest a bit. Yes, that is the epidemy of hypocrisy. We better not expose Teddy though, eh?

    I don’t share my real picture because of the hate mail I get from lots of good Christian folks like yourself, Gerri. My blog can be a little difficult to digest…truth is like that.

    • Steve

      Listen and I will teach you something:

      As a Christian, or maybe it needs to be termed for NTEB, FOLLOWER of Christ, do you have 1st amendment freedom of speech?

      Let me suggest to you that as an American, yes you do…
      As a believer, not really. I mean, you can use your God-given free will to choose what you want, even say what ever you want….

      But in HONORING God, do you truly have the right to speak what you want to……the correct answer to that is pretty profound.

      The Holy Spirit rebuked and corrected me in 2012 for the things I said about our President. And I will not dishonor him or anyone else for that matter.

      That’s what I would like to see corrected on this site by Geoffrey Grider and all his disciples.

      Also, I don’t write you or anyone hate mail. And I’ve seen Gerri be exceptionally compassionate on this website even while confronting things in truth.

      You are sucking people into your political zealousness by assuming since they don’t bash Obama that they don’t believe like you and that they respond in hate mail….beware of offense, you are reading into things that just aren’t there. I think it’s all being done so that no one will confront you to stop your gossip and slander of people you don’t like….is that showing the world Christ? No, no it damn sure isn’t.

      • INTERESTING NOTE ABOUT ‘STEVE’: This man’s comments come from multiple IP addresses. The first one being in Lake Crest Estates, TX, and the second one from Colorado Springs, CO. Well, my, my, looks like we found ourselves a WOLF…..now who’s the deceiver, Steve?

    • WOW Warrioress – you are quick to judge. I simply asked a question and you are attacking me “Good Christian folks like yourself, Geri.” And I have another question – WHY would you receive hate mail about your picture? No true Christian person would send anything close to “hate” mail, unless the picture was ungodly, and I can’t imagine that you would do that.

    • Warrioress:

      OH……..truth like this?

      This was take from YOUR blog site YOUR WORDS:

      “I am now rooting for Donald Trump to give the Republican party exactly what they deserve; meanwhile, I believe that Hillary Clinton will win this presidential election when all is said and done, and for this I am thankful.”

      Geoff knows about this now. The truth will always find you out!

  • Mark Felz

    The reply given by Ted Cruz answered the question, being it came from a supermarket tabloid and the owner Peter Pecker is a dear friend of Trump I don’t give the allegation a second thought. Trump has been married three times I’m sure he is no angel when it comes to fidelity.

  • Wendy Reichelderfer

    NTEB was so much better before it switched to this format. The articles were informative and enlightening concerning Bible prophecy.

    Now I feel as if I’ve sinned because I’ve chosen to read (almost any) an article that either slanders one person, while idolizing the other.

    And Geoff is refusing to listen….

  • Anne

    Please allow me to provide a little education. When a reporter asks a question it is rarely that a “simple yes or no” is required. Quite often the question is misleading like the famous “Have you stopped beating your wife?” question. So to ask that someone provide ONLY a yes or a no answer is hypocritical. That being said. Simply because the interviewed person does not answer the question “yes” or “no” does not mean they are guilty of what they have been accused of. It behooves us to stop allowing the media to continue improperly painting people as whatever they choose simply because they can frame a gotcha question. We, the audience, need to be smarter than they believe us to be.


    Cruz is being used just as Kasich is right now as stooges, by the RINOS, to steal the election from Trump, the only reason Walker endorsed Cruz and now the RINOS appear to be supporting him although they can’t stand him in reality is to take delegates from Trump. There is going to be rough waters ahead if they accomplish their goal and if you believe their goal is truly supporting Cruz, then I have some swamp water to sell to you. They have Paul Ryan waiting in the background which would cause an uproar from Trump’s ppl Which could start martial law or just hand the election to Hillary, only God knows which way this is going to go but they are and have been rigging things for awhile now but it’s so blatantly obvious now and no one is talking about that on the mainstream media. Btw…Geoffrey is right about the hypocrisy of those attacking him for speaking out his views on his own site, when it was obama in the cross hairs you that are attacking him now were supporting him then, that is tacky and wishy washy. James 1:8 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

    • DC

      Nice post, Grace. (What happened to the 444? 🙂 )I think people hear what they want to hear. Several times Geoff and those who happen to agree with him have pointed out that no one is nominating Trump for sainthood and are aware of his faults. Still, he has the best chance against Hillary and in doing a U-turn on our country’s path. I can understand when new visitors to the site think he wrote a hit piece on Cruz, but those who come here and read all the comments about why Cruz can’t be trusted (Dominionist, CFR, NAU, etc.) and continue to lambaste the author, is just willful ignorance. The same arguments keep getting recycled and, with 7 months to go, I am already weary of it. You can’t make people see what they refuse to/can’t see. (Remember those “seeing eye” pictures, where you could supposedly see a hidden picture within a picture? My sister was always good at them and I’d be like, “I can’t see the stinking deer in the picture!”)

      Here’s our probable outcomes:

      Obama stays; martial law
      Hillary gets coronated; becomes Obama 2.0
      Cruz, Jeb, Ryan, or Mitt get in; NWO, UN, NATO, Iran & North Korea increase nukes on our dime
      Trump, if not assassinated, gets in; we have a slim chance but better than no chance

      Best outcome: Great Awakening or repentance/revival; millions come to Christ; Christ comes to take millions

      • GRACE

        oh,the 444 didn’t set with me right, I decided what you all said about other posts mistakenly getting posted under someone else’s name was not as big a deal as I first thought it was so I chose to stay with Grace alone 🙂 and I guess I never really paid attention to the logo’s on the left, It never crossed my mind to do so but I see mine is different with the smiley birds.

        And amen to the best outcome!

  • Karen

    A wise man once to me. . . “Watch out for the good Christians who have to tell you they are good Christians.”

    • GRACE

      Very wise man.

  • MG

    Not that give a rat’s **** but I really don’t care about this man’s married life…and If I was asked any questions about my wife, I’d probably not answer any personal things…however, what should concern people is, is his wife a man or woman- tranny, or what???? Any leader , if you wish to call them that should have a good moral character…so…

    • And I don’t care about his married life or ANY of his or anyone else’s “nighttime activities”. This article is about the REFUSAL of Ted Cruz to answer a YES OR NO question when he was asked. That is the entire reason for this article. Ted Cruz is nothing more than a white Obama, born in a foreign country, pretending to be Christian, and evading direct questions when asked.

  • Tracy

    I feel that Ted is as sneaky as a snake. I don’t even like to hear his voice anymore.
    Sad, but can’t help it.

  • Herman Johnson

    Stupid questions that never should have been asked in the first place, deserves no answer. I believe he did the right thing in not answering that stupid question. I will give him an A on that one. I believe he is the best man for the job of president of the U.S..

  • Marian

    Geoffrey, don’t be goaded into a defensive stance by emotional women or illogical men. Any person running for public office who touts his Christianity should be held to Christian standards by his/her Christian supporters. It’s called vetting.

    A candidate’s personal life becomes fair game when a pattern of duplicity is evident. A Bible-thumper who cheats on his wife will cheat you… it’s that simple and given the evidence (The National Enquirer has a good record on this subject), the question was appropriate… and so is this thread.

    Through naivety, many Christians participate in deception.

  • Robert

    To all the Dominionist Chrisitans I posted this in another article for my first post. You give Geoffrey much flak for supporting trump. For I am a born again Christian and Ted Cruz may “tickle your ears” and sound like a believer, but one needs to relay on the Holy Spirit for decrement to see through his lies. He is no different than the typical preacher that seduces the flock on tv to steal their money. These Christians that bash Geoffrey are the same ones that fall for this junk because they are tickled by what they hear and are burdened for pleasing the Lord in the flesh. Trump is no “Saint” but at least he is not hiding it. A ton of people including Trump call them selves Christians because of their family background growing up, but don’t have a born again spirit these are the ones that are disgusted with Christian hypocrites like Cruz and his followers because you push these people away from Jesus. Cruz is a wolf in sheeps clothing doing the will of the evil one pushing open borders and unfair trade laws to destroy middle class America. He puts on a fake face so the hidden agenda can continue till the end. Jesus Christ will rule and rein on earth and not these dominionist cult leaders and there political leader Cruz. Wake up people satan is smarter than you use decrement from the Lord (who is the smartest)…. People like Cruz and other false teachers know exactly what to say to make you think the are saved (but you will know them by there fruit). Cruz is a wolf using Christians while he pushes the destructive globalist (satanic) agendas. I just hope Trump wins to help slow the inevitable coming destruction.



    “I am now rooting for Donald Trump to give the Republican party exactly what they deserve; meanwhile, I believe that Hillary Clinton will win this presidential election when all is said and done, and for this I am thankful.”




    In this blog, she tells of her love for Hillary Clinton and that she thinks Hillary will win the election.

  • Ummm…I’m not hiding my choice or my vote. I don’t understand why you act like you’ve exposed something secretive about me, Geri. I am a left leaning INDEPENDENT, voting for Hillary Clinton proudly! I listed my site so any of you could feel free to stop by and comment. Some of you already have.

    Anyway, yes, I prefer Trump to Ted, obviously, but I would never vote for Trump or any Republican at this point in time. The Republican party is so corrupt and filled with greed, selfishness, and overflowingvwith sin, serious sin. There is nothing close to Christ-like about it.

    I believe there is no Republican who will beat Hillary. And yes, I am very thankful for this. No surprises here!

  • Tracy

    And what do you think about Hillary Clinton? She’s at the top of the greedy, selfish, lying, mean-spirited, etc. list. I mean she’s at the **very top” of the list. Wow, you obviously don’t want to see it.

  • Tracy, let’s face it, none of them are sin free. They all have their er…”issues.” I’m not voting in Antichrist with my vote tho, I’m sure of that. Hillary is female. Can you say the same, absolutely? I think not. I sleep well at night in my choice. I feel pretty good about it. The Republicans are not even close to being the party of God, and Christlike values anymore, if they ever were. Yeah, I feel very good about my vote.

  • Herman Johnson

    Like the one person said, this yes or no answer to “have you ever cheated on you wife, is like the one, have you stopped beating your wife. If he would have given any answer, do you really think that it would have stopped there? If you think so, you are dumber than I think you are.

  • DC

    I’m going to make another plea here, as my earlier one was ignored.

    Geri (& so many others): please stop baiting Geoff and instigating discord. You’ve made your point again and again. He has yet to go to your site and relentlessly provoke you for your stance on Cruz. If anyone has changed, it’s you, and I’ve been a huge supporter of your heartfelt posts on your site for a long time, sharing your articles frequently. You are acting catty and jealous of Geoff’s large following; at least that’s how it’s beginning to appear to me. There are valid reasons for voting for Trump and they have been made many times by members, including myself. When you insult the host, you insult those who agree with him. I’ve said before that I think highly of you and still do, but this is getting ridiculous; it hurts to see people I respect behaving with sarcasm, acerbity, and provocation. It’s like 2 kids in the back seat of the car: “I’m not touching you; I’m not touching you,” while all the while in the other’s face.

    Geoff: stop reacting to the bait. You’ve made your argument as well and you have a lot of support. It has merit; let it stand. How many times and ways can you/we say that
    1-Trump has his own money & can’t be bought/doesn’t owe favors
    2-The establishment/NWO/etc. are afraid of him & therefore attack him. Focus not on the ‘what’ but why
    3-Trump unabashedly admits to being who he is; Cruz has questionable associations and has been caught lying on tape
    4-Cruz gave $500,000 in possible hush money to someone whom he was running against
    5- If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten

    People are pretty set in their choices now, so continuing to argue the same points isn’t going to sway many. Some started out as Cruz supporters and, after doing some research, have now changed their minds. There may be some who changed from Trump to Cruz, but I can’t recall any; maybe b/c Trump has been upfront from the get.

    Love you both. Now stifle it, Edith! 🙂

    • You are correct, I will no longer participate in the obviously unfruitful exchange 🙂

    • DC – I chose not to write for Geoff anymore. If I had not done that, I would still be writing for him.

      So please – don’t give me the jealousy business. I even said in one comment recently how talented Geoff is, and how popular his site is. And THAT’S they I am on him about the “titles” of his pieces.

      You would not believe how many emails I have gotten in the last 3 months about NTEB and what’s going on over here? And also why I am not writing for Geoff any longer.

      So – you’re wrong about my motives for commenting on here. I am actually trying to help Geoff to see that the name calling is not something that should be on a Christian site.

  • DC

    to KY,

    What happened to you, man? You were like a brother once here and I’ve watched you deteriorate over the last few weeks. Even though we don’t agree on Cruz, you’ve never treated me with the horrible disrespect you’ve shown our host. (I even told a newcomer “KY’s ok.”) It’s like you have a personal vendetta against him. Every other post has some dig at Geoff and I’ve asked you before to give it a rest. Read my above posts again. I happen to agree with him and I and others have made very valid points re: Cruz and Trump. Why can’t you let it go, KY? What in the world are you out to prove? It’s his site; he has the right to post and comment on the articles he chooses—and he has a huge percentage of the followers here agreeing with him. You’re making yourself look really petty, my friend—and, yes, I have considered you a friend. Right now I’m very disappointed in your relentless attacks, esp. after kindly telling you to cut it out. It’s find to say that you don’t think allegations against Cruz have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, but you always have to hit below the belt, like you’re just looking for a way to insult and malign Geoff. It’s passive-aggressive, as I’ve said before and a little sadistic—as if you get pleasure in making snide asides. Please, stick to the topic and stop the slander OR just leave and go hang out at Geri’s site. I am ashamed of your behavior, b/c I look bad from all the times I supported you.

  • Tracy

    @ DC
    I have to let you know, you have put into words my exact thoughts regarding both Gerri and KY. As I was reading your comments I was amazed.
    I understand where we can disagree, but to continually insult Geoff takes it to a whole different level.

  • DC

    Thanks, Tracy.
    Forgive me for using another teaching analogy. The students sometimes squabble with each other, which is part of their maturing, but, while it’s ok to question the teacher, it is wrong to sass and disrespect the teacher. It is even more wrong for another teacher to come in the 1st one’s room and chastise him in front of the whole class. Geoff gives dissenters a lot of leeway in disagreeing with him, and we know how gang mentality can be, so I just wanted equal time as a supporter. Felt it had to be said.

  • Jack Tracy

    I like a lot about Trump and some I don’t but as a Real Christian I find it completely hypocritical to put my hope in a casino owner. As for Cruz, he has proved himself a reliable Senator and did what he said he would do in the Senate although it cost him his popularity in Washington. Unless any of you have personal knowledge of his personal affairs, then why do you condemn him? Maybe he’s tired of answering the question. He has already denied it in previous interviews. Maybe he feels that enough is enough. He’s the closest thing you’ll get to a Christian POTUS and for some reason people that call themselves Christians prefer a man that has not asked God for forgiveness and that’s according to Trump himself. Incredible.

  • john tillery

    I don’t know what video you were watching, but i clearly saw and heard Ted Cruz say that the national enquirer story was a false story planted by people allied with Donald Trump. What more of a denial do you need? Both Trump and Cruz are horrible candidates and the sooner we wake up to the truth, the better our beloved country will be.

    More importantly, the judgment as to who is christian is best left to the Lord.

  • Herman Johnson

    Jack Tracy, I like what you said about Ted Cruz.

  • John Tillery

    President Barack Obama is the best president we have had in a long time.

    He cares about the poor, the sick, the climate etc. You may not like his views on gay marriage and abortion, but we cannot have everything.

    Why cant we just get a practical politician who realizes he is running for President of ALL Americans and not just a particular sect, a particular race, a particular belief or a particular interest group?

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  • knh777

    He isnt a good liar, so if he did mess up, at least he has a concience
    I like him

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