Shock! Is This Harold Camping’s Suicide Goodbye Letter?

Now NTEB has made a chilling discovery - Is this Harold Camping's suicide note? On May 22, Family Radio with Harold Camping is a failed enterprise. There is no...

Is Harold Camping planning on his own personal “rapture” via suicide?

Being a cult leader comes with a price. Throughout history, cult leaders have often paid with their own lives to stand for the distorted “truths” that they teach. Jim Jones in Jonestown with the cyanide Kool-Aid and David Koresh in an FBI firestorm come to mind. The way of the transgressor is hard, says the bible. And the ironic part of cults is that while they claim to ‘speak for God’, they are really transgressing His revealed word, and that takes a terrible toll on the mind and soul. Sometimes they sink so deeply into their delusions that suicide seems like the only way out.

Now NTEB has made a chilling discovery – Is this Harold Camping’s suicide note?

Why is he saying goodbye to the people that would be getting raptured with him unless he was planning on going alone?

Codeword: Rosebud

Harold Camping has encouraged people to cash in savings accounts, kid’s college funds and sell their houses to pay for the Judgement Day banners, billboards and RV’s plastered all over the country. Many people, on May 22, will lack the financial resources to continue living the lives they used to know prior to getting involved in Harold Camping’s grand vision of a self-proclaimed day of judgment. How could he face those people on Monday morning, what would he say to them knowing he was personally responsible for ruining their lives? With these questions in mind, a newly-discovered email sent by Harold Camping to Family Radio employees may be fraught with more meaning than previously thought. (click here to read the full PDF.)

The letter ends with a cryptic plea for his co-workers to “continue to stand with us to proclaim the Gospel through Family Radio.” Now, that leads one to wonder who is going to be left behind out of his group to continue working at the radio station? Wouldn’t they all be going up to Heaven with him? It doesn’t make any sense unless it is his goodbye note for when he commits suicide after his prophecy fails to materialize on May 21. However sad that would be, it would be very much in line for the fate of a modern-day cult leader, which he has clearly become.

Whatever the result of all this, one thing will be for sure. On May 22, Family Radio with Harold Camping is a failed enterprise. There is no way he could remain in power there after this second failed attempt at prophecy. Too many lives will have been ruined, and too much trust lost. The only way the radio station could continue would be without him, and he knows it. And for this reason, we think that this note may be his suicide goodbye note.

I pray that this is not the case, and that Harold finally does for himself what he tells others to do – thrown himself upon a merciful God, and ask for His forgiveness.



NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.
  • Yeah… either this or perhaps he sent this to his staff knowing that people would likely suspect such and think, if he happenned to disappear, that he was dead. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up somewhere on the other side of the planet in a mansion after this is all said and done with us thinking that the man is dead.

  • we should be praying for harold to stop trying to predict the last day and to repent.and that he will be safe and sound.

  • oh your a step ahead of me.i didnt read your last paragraph . good work.

  • Harold Camping has been ingesting the wrong stuff if he’s talking like that! Or his medicines are not properly monitored and in wrong dosages now.

  • Something everyones seems to have missed about Camping. I’ve listened to the guy off and on (a hazard of being a trucker. you get desperate enough sometimes to listen to anything!), since around ’93. The guy is a solid Calvenist. Not only does Camping believe you have no choice in salvation (as in God decided for you, you have no input in it at all), Camping also claims that you can not know if you are or are not saved until you either die or are raptured. He has made the statement many times that you must beg for forgiveness and then HOPE that God has ordained you to salvation. Camping has stated many times the he doesn’t know if he is saved or not, only death or rapture will tell. Now this brings up an intereting question. If Camping believes that God has chosen and will take whom He choses regaurdless of what you have done in this life, then why is Camping even bothering to spread the Gospel? To warn of judgment to come? Is it because he actually believes his conveluted view of Scripture (very sad indeed if this is so), or that he is just after the fame and/or money?

  • He was a Calvinist? He started wrong, & it just snowballed. Pray for all of them to Repent & ask for forgiveness.

  • I would love it if this idiot died, My mother-inlaw is a follower and she will be living with us until she gets back on her feet. This sucks. He took everything from her. She has a big heart and a big wallet. she gave him 100’s of thousands of dollars. This guy is sick.

    • Religion is fake – with that I’ll agree; Christianity is absolute truth. No religion will get you anywhere; only a relationship with God and His Son will do anything for you.

  • I listened to him for years to try to understand his strange doctrine. He is a Jehovah’s Witness. He believes Jesus was the angel Michael. Sadly how many non believers will be put off because of this nutcase? Mark 13:31

  • Casey your mother in law might have a big heart but obviously no brain! who gives up everything because someone told them to? He may be sick but she’s not well enough to think on her own.Have fun living with her.

  • Romans 3b:…let God be true, but every man a liar…

  • T.S.Malone:

    Romans 3:4(b):…let God be true, but every man a liar…

  • Harold Camping can start his restoration by repenting to God and his followers and then taking the $72 million plus he has banked and restore the finances of those he fleeced. He is registered as a church and as such MUST keep good records of who has given to his ministry. People will not have everything but they will have something to create a start. I pray that the eyes of their understanding are opened and that this event doesn’t cause the followers to permanently set themselves about from Jesus. I also pray that they do not permanently separate themselves from God by committing suicide.

  • @Wes I agree with you, especially the last part. I’ve thought for a while that he was just cashing in on the media attention surrounding him and his teachings.

    I feel sorry for his followers, especially the ones whom have given up their lively-hoods to follow this man and spread his non-sense all over.

  • That’s why I do not follow any man’s teachings, only God’s. I read the Bible every day and pray for God’s guidance. I am very wary of people that ask for large sums of money because I have seen this happen too many times in my lifetime.

  • Well, I guess I will be the first to post a joke about all this… What does Harold Camping and Cicada’s have in common? They both come out every 17 years and make irritating sounds… For those who do not get this he predicted this same stuff in 94′ (17 years ago) the same as how long it takes for the Cicada larvae to hatch and come out of the ground to make that God awful sound… I think you get the picture…

  • I tend to agree with #1 Kyle at this point. No matter what, this is Camping’s last hoorah. It wouldn’t take too many houses to pay for the billboards. So where did the rest of the money go? Maybe he will disappear and his followers will be convince that he was the only one worthy to be “raptured” and they are to “occupy until he comes” again. Perhaps he will send them new directions from “somewhere else.” I think he has “grown weary in well doing” and wants to retire rich.

  • Camping taught that only God’s elect would be raptured, regardless of whether or not anyone else thought they had a relationship with God. Clearly he thought he was one of the ‘elect’ and many others he worked with were not.

  • I’ve studied the Bible for many years. What I’ve read is that when Jesus returns He will come in the Clouds and every eye will see Him. The Bible also says that we know not the hour of His return. Daily we are to be ready to meet Him. Sorry for all the deceit and sadness because people don’t want to study God’s word.

  • My 11 year old daughter is freaking out. Right now its 5:11 pm and harold said that at 6pm everywhere there will be an earthquake. right now she is In our basement crying, listening to 95.5 the fish(christian music), reading her bible, crying etc. I do not like this harold guy, he should of just kept it to himself, so people wouldn’t be worrying and we should just let it happen

    • Your 11 year old cousin obviously has a horrible vocabulary.

  • Jill

    All I have to say is read revelations it says it all there!

  • I wouldn’t doubt Camping being “raptured” and just disappearing onto an island in the South Pacific. I think he was the only one guaranteed to “go”.

  • I think this was just a way for Mitt Romney to build up his war chest so he can be the next POTUS. Romney’s Bain Capital bought Clear Channel in 2008 and Clear Channel had to make so much money putting all this guys billboards up all over the globe. Think about it.

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  • It’s unfortunate for Harold Camping’s devout followers they felt compelled to give their all and, in many cases, disrupted their families lives in the process. If they had read their Bible regarding the last days it clearly states that:

    “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”
    Matthew 24:36 (NIV)

    (I expect Harold Camping doesn’t meet define deity qualifications to have definitive knowledge as to the last day and hour).

    “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”
    Matthew 24:24 (NIV)

    As a matter of fact, anyone inclined to follow such teachings and don’t have time to read the entire Bible, I suggest they study just a few chapters on the subject, Matthew 24 being one of them..

    I don’t wish for this to sound cynical, but perhaps Harold Camping was the only one spirited away by his own self made rapture. Should this be the case, I surely hope we can all find healing and forgiveness in our hearts, irrespective of the anger and pain he left behind. And in forgiveness, let’s all pray for his safe arrival in the heavenly kingdom.

  • Now isn’t the time to ridicule. I don’t feel sorry for Harold Camping at all but my heart goes out to his followers. They were very sincere people who put everything they had into the calculations of this false prophet.

    Let’s lift them up in prayer. Here is a website that contains good information for anyone that was deceived in regards to May 21. Pass it on:

  • If your dumb or gullible enough to take these types of “prophecies” literally then you get what you deserve in response to your actions. Although personally I wish he was right, to some extent, so that it might smarten some people up.

  • I was led because of this and the talk of JUDGEMENT DAY coming in 2012 to write a note using the bible verses some that #23 Ted mentioned, I believe a lot came from Matthew 24 and I believe if people want the truth they should study the book of Revelations. It is probably the scariest book especially if you are a non-believer. We are not to follow any man, only to look for the Lord to arrive, so we wait. The verses that #23 Ted quoted are some of the verses I used in my short story but there are many and they talk of false prophets such as Harold Camping, so beware of the false prophets. May God Bless us all.

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  • Proof again that there is great danger in crediting Magic for those things we do not understand. Being essentially rational beings, concepts like eternity are so hard to grasp that many people simply throw up their hands and give up trying or caring. It’s far easier to simply call it “Magic”, and be done. What if heaven and hell were what we had right here, right now. If this life- the only one we *know* (as opposed to “believe” or “hope for”) we have, were all we had? Wouldn’t that make moral behavior all the more important? Magic is great great for those who need it. I was made such that I cannot merely believe. For me, making this one life the best it can be for me, my children, and for all people is the important thing. I don’t need Magic to convince me.

    • That would be quite pathetic given the trash can this world is. No one in this world is truly happy… even those who seem happy are only happy because of hope for a better tomorrow, in one form or another. No one is ever truly satisfied in this world, this is why even top business executives and celebrities always have the need for more, whether it be through drugs or simply ambition; but they are never satisfied. Only through Christ can one achieve true happiness – the happiness in Heaven after one hits the bump in the road called death. Many would call this a morbid viewpoint, but anyone who is honest with themselves know it to be truth. Only a small measurement of happiness can ever be attained in this world; there is always SOMETHING that will bring you down. You CAN believe; you simply choose not to. Beliefs are always a matter of choice. Why do you believe a watermelon is red on the inside even before you cut it. Couldn’t it be the oxygen which immediately turns it red? It is because you believe it is red even before which makes it truth in your own eyes, but it is still CHOICE to believe it. You have the capability of believing; it is only what you choose to do with that capability.

  • The Towing Company

    This guy can talk you out of hundreds of thousands of dollars and give everything up and I can barely squeeze $70 from someone with a broken down car that needs a tow. Lol should hire him as my dispatcher!

  • i hope he commits suicide, the world will be a better place. hes not gonna return any of their money

    • I heard he wrote a suicide note and then just disappeared.

  • Just a note: the Koresh thing – that was the Fed’s doing. He didn’t invite that at all.

  • Camping is still sealed away in his house. No indication if he is alive or not. I think this letter is good enough cause for police to enter the house to investigate or conduct a rescue mission — perfectly good food could go bad in his fridge if he’s offed himself.

  • This is the price fools pay for believing in nonsense! They deserve to lose their money. They had already lost their minds! What a bunch of nut jobs!

  • Just three words, “SHAME ON YOU!” Harold Camping may God have mercy on your soul and may you repent daily until your time on this Earth has ended!

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  • steve

    Your article is assinine! Mr.camping may be zelous and way out of line to say the least he apologized repented and know it is between him andGod not you or anyone else..


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