Second Amendment Crumbling As Obama Gun-Control Victories Spread

Obama has picked up victories with his allies in blue states and at the United Nations. The Second Amendment got attacked this week from three sides, leaving gun owners...
The United States Constitution is an endangered species as long as Obama and company continue to occupy the White House.

Obama is rapidly destroying the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment got attacked this week from three sides, leaving gun owners scrambling to find safe ground. President Obama has picked up victories with his allies in blue states and at the United Nations. 


The United States Constitution is an endangered species as long as Obama and company continue to occupy the White House.

After Thursday, Connecticut should consider changing its state nickname from the “Constitution State” to the “Unconstitutional State,” as Gov. Dannel Malloy signed an extremely restrictive gun-control law. The bill passed the state House Thursday morning and the Senate on Wednesday.

Before the Newtown tragedy, the Brady Campaign determined that Connecticut was the fifth highest-rated state for restrictive gun-control laws. Adam Lanza ignored those laws — such as including stealing the guns, carrying them without a permit and violating the federal “gun free” school zone — in his evil mission to murder school children and teachers. 

Connecticut lawmakers decided that its current “assault weapon” ban, which had a two-characteristic test, was not severe enough, so all semi-automatic rifles with one scary-looking feature are illegal. The bill cites 100 specific makes and models that are banned, such as the AR and AK.

There is a new eligibility certificate required before purchasing or receiving a long gun, which is defined as any firearm that is not a pistol or revolver. These certificates cost $35 and are issued by the Commissioner of Emergency Services and Public Protection, but there is no time limit on how long the application process can take.

Also, buying or even transferring a long gun — such as a father passing down his shotgun to his son — requires a background check and registration. The penalty for violating this provision could be a felony. Connecticut expanded the category of citizens who are permanently prohibited from having a rifle or shotgun to include those who have been convicted of misdemeanors including possession of as little as one-half ounce of marijuana or “unlawful restraint.” 

Starting Oct. 1, a gun permit or a new “ammunition certificate” will be required to buy ammunition and magazines.  Standard magazines that are considered “large capacity” — which is over 10 rounds — will be illegal. The penalty for a first-time offense of possession of this magazine, purchased before Jan 1., 2014, will be a $90 fine. The penalty will be a class D felon for subsequent offenses or for magazines obtained after that date,

Below the Mason-Dixon line, Maryland may have to change its state nickname from the “Free State” to the “Disarmed State” since only the law-abiding will be affected by its new gun-control law. After months of intense pressure from Gov. Martin O’Malley, the state House passed Wednesday a radical new gun-control law. The Senate is expected to pass it Thursday, and it will then be signed by Mr. O’Malley. source – WashTimes


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  • I see a revolt a comin!

  • I am a little shocked that some of our “watch dogs”, have not seen past the
    gun control debate.

    I conjecture that Washington KNOWS they cannot usurp the 2nd amendment. That is not their plan.

    What they know they can do is get “universal background checks (which will
    mandate Doctors to submit all names of the mentally ill to the National
    Instant Criminal Background System (NICS).

    Current federal law says any person who has been formally committed to a
    mental institution, such as by court order, or who has been adjudicated as a
    so-called “mental defective,” cannot get access to a gun.

    Once the mandated “check” is in place, they will still have a problem….
    What about the mentally ill who have not been diagnosed and will not see a Doctor?

    “OMG, they’ll say, we will have to mandate everyone (under Obamacare), to undergo basic psychological testing”.


    It only make sense doesn’t it? If you are normal and have no “issues”, you should have no fear. But the question arises….
    What and Who determines “normal”?

    Are you a prepper? ABNORMAL
    Are you overly religious? ABNORMAL
    Do you believe people can conspire to be evil? ABNORMAL
    Do you have the capability to actually shoot someone in self defense? Unbelievable….ABNORMAL

    You see where I’m going, I’m sure…..

    I venture to say….Every human being alive has something about them that
    could be considered…..ABNORMAL.

    Scary Isn’t It?

  • The 2nd amendment was designed to stop tyranny in government. I’m seeing a whole lot of tyranny. Laws are supposed to be voted on by the people, I can’t imagine anyone voting for these gun laws, which is exactly why the laws of the land have been circumvented by all Obama all the way down to the state level. Sad situation and I can’t imagine anything good coming from this. When the crime rate jumps, and these “lawmakers” are scratching their heads trying to figure out why, I hope the people will stand up for themselves and demand their rights back.

    • MARIE, have you ever been to the circus,WHAT AMERICA IS WITHNESSING IS A HUGE’ DOG AND PONY SHOW’ it ain’t about getting your guns,its about getting you pissed off,they want a population reduction and bloodbath,all rolled into one,they plan to watch it from their big screen TV’s in their underground cities,and when its over come out and enslave the survivors, ( GEORGIA GUIDESTONES) WORLD WIDE DESTRUCTION AND A VERY SMALL SURVIVING POPULATION,..this is what they believe is going to happen,of course the lord says NO, I’AM going to fill their underground cities with lava and boiling hot water,none will escape…………………..

  • The shooting in the Aurora theatre happened because it was in a “Gun Free Zone”. If it hadn’t been, the killer would have been shot by a patron in the theatre. The same thing happened in Newtown: a passerby on the street with a carry permit would have gone into the school and shot that lunatic! Yet, the gun haters keep making laws to keep the public at the mercy of the crazies. Today, 118 Marines sent a letter to Obama, telling him that if they ever had to make the choice, they would chose to obey the Constitution, rather than his orders! There are many more Marines who feel that way, but they don’t want their names on Ovomit’s list. Several generals have already notified him, in writing, of the same. God bless our military! Obama has already said that our veterans are terrorists because they have mental disabilities! All of them! That’s his way of getting their guns away from them. He didn’t consult any doctors, or psychiatrists; he just made it up because he wants those guns! Does it sound like he’s planning something rotten? Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • JODY,I DON’T WANT TO RUIN YOUR FUN ,BUT, the sandyhook thing was staged,and never happened,ADAM LANZA died days before sandyhook,digg a little deeper,you’ll discover peter lanza was an actor,but he counldn’t fool the real peters wife or kids,and congress wanted to know what he knew about the lybor money ripoff,cause it involved billions,this is call killing two birds with one stone, keep digging……you’ll find the truth……..

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  • What is a gun?

  • disgusting, it was set up ,by the elders, bet their all tossing and turning in there graves, BUT some where freemasons?

  • AS I STOOD ON THE BEACH AND LOOKED AROUND,THERE WAS NOTHING FOR AS FAR AS I COULD SEE IN ANY DIRECTION,and I asked the lord,whats this I’AM LOOKING AT,it was new york city,…4 nuclear bombs has destroyed it,and nothing remained but small pieces of rubble everywhere,if you live in new york city MOVE NOW,OBAMA THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL DESTROY NEW YORK CITY, nothing was left……………………




  • Arizona and Lezlow are in sync. Imagine that. Lezlow found a soulmate! Whoo hooo

  • Lezlow did you eat paint chips when you were a child?

    You know they had lead in them right!

  • dcity, will you stop making funny, remarks, i read your reply, and pissed myself laughing, i,m throwing gaunlet down, and your wise cracking,
    no i did not eat paint chips, i could read at 5, without help, i couldn,t write,i used to read my genius faters , books, with picture photo,s in, of hoolocaust, he was RAF., and brought them back from?europe, one thing i can truly say, ,their were wagon loads of heads and feet in the pics, that was belsen, when i went to germany with forces,travelling in convoy, our corporal stopped at belsen, and we went in, do you know germans charged people to go in, corporal moore said les are you not shocked at all these pictures in long corridor,? no i said saw them all in dads books,i was 5, thanks for quick wit reply, try to go away from war[wanting],gun ho, wont work, pretty please,lezlow

    • You could read at five? That’s amazing. How old were you when you learned how to spell! Oh wait..

      • I’d like to know how old was he when he gnawed the paint off the wall?

    • lezlow,don’t argue with trolls,obama hired 200,000 to troll the internet to waste everyones time,and be glad you aren’t a troll,cause the lord says all trolls are going south for the season of peace and won’t get to enjoy it,they’ll be with their daddy lucifer……………………………

  • Lezlow its OFF not auf. But you tried.

  • So funny!!!!

  • I was just reading Rick Warren’s son commuted suicide today. Tragic. I don’t agree with Warren’s Chislam but my heart goes out to him for his loss.

  • Commited…

    • Yea sorry for the loss but the lesson is when you move away from God your and your family becomes highly susceptible to demons and satan.

      The minute you start to corrupt anything to do with Jesus Christ well then Father in heaven leaves you to your own ends. Many times more so with your children especially since your not only refusing his son and his word but also going out of your way to teach others this non sense. Thats when your in real trouble.

      I would say God Bless him but we are not suppose to.

      (2 John 1:10 KJV) If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed:

      (2 John 1:11 KJV) For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

      The tragedy of it is this RICK knows better.

      • Judgment will come onto those that teach prosperity. This teaching is against what Christ taught. Jesus said take no thought for your life, Matt.6:25. He also said No man can serve two masters. Matt. 6:24 Many Pretrib teachers also teach Prosperity. I wonder why?

  • Will his faith come back towards God. Will he learn anything. Most likely not. In fact he will probably turn and curse God for it now. Yet he is the one who rejected God and his word to begin with.

  • As soon as I read the headline about the death my mind went to those same thoughts. Warren wandered off the truth and path if Christ.

  • Of

  • Your first line in post 26 is right on the mark. Don’t move away from Gods truth….it does not end well.

    • I am serious you can do studies on the families that these horrific things happen to. Another example is the young man from sandy hook who shot his mother then school children.

      Divorced parents moving away from God, neglecting the children’s upbringing. While they are children they are looked after by God but once they reach the age of reason and make a decision in their own minds. Well thats when all protection is removed and they are left to their own ends. Thats when satan and his minions go to work on them. Its a sad truth.

  • Whats even worse is they either worship false gods or no god and then run around preaching love and being kind. Well satan and love or kind do not go hand in hand. So now you do not have the One True God in heaven’s protection and your preaching be nice to people under a false god or no god. Again satan and nice do not go hand and hand. Your life is about to turn tragic and fast.

    • Be nice now mr. satan, I want give God the glory, just don’t hurt me! lol! Whimpy Christians. I find that if you praise God, demons can’t stay around very long. It get to be very annoying to their ears. They hate the sound. If you want to find a demon in someone then just start praising God it will show itself.

  • You want to see end time signs up close? Go to NBC to read the story about Warren’s son. READ THE COMMENTS! So against Christ. Every once in a while a Christian tries to remark and the athiest attack. Its vicious. They really hate the name of Christ. Ominous to read it …

  • Brother dcity how can lezlow get away with this filth on this site I’m sick of of of no one standing up to this

  • Number 36 was written by me Myur

  • Lezlow needs some serious prayer. He’s into Satanism and Islam combined. I mean this guy could be the antichrist, if he had some more brains.

  • On secular websites yours not allowed to post foul language. Where is the moderator for this Christian site??

  • Leslie oberschlake

    I want apolagize to any and everyone who read my early post i didnt realize that i was still on your christian web site.My brother is a christian and he sent this to me. Once again im apoligaze for my indecression.

  • Les, You live in a beautiful country, I have a picture of Mt. Fitz Roy on my Face Book cover page. We truly welcome you to comment with us, but please try to keep the bad language to a minimum. We would greatly appreciate it.

  • Don’t insult my intelligence, Lez . You are Busted. Trying to craw back into your cave, I see. Hey Lez, Les , Leslie, Leslow, Ron, Obama’s brother, What’s the black robe for, Don’t you know If you cast spells on a true Christian it will bounce back on you. Be careful, there Demon, we have power over you.


  • I agree why hasten he been banned?

  • Children in Jesus Christ. Get your bible out and go to Mark 9:28-29.

    After you have done this then go to Matthew 7:7 , Mark 11:24 , & Matthew 21:22.

  • Do not be a faithless generation.

    (Mark 9:23 KJV) Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.

  • without firearms in the hands of the American people
    there is no freedom, there is no America, there is only slavery

  • True, DM. If the take our guns we have no homeland security, For the people are their own security, against enemies foreign or domestic. The world knows this. Now they are trying to manipulate, us through foreign policy. It isn’t going to work, unless we lay down and take the beating. No one has the rights to take our freedoms as Americans. It is our foundation they are out to undermine.

  • DC, you need to get out of NYC, COMMI Bloomberg, and COMMI Cuomo,is that right? or is it homo?
    anyway, they are only the beginning, you need to get out.

  • we need drones to watch DC, the enemy is not in the middle east, Washington dc, not D CITY

  • the drones they are using against us ,they are ours,
    our tax money that they steal from us, paid for everyone of them, we pay them to arm up against us, they own nothing , we own it, it is way past time to repo everything. I mean everything….

  • mountains are good, all this time I thought you were a city slicker,pardon me.

  • We call them hillbillys, here

  • Enough of this childish name calling, stay on the topic of “them” trying to take away our guns. If anyone is dumb enough to give up their guns then they didn’t deserve to have them to begin with. It is up to us to fight against this attempt to enslave us and our children.
    We owe it to our ancestors that fought and died to keep us free, we owe it to future generations to stand up now and fight to keep them free.
    We need to pray to God to send a revival thru America to wake everyone up and ask Him to lead us to victory over our enemies. We do not have to give in to the NWO just because they tell us what to do. WE CAN AND MUST FIGHT BACK. We have God on our side, they have Satan.
    Read John 15:7 in your Bible.

  • Amen Texas. We do have God on our side.
    We, true believers, are a lot of the problem due to setting back for so long and not standing up for our beliefs.

  • God is on our side, but we are losing ground every day. When I read the Bible and when satan takes over a land or city, we see two things going on. We see gays take over and we see violence follow. I believe we are to see more and more as that day approaches. The world is becoming a violent place to be. I believe that is what will bring on the persecution of the church. It is soon to come. You can see it everyday. But I’m like you, They won’t take my guns without a fight. Hang on to them guns. Don’t let them in.

  • There is a second amendment ?

  • Hold on to your bibles, guns as long as you can because soon it may be illegal to have even a bible!

    • We have it in our hearts, Debra. They can’t take that away. But you are so right it is coming soon. God bless you sister.

  • debra, thanx for that, you are so right, its me ,the one who,s been called on, here muslim lover, satanist and more, all because, i,m compelled to warn peoples, of bad times, see kaduri ,on net or youtube, fastinating plot, a talmud hiracy man, they believe in ,cruelty, and he turn out to be GODS man

  • NOT name callin redneck im a hillbilly to,DC is my brother in JESUS CHRIST…………….

  • dm, if i said i was hill billy and my brother was jesus, all these ,hypocrites on here would be saying, he,’ calling jesus a hill billy, lol or your satanist, that the trouble with america, they can,t see someone else’s point of view, an american said this, if your not with us, your against us, famous quote, by satanist , george bush, i watched gw bush, state that he prayed to god, but not to your god,that was withdrawn and not showed in usa, it was showed elsewere

  • Yes! Finally someone writes about attorney
    in new york city.

  • He did not have the support for the Iranian capitulation so he rammed it through without a vote and we are already seeing the results. Now he hopes to ram though other legislation without congressional votes much like what a dictatorship would do. Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro would be proud.


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