Planned Parenthood Baby Killers Spending Millions To Promote Hillary Clinton

For the first time in its history, Planned Parenthood has endorsed a candidate in a primary, likely the result of the intense political pressure the organization has been under over the past several years.

Any American who says abortion is not an important issue in the 2016 campaign will get an argument from abortion-business leader Planned Parenthood, which is promising to spend at least $10 million to aid Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in Michigan, Virginia, and Texas.

The abortion part of Planned Parenthood is an important part of what we do,” its president Cecile Richards said this past week, according to the Boston Globe.

Richards was responding to the fact that GOP 2016 candidate Donald Trump said he would eliminate taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood as long as they perform abortions but added the organization does “some good work” for “millions” of women.

To protect its abortion business from Republicans — who generally believe the organization should not receive taxpayer funds — Planned Parenthood will use videos, digital ads, phone banks, and in-home mailers in support of Clinton.

In one ad, a narrator says about Clinton, “When they said our health care wasn’t important. When they tried to deny us cancer screenings. When they talked about our personal health decisions in ways meant to shame us. She spoke up. She was our champion.”

For the first time in its history, Planned Parenthood has endorsed a candidate in a primary, likely the result of the intense political pressure the organization has been under over the past several years.

Many states — as well as the U.S. House of Representatives — have passed abortion limits restricting the procedure past the fifth month of pregnancy and requiring the same safety standards for abortion clinics as other types of medical facilities — such as arrangements for patients to be transported to local hospitals in the event complications develop during an abortion. Planned Parenthood, however, is opposed to these safety laws as well as mandatory ultrasounds that require women to view an ultrasound of their baby as part of the informed consent process prior to having an abortion.

Additionally, a series of undercover videos last summer exposed Planned Parenthood’s apparent practices of trading the body parts of aborted babies and altering the position of babies during the abortion procedure in order to harvest the intact organs. The videos led to both the House and Senate voting to eliminate the organization’s taxpayer funding.

With a field of pro-life Republican candidates to face, Planned Parenthood is putting its money behind Clinton. source


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  • Roxanne
    Please read this, Jeffrey…I am now very disappointed…I don’t think we have a candidate…

  • Roxanne

    What happened to our bible study tonight?

    • I preached for 3 hours today and drove over 200 miles going to and from the church, so I’m tired tonight! 🙂

  • Roxanne

    Ahh…forgiven, but I really miss it! Please read the info on Dinald Trump…I am very disappointed…

  • Planned Butcherhood is a 501c3 it is illegal what they are doing here. This is the proof we need to have them defunded. Not only are they endorsing a candidate but are using money in a campaign. Both are highly illegal. Check this link out.

    We needed proof to get them defunded. Now that we have to proof why can’t they be defunded immediately?

  • Trober

    When you spread out your hands in prayer,
    I hide my eyes from you;
    even when you offer many prayers,
    I am not listening.
    Your hands are full of blood!
    Isaiah 1:15

    you sacrifice your children in the ravines
    and under the overhanging crags.

    Is it not because I have long been silent
    that you do not fear me?

    Isaiah 57:5,11

    When you cry out for help,
    let your collection of idols save you!
    Isaiah 57:13

  • HOW can the biggest paid for murder agency by law do this? Is not this American’s taxpayer money once again being used to keep the money and baby killers in business? Elect Hillary and keep baby killers and seller’s in baby bodies in business.

  • Edwitness

    Birds of a feather…..

    • KY

      Amen to that Ed!

  • Elect Killary and keep the baby killers and baby body sellers’ in business. The biggest for profit murder agency in America.

  • Mitch

    The scumbags who doctored the alleged “smoking gun” video were themselves recently charged with several crimes associated with their deceptive, despicable and wholly amateur con job, and they are deserving of being put away for a long time for their fraud. Try actually doing some research on your own (or get one of your literate friends to do it for you) so you don’t continue to sound like ignorant, illiterate, paranoid lemmings.

  • Just one killer supporting another killer… The blood spilled will demand an answer before God one day…

    More End Time News At:

  • Mary B.

    And whose $10 million are they giving away??
    The Taxpayers?
    The money collected from selling baby parts?
    Either way, it’s Blood Money!

  • Larry / vietnamvet1971

    Hillary will just be a Clone of obama, he gave his Blessings & More money to that bunch of Evil, Wicked people and Hillary will be just as Evil.

    • DC

      Larry, it drives me crazy how our country gives billions to countries that hate us, 1/2 a billion dollars/yr to a baby-murdering factory, and won’t give elderly people a cost-of-living raise on their Social Security–money they worked hard for and a system they payed into. Wouldn’t it be great if that money PP gets went to Vets (& their families) who fought for this country and were injured or killed doing so?
      May God bring justice to these devils soon.b

  • David Flynn

    so sad that many so smart people like mitch that claim to know so much cant turn the mind too realize they were in the womb once and ALLOWED to live and think!!!!

    • DC

      David, these people also come out with the lie that killing a baby conceived in rape or incest will somehow make the mother forget her abuse. It’s only compounding the problem, unfortunately. There are videos by Right to Life out right now about people who were raped and chose life or were conceived that way and are living productive lives that the other side doesn’t want to see.

      Until very recently it was against the law to kill an eagle’s egg but not a baby. I love animals, but I’m showing the hypocrisy how liberals will fight for the life of unborn animals but not humans.In some parts of the world you can now have a post-birth abortion–up to 5 yrs. old! How selfish our society has become.

      Btw, the “good” that PP does (pap smears, checks for STDs)can be done by any OB/GYN or your doctor’s office. PP does not do ANY mammograms.

      • KY


        “the “good” that PP does (pap smears, checks for STDs)…”

        Women can also receive these services at thousands of federally qualified health centers around the country that do provide a full range of services and diagnostic screenings, as well as birth control, pap smears, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases This is where many states that revoke funding for PP want the tax payer money sent to.

        • DC

          I think when things like STD tests are done at a health dept. they are often free, too.

  • MG


    • DC

      She wants the Ruby Slippers and your little dog too!

  • DC

    I think it was Heather who posted a Casting Crowns song last week. (sorry if I gave credit to wrong person.) I love their songs. If you go to youtube you can find their music with lyrics on a long-running video:

    If the first song out of the 41 doesn’t make you cry, you’re made of stone. haha. It’s “Who Am I?” with video from the movie, “Gospel of John.” The actor was from the tv show “Lost” but I forgot his name.

    This one particularly reminds me of the unborn.

    “If We’ve Ever Needed You”

    Hear our cry, Lord we pray,
    Our faces down, our hands are raised,
    You called us out, we turned away, we’ve turned away.

    With ship wrecked faith, idols rise,
    We do what is right, in our own eyes,
    Our children now, will pay the price,
    We need Your light, Lord, shine Your light.

    If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
    We are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out.

    All our hearts, all our strength,
    With all our minds, we’re at Your fate,
    May Your Kingdom come, in our hearts and lives,
    Let Your Church arise, let Your Church arise!

    If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
    We are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out

    If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
    We’re are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out,
    If we’ve ever needed You, Lord, it’s now, Lord, it’s now,
    We are desperate for Your hand, we’re reachin’ out, we’re reachin’ out

    We need You now
    Revive us now
    We need You now


    “29 But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that both they that have wives be as though they had none;

    30 And they that weep, as though they wept not; and they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though they possessed not;

    31 And they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away.”
    1 Corinthians 7

  • Terri Hoop

    It is not the president who runs things in this country. my son pointed it out on a public speech with this commander in treason. there was someone standing behind him and before he answered questions he had a private talk before answering the person who had asked the question… it was NO ONE in his administration cause I checked and I believe it was George Sorros

  • We as a nation have sown to the wind (60 million innocent babies killed in their mothers’ wombs); now we are:


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