Paris Concert Crowd Was Singing ‘Kiss The Devil’ The Moment Terror Attacks Began

As those people bled and died on the dance floor of the Death Metal concert, they went from singing about the Devil to meeting the Devil face to face.

Mere moments away from slaughter, Paris fans at Eagles Of Death Metal concert sang song glorifying the Devil

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” 1 Peter 5:8 (KJV)

With their hands raised high in the air, as you see in this photo taken moments before the attacks began, Paris fans at the Eagles Of Death Metal concert made the Satanic “devil horns” salute without seemingly a care in the world. Amazingly, the song that was playing the moment the shooting started was called ‘Kiss The Devil‘, and here are some of the lyrics from that tune:

“Kiss The Devil” – by Eagles Of Death Metal

Who’ll love the Devil?
Who’ll song his song?
Who will love the Devil and his song?

I’ll love the Devil
I’ll sing his song
I will love the Devil and his song

Who’ll love the Devil?
Who’ll kiss his tongue?
Who will kiss the Devil on his tongue?

I’ll love the Devil
I’ll kiss his tongue
I will kiss the Devil on his tongue

As the French death metal fans were singing along with those lyrics, offering their love to Satan, the Devil responded as the Devil always does. With death and destruction. Now, you go ahead and spin that any way you like, any way that makes you feel comfortable. But as a Bible believer, I know exactly what happened Friday night at 9:40PM GMT in Paris, France. People asked for a manifestation of the Satan, and guess what? They got one.

  • CLICK HERE to view photogallery of shooting at the concert.

It is safe to say that there were just about no Christians at the concert that night, that the vast majority of those people were lost, unsaved people. I wonder how many of them were offered the life-saving gospel of Jesus Christ and turned their nose up at it? Probably more than a few of them. We see it all the time as we street preach in St. Augustine. To most lost people, the Devil is a joke and Hell will be a beer and sex infused party. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil;” Hebrews 2:14 (KJV)

As those people bled and died on the dance floor of the Death Metal concert, they went from singing about the Devil to meeting the Devil face to face. Hell is no joke, it is absolutely not a party, and you do not have to end up there. Click here to read all about a place called Hell that you can avoid by trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Friday night they “kissed the Devil”, and the Devil kissed them right back. Don’t let it happen to you.

“And brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” Acts 16:30.31 (KJV)


NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • the other mary

    Oh this makes me so sick, so so sad…and we can’t pray for their souls as Catholics would because we know better. I saw that horn sign & thought ‘isn’t that sign language for I love you?’ so I looked it up. I love you has the thumb out, not in.

    • I am reminded of this group withstanding Moses (God’s Anointed), and the earth open under them, and they like went into hell alive, see exod. 15:12, I warn people earlier, before I knew about this horrible article, that the rider of hell is shown as a companion to the pale horse for a reason. There’s a popular song church people like to sing. The lyrics are, “same god right now, same god back then, if he did it before, he’ll do it again,” of course they’re talking about gaining the American Dream, which is no more. I’m thinking the same God back then of Noah’s Flood, is the same God at present, of the “wine press,” deadly, bloody pouring out of His Wrath, repent or perish!

    • Pray to Jesus , mary cant help You,

      Why do you pray to mary and not jesus,if you catholics know better? You catholics are in the same shape as these people because you disobey God and his commands, But if you change your man made cultic ways, and repent and read and obey the bible, then you still have hope.

      • Guns N Rosaries

        See my comment above to same person you responded to. But if you cannot pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary, then you cannot pray for each other, period. And it was the Catholic Church that gave the world the collection of Books now known as the Bible.

        • chip griffin

          and they removed 7 retire books and still call it the truth, not all there. so not the whole truth either…

          • Catholic Girl

            Last time I checked, it was the Protestant churches who decided they didn’t like those books, so they took them out, not the Catholic Church.. so…
            At least that’s what history says.

          • Kaloka

            Absolutely true… It was the Protestant who remove those books from the bible we cholics still use them….

          • Ryan

            Catholics seem to be the most “original” since they came before the other Christian religions, but it doesn’t matter. We all have opinions and beliefs, so stop arguing over silly religious rules. This article is sickening and is a reason why our world today is such a hateful place. Can’t you Christians just accept one another for who we are, as God wants us to? Religion is man-made anyways…

          • Klaus

            You do not know your history to well. The catholic church killed many who brought us the bible to read. The catholic church hoarded the Word of God to themselves. Anyone caught with a bible was killed. It was only when King James made the Bible available that many read it.

        • Robert

          The Catholic Church is the biggest cult in history. Mathew 6:7 “But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the Heathens do: For they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking”…….I’m sure that passage is used often in Catholic services.

          • Mimi

            Jesus gave us the Our Father. Thats a repetion prayer.

        • Sharon

          As Christians we are supposed to pray to God through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. Jesus says “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6. By trying to go to the Father through Mary or the saints, the bible gets disregarded. Jesus Christ’s words turn into nothing. Choose Jesus.

          • Scott

            Amen, The Bible Is very clear, that ALL Fall Short of the glory of GOD. ONLY THROUGH acceptance of JESUS CHRIST as our SAVIOR and LORD are we saved. Praying to any entity or person is false, only again through CHRIST are we SAVED

          • Al


          • DW Ninja

            Why do you people spend all this time and effort fighting over mere words. You are no better than the Muslims who kill each other and anyone else who disagrees with them. Grow up!

          • Mike17

            If we are no better than Muslims who kill each other, can you give me any recent examples of Christians who kill each other?

          • Sandy

            They are telling you what the Bible says. Gods words. Don’t compare us to Muslims. The do not believe in JESUS !!! That is wrong of you !!!

          • Mike17

            So if you had a friend who was about to undergo major surgery and he asked you to pray for him you would tell him that he should just pray to Jesus himself. You would not be praying for him?

          • Sandy

            You are so right Sharon !!!

        • The Catholic church was started in 325 AD, the Bible was finished being written in 96 AD. Little bit of a gap there…

          • Bonish

            The Council of Nicaea was held in 325 to resolve disputes over Christian theology on the nature of Jesus. It set in motion the Catholic Church but was not really its founding. Also, at the time there were many gospels and letters being passed around the Middle East and Rome that all claimed to be divinely inspired. It was not until 367 when the Bishop of Alexandria gave a list of 27 books that would be accepted as Canon. The Council of Rome then adopted the same list in 382, and this became the New Testament. So the previous writer was correct.

          • Since the Bible was finished in 96 AD, and John the LAST apostle, the opinion of the Council of Nicaea is rather meaningless. They had no mandate from God to write or say anything at all. The Catholic Church, never a Christian organization, is the greatest killer of real Christians in world history.

          • Catholic Girl

            Wait, what? Please show me history…
            What about ‘Upon this rock I will build my church’ to St. Peter?
            Then again, what Protestant pastors have any permission to interpret the Bible as he or she pleases?

            At least the bible has apostolic succession, unlike any other denomination…
            Im sorry, Im not trying to be salty but youre literally attacking my cherished religion without any grounds or facts.

          • Red Merlin

            God hates religion. Isaiah 1:13-14, psalm 40:6, amos 5:21, micah 6:6-8. we are mot supposed to follow religion because they are man made. instead we are to follow the word of God and let him alone lead us duet 32:12. many religions claim to be the true religion but Isaiah 29:13 shows that while they draw near to the Lord God with their lips their harts are far from him. they pay more attention the rules of their religion than the word. Yeshua (Jesus) said in matthew 15:8-9 that they worship him in vain teaching commandments of men. one thing that catholics get wrong that is often overlooked is found in matthew 23:9- call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your father, which is in heaven. the church itself is not any building dedicated to a denomination, for that I offer acts 7:49 and isaiah 66:1-heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house you build for me? and where is the place of my rest?

          • Red Merlin

            God hates religion. Isaiah 1:13-14, psalm 40:6, amos 5:21, micah 6:6-8. we are mot supposed to follow religion because they are man made. instead we are to follow the word of God and let him alone lead us duet 32:12. many religions claim to be the true religion but Isaiah 29:13 shows that while they draw near to the Lord God with their lips their harts are far from him. they pay more attention the rules of their religion than the word. Yeshua (Jesus) said in matthew 15:8-9 that they worship him in vain teaching commandments of men. one thing that catholics get wrong that is often overlooked is found in matthew 23:9- call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your father, which is in heaven. the church itself is not any building dedicated to a denomination, for that I offer acts 7:49 and isaiah 66:1-heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool: where is the house you build for me? and where is the place of my rest?

          • Mike17

            So, how do you know which books belong to the Bible? Would you agree with Luther whose first decision was to remove several books from the New Testament, such as Hebrews? Have you read the Gospel of Thomas? If so, why do you not include it in the Bible? If you haven’t read it, how do you know that it is not inspired?
            Oh sorry. I overlooked your comment that any opinion since 96 AD is meaningless. so, presumably that includes yours.

          • Elaine Coker

            Right on Geoffrey. Glad you cleared that up for the Catholics.

          • Mike17

            The Catholic Church was started in 325 AD. What wonderful history! I wonder where you got it from. And when the Catholics took over the Christian Church in 325 AD, I suppose there is lots of documentary evidence that all the ‘real’ Christians objected very strongly. Well, just one, maybe?
            This is what one Christian, St Justin Martyr) wrote around 151 AD, a long time before your 325 AD.
            We call this food Eucharist, and no one else is permitted to partake of it, except one who believes our teaching to be true and who has been washed in the washing that is for the remission of sins and for regeneration and is thereby living as Christ enjoined. For not as common bread nor common drink do we receive these; but since Jesus Christ our Saviour was made incarnate by the word of God and had both flesh and blood for our salvation, so too, as we have been taught, the food that has been made into the Eucharist by the Eucharistic prayer set down by him, and by the change of which our blood and flesh is nurtured, is both the flesh and blood of that incarnated Jesus.”
            Now tell me, does that sound more like Catholic teaching or more like your teaching. (I say ‘your teaching’ as I do not know which of the many, many Protestant denominations you belong to, each with its own interpretation of Scripture.)

        • Tim Berends

          The Bible says in I Timothy 2:5 “There’s one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus.”
          Mary had one command in Scripture for Catholics in John 2:5
          “Whatever he says to you to do do it.”

          • Skywatcher

            Brother Tim Berends…Thank you sooooo much for the biggest laugh I’ve had today! That was priceless! I hope you don’t mind if I use it in the future! That was definitely Holy Ghost anointed! I’m still laughing! So true! Thank you, for that rich insight!

        • Al

          what ? who told you that ? the virgin Mary ?

          • Al

            the roman institution never gave the oracles of God, never did never has the roman institution had it hidden for hundreds of years until a man of God martin luther showed that man should live by faith alone, the roman institution was never involved , she is dead and she is waiting, to be resurrected just like many apostles.

          • Mike17

            I’m not sure what you are saying. Could you clear up what exactly the ‘roman institution’ had hidden for hundreds of years? I know that you are not talking about the Bible because no sane, sensible person could ever suggest that the Catholic Church hid the Bible. So it must be something else. i’m wondering what it could be. I say, no sane, sensible person because, for example, Johannes Gutenberg printed the Bible in the 1450s, long before the time of Luther and he wasn’t exactly executed for doing that, was he? If you say that that was in Latin, that’s hardly surprising as in those days very few people could read and those who could read could read Latin. It isn’t even accurate to say that Luther was the first person to translate the Bible into German. As John Henry Newman (a convert from the Church of England to the Catholic Church) said, ‘To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.’ Real history, that is. Not the bogus kind.

        • Fay

          Mary is dead….not alive in heaven as u have been taught, read ur Bible….y go to the dead to pray for ppl

        • Elaine Coker

          No, no that is not right. Your comment is blasphemy. The Holy Word of GOD was breathed to the Prophets of old, who were Jewish by the Holy Spirit. You need to read the Holy Bible and find out the Truth. Stop the ignorance now. Are you scared to find out what the truth really is? Everything in the Holy Word of GOD will happen exactly as HIS Word says. Already, more than 300+ Prophecies have already been fulfilled to the letter written hundreds of years before their fulfillment.

        • torah thumper

          you can’t pray to the dead. that’s violating torah
          mary is dead in the ground awaiting the resurrection like everybody else

          • Mike17

            The Bible tells us “It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.” The full, complete Bible that is. Not the truncated version that Protestants produced in the sixteenth century. The Protestants deleted seven boos from the Bible as they did not agree with what these books taught. Very inconvenient. Luther originally deleted the Epistle of James as it says, “Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.” (King James translation.)

        • So deceived

        • Sergiy

          You are dead wrong and should take some church history and soteriology courses at seminary or read some books on a subject before you make some claims regarding catholic church. It’s pretty basic and you don’t know even this. Sad state of many christians.

          (2 Timothy 2:15: Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.)

      • chip griffin

        who taught yall to hate what you don’t understand. isn’t that the same as the folks who died in the above story, love thy neighbor start there. stop hating what you do not understand…

        • Janine

          Thank you Chip… I’m glad to g e t back to t he article. The people that died that day and the people who live to tell the story may they find comfort in the word of God. The word of God read by those that have faith in it. No one man has the right to judge another manor woman. Clear up your differences, but in the end we ate all children of God.

      • Kirk

        Catholics pray to Jesus through Mary as well as the Saints. We don’t pray to Mary. Get a clue.

        • Sharon

          As Christians we are supposed to pray to God through Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son. Jesus says “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6. By trying to go to the Father through Mary or the saints, the bible gets disregarded. Jesus Christ’s words turn into nothing. Choose Jesus.

          • El

            do you ever ask or have a friend pray for you? Do you pray for others? That is what we catholics ask, for Mary to pray for us and our needs; to intercede with her Divine son. We do not believe death is the end. It is a transition of still living, to heaven, hell or purgatory. If the souls are in heaven or purgatory they are still our friends on earth as saints or yet-to-be saints. We ask for them, as our friends to pray for and with us. Just as you would a living person on this earth.

          • Susan

            We would pray to God THROUGH JESUS CHRIST for that person then, NOT TO MARY, she is DEAD AND IN THE GROUND like all other people. READ THE BIBLE FOR GOODNESS SAKE’S PEOPLE!

          • karin

            Mary has absolutely no power to do a single thing..she was only the vessel that God chose to bring Jesus to this world…she has not ascended to heaven as she was/is mortal as all of us

          • Mike17

            Where in the Bible does it say that Mary is dead and in the ground? I’ve never come across such a verse.

          • Amen

            Mary is not God. She is not alive. Praying through Mary or any of our fellow saints is not biblical. Jesus never instructed us so. All the privileges they have are same as we have to approach unto God through Jesus. Jesus glorified is God and not son of Mary. We know Him no more according to the flesh

          • Becka

            My dear, asking your friends to intercede for you is quite different. Jesus was very specific that He came so we would have HIM to pray through and to.
            When you read the Bible, nowhere does it tell us to pray through Mary or to ask her to intercede for us. She was a clean, chosen and willing vessel and she was blessed but she had to get her salvation just like any other human being.
            Matthew 6:6 tells us to pray TO the Father. And then Jesus shows us how to pray.
            Why pray through Mary to intercede when you can go direct to Jesus? In asking someone else (Mary), its with the notion that her own prayers will be more effective as Jesus is her son. But the Bible clearly tells us that we can pray directly to the Father. We are now brethren IN Christ Jesus. We are blessed with the Holy-Spirit. It is clearly shown that our FOCUS in to be on Jesus, God and the Holy-Spirit. What is the purpose of a personal relationship with Jesus if we have to backtrack to Mary?
            In John 16:27, Jesus says “For the Father himself loveth you, becasue ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God”. We have the love of God just as Jesus.
            Mary, the mother of Jesus joined fellow women in ONE ACCORD in prayer and supplication. She wasn’t given a special position. This is the last time she is mentioned by name in the Bible.
            So where did this ‘idea’ of praying through her come from?
            I know it will be near impossible for Catholics raised to believe in this ‘idea’ to see its wrong but I encourage every Catholic to spend time in prayer and ask Jesus to lead you to the truth and the right way…though its quiet clear in His word.
            God bless you, dear brother.

          • Fred

            I am not Catholic but what’s the difference in asking a friend to pray for you and asking Mary to pray for you?

          • Fay

            Hi u are totally bewitched by the demonic doctrine of the catholic church…..mary is dead and not in heaven in the most holy place… Mediator that is the man Christ Jesus

          • Mike17

            Excuse me but how do you know that Mary is not in heaven?

          • Kiwiwatcher

            Excellent Sharon, as salvation is through Jesus Christ our Lord….but for prayer – something to think about. There is a small sermon on two words from Matthew 6:9 “Our Father.” It is one of the great messages that stays with you. ‘Our Father’ is used in vain mumblings all over the word, but only a small number of people ever have the Right to say ‘Our Father.’ And that is the Church. You and Me. We are the only group on the planet that are the true ‘children of God,’ so Sharon, we should exercise that right and privilege as much as possible as Jesus commanded us “after this manner therefore pray ye”…….

            Galatians 3:26
            “For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.”
            1 John 3:10
            “In this the children of God are manifest……..”

            I don’t mean the full prayer as Jesus described as he gave it as a model or format, but his first opening address should be very much appreciated. Jesus said for you and me to open in prayer with the correct address. It’s an honour, so treasure it and use if often. ‘My Father’ – ‘Our Father’ – ‘Father God.’ If people don’t
            wish to….then that’s fine…..but I just love it. It is our Right and it is for no one else.

          • Sandy

            Amen!!! Well said. True Bible words!!

        • Max

          What about to pray to the Pope, so he can pray to the saints and the saints pray to Mary and Mary pray to Jesus for you?
          I will just pray directly to Jesus!

          • Susan

            He is the last person I would want to pray for me! Not even the last person, I would ask him to not pray for me, like I asked my mom to not pray through the rosary for me, that is an abomination to my Lord Yeshua!

        • Tim Berends

          The pope awhile prayed “Mary, obtain the Grace of Eternal Redemption for us.” That’s not praying with that’s praying to and that’s heresy!

      • Rick

        Please get a grip, and quit being so hateful. Don’t criticize the POPE; he is the mouthpiece on earth to all humanity. You need to read the book ‘POPE BENEDICT XVI; his life & mission’ by Stephen Mansfield. Stephen has been featured as an expert ‘reverend’ on the HANNITY show on Fox. On pg. 117 Stephen explains that all of this hate talk on Catholicism is absurd. I quote ““Though the number of victims in the relatively brief season of the Inquisition is often highly inflated-in fact, there were probably less than three thousand people ever to undergo the ordeal over the course of a century and a half-it was nevertheless a dark and oppressive time in the history of the Church”. You know you have heard retarded ministers talk about millions of Christians killed by the Catholics. Where did they get all of that information from? They need to follow a real historian, and a reverend such as Mr. Mansfield. Stephen Mansfield also blessed the human race with his book “The Faith of Barack Obama”, a book which he still stands by, and repeatedly is informing anyone humble enough to listen that Mr. Obama is a Christian. We need to look at the heart. The media is so devilish, they say just because Obama is pro-LGBT, pro-abortion, pro-Islam, anti-Israel, pro-socialist, etc., that this must mean OBAMA is not a Christian. Stephen Mansfield is a reverend, and author, and if Stephen says Obama is a Christian, then people need to listen to him. Even the Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu who endorsed ‘gay clergy’ was on Stephen Mansfield’s book on Obama, and recommends it.
        I think all you idiots need to read these wonderful books I’ve cited.
        -Blessings to all-

        • Susan

          You cannot be pro-abortion and pro-LGBT and be a Christian, when God calls it an ABOMINATION that is what he means, He says that a man that lies with another man is an abomination and will find themselves in the lake of fire, stop listening to man’s interpretation of the bible and read it for yourself!!! As far as Obummer is concerned, look at his fruit, he includes himself in Ramadan, look at some clips on Youtube saying “My muslim faith” look it up. He bowed to the Saudi Prince!! He is as christian as the devil is. He does nothing but further the muslims and terrorists by funding them, so don’t say he is Christian because he isn’t. You need to wake up to the deceptions of the devil because you are really falling for his lies! Accept the Lord and Savior into your heart and let Him through His Spirit teach you and lead you to truth, don’t take my word for it, look it all up – Please!!!

          • Ryan

            Actually, you CAN be pro-abortion and pro-LGBT a Christian, because I know people who are. You may not think it’s right, but that’s your opinion and I’m sure they wouldn’t care anyways. I thought Christians are always trying to get people to be saved, but how can they get people to be “saved” when many of them also spread so much hatred and criticism towards others, especially LGBT people. It’s a vicious circle. Only God can judge. So sorry to burst your orthodox bubbles…

          • Mike17

            Suppose you knew a Communist who said that he did not believe in the state ownership of the means of production. What would you say to him? Suppose you met a Moslem who said that he did not believe in Allah. What would you say to him? Suppose you met a person who said he believed in democracy but he did not believe that anyone should have a vote. What would you say to him? Yes, you will find people who call themselves Christians who believe in all sorts of things. That is the unfortunate consequence of the Protestant Reformation. As a result of the Protestant Reformation, every Tom, Dick and Harriet is his/her own Pope. They all claim that what they believe is based on the Bible but they can’t agree with each other what the Bible says. But they claim that their interpretation is the only correct one. So you do have people who say they are Christians and who support abortion. However, it is essential to distinguish between Christianity and the views of Christians. Christianity is what has existed for two thousand years, not what people make up in the twenty-first century – or even the sixteenth century. Christianity has always opposed abortion. You can find out what Christians actually believed in the first few centuries by reading what they wrote. To be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant.

      • Zelly

        You did not understand what you are saying. But I am not going to argue. God Bless.

      • Viv

        Christians….Jesus was friend to all, loved all, prayed for all….do not judge dat you may not be judged. Leave judgements to God. Although we are called to pray and to do good,….our entry into heaven is not by our merit but by His mercy.

        • john H

          Amen to that

      • Viv

        As to why Catholics acknowledge the mother of Jesus, remember we are made in the image n likeness of God. If we who are less than God are unhappy when our mothers who love us so much are disregarded or disrespected… How much more Jesus….who loves infinitely more than we can ever hope to…

        • niki

          Honor Mary as she is the mother of the church. No mary, no Jesus or is there another woman on earth . Faith is best for salvation.

      • Catholic Girl

        Catholics do not pray to Mary – we ask her to pray for us, as we ask our friends to pray for us… Except she’s Jesus’ mother in heaven, so she has an easier time of asking Him, more personally, for favors. 😉

      • Kaloka

        We Catholic do not pray to Mary… But we do honor her as the mother of Jesus and ask her to pray for us… We ask her to intervene on our behalf to her son…. Same reason we ask other to pray for us….. Jesus is the only way to the father and if mother Mary can take us closer to the her son then what is wrong with that… God bless…

      • Sandy

        You are so right@

    • Guns N Rosaries

      A true and traditional Catholic cannot pray for a non-Catholic, except for that person’s conversion. The visible sect you see now that claims to be Catholic is what we traditional Catholic call “the Novus Ordo.” It is a counterfeit sect that was prophesied to arise in the Last Days, which is why Revelation seems to describe the Catholic Church so well, when it actually describes the Novus Ordo Harlot.

      • El

        Of course they can pray for non-catholics to have a revelation of Christ just before their final breath; so they have the chance, however late, for conversion. Anything is possible with God. The Divine Mercy Novena can be said even now, for the conversion of souls on that fateful day.

        • Guns N Rosaries

          The “Divine Mercy” is a Novus Ordo concoction that uses the Most Holy Rosary for a set of prayers that were not originally intended for it by God; thus the “Divine Mercy” must be shunned at all costs, as it is of the devil and not of God. And yes, anything is possible with God, but the likelihood of someone making a “deathbed conversion” is exceedingly rare, as the Saints attest. Besides, 2 Corinthians 4:3 says: And if our gospel be also hid, it is hid to them that are lost…….

          • Mike17

            For the sake of the non-Catholics reading this site can I point out that the Divine Mercy goes back to St Faustina Kowwalska who died in 1938. The Novus Ordo Mass is a new version of the Mass introduced in 1970. So the Divine Mercy can hardly be a Novus Ordo concoction. I don’t know Guns N Rosaries but the views expressed do not sound like those coming from a heterodox Catholic. ie. One who believes that the Catholic Church today is the same Church as the Catholic Church two thousand years ago. Yes, believe it or not there are people who claim that they are the true Catholics but reject the Catholic Church today. Some of them do not accept that Pope Francis is the real Pope. Or even Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II.

          • I agree with one thing you said. The Catholic Church that exists today is EXACTLY the same church it was when Constantine started it in 325 AD. Its was pagan Rome then, and it remains pagan to this day. Thanks for writing!

    • What make me so sad is that this kind of demonic music is now used almost anywhere in the church for worship. They have replaced the lyrics, but the music in itself carries a message far more strong than that of the lyrics. The true gifted classic musicians that practiced their instrument or their voice for years in the conservatory of music have been evicted to be replaced by noise maker people that scratch electric guitar, beat on drums or electronic keyboard or scream into a microphone but never took a music lesson. These screamers dont even know how to breath correctly! (That’s why without microphone they have no voice)

      When these local community churches began to ignore the poor, the stranger and the widow and did not repent, God widrawn his Holy Spirit from them and abandoned them:

      “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” (Rev 2:5)

      As soon as the Holy Sprirt was withdrawn from the church, demonic spirits filled these spiritually empty places that now have become multi-millions dollars entertaining community centres or theatres where people are attracted and entertained by the music and the dance: the beat as a bait. Ravening wolves pastors in sheep’s clothing preach a washed-down gospel, a gospel of prosperity full of falses doctrines like OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) that please man rather than God. True Christians have already left this man-made church, if they have not been evicted from it because they were courageous enough to exprime their opinion to try to save it!

      The church has “become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” (Rev. 18:2). True Christians are called to “come out of her”:

      “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev 18:4)

      Often we can see in the physical world, events that illustrate what is happening in the spiritual world. What happened in Paris and elsewhere, physical death, is an image of what already happened spiritually in the church: spiritual death.

      “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches”

      The devil has entered into the church

  • Joseph D’Hippolito

    The ultimate manifestation of Satan is Islam. Well, perhaps not the ultimate, but you know what I mean. It’s infuriating that most “Christian” “leaders” don’t understand that — or, perhaps better said, don’t want to understand that. If they did, then their precious concepts of ecumenism and “dialogue” would collapse!

    • ray of light

      don’t apologize, Islam is the ultimate and yes, it is a pity, that leaders don’t see, some mainly because they have been given over to their own lusts (repobate mind).

    • Jack

      Not true! It´s the jewish talmud.

      • Paddy

        You’re right, it is the jewish talmud. Unfortunately most who claim to be Christians refuse to read the talmud because they’d rather their heads be buried than face the realities on the page. Why does the talmud teach Jesus is burning in human filth? Why teach his Mother was a whore? Why teach all non-jews are cattle and can be killed at will? Why teach it is OK to have sex with a boy or girl provided they’re under the age of 4?

        It’s much easier to repeat to oneself: ‘Jews are Chosen. Jesus was a Jew. Jews are our friends’.
        1) Chosen indeed. As Satan’s favourites.
        2) Jesus was not a jew.
        3) If these people are your friends you’ve not far to look to find an enemy.

        • JR

          How was Jesus not a Jew?

          • Jesus most certainly a Jew. In fact, He is the King of the Jews.

    • Marco

      If you think the ultimate manifestation of evil is Islam, you really need to get out more.

      • Especially now in the endtime, the ultimate manifestation of evil is the church, people really need to get inside it and see what kind of music is used there for “worship”, and what kind of sermon is preached to entertain people…

      • DW Ninja

        the ultimate manifestation of evil is “Denominational Religious Politics”

  • Suez

    So the place they were singing the song, is the same placed that was attacked? Sorry, I’m a bit confused on that. Those are the same people that were killed and wounded? That kinda brings a whole new light to it!!!

    • Geoffrey Grider

      There were 3 points of attack, the concert where this happened was the first one.

      • Suez

        Ok, thanks. I don’t listen much to the TV news. So hopefully maybe a few of these kids may start to think! I pray they wake up.

        • Andrea Zenkiea

          Suez Are you literally that daft and a complete airhead?! What are you too high and mighty to sit down and watch the damn news when a serious international tragedy occurs?! 89 of these beautiful people that were there at the Bataclan concert were murdered in cold blood. Some of you Christian peeps are so pious and judgmental it’s just so disgusting. God the father has a faaaaaaar much greater Love, Grace and Understanding to each individual you can’t even fathom and it’s certainly not based on how much “Christian” music you listen to and how many times you go to church.

          • Joseph

            THANK YOU. It’s refreshing to see your comment Andrea after going through and reading the rest.

            I just randomly came across this reading up on this and while being raised in the bible belt I have people of the same mind as this all around me, but this is a ridiculous concentration. How can you SERIOUSLY believe that because they were at this concert with lyrics you don’t agree with that they were ASKING to be murdered?? What rock must you live under to have this sort of thinking? This is nothing but coincidental. If the lyrics of the song was relevant to these people being murdered then there would be people dying at every death metal concert around the world. How does logic just slip the mind of so many people when thinking about this situation and ALL they can focus on is how THEY think these people were just horrible sinners? Get a grip on the world around you and quit diving head first into immediately trying to find ANYTHING you can tie to justifying your religion.

            I’m sure with the mindset here that this comment will be brushed off after mentioning this, but I actually am atheist. And I’ll say that not only is this comment section absolutely infuriating to see, everyone is just so focused on how they can validate their own beliefs, pat each other on the back and condemn those who were needlessly slaughtered while acting like there was a legitimate reason these people to now be dead, but it’s also ridiculously disappointing, embarrassing, and sickening. Not only to me, but to my christian family I’ve shown this thread to. Not like that much matters though, because 5 comments in and I’m seeing arguing and condemning between christians because 1 is catholic and the other isn’t.

            To know that I could die, or any one of you could die, as a victim of circumstance, and someone could twist it around to make it out that the death was deserved since it was being asked for. That could apply for anyone’s religion or belief anywhere. I’m sure you would be absolutely livid to find a thread that is claiming your recently dead child is a part of an evil lifestyle and not only asked for their death but is the CAUSE for numerous other deaths as well.


            Talk about how disgusting it is that someone could do something so vile as that! Go on about how no loving god would tell it’s followers to commit acts of war! Say how horrible it is that someone can be so deeply ingrained into their beliefs as to do something so sickening!

            Don’t reach out and find the lyrics to the song that happened to be playing by circumstance and claim THAT is the cause for such a mindless act of death and violence.

            This thread is nothing but grasping at straws. You’re reaching out after hearing the name of this band to say “These lyrics are why these people are dead!” and condemning these people’s lives. If the lyrics in songs actually had anything to do with it then you would see this happen over and over wherever there were lyrics that fit your ever-changing description of “calling upon satan”

            To put it in perspective.. Whenever there were solar eclipses vikings would scream, shout, and stomp to scare away a massive wolf they believed swallowed the sun. Then, don’t you know it, the sun would come right back.

            Were they right? Just because they applied what they believed to something else that’s completely irrelevant? The moon was going to move away from in front of the sun whether or not they applied their belief of it being a wolf to it or not. These people could’ve been a christian band and it’d make NO difference whatsoever. They’re victims of circumstance and NOTHING more. They didn’t “call upon satan” and satan didn’t “answer”. If you seriously believed satan “answered” then are these people at the concert at fault for the other 2 areas that were bombed and the others who died and were injured? Cause if you honestly believe this is like some answered ritual here, then you’d have to believe that they’re the ones to blame for the 2 other places bombed as well.

            I truly hope that no one is as daft as to continue to apply this ridiculousness to these people. And I truly hope that you christians stand up and stop yourselves from being embarrassed by snuffing out those who claim something like this again. If you actually take a step back instead of grabbing your pitchforks you can realize it honestly makes no sense and that you’d have to ignore many parts of this, and would have to exclude logic as whole as well to make this actually apply.

          • Jack

            “Kiss the devil”? Really? Well, the devil kissed back.

          • Susan

            Andrea, are YOU that daft? Satanic music is something that God would not turn away judgement from, come on! They asked for it, unfortunately and won their request. We should be praying for these people along with the murderers that their eyes and heart will be opened to God’s calling and turn from their wickedness. You need to read the bible because God does judge and it isn’t pretty, remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? That is His divine wrath and we will be seeing His wrath again and soon because Sodom and Gomorrah have returned.

          • Carri

            Really? What a hateful thing to say. And you are judging a comment and doing the very thing you accused Christians of doing.

          • Suez

            My, my talking about the love of the Father, then addressing me as you did. Hmm let me think, are you displaying that love? NO, you are not! You know nothing about me, so save your vial comments for yourself. Your the one with your head in the sand if you believe everything that the secular News channels say is the 100% truth, girly. I never taken drugs in my life, not even the weed thing. Have you?? I don’t attend church either, do you???? I surely don’t see any love, grace and understanding in you dearie. So stop your judging on someone you know nothing about.

    • laura

      I thought the same thing…

    • froggie

      Suez this was a HOAX !! Don’t fall for the lies of the Evil one .

  • RobiMac

    Wow, that’s really messed up. To be singing your love for satan and then, moments later be screaming in his face as they see there are no such parties in hell.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Imagine that. And it actually happened.

      • laura

        It is so sad but I pray it opens up peoples eyes!!!

      • Mary

        But what if they were saved under the “once saved always saved” doctrine? Would they’re worshiping satan not be considered backslidden and thus not saved anymore? Or did God receive them despite them worshiping Satan because they had once been saved? I’m confused.

        • Yes, once saved always saved.…so, if there were Christians there, they would lose rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Their salvation, because of the sealing in Ephesians 1 and 4, would not be in danger.

          • Liz

            There is no such thing as OSAS, that is a false teaching. There is accountability.

          • Jimmy Randolph

            All due respect but you’re a liar. OSAS is clearly doctrine for the body of Christ (Eph 2:8-9 KJV). The “accountability” of sin for the believer was taken care of by the Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary’s cross (2 Cor 5:21 KJV). The believers works done in the body, whether they be good or bad, are for at the Judgment Seat of Christ (1 Cor 3 KJV).

          • Wendy

            Hey Jimmy, dear brother…sometimes people are simply confused or deceived! To call them a “liar” denotes you knowing their heart’s motives and that they meant to deceive. Careful, now….

          • Desma Jones

            You are correct. This was the whole reason why Christ shed his blood and paid the debt. He knew we can never do it on our own, that we would continue to fail and sin. Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving an excuse to sin. I believe in allowing God to set us apart and sanctify us. Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?! God forbid! There will be rewards and also, every man’s work will be made manifest for it will be tried by fire and the fire will try every mans work. There will be people at the judgment seat of Christ that will have a pile of ashes from their hay wood and stubble being all burned up. Even those who do religious programs and good works that are not ordained and anointed by Christ, these works too are sin to Him that sits upon the throne. Everything will be made manifest. We are saved by grace, not by works. No man can pluck us from His Hand. Christ will not even loose ONE of them!

          • Mike au

            Ephesians 1:13(KJV)

            13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the
            word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom
            also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that
            holy Spirit of promise,

            OSAS ? It’s bible doctrine.

          • Heidi K.

            Join the discussion One has to distinguish between born-again Christians and Christians-in-name-only. True Christians still sin but not intentionally, they would never worship satan or commit other terrible sins,

          • Robert

            Once saved always saved reminds me of people who read John 3:16 and say “I believe” and think they will go to heaven. That’s all you have to do. Satan believes in him.

        • Max

          That is false teaching, but even according that teching it would mean that at the end of their life they would turn to God.
          Imagine if somebody is saved and dies in act of sin, would that person be saved?

          • Miggy

            “Imagine if somebody is saved and dies in act of sin, would that person be saved?”


            Believers still sin because we are born into sin from Adam. The difference is we confess our sin, ask for forgiveness, and do everything we can to turn from it (repent in other words). God knows who is trying and of a repentent heart and we as individuals know ourselves as well. Humans cannot and should not judge someone elses heart.

          • Max

            If you read carefully you will understand my point.
            I wrote “ifmagine if somebody dies IN ACT OF SIN….” it means that person died without repenting for the sin is commiting at the moment, for exmple he is trying to kill somebody (which is sin) and somebody kills him/her.
            But I believe if the person who is arrested from police for the attacks in Paris, repent and accept Jesus, God will forgive even that person killed many.

          • Becka

            No, the person who dies in sin will go to hell. The Bible clearly shows that once in Christ, we move from grace to grace, shedding the old man and embracing the new. 1 John 5:16-18 shows that there is a sin unto death hell.
            Hebrews 10:39 CLEARLY states that ” But we are not of them who DRAW BACK unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul.” To draw back is to turn away from Jesus back into your sinful life after salvation. Continuous and persistent sin leads to perdition (which is a surety of hell as an eternal destination.)
            John 17:12 , Jesus says that he kept all the disciples given to Him by God, except the son of ‘perdition’.

            Hebrews 10:26-31 talks of those who sin willfully after coming to know God and His truths. There remains NO MORE sacrifice for sins but a certain FEARFUL looking for of judgement and FIERY indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. Please read the verses. It is serious.

            So once saved is NOT forever saved. You can lose your salvation when you decide that you don’t want it anymore by your actions….Jesus did not die so we would continue to sin willfully but rather that with time, prayer and fellowship, we would become more and more like Him.
            God bless you.

          • The Bible says that at the moment of salvation, the Holy Spirit “seals us in”. No sin you can commit after that cam break the seal that the Bible says will last until the “day of redemption”. “In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,” Ephesians 1:13 (KJV).

            Once saved always saved? Yes, and you can bet you eternal soul on it.

        • Heidi K.

          Join the discussion Once a person accepts JESUS CHRIST as his personal Lord and Savior who died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected receives the HOLY SPIRIT = becomes born again. Born-again Christians would never worship satan. or commit other terrible sins. Once we become born-again Christians we will always try to please the LORD.

        • Annie

          Once saved always saved means you embrace Christ and turn away from sin. You’re never perfect but one doesn’t actively pursue things displeasing or disobedient to God. We are children of the light, not children of the darkness, and we don’t seek to dwell on darkness. This bands name alone is a clue. Genuine Christians dont sing songs to Satan but to God, nor do they fill their hearts and minds with the enemy.

        • Maggie

          We must work out our salvation in fear and trembling…praising God rules out singing love to the devil….

        • Indio

          A real Christian has no place in the darkness. God is light and in him there is no darkness. A Christian is not a Christian because he calls himself a Christian. It’s like a man calling himself a woman or a woman calling herself a man. It can’t be. That they heard or went to a church or spoke to someone who goes to church or maybe they went to church every Sunday. It means nothing if God does not know you. Jesus said if you love me, you will do what I say. He said all the truths and he lived the way he wants us to live. Most people are on their way to hell. Jesus said my flock is a little flock. Jesus said the road less traveled and is a narrow road. Not many people travel this road. Lot’s of people listen to the words of God and it is like the seeds parable that Jesus spoke of. Very few actually take it and live on it. In days gone past more people could live the life that God wants us to live, now in these days we are living like in the days of Noah. The end is near. The last time God only saved 8 people. He saved more animals than he did people. God destroyed the world with water because they had become utterly evil. The next time and it is not far from now, God is going to destroy the earth with fire. Again very few will be spared and taken by God, most will die and go to hell. Hell is to be vanished and forgotten. When God forgets you, every body who ever knew you will forget you and you will simply disappear you will not exist nowhere. But when God knows you he welcomes you and loves you and holds you forever in his arms and in his heart. These are the children of God. They live in the light of Gods love. These are the reason that he sent his only son to die for them. Jesus Christ is God, who separated himself from being God to come down to earth as a man and men knew him not. They crucified him and killed him. Only those that were close to him and those he revealed himself to were those that he chose from the beginning of time. They carried the torch the light the gospel to the world through very few people who went out to preach it and teach it and live it. Most were killed and mistreated. So it continues until Christ returns on a white horse to rule the world with an iron rod. Although the world will be destroyed some people will still survive. Mostly in Russia and those parts over there. Most of America if not all will be uninhabitable and a wasteland. Again men kind will be fooled again by the devil, and they will raise themselves up against the creator of everything. He will destroy them too! Then after that there will be no more ocean on earth, all that space will be like before. A garden of eden. Imagine all that ocean filled with valley’s and jungles and forests, animals will be in their own environment and those people that God loves will live in these forests and no animals will kill each other to eat each other. There will be no more sun either, God himself will be the light. It will be heaven on earth and you can be a part of it, if you do what Jesus tells you and obey him, and God knows you. If not you are doomed and you are living in darkness and you choose to live in darkness, because the light has come to you and you chose the darkness rather than the light because in darkness you can continue to sin, and fulfill your fleshly desires. Such as dancing in a dark theater while chanting song of death and doing perversions with the devil. You chose your side. Now is the time that you choose your side and the way that you want to live.

        • Robert

          “Once saved always saved” is a false doctrine that will have you end up burning in hell forever.

        • Jack

          That´s not christian but calvinism.

        • Scott

          The only one that can determine their Salvage is Jesus Christ, if they said that they accepted Jesus at some point, but then followed after SATAN, I would doubt they ever had the CHANGE of HEART which is the HOLY SPIRIT convicting their hearts and following after JESUS. IF they followed after World, Satan, whatever I again seriously doubt they were ever saved.

      • Ekaette

        Geoffrey you know the carnal mind cannot grasp spiritual things. I pray for more Christians to start getting deeper with God and discern things like this instead of arguing about it like the atheist.

    • Nino

      ur funny.. haha.. They called the Devil & now they will be face to face with The Devil in hell in a blaze of flames..

  • peter

    this band hardly is devil worshippers… or any of their fans.Before you open your mouth get educated

    • Liz

      But they were sure worshipping him with that song, now, weren’t they?

      • Seems like it to me…

      • Heidi K.

        Join the discussion Yes, they glorified satan with this song and by flashing the sign of the horns

      • T

        No, they weren’t. I don’t think there is any band on this planet that plays satanic music for religious purposes. If you give worship you are actively aware of it. The devil horns are nothing but a complete theater in the history of heavy metal music. The fact that EODM metal have nothing to do with metal at all just makes their whole act of this song partly satire. But then again, I wouldn’t expect any of you guys to get art.

        Point is, anyone thinking the way this article does is not a true Christian. You are as bad as the people who carried out the attack. You are no different to the IS sympathisers.

        Take a good look at yourselves and the bible, and realise your attitude towards this is disgusting and not remotely supported by your ‘god’, for any judgement is His and His alone. It is not your place to have such despicable views.

        • Jonas L.

          Typical for a Christian to be double moral!(reply to T) – (not to mention self-righteous, at least the vast majority of Christians I have met) – You say that only “God” can make judgements on people, and YET you, yourself are judging a lot of people by saying that anyone who agrees with this article is “bad”.
          I cant stop laughing right now !!! You sir (or ma’m) just made my day !

          • I kissed a devil, and I liked it

            Just like ISIS has no clue that Islam teaches acceptance, most people here don’t understand that christianity does the same.
            It’s funny seeing different sects of christianity fighting each other here, you worship the same invisible man in the sky for gods sake!
            I think if Jesus did come back this day, you people will crucify him again 🙂

    • watchman48

      Maybe you should get an education and I don’t mean a worldly education….. Open the the Book of John and read through it and The Acts for a beginning.

    • carson

      there are many false ‘gods’, is pride a false god? self lordship? can people worship the things of the world and self? you bet, what is worship, love and adoration.
      it doesn’t needs be an idol thingy set up in some home alter with candles burning, although many do that too.

    • Danae

      Don’t know who you are, Peter, but the world worships Satan without even realizing it; and progressively more every generation… This situation is only a small example as to what is to come as the world continues to permeate and worship Satan increasingly in her ambiance. My heart goes out to our children like never before! As long as the world continues to reverence Satan, or any other form of false religion or deity, the more she will bring upon herself the demonic forces attached. We call on (or worship) the things which we desire, but the devil’s guarantees of happiness are trickery and imagery; and in his diversion of success in this present world are all false promises… all a facade… Do you know that Satan disguises himself as an “angel of light”… he’s the one who deceives the whole world (Rev. 19)… he comes to steal, kill, and destroy (the ‘truth’ and the purity of true ‘life’)… and he’s the father of all lies and deception… He is very real… as is God Himself…

    • They may not be devil worshippers but they were making money off of songs promoting him.

  • laura

    How sad that some of the people there didn’t realize how real the devil is … Maybe thought it was cool or maybe thought, its just music…I don’t listen yo the words…and now they are gone and it is too late …

  • aha

    And the other three or four attacks? Shootings in cafes, bombings? Were those innocents singing about the devil too? This is a ridiculous and nigh on inappropriate article, in my humble opinion.

    • This is not an attack, it is an observation. Thanks for writing!

      • Heather

        John Haller in his prophecy update for November 15th also reported on this same subject of their singing to Satan. I see images of the Days of Noah all around us increasing. I see the Strong Delusion unfolding in it’s earliest stages.Look at many of the citizens in Europe clapping and chearing on the refugees coming in, many of the cheerers will be killed by the very ones arriving. This world is going mad. It’s not too late to call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for He is mighty to save!

        John 3 : 16 KJV For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

        • froggie

          Heather your a smart women, don’t fall for the lies of the Evil one !! This event is a hoax from the elite. Please pray for discernment,.

  • Dan

    Geoff , it has more to do with the music than with the bombings. When you’re young songs with the devil in them are common especially with heavy metal and rock and it’s nothing new. I listened to it and I’d bet you did too when you were younger ; running with the devil Van Halen comes to mind . This is nothing especially concerning.

    • Yeah, I did lots of junk when I was younger, but you know what? If the Lord would have allowed me to die in those days, I would be in Hell right now. That all changed when I got saved. All those songs we used to sing from the ’80’s like Highway To Hell and all the rest were absolutely satanic in origin.

      • Vicky

        You would not be in hell right now because Jesus has not returned and nobody has been judged yet, until then nobody is in hell. you my friend would be in the grave like everyone else thats dead you would be waiting for Jesus to return and raise you up. But I do agree that singing praises to satan is dangerous and stupid because Our Father in Heaven is no joke he is real and it’s not very smart to tempt someone who has the power to take your life and destroy your soul

        • Jimmy Randolph

          Sorry Vicky, but your ‘soul sleep’ doctrine is a satanic heresy. The Bible clearly states that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2 Cor 5:8 KJV). Last time I checked, the Lord Jesus Christ is in Heaven, not the grave.

        • Heidi K.

          Join the discussion Vicky, the dead unbelievers are conscious and in “prison” right now which is called hades in Greek. It’s the holding place for the Lost until resurrection day. After the Millenium and the Great White Throne Judgement they will go into the lake of fire. The saved dead in CHRIST are in paradise which is also a holding place until the resurrection. We still get judged according to our works. The final home of the born-again believers will be the New Heaven and the New Earth. Please study the Book of Revelation

  • Peter

    And what’s interesting to note it happened on the Sabbath.

    • Chris

      but it started on Saturday night. Only 7th Day Adventists would regard that as the Sabbath.

      • Heather

        It happened on Friday the 13th.

        • Susan

          Saturday is the true Sabbath, Friday sundown to Saturday sundown, Sunday is what non-jewish people hold as Sabbath but that is not what God ordained.

      • Just the facts

        It was Friday night, which as Jesus observed, was they beginning of the Sabbath Day. One christian denomination can not change or make the Sabbath Day. God made it at creation, blessed it, sanctified it, and much later told us to remember it by writing it in stone with his own finger. If nothing else, the Jews are a good timepiece that has preserved the true Sabbath Day throughout history so all of us can remember it with certainty. If any man, whether preacher or pope, has told you that the traditions of man have changed the day that God made, blessed, and ordered us to remember, you might check your Bible to confirm. After all, it was still being written a century after the resurrection so certainly the Christian Jews would at least make some mention, even briefly, that in the last century Gods sacred Day has been sincronized with the pagan Sun Day worship. Jesus did speak about trampling Gods Sabbath Day to follow the Traditions of man. Not one jot or tittle would change from the law. Which commandment starts with Remember, and which one has a jot and tittle? Worshipping Satan on the Sabbath Day is not the ideal situation for when your judgement day comes. It doesn’t matter what anyone else believes or teaches or professes to have changed with tradition. God will judge on his Law.

    • Heather

      As well as the 13th.

  • Jason

    Don’t judge a band by it’s name, they definitely are not death metal…or even metal!

    • I didn’t, I judged them by the lyrics of their song. Case closed.

      • Jason

        it’s where you have “dance floor” and “death metal concert” in the same sentence that really got my attention….definitely the first time I ever seen/heard those words in the same sentence! LOL! I agree, the lyrics are pretty straight up obvious who they glorify. And their band name is a bit misleading since they are just a rock band. I got the feeling you just saw the name and assumed they were death metal without listening to them. Bands like Deicide, Morbid Angel, Six Feet Under, and other similar filth, that’s death metal.

        • My article really focuses more on the lyrics of the song rather than the name of the band or whatever the band really stands for. I think we can all agree that those lyrics, whether sincere or tongue-in-cheek – give glory to Satan, and that really the whole point of what I wrote.

  • Suzanne

    Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. He is coming back for His Bride, the Church, and then the seven year tribulation is going to make this look like a cakewalk! Pray for the peace of Israel.

  • Oh gracious, and to think they will attack again .Washington, London, and Rome Presidential prayer team .

  • Cooleemee Edd

    The irony of it all is very alarming. For so many, repentance is simply too late! May God touch the hearts of those who survived and lead them away from all of this.

  • Kiwiwatcher

    The title and covers of the band’s albums leave a lot to be desired

    Matthew 12:30
    “He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.”

    And then to watch those who turn up afterwards with candles, flowers and flaunting the disgusting peace sign.

    The Saracens in A.D. 711 used this symbol to alternately represent a broken cross, a raven’s claw, or a witch’s foot, all presumably satanic symbols. Under the reign of Roman Emperor Nero, infamous for his brutal persecution of Christians and
    Jews, this symbol was prominently used to represent a broken cross or broken Jew. Nero crucified the Apostle Peter upside down, and the horrific event resembled the downward-pointing fork. It was thereafter called the Neronic cross. With the Third Reich steeped in the occult, Hitler’s 3rd Panzer Division used this same symbol from 1941 to 1945. The symbol in Germany is called a todesrune or death rune. It often appeared on death notices. It is also found on some of the tombstones of the notorious SS soldiers. For Bertrand Russell, a supporter of communism, the symbol meant not only communism but also peace without God. Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, used the downward-pointing fork as the background for his altar. The Book of Signs, written by Rudolph Koch, indicates that the downward-pointing fork means “the death of man,” and, with the circle around it meaning “total,” the entire symbol means “the total death of all people.”

    Pray for them as they know not what they do

    2 Thessalonians 2:3
    “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first………”

  • Mary

    Once saved always saved right? So maybe some that were singing to satan were saved?

    • Liz

      No, not once saved always saved.

    • Jimmy Randolph

      Maybe some were saved, only the Lord knows. But there are plenty of ‘saved’ born-again believers that commit abominations daily in their Christian lives. Abominations such as being overweight, being underweight, laziness, working too much, sleeping too much, not sleeping enough, studying too much, not studying enough, having no standards, having too many standards, ect (Proverbs 11:1 KJV).

      People who don’t believe in OSAS are sure going to have a time attempting to justify themselves as “righteous” before the Lord (Matt 7:21-23 KJV)

      • Geoffrey Grider

        Well said, brother, well said 🙂

      • Carri

        Our righteousness is based on Christ’s righteousness alone and NOT ours. When we are truly born again and given the Holy Spirit, the evidence of that will be a changed life with new desires. But we are all at different stages in that growth. Not sure if a true Christian could even be singing those lyrics to Satan though. Lord have mercy!

  • Tusitala

    It is difficult for me to understand why I listened to the music I did for so many years. Now, of course, I look back and cringe. But I have stopped making excuses for my own stupidity for it could have cost me eternity in hell. We must look evil straight in the face, we must call it what it is.

  • Donna R Brown

    Geoffrey, a couple of people have asked about the once-saved-always-saved principle and the possibility that some of the people attending the concert are not list but merely backsliding.
    I struggle with that one because once you’ve been saved and fall so deeply with the Savior, it’s hard to go to such an extreme. I can’t imagine singing lyrics to the devil, after what Jesus has done for me. But I don’t know how to answer that question.
    Geoffrey will you please address this?

    • Yes, anyone who has made the GREAT TRANSACTION of their sins for Jesus’ righteousness – becoming BORN AGAIN – is sealed “until the day pf redemption”. So let’s just say a saved Christian was at that concert, singing those horrible lyrics, and they got shot and killed. Yes, they would ABSOLUTELY still go to Heaven – BUT – they would ABSOLUTELY lose rewards at the Judgment Seat of Christ. We are not saved or kept saved by ANY works we do or don’t do. Sinning does not “unsave” us. If it did, Heaven would contain no humans at all.

      • Mary Ellen smith

        It was my understanding that while our actions can’t save or unsave us our intentions could. That if you’re striving to be Christ like while you may fail regularly God looks on the heart and sees that your desire is for righteousness. I can’t reconcile singing to or about Satan with pure intentions.

      • Donna R Brown

        Thank you

  • carson

    like the fire at a concert in tiawan where some photo’s showed akin to people in hell (just google it for pictures) the events also contain a warning and plea to come out from the world the flesh nature of sin and self lordship and come out from the devils household. God adopts those who receive Christ, showing we are not by default of Gods household anymore since adam sinned and sin entered the world, but of the world the flesh and the devil, come away come away repent believe in Christ be saved already isn’t it time already why do any suppose Christ showed how any must be born again.

    In Christ is the only way to life eternal, yes even christians die=leave the tent body, but they are not dead, john 11:25-26, rev 6:9-10 shows active walking talking souls/alive and many other verse/truths, to be away from the body is to be with the Lord when you are His own bought with a price.

  • Kiwiwatcher

    Obama said in his nonsense press conference prior to leaving Turkey, that he wants to meet with people that have better ideas than his chairman of heads of staff. Brother Geoffrey – Obama wants to hear from you.

    During the monotonous drone, Obama keeps trying to sell the line that Bush said after 9/11 that it is not a war against Islam. It’s a repetitive message he uses countless times in the hope that the public accept it as a truth. Any sane person should immediately realise that 9/11 was about a group of terrorists flinging their cause against USA – ISIS is about a group of terrorists in the name of Islam, carving out a homeland in the Middle East and imposing a terror campaign on Western culture. Two different ideologies – Obama is in dream land comparing apples with onions.

    And I will say this. His speech writers are extremely poor, and his ‘sound bite’ team of low quality. However, they get away with the dribble due to mainstream media being in the back pocket of the White House.
    Obama seemed to give a clue that pope Francis is pushing for the migration of Islam worldwide. He mentioned that he was following the pope’s line of compassion and to accept others into the homeland, regardless of their faith.

    Obama and Putin were walking around the Municipal gardens in Antalya, Turkey, discussing Syria, oil and the climate. On a pathway towards the rear of the function centre, they came across several goats.
    As they approached, the startled goats tried to flee, but one got its head caught in the fence next to the path and became stuck.
    Putin smiled, walked behind the sheep and dropped his drawers and had his way with it. When Putin was done, he turned to Obama and said, “go ahead it’s your turn!”
    Obama eagerly walked over, and then stuck his head in the fence

    • wanja

      Really?? You had to show your hate and ignorance here??

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  • Woe! Woe! Woe!

    -I will call your attention to the horrible looking statue that was extracted in Detroit recently celebrating Satanism, the goat head with a human body. Well doing one of the kids favorite Disney show, Austin and Ally recently as they went back and forth about their favorite restaurant, in the back ground sat a person, this image of a human being with a goat head. Just as I said it was just there parked at a table and when I saw this, I paused from what I was doing and I told my grandkids, that’s a satanic symbol. They looked at me rather oddly and I told them again what that creature just sitting there, like the multiple ton elephant in the room and no one sees it was like Satan reminding parents and all other guardians how he has their children, read, see more here,

    See Also here

  • guest

    Gosh!! Just goes to show when you invite the devil in, he shows up.

  • jon cramer

    Mr. Grider I like your blog, but from time to time you might want to check your sponsored ads some are inappropriate for a Christian blog.

  • Satan likes our living in sin and our blood sacrificed lives, for him. God hates our sin and sacrificed Jesus Christ to redeem us. The song they were singing:

    “Kiss The Devil” – by Eagles Of Death Metal

    Who’ll love the Devil?
    Who’ll song his song?
    Who will love the Devil and his song?

    I’ll love the Devil
    I’ll sing his song
    I will love the Devil and his song

    Who’ll love the Devil?
    Who’ll kiss his tongue?
    Who will kiss the Devil on his tongue?

    I’ll love the Devil
    I’ll kiss his tongue
    I will kiss the Devil on his tongue
    Pray for them.

    • Ryan

      Since rock and roll formed to question and attack ideas rather than to promote them, those lyrics could very well be attacking those who worship the Devil than those who don’t. Ever herd of sarcasm? Haha. You just don’t know because it’s art. Art is limitless and is NOT supposed to be clear and understood by everyone. If the lyricist wrote those lyrics to get people aggravated and mad, then good for them! We need to be provoked and prodded mentally to realize no matter who anybody is or isn’t, we’re only human, and we ALL have faults. This tamed, crazy, material-based culture in today’s world needs to be QUESTIONED, not answered. That’s the Lord’s job!

  • Heidi K.

    I’m not surprised, France is a GODless nation, so sad.

  • Never a good idea to invoke the name of satan even when it jest or song. That’s something you just stay clear from

  • Guest

    You are a sick, sick person for writing this article. Nothing, I repeat, nothing these people did “caused” their deaths. An evil regime based on fundamentalist, extremist religion caused their deaths. You seem to be spouting the same sort of “religion”. I hope and pray none of the victims families are subjected to your ignorant hatred. Please, people who read this article, do not think this is real Christianity or real religion. This is hatred and judgement, extremism, and certainly a form of terrorism in itself. This is not God. This is not religion. This is a small, sad person spreading evil disguised as Christian words.

    • You misread this article. It does not say that anything these lost people did caused their death, it simply says that they were killed while at a concert that glorified the Devil. The article goes on to say that when the shooting started, a song called “Kiss The Devil” was playing. Lastly, my article says that you can go ahead and spin that any way you like, any way that makes you feel comfortable. Thanks for reading.

    • Kiwiwatcher

      Guest – Are you referring to our Righteous and Just God.
      The same one that killed an estimated 20 million in a Flood, killed 14,700 for complaining (Num 16:49), 24, 002 dead after Phineas’s double murder, Ai massacre kills 12,000 (Jos 8:1-25), 10,000 lusty Moabites slaughtered (Jud 3:28-29), 42,000 dead for failing the shibboleth test (Jud 12:4-7), 65,100 killed in a holy civil war over a concubine’s body (Jud 20:35-37), God kills Eli’s sons and 34,000 soldiers (1 Sam 2:25, 4:11), 50,070 killed for having a peek into the Ark of the Lord (1 Sam 6:19), God kills 100,000 Syrians for calling Him a god of the hills (1 Kings 20:28-29). The list goes on.

  • Susan

    It’s a SONG. No one was worshiping the devil. It’s bluesy garage rock music, not death metal. You people are horrible to just agree that these people “deserved” to be killed. I’m sure less than half of the crowd even knew the lyrics.

    • I bet they know now.

      • susan

        You’re a moron. Were those people attending a “satanic” soccer match, and were those people killed at the cafes eating “satanic” food? The terrorists targeted the concert hall because it was run by Jewish people not because “Satan” decided to manifest himself. Just clarify again your article is completely insensitive and disgusting, you are basically claiming that these people deserved to die for listening to a popular band who, by the way isn’t satanic.

        • They were singing a love song the the Devil, are you saying that you do no consider that to be Satanic? Kinda like when Obama says that the Islamic State is not Islamic, eh?

  • Colin King

    The Eagles of Death Metal are not a death metal band. It’s a joke name. Try doing a tiny bit of research before writing!

  • Ninja Of Faith

    If this isn’t a sign that those on the side of the devil always lose, I don’t know what is?! It’s also a sign of how far gone the culture and society at large is, for this sort of trash to be acceptable as music. Sad in so many ways.

  • Mary

    So you actually believe there’s a firey pit where people go to be punished??? And you actually believe that satan is a half goat half man with horns and a tail???? Are you children???? Do you believe in santa claus and the easter bunny too??? You honestly believe in a red skinned half goat half man with horns and a pointy tail and horns and a pitchfork??? And you’re grown adults??? Anyone ever seen this half goat half man in the flesh? Not some drawing either but actually seen him? You ever seen a bunny hiding eggs? If hell is “below” us, where is that exactly? Because for all the humans on the Earth, below is a different direction. Is Hell then in the center of the earth????

    It’s shocking that adults believe in these boogeyman stories of a scary goat man with horns, hey while we’re at it why not believe that god is an old white man with a white beard floating on clouds doling out harps. These are stories you tell children to get them to do what you want them to do. You use fear of a scary monster to get children to behave and do as you say. But never mind logic and reason, keep believing that satan is a real half goat half man stompin around in a fire pit waiting to punish you for eternity…. doesn’t sound at all like a story to scare kids, sound like a very plausible provable fact that all adults should believe and then use to put down and belittle their fellow humans who died at the hands of murderers. Way to practice love for all like jesus said… love for all, unless you don’t believe the same as I do, then I hope you burn for eternity, you know, like jesus said.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Yes, Hell is a real place with real flames, and it is NO joke.

  • Sunny

    Romans 1:15-32, Best explain the answer to this discussion. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

    It is in two ways, 1. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior.

    Seek to follow His foot step

    Romans 12.. says we as Christians have one obligation to God, who had redeemed us from the curse of sin, through the blood of the ressurected Jesus Christ.

    And that obligation as Christians is to preserve our body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God.

  • Mary

    And Jesus said: “Believe what I believe or I hope you burn and are tortured in a fire pit for eternity you heathen horrible human”

  • Mary

    “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

  • Mary

    To any christian out there, explain to me why you have so much hate and take joy in the idea of people burning who don’t believe what you do, when you think about that, it sounds kind of satanic that you enjoy the idea of people be tortured for eternity

  • Mary

    Geoffrey Grider: “I am against satan but love the idea of innocent concert goers burning and being tortured in hell forever.”

  • Mary

    For whoever shall call upon the lord shall be saved, but if you don’t call upon the lord then I hope you experience horrible pain for the eternity. What a wonderful mindset you got there Geoff!

  • Mary

    Geoffrey Grinder, grown adult male who believes in a half goat half man with horns and a pointy tail and a pitchfork.

  • Mary

    Geoff Grinder, judging and throwing stones from his perfect pure lifestyle of love and tolerance for all. I bet you have no skeletons in your closet and are a perfect human being free from hatred and full of love.

  • Mary

    Is the end here yet Geoff? Is now the end times? Cuz from what history has shown people always think the time they are alive is the end times, yet it wasn’t. But no no, you’re right, NOW is the end times, all those other christians who thought the end times was in their lifetime were misreading the exact same book you read. What fools they were for thinking the end times was during their lifetime right.

  • Lee

    Do you have a source that the crowd was singing this song at the moment of the shooting? I’m totally disgusted by any song giving giving praise to Satan–I’m just curious how you were able to obtain this information.

  • Mary

    Why were so many christians wrong about the end times? They were all reading the same bible, yet they predicted the end times totally wrong. So looks like all the christians throughout history who thought the end times was nigh were totally wrong, what makes you right? You have some better understanding of the bible then all those other christians? Oh no, i get it, you have the bible with the answers in the back, the teacher’s edition.

  • Mary

    I hope you feel really good about what you’re doing with the blog Geoff. Jesus and God are super proud that you are taking all this time out of your life to wish eternal pain and torture on non-believers and making broad assumptions that people at a concert were all devil worshippers. Keep up the good work Geoff, Jesus and God are beyond pleased they have such a loving soldier in you who takes so much time out of his life to spread the completely wrong message that Jesus and God were trying to convey to all of humanity.

  • Mary

    All you need is Love! Except for non-believers, they can burn in hell.

  • Mary

    Tell me Geoff, where in the gospel of the lord jesus christ does it say that you should revel in the idea that anyone who doesn’t believe will be tortured for eternity?

  • Mary

    Show me the light of hate and intolerance and closed mind thinking minister geoff, i want to believe!!! I want to believe what you do, as you clearly seem to have such a strong grasp on what god and jesus were truly saying! Show me the way oh dynamic minister! SAVE ME! SAVE ME from this mindset where I love all my fellow humans. I only want to have love for those with exactly the same beliefs as me and wish torment and pain on all others. Save me minister goeff, save me from all this love i have.

    • The Way

      So do you love the men who killed all of these people in cold blood?

  • Mary

    I am sick minister goeff, for you see, I completely disagree with everything you believe in, yet I still love you. I would never wish any pain or harm to you….. you see how sick I am and how I need to be saved.

    I want to be cured of this tolerance and love for others who have different beliefs then I do. Show me the way! SHow me the way to closed minded intolerance and judgment of all others who believe different from me. SAVE ME MINISTER GEOFF!!!!

    • Sarcasm, while entertaining, accomplishes nothing. I think the email name you use sums up your true feelings “youareallfools”…nice.

      • Suez

        Is this really Mary or STL in disguise??? LOL

  • Sammy

    A gunman shot up a church with good people in it while they were having prayer meeting…Yes these people were worshiping the devil but these events are happening to believers and nonbelievers

  • Beaumont

    “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal…”
    — from 2Cor 10

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…”
    — from Eph 6

    Whether or not you attribute them to secular or spiritual causes, pivotal events always occur with some planned, ritualistic context or symbolic calling card, without fail. In short, they are intended to be ceremonial.

  • cheryl

    please. It is music not some religious experience. Get over yourselves. These attacks were the work of evil people, not conjured up by controversial song lyrics.

    • Ryan

      Agreed Cheryl. “You can spin it any way you like, any way that makes you feel comfortable,” but you can’t blame something as emotional and true as music, especially with all the evil and fake in the world today… Now, as a musician myself and knowing how rock music works, those lyrics are probably making fun of those who claim they are good Christian people but actually promote hatred, judgement of others, etc. Read between the lines!

  • cheryl

    puleeeezzzze this is music, not some demonic call to action. These attacks were caused by depraved people, not some controversial song lyrics.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      I have been a musician since the age of 9, have played in many bands and at one time did music videos. I feel just a little bit qualified to discuss the song from a musical perspective, thanks for writing.

  • John

    This isn’t a death metal band. Please do your homework instead of writing nonsense.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      My son and I drove past a pizza place called “5 Star Pizza” the other day, and he said “hey dad, do they really have 5 star pizza”? And I said “I really don’t know, but that is what they are called”. True story. So, are they REALLY a “death metal band”? I don’t know, but it’s what they call themselves and that’s good enough for me. Thanks for writing.

      • Alaric

        its a satirical name, you should probably do some research before publishing articles

  • Anders Isaksen
    • Geoffrey Grider

      Now how COOL is that?? Thanks so much for posting it here, really appreciate it 🙂

  • m rapp

    ……no one bled and died !!! stop this nonsense, crises actors just like sandy crook,

  • Rational Man

    Ugh. You people and your silly book of division – muslims and christians alike – are the poison in this world.

  • Susan

    I am a believer of a Jesus Christ, my Lord , and Savior. Nevertheless, I don’t agree with the comment that all of the people had their hands raised, to the devil. I looked at the picture thoroughly, and I saw very few hands raised up. What I did see was backs turned and hands crossed. We don’t know about the people that were shot, and what their last words were. It’s sad that the band was worshipping the devil, however I would think that they have a different tune now. I don’t agree with that type of music, nonetheless I just wanted to give an objective point of view.


  • Steve

    That verse you cited from Hebrews was written almost 2000 years ago. It is pretty unequivocally stating that Jesus destroyed the devil way back then. The devil was destroyed and no longer possesses the power of death. What do you think the implications of this truth are in light of what your article says about the devil?

  • Alaric

    “As those people bled and died on the dance floor of the Death Metal concert” – the Eagles of Death Metal isn’t even a metal band…let alone death metal…I can appreciate what you’re trying to convey here but making false statements like this doesn’t exactly contribute anything to your credibility.

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  • Stacie

    The song they were doing was actually a cover song. Originally sung by Duran Duran called “Save a Prayer.” At the 1:51 mark you can hear it on this video;

    • Stacie

      Oops…my mistake the Duran Duran song was right before the Kiss the Devil. They were singing Kiss the Devil when the terrorists started shooting. Sorry.

  • wanderer

    If they really died I guess they are going to be with their god Satan

  • I love you

    Those who judge this song, think for a moment. Is it possible that the devil mentioned in the lyrics is somebody that the singer hates. Like if he calls his wife the devil.. and this song is about her? After all this is a song lyrics.

  • alex
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  • alain humbert

    Not the first time it happened.

    When you either praise the devil for real or do it just for fun.

    Any act done in defiance To The Face Of GOD invites the devil in.

    Like the 2005 planned sodomite-pride parade in New Orleans that got washed away by a hurricane named Katrina.

    Just a thought, fellow posters :
    For those who praise the devil because they hate GOD, the former much obliges with death & destruction as reward.
    Because he has nothing else to offer.

    Not That GOD Ever Closes The Door To Repentance, even for ha-satan and his angels.

    Read Psalm 82 : 1 – 4 Where GOD Exhorts the fallen powers in charge of the Earth to rule with Justice
    And Job 2 : 3 Where GOD Tries to make ha-satan see the iniquity of his ruthless treatment Of Job.

    GOD Would Not Have Bothered To, If HE HAD Decided Already That, whatever wrong or right the devil & his minions do,
    they will be thrown in The Lake Of Fire.

    Every step they make on the Way to their own doom,
    GOD Tries To Appeal To Whatever Good That could Still Remain in those creatures Of HIS Creation.

    If, as we like to cynically think, GOD HAS Pre-Ordained And Predestined some To Salvation and others to perdition whatever both do.

    Said GOD :" I pre-ordain you however good you are, to hell by withdrawing from you the gift of Faith In My SON JESUS. “And to you however wicked you are, I pre-ordain you to Salvation by imposing on you the gift of Faith in My SON JESUS.“

    Well, Apostle Paul has treated the question at length in Romans 9 : 11 – 24.
    One Servant Of GOD saw in this passage the lesson that :
    “A bad theology comes from a bad heart.”
    Quoted by Pastor J.K. van Baalen in his 1967″The Chaos Of Cults”

    Shades of Isaiah 14 : 13 – 14 And Ezekiel 28 : 15 !

    But if we don’t repent, it’s because we do not want to, not because we cannot repent.
    Revelation 16 : 9 , 11

    The Reason for Romans 8 : 38 – 39 Is Romans 8 : 28 – 29.
    When GOD Says “Nothing” HE Means : “Nothing”
    When GOD Says “Everything” HE Means : “Everything”

    But ha-satan still complains :
    ” YOU Had set up me as the fall guy right from the Beginning.
    ” By putting in my heart the iniquity.
    ” And the thoughts about revolting against you !”

    Apparently he never realized he has free will.

    In The GOD-Created Infinite Universe around us, GOD IS Ever Omni-Present.

    However, we have also Another GOD-Created Infinite Universe in our soul / mind.
    Where we can get away From GOD if we choose.

    And so does ha-satan.

    If we, and ha-satan for that matter, want to accuse GOD of anything, let it be as Having Given us Free Will.

    There are no other New Testament Passages That Contain A More Awful Warning than :

    Hebrews 6 : 4 – 8

    Hebrews 10 : 26 – 31

    I John 5 : 16

    Matthew 12 : 32

    Matthew 7 : 22 – 27

    Instead of testing GOD to see how far we can go,
    why not make ours 365/365 in our hearts, Apostle Paul’ s Admonestation in :

    Philippians 2 : 12 – 13 ?

  • Atheist

    “hey went from singing about the Devil to meeting the Devil face to face” so, what you’re saying, they had it coming?

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  • Redactor

    The first photograph is a fake. It’s several photos stuck together – which is why the heads are all random sizes.

    • As far as we know it is not a fake photo. We certainly did not alter it.

    • Ryan

      It’s probably fake. No one is wearing any QOTSA/EODM shirts and the furthest crowd is red…

  • D N

    This is only the beginning…

    Terrorist acts in Europe ->
    2a. Increased support in Europe to militarism and nationalism +
    2b. Reduced support in Europe for humanism and christian values.
    Intensified military offensive against Daesh (bombings and / or ground forces). ->
    Increased loss of civilians in the Middle East.
    5a. Increased aversion against the West in the Middle East +
    5c. Daesh refocuses from territorial control and state-building over to asymmetric warfare (kidnapping, sabotage, guerrilla warfare, propaganda, infiltration, terrorism) +
    5c. Recruitment to Daesh
    ) ->
    Increased terrorist activities in Europe.
    Repeat n-times cycle (1,2,3,4,5,6) ->
    Large share of fascist nations are with strong military leaders. ->
    9a. Nuclear weapons used in the Middle East, and / or
    9b. Poor man’s weapons of mass destruction are used (biological, chemical, nuclear)
    ) ->
    UN dissolves ->
    Destabilized world. ->
    World War 3.

  • Samuel

    This band is nothing about Death Metal!
    It’s name and most of the lyrics are meant ironically.
    Just check Wikipedia!

    • And maybe what you say is true, but it’s just ironic how it all worked out.

    • Suez

      And we all know Wikipedia is 100% correct??? It’s owned by the evil upper elders, just like most all the News Media, newspapers, and magazines!!! Don’t believe it.

  • Nino

    To hell with this publicity seeking band! i wish the Isis had shot the band members instead of those innocent people.

    • Ryan

      To hell with your hatred! Why don’t you just go see them live and shoot them yourself if you’re that hateful??

  • Sheri

    What song were the people slaughtered in the cafe singing?

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  • Bobby

    This article is not only in poor taste bit tasteless in lieu of the tragedy in Paris. The religious intolerance demonstrated below in some of the comments is the very antithesis of Jess’s life and teachings. I pray someday you learn to love your neighbors as He taught instead of sitting in judgement.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Loving your neighbor includes WARNING THEM of the coming judgment. Are YOU saved? If not, why not?

      • Ryan

        Personally, I believe that religion, as social as it can be, is a very personal thing at the end of the day. If they don’t believe there is a God, then that’s their decision. Love is having to accept others for who they are, not who they aren’t.

  • Ove Jan Olsen

    so funny ! (sarcastic) 😀 that they got killed by The Diciples of a evil religion !

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  • Jeff

    You are the ones who are sick. Like little spoiled children taking satisfaction in their sibling doing something wrong, you should be ashamed. These people had lives and moms and people who loved them and all you do is shame them in the grave. Ghandi was right about most Christians.

    • Geoffrey Grider

      No one here, and no where in my article is anyone “happy” over what happened. It is a tragedy of the highest magnitude. No one has to go to Hell if they will accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour. My heart breaks for those people and for their families.

  • sdfsdfsdf

    Not “Death Metal”, not “satan horns” excellent rubbish spouting. At least get the facts correct before you post such trash


  • ConnieDr

    “And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14

    And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, CHOOSE YOU THIS DAY WHOM YE WILL SERVE; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15


  • Alexander

    Dear Mr Grider,

    Before I move into the reason for my writing, I would like to express my intense sorrow and sadness with your lack of empathy and compassion not only as a christian, but also a human being, for the victims of this horrendous crime. Apart from the fact that you have absolutely no evidence to support most, if not all of your claims, you seem to have taken a stance of a self-righteous and holy armchair critic.

    It took me no less than 10 minutes to determine that the actual song playing at the time of the attack was in fact “Oh Girl”. This was confirmed by a witness at the concert who provides a very convincing record of why he remembers this specific, albeit odd detail. Thereafter, I took the time to find a copy of said song in order to compare it with a video filmed at the moment of the attack, and although I must admit, I am no fan of The Eagles of Death Music band, the two songs do sound rather similar. When compared to what you claimed was playing, I found them to be nothing alike. Furthermore, the video of the attack which provides sufficient audio quality to distinguish a couple of cheers, musical instruments as well as gun shots — supports no evidence for your claim of a crowd who were merrily — or as you would like to put it foolishly — singing along.

    But, this is not my reason for writing. No, I have a problem with what you are trying to achieve — whether your article was factual or not. You are blatantly and shamelessly using an age old technique, used by several religions including your own, to instill fear. You scare people closer to your god — at the expense of others. You use one unfortunate incident, which in a broader context would never support your claims, to paint everyones world black.

    Mr Grider — F*** you.

  • someone plugged into planet earth

    You bozo this song isnt about the devil, its making fun of heavy metal music almost satirizing it. the band name is tongue in cheek too, you doofus. The lead singer is a Christian minister. Google: jesse hughes minister

    • You want me to believe that a “christian minister” sings a song called “Kiss The Devil”? I didn’t know Joel Osteen was in a band 😉

      • Thats correct. Now you know what it means for the church to “know the depths of Satan” (Rev.2:24)

  • What make me so sad is that this kind of demonic music is now used almost anywhere in the church for worship. They have replaced the lyrics, but the music in itself carries a message far more strong than that of the lyrics. The true gifted classic musicians that practiced their instrument or their voice for years in the conservatory of music have been evicted to be replaced by noise maker people that scratch electric guitar, beat on drums or electronic keyboard or scream into a microphone but never took a music lesson. These screamers dont even know how to breath correctly! (That’s why without microphone they have no voice)

    When these local community churches began to ignore the poor, the stranger and the widow and did not repent, God widrawn his Holy Spirit from them and abandoned them:

    “Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent.” (Rev 2:5)

    As soon as the Holy Sprirt was withdrawn from the church, demonic spirits filled these spiritually empty places that now have become multi-millions dollars entertaining community centres or theatres where people are attracted and entertained by the music and the dance: the beat as a bait. Ravening wolves pastors in sheep’s clothing preach a washed-down gospel, a gospel of prosperity full of falses doctrines like OSAS (Once Saved Always Saved) that please man rather than God. True Christians have already left this man-made church, if they have not been evicted from it because they were courageous enough to exprime their opinion to try to save it!

    The church has “become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.” (Rev. 18:2). True Christians are called to “come out of her”:

    “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Rev 18:4)

    Often we can see in the physical world, events that illustrate what is happening in the spiritual world. What happened in Paris and elsewhere, physical death, is an image of what already happened spiritually in the church: spiritual death.

    “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches”

    The Devil has Entered into The Church:

  • Erik

    Eagles of death metal have nothing to do with death metal. They just make people happy and feel good

    Thank satan for them – world is better place with people like that

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Getting drunk makes people “happy and feel good”, but the Bible says we are not to do that either. Right?

      • Ryan

        Um, I don’t think so…? According to the bible, Jesus and his followers partied, had fun and got drunk in their day.

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  • Drew

    You people are the reason I despise religion so much. Reading all your hateful comments just makes me feel so sad for you all.

  • karin

    Their title of “eagles of death ” is a blatant revelation to all who they represent..Satan. It sounds sooooooo ironic that song was playing, yet sad. satan does not even hide himself anymore.. he presents himself right up to your face…maybe those at this concert will wake up to whom they are serving…face the light peoples.

    • Ryan

      I agree with you karen that Satan seems to present himself more “in your face” nowadays. But take a minute to look around… advertising, discrimination, trickery and propaganda are all very common in our everyday lives. Advertisements in particular, are made to look like something good and to try to get something out of you (which could be the devil trying to steal your soul)…

      Also, that mainstream dance-pop top-40 garbage that’s always on the radio is telling you “this is good music” and “c’mon, spend more money and buy me.” It’s things like this where the devil truly works in mysterious ways…

      Oh, and actually the song “Oh, Girl” was playing. This is what happens when misleading information is spread. People hear something and seek attention, so they open their big mouth and turn to stereotypes to propel it. You can’t listen to what culture tells you because culture is based on lies and fear. If you want to understand something or be understood, please do your research first.

  • Fred

    Hello Geoffrery

    Reply from India. I thought God our Jesus decides who lives or dies and not the devil
    If god was forgiving and kind, how did he let Holocaust happen “Joshua 6:17, 21; Deuteronomy 20:16-17”

    Please do not get me wrong i love JESUS, but even we have grey areas.

    “As the French death metal fans were singing along with those lyrics, offering their love to Satan, the Devil

    responded as the Devil always does. With death and destruction.”

    The attacks did not just happen at the concert.

    Forgive me God for my action

    • Geoffrey Grider

      Hey there in India! Thanks so much for writing 🙂 Yes, we know the attacks happened in multiple places, but the concert was so very telling from a Bible perspective. The Bible tells us to “resist the Devil and he will flee”. Those people were not resisting the Devil.

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  • Mr. C.

    You people are as sick as the religion -idiots who pulled the trigger in Paris. Yuk. Even if there are bands with lyrics about the devil (who clearly doesn’t excist in any other way but in your minds, because no one has ever seen him), that doesn’t mean they worship him. This thread sounds like that all those innocent people deserved to die, and makes you as bad as the religion -idiots who shot them. You think you are all better than others, better than the innocent people who where killed in Bataclan. Well, you are not.

    You disgust me.

  • Dzee

    How did the discussion shift to Catholics? Judge not and ye will not be judged! Same bile speaks of praying loudly like pagans! and also there is a favorite which i know someone will twist around to favor themselves,…James 5:13 – 16. We are so wrong to judge if we call ourselves bodies of Christ!

  • Alf gunnar Rugtveit

    You SICK morons

  • Fan

    ‘As the French death metal fans’ Eagles of Death Metal is not a death metal band………

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  • SE

    Gross darkness will cover the earth, but the light of the Lord is risen upon U! It’s obvious that world leaders can’t listen and will not listen until they have no one to lead again. They certainly have no solution to mankind’s predicaments. These events have been long spoken of in the Holy Scriptures. There is an imminent “day” of darkness, characterised by catastrophic destruction in diverse forms coming upon the earth and its people. Your insults and abuses against thoughts like this will not change the course of the downward slide. Once the human heart keeps sliding downwards more and more on the dark path, then evidence of this will be through destruction perpetrated by the same human dark hearts. Global warming, terrorism, neo-imperialism, racism, threats of nuclear mass-destruction, genocide, corruption and so on, are products of the continued corrosion of the human heart. Unfortunately for man, Christ as the God-given (I know some of you deny the existence of God; your denials doesn’t change the equation) solution to these self-destruction is considered as mere comparative religion that denies man’s secular freedom to do as he wishes. No ideology can propagate individual unrestrained freedom without attendant error. The result of unrestrained freedom is unrestrained coercive restrain. All freedom must have a boundary that it mustn’t be allowed to push beyond, just like the mighty waves of the ocean has a shoreline that keeps it in check. This coercive restrain that is presently being perpetrated by the State agencies, authorised to police citizens who truly are the cause of their own predicament as they seek unrestrained freedoms through the ballot box; freedoms which self-gaining leadership acquiesce to, in a bid to be politically correct. Well, unrestrained freedom will certainly activate greater levels of darkness in the human heart, with an attendant slide towards extinction. Christ is light and not mere comparative religion. Light that denies darkness its capacity to snuff out that which gives life and makes life meaningful. Today, in Western Countries, the same light is being denied the opportunity to shine. If the leaders of the Western World will not allow the light of Christ to shine, then they will inadvertently allow darkness to permeate and take over the Western space and subsequently the whole earth as we are presently experiencing. The antidote is to return the Voice of the Lord to begin to resound again in human hearts to counteract the voice of darkness that is now loud in the hearts of humans, right from their youthful days. I challenge any Western institution to introduce the teachings of Christ centrism right from pre-school age to primary school and see if we will have any of these kids given up to radical Islamic thoughts. A lid has been placed over the Western space to shut out light, so darkness has simply taken over. The teachings of Christ centric values in schools have been totally eradicated and secularism is replacing christianity as the philosophy that defines western societies. Secularism is a way of life manufactured by the darkened human heart. Secularism is steeped in deep hedonism. It is only light that can take out darkness. Secularism cannot stand against the teachings and values of radical Islamic thoughts which introduces darkness to the human heart, neither can radical Islamic thought or pseudo-christian philosophy withstand the scrutiny of light shed upon it by authentic Christ induced thought. Welcome to a downslide into the abyss!

  • Denise Tallon

    it’s a song it’s doesn’t mean they deserved what happened to them & if any of you believe they did you can’t call yourself christians either

    • Geoffrey Grider

      The article does NOT say or even imply that they “deserved it”. But what it does say is that there is a reason why the Bible says not to mess around with the Devil.

  • Jonathan

    Well…its obvious that the author and pretty much all of the readers(and all those who commented) of NTEB are all ignorant Christians,who are sick,judgemental and pathetic, cowardly,self-righteous know-it-alls.For one,Eagles of Death metal are not even a metal band.They are a classic rock band.Now,130 odd people have just been massacred and you are so DAMNED CHEAP that you actually took this below the belt shot at Metal music?? Well, you truly are a Christian!!
    “It is safe to say that there were just about no Christians at the concert that night, that the vast majority of those people were lost, unsaved people.”…..Really Geoffrey??like really??and you call yourself a “minister of the Gospel???”You should be ashamed of calling yourself a Christian,let alone a Minister of God!!!You and all the KNUCKLEHEADS heres.
    A Proud Metalhead Christian

    • As someone who has played in bands, recorded in music studios and made music videos, I can safely say that I know a little bit about music. As a Christian for the past 25 years, I can also safely say I know a little bit about the Bible. Death metal music and bands like AC/DC, Ozzy, and all the rest are indeed satanically driven. Now, if you want to call yourself a “christian” metalhead, which is like calling yourself a “christian” beer drinker or a “christian” pot smoker, that is your right to do so. But one thing I find interesting is that in your comment here – before I was forced to edit it – you took the Lord’s name in vain, even put it in all caps. Metal music aside, what type of “christian” would ever do that? Just curious…

      • Ryan

        You make it seem like we’re all here to just worship the Lord and not enjoy life. God gave us gifts, and we should embrace them with all our hearts. People coming together for the same love for music is not unchristian-like. It’s quite the opposite. You, having experience being in bands and such should very well know that.

        As a fellow musician who has also played in bands and recorded music, you cannot justify whether a band or it’s music is satanically driven or not just because the lyrics seem to worship the Devil, or the music is intense and it reminds you of topics such as death/hatred/etc. It’s all how you, the listener, takes it. If you enjoy the music, then it’s fair to say that good feelings will come out of that.

        Even if a band IS legit satanically driven, and there are very few that come to mind that are actual devil worshippers, it doesn’t matter what they believe because it’s the mindset you’re in when you listen to the music. For example, I’m a big fan of Mayhem. They’ve done some crazy stuff, like burning churches, but you don’t see me going around burning churches and living by their morals too do you? I like their music because it’s creative and inventive, and they are very skillful musicians. Jesus teaches us to put our differences aside and focus on our good qualities.

        Before you point fingers at a band you know nothing about, what type of Christian (and musician) would write such a hateful and ignorant article such as yourself? Spread God’s word, not the Devil’s.

    • John

      So why are you Judging Geoffrey then Mr proud Metalhead? You have done the very same thing you accuse him of. with your hypocritical hatred of Christians who don’t live up to your self righteous opinions.
      Geoffrey is guided by the Bible, your guided by your own opinion. Case closed.

  • charles

    Mr Grider, you what you have stated in this article is sad and unfortunate. During times of such tragedy as believers we must not be like Job’s friends miserable comforters who console with nonsense” (Job 16:2; 21:34) ignorantly declaring, “This has happened to you because you hummed a song to the devil or went to dinner at the wrong time or went to work too early”. Yes Mr Grider there were people who were murdered whilst having dinner miles away from this rock concert. This is an opportunity to proclaim the gospel, for believers (and to you Mr. Grider) to mourn with those who mourn and to weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15). When Pilate slaughtered the Galileans as reported in Luke 13:1-4 and when the Tower of Siloam collapsed killing 18 in Jerusalem the Lord addressed this matter not focusing on guilt or sin of those who died but on personal reflection of our own preparedness should we abruptly step into eternity. This was and remains an opportunity for you Mr. Grider to proclaim on your blogspost that, those that died at that rock concert and at the restaurants that were attacked that these victims had they sensed the need of a Savior would like the thief on the cross would transition to paradise as Jesus proclaimed to the one. Luke 23:42-43

  • Viv

    Christians…Jesus loved all and prayed for all…do not judge dat you may not be judged. Love all…pray for all…pray for conversions…pray for peace…and if loving is difficult, pray for the grace to love.

    As to why Catholics regard the Mary, remember we are made in the image n likeness of God. If we who are so little love our mothers and feel unhappy if they are being disregarded or insulted…how much more Jesus ..who loves infinitely more than we can ever hope to…

  • Viv

    Please stop deleting my comments… It contains no profanity or links. As a Christian you should herald the truth….. Do not judge that you may not be judged. Jesus loved all, prayed for all..died for all…as christians, we should pray for all and love all …and if loving is difficult… pray for the grace to love.

    As to why Catholics pray to Mary, remember that we r made in the image and likeness of God. If we who are so little can love our mothers so much..for all the loving care they give us..and we feel unhappy if ever they are disregarded or disrespected..How much more will Jesus who loves infinitely more than we can ever hope to…?

  • One of His own

    I find it offensive the way that my Christian brothers and sisters miss the point when it comes to the reality behind the events unfolding in the world. It’s no wonder people of the world look at us a petty and nonsensical and lose their chance at the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ.
    Did any of you even do any research on the history of this band? Did you know that they refused to participate in the boycott Israel campaign so popular now in Europe. Do you know that they performed in Tel Aviv this summer? Here is a link the JP article:

    The reason they were targeted as a venue in Paris was to send a message to the world, (If you defend Israel you will die.)
    Do you really think that satan would invite a bunch of satan worshipers to a concert to die?
    I’m not defending this band because of the music they play, but I do defend them as lovers of Israel. I just wish we would keep our eyes on the ball. Remember Jesus said:
    Luk 11:17 But he, knowing their thoughts, said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and a house divided against a house falleth.
    Luk 11:18 If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub.
    Satan is the enemy not a bunch of musicians.

  • Arul

    I get this news as well as another saying this is a rumour. Not sure which is correct ?

  • Shibu

    We must look at a particular thing from all angles and from the viewpoint of others too. While what was going on at the Death Metal concert in Paris at that time is indeed sad, highly deplorable and worthy of condemnation, yet none of us (who love the Lord Jesus) must seem to vindicate death as a punishment there! It may or may not be a result of their choices, but let that judgment be better left to God. Every sane soul knows the result of Satan worship. Secondly, the timing of the message is also important! We mustn’t present ourselves as insensitive to somebody’s grief. Nobody’s death, and that too in a ghastly and gruesome terrorist attack, in the immediate context, should be taken as an opportunity to preach. Many innocent too died there. How will we justify the deaths of hundreds of Christian believers who were worshiping the living God on the Saturday when that devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April this year! Saturday, being weekly holiday, is when churches hold worship services in Nepal. My response is just to present a different perspective, not to offend anybody.

  • JFA

    Why do everybody wants to become God over here. We are no one to judge what is happening around the world God has told us to pray and love everyone. They were all human beings not devil or animal. They had families like you and me we sitting at home can make up so many messages out of one song. It was a life changing incident for many people so I guess you and I need to pray for everyone rather than judge on what they were singing and what they were doing. Its not a good thing to do. Change your thoughts and Pray for them don’t Judge them

  • Lyndon

    I think the article is more demonic than the song. Nobody goes to see the devil when they die. So even though the article writer may mean well, he is spreading a LIE for the devil.

  • Paul

    “People asked for a manifestation of the Satan, and guess what? They got one”. What a stupid statement it is. Ofcourse, its evil to kill others. But you can not say that they sought satan and satan turned up and killed them. See 8 church members were shot inside the Methodist church, Charleston, while doing bible study. They were actually seeking God. Do you mean to say that God came and shot them? Guys pl dont post such a stuff.

    • Ryan

      It is indeed a stupid statement. But it’s just doing what the mainstream media does every day, spread poorly-cited information and stereotype others for who they seem to be.

  • Sue Denymme

    I would like to ask you all to please stop persecuting us Catholics on this website. We are your brothers and sisters in Christ. I know you don’t like the pope, but the Jesus is the head of the Church we are all the body, together. Please pray and ask our Father in heaven if he really wants you to persecute Catholics. God love you and bless you.

    • If Jesus really was your head, then why do you violate the Bible by praying to Mary and asking a priest to forgive your sins?

      • Tusitala

        Amen, brother.

      • Ryan

        First of all, Catholics don’t pray to Mary, they pray through Mary! The sin thing, I am not certain of, but all in all, you’re putting down humans (God’s creation) for being different than you. I’m not even a Christian and I understand that this is sinful! You should love your neighbours, (that includes everyone on this earth!!!) as God wants us to, not how YOU want to.

        I may not be Christian, but let’s look at this from a broader perspective. With all these religions fighting and arguing over pointless rules (that are obviously made by the people that started the religion FYI), there’s just no use in debate. Everyone has had a different life experience and opinion, which is why there are so many different types of religion, which is why I personally do not like religion. I’d rather go through life with references such as the Bible, friends/family, my experiences, and my personal gifts and qualities that make me a good person. I know I am no angel, nobody is, but these things help me become a better person. Most people, believe it or not, want to be good and live a good life.

        Look, believe what you want, it’s your right. But do you really think God cares whether or not you pray through Mary or not? You’re stuck on these minor rules that apparently stop you from being a good person and entering the “Kingdom of God” if you defy them. I think you’re missing the morals of what the Bible (and God) is trying to teach us.

        Call me what you want for not agreeing with religion, but i don’t care what you think. Only God can judge me in the end.

        • That is a boldface LIE. As someone who was a Catholic for 30 years and went to 12 years of Catholic school, I was TAUGHT to pray TO Mary all those years. So don’t tell me Catholics don’t pray to Mary. They ABSOLUTELY do…

  • Ryan

    First off, it’s things like this that tend to create rumours and false assumptions of others. Criticizing peoples’ beliefs and putting them down because you don’t understand something is quite unchristian-like. Nobody can disprove lyrics, it’s impossible. True art doesn’t judge what you or others think, as long as it’s honest with itself.

    It’s easy to blame something as unorthodox as art because of it’s incredibly complex, powerful, moving, and often has a questionable nature, but have we looked at ourselves?! Humans are ALL of those things, whether we like it or not. It’s wrong calling it “the Devil’s work” because you really don’t understand it and you’d rather not look any further for a reason why certain people enjoy something you don’t. What if i called this article the “Devil’s work” because i thought it promoted misleading and profane information about others? It would be wrong because I am not the author of this work. Look, there is MUCH worse going on in our world today to criticize!

    As a musician who plays in a band myself, I know this: You cannot read lyrics by what they say, but HOW they’re said. Otherwise, you are just reading the pointless words and not listening to the MUSIC. I am not sure if this author knows what it’s like to have the incredible gift of music in their life, but I do. All music is expressive to some degree, and from what I know, expressing your feelings is one of the most important things you can do in life. Here is a quote I found in an article that i think is interesting: “Little babies will get still and start to listen when music is played. Why is that? Then as they grow older, they will start to move to the beat and express themselves. It has an impact on them. They were not taught to listen or respond to what they are hearing; they just naturally start to react to the rhythm and sound of music. If you do a study of music in the Bible, you will quickly discover how important it is to Almighty God. It is a gift that He shares and loves.”

    The main point I’m trying to make is that in the end, nobody but God can judge. We have absolutely no right putting anyone else down, for any silly reason we disastrous beings come up with. It’s not worth it, not for the short amount of time we ALL have to spend together here on earth. We have to do our job here on earth, which is to promote peace, not promote hate. We need to LOVE and RESPECT our neighbours!

    …And people wonder what’s wrong with our world…

  • kay

    While they argued about rosery and chatholism , ISIS marched on.

  • Margaret

    Kiss the Devil they did indeed. But the reaction on these pages threw up other forms of hatred, against the Catholic Church for example. I will explain. In the Catholic Church Mary is honoured but NOT worshipped. We worship God alone. But we honour Mary, who must have been some woman for God to choose her to bear His Son, and as a mother myself I think how she suffered all her Son’s life because she knew full well the punishment Rome gave to anyone who claimed to be the Messiah (deluded men did so before Jesus and were crucified along the highways with all their followers); and after His illegal trial she followed him to the cross and stood in agony watching Him die. PS Do you know when the word catholic came into use for the church? The followers of Christ began to be nicknamed “christians” in AD 400. The word was disliked by Jesus’ followers, ie the church, because “Christian” sounded like an exclusive group and it was clearly meant to INclude not EXclude. So in AD400 the church decided to call itself “catholic” which means international/inclusive/international. And so it continued until in the late Middle Ages corrupt men sought power within the Catholic Church. The corruption needed cleansing, the corrupt men needed to be thrown out, but alas instead of cleansing the church from within, Luther and other good but misguided men set up separate churches so that Christianity is now many churches instead of one. For me as a catholic the word will always mean universal and international: I love and respect the other denominations and we should all love each other. So, you who hate the catholic church, please don’t sneer at and vilify us catholics. In God’s eyes we are all one.

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  • lynn

    you play with fire and your gonna get burned.. ask and you shall receive.. kiss the devil sounds like they got what they asked for .. Jesus rules!!!

  • lynn


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  • God

    What a stupid thing to write; inaccurate, judgemental, ignorant. presumptuous, smug, pharasaic.

  • DW Ninja

    You sir are a hate filled hypocrite ! Do you wonder why there are so many atheists and God haters out in this world ? It is because of Cold blooded monsters like you !

  • DW Ninja

    The ultimate manifestation of evil is “Denominational Religious Politics”

  • Nanette Maine

    This is not about being a catholic or a protestant. Those are all manmade things. Christianity is about knowing Christ as your very life. It is about having Him central and supreme and utterly preeminent in ALL things. There is no other way to the Heavenly Father. My heat bleeds for these lost people who died singing that song. the church needs to come back to the true gospel as revealed to Paul: the true gospel is Christ Jesus Himself and His finished work on the cross. The true church is Christ himself: He is the capstone-the Head. He is the cornerstone and He is the true foundation. true Christians and the living stones that make up the body of Christ. Each and every one of us needs to cry our for a deeper revelation of Christ as our life and quite arguing and pointing fingers at each other. Christ must be formed in us by God’s Holy Spirit and we need to become a true expression of Christ on earth. judgment is falling and the time is short.

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    The Paris massacre is a huge callous event which testifies to how religion is hardening – rather than softening hearts. Does it have to be that way?
    A group of Muslims slaughters concert goers because they are non-believers. A Christian writer, Geoffrey Gride, grabs the moment and uses it to warn unbelievers of destruction because they asked for it… As long as Muslims and Christians come out this hard on non-believers, many will remain trapped, hurting – between a rock and a hard place!

  • Agnès

    You are a sick bunch of morons to link the horrors of Paris to the scriptures. You are as bad as those murderers who did it in the name of their religion. God must be ashamed of your narrow-mindedness and lack of love.

  • Lorenzo Marini

    Are you kidding? I hope so. Firstly, the band doesn not play death metal genre. They play indie rock. Secondly the lyrics of course are ironic towards death metal fans. And 130 people or more are dead and you say they are dead as a demonstration of the devil??. Terrorism is not a religion issue. Religion was just a mean to corrupt young criminal minds. But of course ISIS (if it is confirmed they directly riceived orders from ISIS) does not make war for religion but for money. Leave the victims souls in peace and shut up. Or get informed before speaking, at least.

  • Suez
  • Suez
  • patrice

    Sad day…life is a; happy-sad; dark-light; good-bad etc…..heaven-hell. I would say these poor souls met their maker as they were singing his song..kiss the devil…he kissed them back.

  • Blue Oyster

    Playing “Dont Fear the Reaper” would have been ironic indeed.

  • “Kiss The Devil” = 13 Characters a demonic Number synonymous with Freemasonry

  • re: you CAN be pro-abortion…and… a Christian, because I know people who are.
    When I was hungry, you fed me…when I was thirsty, you gave me to drink…

    What will Jesus say to each of us when we meet Him for our judgment? Do you not think the subject of how we helped or hurt, how we welcomed or how we ignored our littlest sisters and brothers will be brought up?

    I am Roman Catholic and I believe we must cooperate with out Lord, in how small and pitiful a way as we are possible. I believe works and not just faith is crucial.

  • re: Sad day…life is a; happy-sad; dark-light; good-bad etc…..heaven-hell. I would say these poor souls met their maker as they were singing his song..kiss the devil…he kissed them back.

    Yes and no. Much of life is a duality. I believe Jesus is very merciful, but He is also just. I always thought the OT talked of Hell, but no, it was the NT and actually Jesus (this must be on a per capita, of words, basis?) that talked the most of Hell. It is a doctrine of my Church, it is in the Bible, and it also makes sense. I believe that the Catholic Church has never said that this person or that is in Hell (becuase we cannot know how much freedom and knowledge of grave sin they had) but having said that, I would bet their are many slaveholders, Nazis, abortionists in Hell. Whitewash if you want, I think it is a grim reality.

  • Nanette, re: This is not about being a catholic or a protestant.
    You might like or dislike the Catholic Church. We have done some bad things. But the fact is, Jesus Christ established a church, His Church, His bride…and the Roman Catholic Church was the only one on the scene. Please read the Faith of the Early Fathers by William Jurgens…they show that the early Church was unmistakably Catholic. The Orthodox came in several centuries later and the first Protestants came in almost 1500 years later. I refer you to Catholic Doctrine in Scripture by Gregory Oatis.
    One side note, when Protestants cite sources against the Church of Jesus Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, they oftentimes will use unofficial Catholic sources and even heretical Catholics. Please get a good source. Each and every point can be answered by a faithful, educated Catholic.
    As a practical point…does this make sense…Jesus goes thru His passion and death and resurrection, make dramatic and far reaching promises to the Catholic Church…and it falls flat… The real Church(es??), the Protestants, are ready to take up where Jesus failed/ failed to keep His promises??? God bless you and your family, Nanette.

  • Deborah

    it is sad the way these people died.sadder still that hell is reaping so much harvest.I pray we all realise how very urgent n pertinent our prayers shd be in these evil times we live in.But, Geoff, I really think the OSAS thinking needs a re-evaluation.let’s look at it this way:we know that the entire dealings of God with the believers of the old testament was a type n shadow,mirroring what Jesus came to reveal as Truth in the new testament.for instance Israel’s bondage n slavery in Egypt is a type n shadow of the new testament Christian bondage n slavery to sin,Satan n death;their deliverance from Egypt,also a type n shadow of our deliverance from sin n it’s acolytes. in fact,Israel’s entire dealing with God is a shadow n type pointing to the new testament Christian walk with God today;from the 1st passover,the passage thru the red sea,their ordeals in the wilderness,the crossing of the Jordan n their eventual entering of n possessing the Promised Land.(the promised land,Canaan,being a type n shadow of Heaven,promised the new testament believer.From God’s dealings with Israel in old testament times,we can draw a pattern n link it to His ways with the Church today.a pattern we can safely copy n follow.but bearing in mind of course,that the rituals of the Law are no longer necessary, Christ our Passover having been offered for us.
    OK,so we can look at the red sea crossing n see new testament water baptism; we can look at the manna,quails n water provision n see new testament living by the Word of God-our spiritual bread/food.we can also draw from God’s reaction n response to most of Israel’s blunder n in it find a clue to how He will react n respond to us new testament Christians today,minus the strict penalties demanded by the Law.For instance,take a look at what transpires btwn God n Moses after Israel turns to worship the golden calf at Sinai:

    Moses:Oh this people have sinned a great sin and have made them gods of gold.yet now if thou wilt forgive their sin-; and if not,blot me,I pray thee,out of thy book which thou last written.

    God:whosoever hath sinned against me,him will I blot out of my book.(exodus32: 31-33).

    Now,there are several points of truth I am able to gleaned from this dialogue btwn God n Moses. First, this book Moses is referring seems to be the same book referred to as the Book of Life in the book of revelations.2nd,God is talking about blotting out of His book,names of a people He had assayed to redeem n deliver out of the hands of a powerful oppressor at that time.He must have written the names there Himself.remember,we are looking at Israel n her dealings with God as a type of what is today .so,if Israel was the church in the wilderness,n those who were disobedient n did not stand in trust of God’s promise till the end,were denied entrance into the promised land,how sure are we of being admitted into heaven if we defect at the last minute? Paul clearly .says the things that happened to them were examples n have been written as admonitions to us, upon whom the ends of the world have come 1Cor10v11.Even Moses.n Aaron were not spared .they forfeited their right to enter the promised land when they failed to sanctify God before the rest of the assembly of Israel.Why couldn’t they enter being the covenant people of God n all.I mean,these people happened to be descendants of God’s friend,n had been saved n delivered from Egypt thru the blood of the Passover Lamb shed on that fateful night(we are Christ’s brethren saved n delivered, born again thru faith in the power of His blood shed Work on the Cross of Calvary )? If it is that once saved,then always saved,why would Paul make this statement “but I keep under my body,and bring it into subjection:lest that by any means,when I have preached to others,I myself should be a castaway”.why would he,an apostle, HolyGhost filled n sealed,make a statement like this?perhaps it is that Paul knows that even he can miss the heavenly mark,born again,spirit filled n sealed before or not. If, once saved,we remain saved n heaven-bound whether or not we practice n live out the tenets of the Faith,why would the Hebrews in Heb 3v12-14 be admonished thus

    “take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief,in departing from the living God.but exhort one another daily,while it is called Today;lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. FOR WE ARE MADE PARTAKERS OF CHRIST IF WE HOLD THE BEGINNING OF OUR CONFIDENCE STEADFAST UNTO THE END”? WHY the warningto take heed if there’s no real danger? the author goes on to stress in vs 14 “that we may have become Christians at some point in our lives,come to trust in and have confidence in the ability of Jesus Christ’s great sacrifice to redeem us from the power of sin,make us new n mark us for heaven,but it is actually those who hold that confidence to the end(by confession n by lifestyle)that get to partake of Christ or inherit the Kingdom of God.” paraphrase mine.
    Again,if u take a look at our Lord’s letters to the seven churches in Revelations,in His words to the angel of the church in Saudis He says,”he that overcome,the same shall be clothed in white raiment and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life…”rev 3v5.Remember,only those whose n names are in this book enter into the Holy City n escape? the lake of fire. this lette’er r from Jesus is written to born again,spirit filled n sealed Christians in Sardis who the Lord is warning to repent. n encouraging the overcome that his name won’t be blotted out of the Book of life.if it were not possible for Jesus to blot out an unrepentant believer’s name from His book,do u think He would have said this? Surely not.but bcos the Lord knows continued unconfessed sin in a believer can lead to forfeiting our place in the book of life n in heaven,He solemnly warns us. Therefore once saved isn’t always saved.we are to work out our salvation here with fear and trembling.The Church is in her wilderness h journey just like Israel w as on her way to the promised land..we have to be careful Co’s just like many on their way to Canaan missed it n fell due to unbelief,murmuring,lust,rebellion, anger,bitterness,disobedience etc, we too can miss our own promised land(heaven ).Their deliverance from Egypt(a type of our salvation from sin)didn’t guarantee them an automatic entrance into the Promised land;neither will ours .what counts is the individual believers ccontinued faith,n it’s expression in a godly. lifestyle of obedience to all that God stands for as expressed in the bible.Shalom.

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  • 6 years, 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days between Eagles of Death Metal last Paris concert of 2009 and November 13th 2015

  • One of the band members claimed he was christian in an interview I watched after the event.

    • Joseph Smith claimed to be a Christian too, but he wasn’t…


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