National Guard Helicopters Swarm As Ferguson Prepares For The Worst (VIDEO)

Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, have simmered since black teen Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in August....

Tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, have simmered since black teen Michael Brown was shot and killed by a white police officer in August

And with a grand jury expected to soon deliver its decision on whether to indict the officer, a group that represents protesters says it wants 48-hours notice before the decision is announced so it can help prevent the St. Louis suburb from once again boiling over with anger, violence and confusion.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles told local media this week that authorities must “prepare for the worst” and he expects demonstrations across the area.

The St. Louis Police Department has spent $325,000 on new equipment, including riot gear; sent 350 officers to training sessions on how to manage civil disobedience; and met with police chiefs from other communities around the nation that have dealt with unrest. Still under consideration are canceled days off for officers and 12-hour shifts. “We’ll be prepared to respond,” said D. Samuel Dotson III, the chief in St. Louis.

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  • When the we shall over comers realize the S J pope has moved Mexico into second place and made them 3ed place in the USA. They will have a real big time in all the streets of America. This will call FEMA to go Obama martial Law. Rex 84 will fill the camps and female coffins !!! USA won’t be worth having after this thing blows!! o you didn’t know this ? some has for over 30 years now. RCH USA

    • Just let them burn, and kill each other off. Put Ferguson on Lock down and keep them in the city limits. Nothing in and nothing out. Just let them have at it.

  • mountain saint

    Have you noticed that all this racial agitation by the Obama White House is now going into the biblical sabbath year?… The Ferguson rioting may be the crisis Obama has been looking and working for so that he can declare Martial Law and arrest us patriots, Tea Party people and Christian/Jewish fundamentalists…David Wilkerson saw in a vision rioting and fires breaking out all over America and people being killed and burnt out even in the better neighborhoods. George Washington saw entire towns and cities going up in smoke…Anything is possible in a Sabbath Year.


  • What a nice waste of taxpayer dollars they are causing our Government to have to spend on an already strained system. Blacks, whites, yellows, all colors need to stop causing such a ruckus and start having some self control when they do not get what their endangered and unforgiving hearts want. We all experience things but Jesus is about to come to set things aright and they should think about that. To get into heaven, we must all have forgiveness in our hearts or we will not be forgiven. …Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. May all people straighten up and act right before time is no more.

  • dave

    Why are we still on this, he was a criminal just like this government.Brown was pushing people around and so is this corrupt government,(IRS).our Lord and savior will pay them back in due time. I wait patiently for my King.

  • STL

    Kim: What the point talking about our tax dollars going to waste? We are broke, in Sept. 2015, the whole world financial systems will collapsed! Or do not you believe in the Shemittah 7 year cycle? How can anyone have self control, our President can not control his agenda? The unrighteous will never forgive their debtors? As the time no more, we are in the days waiting for our departure to Heaven with Jesus Christ. USA is just a memory to us now!

    • mountain saint

      STL. right on, brother.

  • DW

    All you whiteys better board up the house and get the hell out of town. Makes no difference how just the decision is, blacks are gonna lose their ever lovin minds anyway!

    • Just let them burn, and kill each other off. Put Ferguson on Lock down and keep them in the city limits. Nothing in and nothing out. Just let them have at it.

      Why do you have to use the racial term “Whitey”? What if we were allowed to use the “N” word as you do to each other? I survived the 60’s when King was shot.

      AND WHAT ABOUT ALL THE WHITE BLOOD SPILLED FREEING YOUR BUTTS IN THE CIVIL WAR? Your a race baiter and blame whites for everything YOU do as wrong. We freed you, and what do you do with your freedom? You drug and drink and pimp, cause it is easy and you have no real pride. You create your own problems, and your boy Obama created more problems for everyone, even the Black community who voted for him just because he is black. Own your own guilt. Go F-off somewhere.

    • mountain saint

      DW, you forgot that us White Crackers have guns and we know how to use them. Even your messiah in the White House, who is not even an American citizen, hasn’t been able to take them from us.


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