Muslim Migrants In France Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ As They Set Passenger Bus On Fire

Services in Muslim migrant suburbs of France have been beset for years by regular attacks, stonings, violence, and threats. On the 27th of July a group of men blocked a road in Saint-Denis, forcing the oncoming bus to stop. The mob then torched the bus, apparently shouting 'Allahu akbar'. It took three water cannons for firefighters to quell the flames, and the bus route has now been re-routed.

A viral video has captured a Muslim mob shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ stopping a bus before torching it, in what was the latest in a series of attacks on public transport in France.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Donald Trump said a few weeks ago that “France is no longer France”, and boy, was he ever right. Yesterday’s video of a Muslim mob in France setting a bus filled with passengers on fire tells you everything you need to know about what happens when Muslim migrants flood into your country. 

Services in Muslim migrant suburbs of France have been beset for years by regular attacks, stonings, violence, and threats. On the 27th of July a group of men blocked a road in Saint-Denis, forcing the oncoming bus to stop. The mob then torched the bus, apparently shouting ‘Allahu akbar’. It took three water cannons for firefighters to quell the flames, and the bus route has now been re-routed.

Such incidents are not uncommon in the northern Paris suburb, where 36 per cent of residents were born overseas. The weekend before the ‘Allahu akbar’ torching, a bus driver and his passengers had to vacate the vehicle after people blocked it with a barricade of burning garbage. Windows of the bus were broken but no one was hurt.

Saint-Denis’ mayor Didier Paillard, of the Communist Party, said: “This act of premeditated vandalism, the consequences of which could have been tragic, follows an attempted homicide on a worker by a Molotov cocktail on July 22 and buildings being looted.”

The area has been the scene of numerous riots in the past, where in 2010 where gangs threw Molotov cocktails at one bus and torched several others. In 2005, huge riots in Saint-Denis saw 9,000 cars and dozens of public buildings and businesses set alight.

The following year violence erupted again after a teenager was arrested for attacking a bus driver, an act witnessed by the local mayor who gave evidence to police. Protesting the conservative mayor at least 150 youths, many with baseball bats, fought with riot police for more than four hours. The mob petrol-bombed buildings and smashed the windows of the town hall before gathering outside the mayor’s house, which they pelted with bricks.

In neighbouring Gennevilliers, bus drivers’ lives are made a hell with regular stonings, attacks, and threats.

One driver, speaking anonymously, told Le Parisien: “These actions of a few individuals heavily penalize the daily lives of residents whose buses are now diverted, and peace is threatened.

“It happens especially at night … Most often, it is stone throwing. But a few months ago, a driver also had to face bullets.” He revealed: “When driving at such moments you think we try to do to do our work, but sometimes it is difficult.”

While temporary route changes in the wake of attacks on buses is not uncommon, some services have had t0 be terminated permanently.

Since late 2012, the 235 bus no longer passes through Gennevilliers’ Lute neighbourhood. In addition to repeated stone throwing, a bus driver was doused with petrol by “unknown persons” who then attempted to set fire to the vehicle with him inside.

The Kouachi brothers, who were the main perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo shooting, lived and were radicalised in Gennevilliers. source


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  • Immigrants go to other Countries for a better life. These criminals have caused problems everywhere they go. They need to sue the U.N. For the horrible crimes committed. Their violence is in our Country and other Countries that thought they were helping Poor immigrants! Vote Trump so we may clean up this mess and help other Countries do the same!!
    This violence needs to STOP

  • GateKeeper

    Now, now….we must be sensitive to the little darlings….no doubt they have ‘issues’. Must be sensitive to their ‘religious sensibilities’.
    Sure, Hillary…bring ’em HERE! You can house them ALL in the West Wing of ‘your’ White House.

  • Gideon Rockwell

    Christians and Jews both need to understand we are in a holy war with Islam. Islam’s true objective is Global domination. There is only one faith Islam and one god Allah according to the followers of the faith and anyone believing otherwise must convert or die. It is past time to take off the gloves, slip on the brass knuckles and fight to win. There is no Geneva Convention in this war and no such thing as a fair fight. To defeat a terrorist, one must become a terrorist, especially with these people or we will lose.

    • av1611believer

      Christians and Jews are in a “Holy War” with Islam and Roman Catholicism. Both of those religions hate Christians and Jews and want them destroyed. Catholics and Muslims are enemies of liberty.

  • av1611believer

    Islam and Roman Catholicism: the two religions that should be illegal in every freedom-loving country.

  • After caching billions of rounds of ammo all over the country in the last couple years and the weapons to fire them, Obama has also brought those who he has planned to use them into this country. It doesn’t look good for us folks. Not good at all.
    But, we Christians have Jesus. Thank God for His loving grace and arm of protection. And may He be with all those brothers and sisters in Europe facing this abominable horde called islam.


  • Elijah

    If a foreign army came into the country it would be obvious, and citizens would go to war. What Obama has done is to legalize the invasion and camouflage the combatants as legal immigrants. He has brought an invasion. It is not a war against a particular religion..Religions don’t commit crimes, people do. Blaming a religion is just as idiotic as Obama blaming guns.

    What is needed is for real citizens to group together, avoid general terms, and root out the combatants. This is a war on your own soil. You need to be organized and vigilant or you are going to end up like France, Sweden, and Germany. I suggest you do it soon.

  • Elijah you are correct. I cannot believe it. The U.N. Should be sued for this and all those responsible!

    • 01e1ngvar

      By whom, ma’am? They’re all under same yoke – UN, UNICEF and etc.

  • Send them home to safe zones!

  • I do believe the U.N. And a few individuals have pushed the immigrants on Countries who did not want them!!!!

  • well, you can shout tolerance and peaceful religion till you’re blue in the face but sooner or later the world needs to attack the attackers….enough is enough…as for guns and ammo, yeah the world should keep their weapons of any kind to deal with these crazy muslims, and or programmed CIA sleepers,,…whatever they are and we need to weed them out- a cleaning and ridding the world of islam??? yes, no??? you tell me…either that or quit POSTING articles of how they are maiming and killing people, enough of that too!!!

  • margot

    Kick all the Muslim man in the groin. I like to volunteer for that job. Please send money for steel toed boots.


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