Is Facebook Using Their Celebrate Pride Tool To Identify Anti-LGBT Users For Persecution?

Critics warn that the Celebrate Pride tool may be another psychological test by Facebook, and even worse, that it could be tracking those against the LGBT Movement....
In celebration of the Supreme Court's approval of same-sex marriage, the site is offering users a tool to overlay their profile photos with a rainbow filter. But some people, such as MIT network scientist Cesar Hidalg, say the social network is carrying out another psychological test on its users

Critics warn Celebrate Pride tool may be another psychological test by Facebook

EDITOR’S NOTE: A Facebook spokesperson didn’t deny that the social network was tracking which users support gay marriage and adding that to the database of personal information the company has on its billion-plus users. It is the opinion of NTEB that this information will be shared with various government agencies to enable the targeting and persecution of all those who oppose the LGBT Mafia’s agenda.

For a website that started because some drunk college geeks wanted to creep on their female classmates, Facebook has evolved into an ultra-slick, end times tool of the government. To me, their various social and psychological “experiments” evoke images of Joseph Mengele and disgusting petrie dish of human tampering that was Auschwitz. But I think it’s more than just cataloging stats and user preferences to sell to their advertisers. I think Facebook is a major end times player, and the information they are collecting will be used against Christians from the deepest levels of DARPA and other black ops groups. You should be more afraid of the rainbow flag of the LGBT than you should be of ISIS, but they both end the same way.

MIT scientist issues stark warning

‘This is probably a Facebook experiment!’ warned the MIT network scientist Cesar Hidalgo on Facebook yesterday. ‘The question is, how long will it take for people to change their profile pictures back to normal.’


In celebration of the Supreme Court’s approval of same-sex marriage, the site is offering users a tool to overlay their profile photos with a rainbow filter. But some people, such as MIT network scientist Cesar Hidalg, say the social network is carrying out another psychological test on its users

By setting up its own tool to let people filter their profile picture with the Celebrate Pride tool, the concern is that Facebook is able to get an unprecedented insight into how to influence people. Facebook did not respond immediately for comment, but, as a report in the Atlantic points out, the site has long been involved in research to better see how information spreads in a social network.

5 Darkest Facebook Secrets

For instance, in March 2013, the company published a study that looked at the factors that predicted support for marriage equality on Facebook. The research looked at what might influence a user changing their or her profile photo to the red equals sign. They found that, people with more friends changing their profile photo to a red equals sign were more likely to go through with the change to their profile picture.

How Facebook spies on you and steals your information

When you joined Facebook, were you fully aware of how many privacy rights you signed away? With its unlimited access to your personal photos, information, messages and activity, we ask: Is Facebook Spying On You?

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • agnes losonczi

    DO NBOT BE SILLY, it’s YOU who persecutes gays, Don’t judge everybody by your own warped personality!!!!!!

    • Ian Hausser



      • earstwhile

        Boy, this is one bigoted site. Gay people are not the problem, islam is.

    • It’s not a hate crime to attack Christians or our beliefs, but it is if you criticize a homosexual. Gays can sue a Christian business for defending their beliefs, but a store can refuse to make products that reflect Christian beliefs (or if you’re Walmart, you can even get a cake made for ISIS).

      The government cares less about your “gay rights”, but they do care about how many useful idiots they can find to help promote their global agenda:

      The LBGT Conspiracy and the Daniel Trap

      • Alicia

        You are correct. I have believed all along that this would be used to come after the Christians first. In Cuba, when the communist took over the first two things they took was the freedom of religion & the right to bare arms. And Stalin used the term ‘useful idiot’. He ended up killing approximately 72 million people.

      • Andrew

        The usual Christian nonsense. You think because you’re being ridiculed for your self-perceived right to discriminate that you’re being discriminated against yourselves? You all need to grow up. If a racist is condemned for not wanting equal rights for black people, is he being discriminated against? By your definition then probably.

        You don’t understand the nature of homosexuality and you don’t want to. You hide behind your made up interpretation of the Bible to give you an excuse to treat people however you want and it’s completely disgusting.

        You have no-one to blame but yourselves.


    • Vic Christian

      Exactly how are we that believe homosexuality is a sin and will not contribute to gay marriage “persecuting” the gays?

      • Andrew

        Well, it’s pretty simple, Vic, it doesn’t take rocket science. You’re trying to deny rights to a group that you’ve always had because you believe you have the religious right to do so. Much in the same way the KKK felt that black people didn’t have the right to exist.

    • Larry Grant

      No agnes, it’s God who will persecute the gays and all sinners. Very arrogant and narrow-minded of you idiot.

    • Wendy

      Well, that was showing that you are a very loving and tolerant person there, Agnes.

      • Mike

        What part of Ian’s warning ‘Don’t feed the Troll’ did you guys not understand? *sigh*

    • Sean

      That’s the pot calling the kettle black! It’s warped to allow this and even more to turn the Whitehouse into a rainbow! Warped… pfff

    • Lupe

      Ah! The tolerance from the perverts. Yup. This show the “love” your ilk is always saying you promote. Seems a bit hateful to me.

    • Lupe

      Hmmmm. So this is the “love” your ilk is always touting eh? Seems rather hateful to me, eh?

    • W Macallit

      Gaslighting by Gays

    • Andrew

      Absolutely right, Agnes.

    • God will ‘persecute’ gays and lesbians, fornicators, adulterers, liars, porn doers/lookers, druggies, and more. God is HOLY, PURE and Without SIN. He gave us laws for a reason; so we could try and keep ourselves pure as well.

      It is not about ‘persecuting’ anyone; now if we say the Word of God states it is a sin-WE are the ones who are wrong. God said this would happen and it is. Know this. All of the above are a grave sin and if one commits these and more sins and does not repent, renounce and in Christ’s own words turn away…And they DIE; they WILL INDEED BURN IN HELL FOR EVER. PERIOD. DON’T LIKE THAT TELL GOD…BTW…DID YOU KNOW GOD HATES, YES HATES,,,,,AN UNREPENTANT SINNER…YEP IT IS IN THE WORD OF GOD

  • Shameful of Facebook, they’re LGBT MAFIA Supporters and SYMPATHISERS!!


    Please PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation USA and Israel-Yisrael Everyday Everyone!!


    • The Abomination Mark Zuckerberg was raised Jewish, but, now he is an Atheist and Anti-Christian and Jewish People!!

      Please PRAY for our Judeo-Christian Nation United States of America and Israel-Yisrael Everyday Everyone!!

      Happy Shavua Tov Everyone!! Am Yisrael Chai FOREVERMORE!!

      Love and Shalom,


    • Andrew

      Lol! LGBT mafia, are you actually serious? Lmao! I’m guessing Elton John’s the hed honcho? Wake up, Kristi.

      • Wendy

        Do you NOT understand, Andrew, WHY they are called that? Think about it. We’ll use the Christian Bakers vs the Lesbian Couple lawsuit for example. Do you watch the news? Are you familiar with this? I’ll sum it up briefly, in case you are not.

        The lesbians wanted this Christian couple to bake them a wedding cake, which, based upon their Christian beliefs and desiring not to be hypocritical, they declined to do. (Remember the days of the sign in a business,”We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone”? Whoo boy, NOT ANYMORE!!!)

        Well, for most people they would simply find another bakery, no big deal!! Maybe even a gay-owned one with discounts for such an event, whatever. You get the idea.

        But no, Andrew. The absolute DEMAND, the feelings of ENTITLEMENT, the motive of REVENGE and the desire to BULLY ALL PEOPLE who do not agree and down-right EMBRACE their chosen lifestyle is what this agenda is all about! (So much for “live and let live” here.)

        The lesbians choose to SUE the bakers, a married couple, for $135,000…..and, unbelievably, the courts themselves who are being BULLIED by political correctness, ALLOWED this!!! Because the couple chose to stand up for their faith in declining the baking of a simple wedding cake, the organized-with-a-bullying-agenda LGBTQ Mafia choose to ruin RUIN this couple’s lives.

        Do you think that’s RIGHT, Andrew? Do you think that’s KIND? Do you believe there could have been OTHER ways to handle this? If not, then your desire to engage the motive of REVENGE that this organized group has for anyone who DARE not agree with them has you brainwashed as well.

        • NO IT is not ‘revenge’ that has ‘brainwashed’ those who think the gay thing is ok. GOD SAID THEY WOULD DO THAT IN THE LAST DAYS. ”THEY WILL BRING UP EVIL FROM BELOW AND FLAUNT IT FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE AND APPROVE””’

          IF That doesn’t sound exactly like today’s news I don’t know what does…!!! They will INDEED believe a lie from lucifer and be damned!!


  • During the late 80’s/early 90’s there was a aprogram designed called PROMIS that was supposed to track intelligence agencies. Then, apparently, Israel developed a back door so it could monitor the monitoring. If we all look at aps such as FB in that light and post accordingly, we shouldn’t be taken by surprise if this happens to be the case. :-0

  • I am going to get off of FACEBOOK! I am disgusted with it!
    It is nothing more than a demographics tool.
    I am done!
    In Jesus Name!

    • Bob Harder

      I’m with you all the way Linda!! Yesterday I deactivated my FB account and put in a request to permanently delete it in two weeks!

  • Judgement begins in the CHURCH! Love your enemies! Pray for them!

    The Biggest Gays are in the churches undercover!

  • Face Book? Anyone using facebook should know by now, its a tool used by the government for information.

    As far as getting on line and debating this is a fool. Winning souls should be your top priority. Debating a fool, arguing with fools does not lead the lost to Jesus Christ. Trolls have been on line for years dressed up as Christians… be careful, don’t respond. God will deal with them in do time and we’ll be able to watch. God Bless Bro. Jim Pro. 3:5-6

  • Tusitala

    Ihe internet and social media sites in particular are the devil’s spawn… fortunately, we are armed with the sword of the Spirit. Are we Bible believing Christians targets? Absolutely. I am awed by the trust and love which Jesus has placed in us who are living today, we may be chosen to spill our life’s blood for the Saviour of the world in the greatest confrontation between good and evil in history. The world may never know our names, we may die comfortless and alone, but Jesus will never abandon us, we will close our eyes and wake to the King’s embrace, Amen.

  • Mark Gabrielson

    1 Hacker Way
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

    • Mark Gabrielson

      its really their address

      • Jon Harrison

        and what’s your point, Mark?

  • Bill L.

    Information gathering is what it’s all about for the beast/one world society being created before our eyes. I don’t do facebook, twitter, or any of the popular social sites. The nsa, fbi, cia, have my information from my drivers license, twic card, tax returns, insurances, sam’s card, foodlion card, not to mention my email, and my smart phone( gps ).
    Just make sure you are known above in heaven and have that social network through prayer and fasting and faith. Be ready to be translated and changed into our glorious new bodies. It won’t be long as our world is spiraling down to the pit. Pray for the lost and get the WORD out to those who will listen. Look up, our redemption is drawing nigh.
    Your fellow warrior IN CHRIST.

    • Bonnie

      Thank you for the comforting words…to which all I can add is a hearty “Amen!”

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  • Larry Grant

    I never have been foolish to fall for the join/like us on facebook stupidity, but then I never have used twitter or any other social websites because they are nothing more than meeting places for Jerry Springer show rejects and cowards and freaks and people who just really have nothing else going on. I suppose if I followed the trends id have $5000 worth of meaningless ink on my body too..

    • jay

      amen brother. nothing more regrettable than the tattoos I had done while living in the world. defiling of God’s temple. Thank salvation through Jesus that we have redemption by His shed blood and are new creatures in Christ and can look forward to restored bodies in our heavenly home. Glory to God for this!

  • Connie G.

    Im sad to say that I will never post on FACEBOOK again any comments re:gays.After all if that is I what you want in life so be it.Facebook must somehow be involved in this invasion or how else would this invasion happen.Who knows but when this info goes around a lot less people will use FACEBOOK.

  • jb

    Just get off of Facebook. It is useless and it used by the devil to tempt, manipulate, and deceive! I haven’t had a social media account for 1.5 years and I am so glad I no longer have them.

    • Josh Taylor

      I think it’s time to get rid of our internet and go back to old fashioned evangelism without the use of technology.

      • jb

        I am not saying that the internet cannot be used to reach people because it can. You do have to limit yourself online or you could fall into darkness. I have seen God work the most through my close relationships with friends who are lost.

      • A.B.

        I am so with you Josh. Technology has spawned a wave of computers, smart phones, cell phones, I-Pads, etc. ad nauseum… Are users of our modern age gadgets aware where the magical conductive material used in many of these comes from? It’s not pixie dust. It’s coltane, graphite, and countless others conductive metals and minerals. Mostly mined in Africa,for pennies an hour, where miners are engaged in either guerilla war with neighbors or spending this “great pay” on prostitutes with AIDS and siphilys. Technology is not the devil… But the money it generates is. As my mom says “behind every great fortune, there is great evil”.

  • Connie G.

    I have made the choice no longer discuss the gay issue on facebook.I will respond to my notifications and no longer use facebook after I respond to them.Facebook will most likely have less people using it with no regrets.

  • Josh Taylor

    Is this celebrate pride tool voluntary? will it automatically change my profile pic or ban me if I don’t? I prefer option #2, ban.

  • CrissCross

    Facebook? Only?

    Is Big Brother spying on you through your computer? 😮

  • Wendy

    Glory be to our God!
    I have NEVER been comfortable regarding using Facebook or Twitter and so have not.
    Now I know why!

  • Maria

    Homosexuality is a sin so tough luck if u don’t like to hear it! U can’t stand that God almighty will never approved your shameful act.
    .u are jealous that God only approves marriage between a man and a woman why because he created it.
    & now Satan wants to defined it & corrupt it.

    He is the father of lies!!! Since the beginning of mankind Satan always pushes his agenda & to control man & disobey god

  • Jason

    Facebook is feeding mass amounts of data into Jade 2.0
    Jade of the helm, or Jade Helm 15 as commonly know, is one of the most advanced AI systems ever developed. It will use the data from social media, as well as from a hundred other sources to catalog humans into categories. This will determine whether you are a capable slave, or a hostile. When agenda 21 kicks in, which in essence is Jade Helm, martial law will take over, and you will either be shot, sent to a FEMA camp, or become a slave.

  • Mike

    Simple solution: Don’t use Facebook.

  • Connie G.

    I deleted all comments and unsubscribed.No Facebook.

  • Sandra

    Mark Z. is a pawn. Does anyone really think that goof ball is smart enough to develope FB? It was made by the gubberment for the gubberment. Mark Z. has a pic used in other Greenberg scenarios. If you don’t know who the Greenbergs, are, just google them. They are a crisis actor family, employeeing more crisis actors that play in fals flags such as Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing (the bomber was one of the siblings of a dead kid in SH.), amonth other scenarios.

  • David

    But remember the Sodomite “Rainbow Flag” has only 6(the number of man) colors and GOD’s RAINBOW has 7(the number of perfection).

    • Andrew

      I would say this is a good point, but I don’t understand what your point is?

  • Martus

    Gay Marriage Equality will happen when gay couples DNA marry together to form a child.

    The bible tells us that a marriage is when two people come together as one that no man can pull apart i.e. will produce a child.

  • TeresaB

    not only that after the 4th they will refuse to let anyone post Confederate Flags.


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    Imperative that we understand the depth, breadth and scope of the lie and the globalist, Communist agenda behind it

    The Marxist agenda behind the rainbow

    Imperative that we understand the depth, breadth and scope of the lie and the globalist, Communist agenda behind it

    The Marxist agenda behind the rainbow

  • AL

    Where can I find the gay agenda. I’m trying to do research on a college paper any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Andrew

      You’ll probably find it in the same section as the African-American Agenda or the Native American Agenda.

      Why don’t you do a college paper on something worth while?

  • Bob

    All this rainbow FB profile garbage is just a bunch of arm chair activism. Give it a couple months and most of the profiles will return to normal. My American Flag however, will stay put.

    Don’t worry about end times though, that won’t happen anytime during our lifetimes and when it does, it will be some sort of natural phenomena, such as a polar shift that causes our magnetic field to weaken so much it won’t protect us from solar radiation, a supervolcano eruption, super viruses spreading due to human over population or if the human race is lucky, it will be when the sun is burning hot enough it will fry the earth. (The sun burns 10% hotter every 1 billion years)


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