Homeland Security To Purchase 7,000 Assault Rifles For ‘Personal Defense’

The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to acquire 7,000 5.56x45mm NATO “personal defense weapons” (PDW) — also known as “assault weapons” when owned by civilians. The solicitation, originally...

Remember this story from last year on how the US Social Security Administration purchased 174,000 hollow point bullets? Well, here we are in 2013 and now they are buying the assault rifles with which to shoot them. The only question that remains is who their target will wind up being. Hmmm….

From The Blaze:  The Department of Homeland Security is seeking to acquire 7,000 5.56x45mm NATO “personal defense weapons” (PDW) — also known as “assault weapons” when owned by civilians. The solicitation, originally posted on June 7, 2012, comes to light as the Obama administration is calling for a ban on semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines.


Citing a General Service Administration (GSA) request for proposal (RFP), Steve McGough of RadioViceOnline.com reports that DHS is asking for the 7,000 “select-fire” firearms because they are “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.” The term select-fire means the weapon can be both semi-automatic and automatic. Civilians are prohibited from obtaining these kinds of weapons.

The RFP describes the firearm as “Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) – 5.56x45mm NATO, select-fire firearm suitable for personal defense use in close quarters and/or when maximum concealment is required.” Additionally, DHS is asking for 30 round magazines that “have a capacity to hold thirty (30) 5.56x45mm NATO rounds.”

Republican New York state Sen. Greg Ball also issued a press release this week bringing attention to the weapons purchase request.

Calls made to DHS seeking information regarding whether or not the RFP was accepted and fulfilled were not immediately returned on Saturday.

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Thursday introduced legislation that would enact a so-called “assault weapons” ban. The bill would ban more than 150 firearms and limit magazines to 10 rounds. There is no expiration date on Feinstein’s bill. source – The Blaze

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  • We are the targets.

    • YOU have to understand Mario,the government terrorists just stuck a stick in a hornets nest and the hornets are coming,they feel the rope around their neck and its freaking them out,they didn’t think america was awake enough to realize they were getting ready to take control of america ,and now the rotten bastards have been caught,YES they do intend to use those 223’s on us,they been planning this along time and now they have to hurry,theres no time to hide anything now,get ready,YOU and your family get ready or they WILL KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMILY,they want to take over america,and the cockroaches(thats there name for americans) are running everywhere,and everyone had better stop playing around and be getting ready for war…..call all your friends and neighbors and tell them to GET READY,this ain’t a game to the terrorists running america and it shouldn’t be a game to you,this is the most danger america has ever been in……………………

  • When you remember this crazy woman’s remarks about returning veterans this is scary.Talk about mental health,she should be the first person disarmed and locked up.She is paranoid and that is a mental problem as she sees anyone that disagrees with her leader a threat to national security.Put her next to Feinstein and you have a matched pair of looney tune women living in La La land and rolling in money that they want their minions to protect and take fro the citizens as they take their guns and all properties.God help us.

  • Do they want to shoot the people God is resurrecting from the dead? They don’t want God’s truth so they want to shoot the ones God is keeping alive and resurrecting while death and hades gives up the dead, while they call them zombies.

  • I want to know why the AMERICAN Fire Arm Manufacturers would even think of selling to the government now. I know the dollar talks. But it seams to me that they are selling their soul.

    • Good point.

      • HEY don’t kid your self,there’s a lot of companies who told them to go fly a kite,when they realized what they were up to………………..

  • Isn’t it a bit strange that they are lashing out at us about our guns; while at the same time they’re wanting to stock up on them.
    Please join the NRA, if you aren’t already a member.
    God be with us.

  • Any one asking a silly question why do they need them they already have to much


    • YOU MUST BE A NICE GIRL ,GAIL………I don’t really give OBAMA that much credit,HE’S the bad guy of history,the BIBLE describes him to a T ,and he will destroy america,I won cases of beer on the relection,because Daniel 8:11/8:12 describes the anti-christs rise to power,I told everyone who he was,its sad no one knows the LORD or they would understand the importance of reading their bible,history is unfolding in front of everyone eyes and they don’t know it, I guess thats the reason the bible has been so demonized by the devil worshippers,was to hide the rise of the anti-christ……………….they’ll know who he is anytime now,,,,,,,,,,cause he’s about to show his real colors to even the dumbest american………………………

  • Why worry we are going to be raptured out pre trib? Or are we?


    • I believe the pre-trib rapture has lulled believers into a state of lethargy and complacency and is incorrect.Heard another sermon on it with the usual statement that after Revelation 4:1 “come up here,” statement to John,the church is not mentioned again.However we see that it is Rev.19:7 where we find the marriage of the Lamb.Also in I Corinthians 15:52 is says “last trump,” which is the 7th in Revelation.Also the first resurrection is in Rev. not I Thess.4:16 Just another viewpoint.

    • I watched the video after posting my comment.Very good to find others that are thinking.God bless.

  • Arizona I believe you are on the right track, but, I dont think obumma is the man of sin, the antichrist. However, he is paving the way or setting the stage for the antichrist. Life as we know it is going to change soon.
    Word to anybody reading this. . . . There is still time to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Lets face it, no matter who you are, you are a sinner and therefore you need a Savior. GOD will forgive you for anything you have done. Just ask Him. And yes NewYork, they can even be forgiven for being a pre-trib believer.

    • Amen NewMan Amen!!!!!!!!!! I am glad your commenting again. Missed ya!!!!

      • End Time ministry..Irving Baxter is running a three part series on the rapture starting this week. I highly recommend watching for all.

  • PAY close attention here,that ceramony last week at the whitehouse was a lot more then americans think,THEY WENT THROU THE WHOLE song and dance to summon the guardian of the gates of hell,TO OPEN THE GATES,they releasted ALL THE DEMONS IN HELL UPON THE EARTH,the ANTI-CHRIST is now in full power to destroy the world,THIS ain’t no joke,HE IS GATHERING HIS FORCES FROM HELL,and SOON america(mystery babylon the great)will realize they been asleep way to long,THERES A WAR COMING AND NO ONE IS GOING TO BELIEVE how crazy things are going to get,THE LORD IS GOING TO SEND A GREAT EARTHQUAKE ON AMERICA,TO WAKE THEM UP,these demons know its coming,and AMERICA HAD better understand whats it about,thats the BELL RINGING to wake up, the wars on,THERE WILL BE A FAMINE ,the LORD says it will be the worst one the world has ever seen,RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA,get everyone you know ready,the police gangs will really show there true colors at that time,it WILL BE “RED DAWN” everywhere in america,NATO will say we’re here to help,DON”T BELIEVE IT,there here to take over,and they will try too,millions will be fooled into going to the fema death camps and taking the mark of the beast,DON’T TAKE IT,when they want to mark you and your children that should wake you up,if not your dead,,,,,,,,REMEMBER THERES “NO” PAGANS IN HEAVEN………………..anyone with the mark is a pagan after taking the mark,your not going to heaven,you just threw your last chance to go to heaven out the window when you took the mark………………………..

    • Its gonna be Red Dawn?????? Patrick Swayze is coming back?????????????? O man this is getting crazy.

  • Its going nuclear before all that happens, one 3rd of about 7 billion people are gonna be wiped out first. 1 in 3 chance of surviving. First nuke that hits U.S. will not be Russia, will not be China, will not be Iran or any of those. It will be from KOREA.

    History and actions from these countries through out history prove this.

    The first nuke comes from Korea. Then everyone jumps on board immediately because of fear of ramifications there will be no time for them to consider if we will retaliate. When we retaliate against Korea the strikes will have commenced from Russia and China.

    Cities will be leveled. Most small towns will survive. The worlds economy will be in full scale collapse. A peace treaty with the destruction of weapons will commence headed by a charismatic union which will be governments unified and major religious leader tied into one. The leader or head of it all will be the antichrist.

    But first nuclear war.

    Zechariah 14:12
    12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.


    They are waiting for O to give them the call that are defenses are down. Let it rip.

  • Throughout history the average length of time for a major global war or conflict to that scale is 40 – 50 years. Since 1945 we are now at 68 years. ITS COMING. The only thing that has kept it from coming is none other then God himself. But now its coming. More then likely 2 to 3 years or less. If you look at major events they mostly take place for the U.S. at the very end of a presidency or at the beginning of a new presidency. Every post I make could be my last here on this earth. Get ready, ITS COMING. Everything in your lives should be for Jesus Christ and nothing else. Everything about him.

  • LOL our government put this out in 1951 like this stuff would actually help at all!! Instructions on how to handle an atomic bomb. Labeled by our genius leaders as “Duck and Cover”.


  • That video is absurd. There will be no warning even if they know it is coming. Secondly the two safest places to be from a nuclear bomb are

    1. Directly under it
    2. As far away from it as possible.

    I guess we know why they quit preparing people. Cause there is nothing that can be done. Jesus Christ is your only salvation. Amen!

  • jill

    Hi John3:16,
    I wanna ask you, should we try to get some guns and food stocked up? Or is it a waste of time? My kids are 28 + 30 and by the time I became a believer, they didn’t want to hear about Jesus..but the thing is I don’t know how to convince them that its vitally important they listen to me..but it takes time to get someone to go to church, etc. Seems to me we should get Christians and our families and meet and like stay together to fight what’s coming..like the government who will have ground forces to kill us..this is scary..

    • Absolutely you should be prepared in every way you can. If a nuclear scenario happens and you survive your still going to need to eat (guns), acquire food, shelter ect ect. Defend yourself (guns) since the scarcity of food and water that is not contaminated you will be killed for. Yes you should try to be in like minded groups in small villages and towns away from anything that is considered a strategic strike point. Examples, airports, military installations and bases, major highways, areas of large water supply and food supplies, cities, large populations. As far away from those areas as possible. But be reasonable. There is only so much you can do. Its out of our hands and has been since the creation of such weapons. Preparing is doing the best you can with what you have to work with. If you get yourself in a community with like minded level headed people that is your best chance. Get a pocket bible and carry it with you every where you go. The people with bibles will be the ones sought for answers and knowledge and comfort. Again there is absolutely no sense in losing your head. It does no one any good ever. It is what it is. But you should prepare.

      I prepare as best I can and keep it simple. But one small item for survival every time you go to the store. Examples pack of batteries, candles, long shelf life food item ect ect. Most importantly read your bible. But you should on the side as well study trapping and wilderness survival tips and tricks as best you can. Its actually quite fun to study this stuff as well. Lots of smart people out there.

      Keep praying and do the best you can. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE EVERYONE. EVEN GOD KNOWS THIS!! Many will not choose God. It is what it is. You can rest better knowing you spread his word and truth. Be prepared to walk away in an instant from any family member that has chosen the mark of the beast. Think about these things but again keep yourself level and grounded. It is what it is. All these things must come to pass.

      Thank Jesus Christ for every moment and live, laugh and try to enjoy what you have been given.

    • The government will be lost when nuclear disaster strikes. You will not need to worry about them. There will be small off takes of 100’s if not 1000’s of small groups like governments created lead by every nut case under the sun. That is what you need to worry about if you survive. Again just do the best you can. Be smart about it and prepare by stockpiling food and water and of course you will need weapons to defend yourself but you should not only store enough food and water for yourself but to help and share with others.

      It is what it is. This is worst case scenarios here. This may or may not happen. It is always smart to be prepared in any event.

    • The way I look at it is this Jill. If I survive major events then I still have a purpose that the Lord needs me for. Whether that is to lead people, comfort people or help people in any way. Defend them, help them seek shelter. Ect Ect. My mission is all for Christ no matter the circumstances right to my end here on earth. So if you survive of course you will need to be prepared so you can serve the Lord as best you can. Hope that helps.

    • I have a very unconventional method for convincing people. Most people do not like it but one thing I have found with this method is they keep coming back for more. I start by pointing them towards what God has done through prophecies. THEN I SCARE THE EVER LIVING YOU KNOW WHAT OUT OF THEM with actual events happening and what he has done in the past.

      Many people think this scares people away but it actually has the opposite effect. They want to learn more. They keep coming back for more. It is something instinctive in people that they like being scared or something. Kinda like horror movies and why people seem to love watching them.

      Once they come back and I haven’t met one that this method has not worked on yet. They always come back. Either to tell me off or whatever or just to find out more they are still coming back to learn more.

      Then I ease them into Gods love, caring and understand.

      The problem with all the preachers today is that they are not telling the whole truth of God. Yes God is all loving. But if you actually read the bible it will scare the heck out of you more then show you his love.

      By doing this people stand at attention. But interestingly enough they want to know more. Even more interestingly is God knows this and has stated this as well in this verse (which I use quite often).

      Proverbs 9:10
      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

      It works very well and all I am doing is spreading the words of the bible.

      I give it to them in small doses of course, I don’t slam them all at once. Any time you mess with someones belief system it is a very serious thing and carries with it a huge responsibility. So you must use tact and it must be gradual with common sense.

    • Jill just keep going to church and living in peace and harmony like Jesus. Sooner or later people will look and you and wonder why your always calm, in control and seem so peaceful. Its like magic. This works well for getting through to loved ones. Be there. If they aren’t with Christ sooner or later they are going to need to speak to someone about the problems they are having and will have. Keep walking in an through Christ. It works like magic. They will come to you, you will see. 🙂 In the mean time prepare for yourself and them quietly on the side. 🙂

    • jill, God will use the hard times coming during the time of Tribulation to bring many to their knees and to an awareness that they need a savior. Yes, stock up, not for 3 days as suggested by our out of touch government, but enough for 3 1/2 years. You can’t buy or store enough water for that length of time, so buy quality ceramic water filters. If you don’t have the cash to buy supplies now, sell something that you won’t need when the hard times come. Don’t give up on praying for your children, what is about to happen will have millions of people reevaluating their need of a savior. Tribulation will be a punishment and destruction for millions, but also will be a second chance for many who accept Christ Jesus as their Savior..

      • If you buy a water filter of any kind make sure its a nuclear filter as well. Katadyn small pocket filters probably best bet for running with. But for an encampment you can make your own with 2 bakery food storage containers just ask a bakery and they will give them to you free with lids. Then you buy filters from berkey. Very simple to make.


        water is priority number 1 you can eat almost anything but water will be scarce. Plus the bible talks of mass amounts of water being contaminated and destroyed.
        You need water for everything, cooking, cleaning, sanitation. You can go a week without food but not long without water a day or 2. WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Priority 1 once you have a filter or 2 then you stock up by buying one or 2 items each time you go to the store. One long term food item or and something for heat, blanket, burning materials. Oils and fats are great for cooking eating and making candles among many other uses and can generate some heat as well. All in one and hardly expire.

        Side tip if you have nothing else and are in very tough situation pine trees the bark has many nutrients, roots of pine trees can be dug up fairly easily and used as blunt objects cause the end comes in a ball. Also pine cones can be heated for the syrup and added to water for nutrients. Just some tips.

        • Also make sure for any kind of food or water storage that you only use food storage grade containers. That filter system in that video that you can make your self will cost $99 for just the 2 filters you drill the containers. If you buy it. It will cost you $250 to $400. They say you can go 3 days without water. However dehydration sets in people die from non rational thinking causing them to do all kinds of crazy things before then. That is why water is most important.

  • At the end of that last video you will see a selection of videos to play. Click on the one that says nuclear war worst case scenario nobody wins.

    Politics 1
    Humans 0

  • The biggest problem we all have is people will start to distance themselves from us. Why? Cause we can see the scenarios that are coming and we try to warn people. They label us as conspiracy theorists and on an on an on.

    But they did the same thing to Noah in his time. We are being given the signs. Those signs are increasing. It is clear the possible scenarios that are to come. Being prepared and warning people is smart not crazy.

    Also there is to many people out there who are just unwilling to discuss this stuff. IT ABSOLUTELY MUST BE DISCUSSED INCLUDING EVERY POSSIBLE SCENARIO.

    Not to scare people but to help people prepare and warn them. If 100 people distance themselves from you for spreading Gods word but you gain just one. Your winning. We are in the game whether we want to be in it or not. I will win with Christ. I don’t care how many people call me crazy. My objective is to win as many as I can for Christ and help as many as I can along the way.

    But you need to know when to cut your loses. When you warn someone numerous times they either heed or don’t heed those warnings. It does you no good to continue to warn someone who just refuses to listen. It also does you no good to continue around that person as they will just drag you down with them. Warn them several times and move on.

    Your results will be far greater when you focus your efforts on masses of people rather then continuing to waste time on that person who just refuses to listen.

  • Most importantly you should not be holding onto anything here on this earth. Your faith can be gauged by this.

    We should all be at the point where what happens here on earth means nothing for we are not dying but going to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for an eternity of happiness in heaven with him as our Father, Leader, Care Taker ect ect. We will never worry about another thing again.

    Everyone is afraid of dying. I used to be as well. You do not die remember that. Your life just begins and it is an eternity of happiness with our Creator and Savior Jesus Christ.

    The only thing we should be unhappy about is all those people who are not listening. That is what upsets me most. I can’t get through to enough of them. Other then that everything is for Jesus. After all its the least I can do after what he has done for not only me but all of us. I live to serve him and help save who I can through him.

  • Well said New York. A relative of mine recently wrote to me “in these end times remember the courage of Caleb. Never stop spreading Gods good news and never be discouraged.” I too pity the stubborn non believers. But we have to keep preaching.

  • I am sure Caleb is preaching Gods word to the prisoners right next to him just like John the baptist and many others did. It does not matter when you or we are. The message continues. Amen!! The Lord is with Caleb every step of the way. His rank in heaven will be higher then ours I am sure. The bible indicates there is a level or some sort of ranking or hierarchy system in heaven. God bless him, but the Lord is with him every step of the way, to the end.

    Matthew 28:20
    Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

  • If We DONT WAKE UP SOON, Here’s the New National Anthem, Of The United Socialist State Of Obama http://youtu.be/le98mWhP_IY

    • LOL the first reply is someone saying thank God we are going to be raptured out before it happens LOL LOL LOL. I shouldn’t laugh its gonna be really sad for a lot of people when they realize they are here through. But really these poor people have been mislead by so many preachers its no longer a joke.

  • jill

    New York,
    Thank you so much for your wisdom and knowledge on all of this. Its important for us to know these things and for good Christians like you to teach us that don’t know what you know. I pray God gives me time, cause I’m going back to church and gonna work on my kids. I at least got my grandkids going to church, but my 14 yr old grandson probably won’t go with me. I’ve tried..but I need to find another kid his age that already goes to church and get them introduced.
    I can just feel it in my spirit that Jesus is coming very soon. It feels like any second now, which scares me cuz my family’s not ready.
    Gotta mention something here…. a few people have said to me..Why you worry about politics and such when your a Christian? If your trusting in God, then why do you concern yourself with the world and Obama? I don’t really know how to answer that. Then I question myself about why I DO concern myself with it.. I just do.. Is it because I’m not sure of my own salvation? Maybe it is..
    ..because I still have not forgiven myself for staying in a relationship too long and not being married. I carried such guilt that it almost killed me. I have a hard time with that..
    But still, should I not worry about the world situation? Is it not my concern being a Christian? Seriously would like to hear what you think New York and others..
    Thanks for listening.. God bless us all, in the name of Jesus!!

  • As Christians we should be active in politics and anything that concerns Christians and their beliefs. But we are at the point in the bible where the prophecies are coming true and there is not much we can do. But never does the bible say give up or give in. Nor is any of these events an excuse in any way to give in or give up.

    In fact the bible says to hold fast and strong. Endure till the end. So just because these things must come to pass does not mean we are to throw our hands in the air and give up. We need to continue to stand up for what is right and what is just to the end. That is what the bible says.

    Matthew 24:13
    But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved.

    Telling us that we must continue to speak up and speak out against evil and stand righteous till the end. Just because these things come to pass does not mean for us to lay down and just let it all happen. We must continue in the faith. Endure to the end.

  • If you have asked for Jesus forgiveness then let go of your guilt. That is where your faith in him and his forgiveness comes in.
    He said you are forgiven. Move on. I relate it to driving in the car. The rear view mirror is there for glancing but the rear view mirror is small. The windshield is huge. Look to the future and know that Christ has already paid for your sins on the cross. You are forgiven. Have that faith in him that he means what he says. No go out and preach this to others. He loves you and you are forgiven.

  • In other words Jill you can’t drive the car if your looking in the rear view mirror. Drive the car Jill Drive the car! 🙂

  • Hi Jill..I can relate to your situation. My kids are 30 and 27. The younger one believes in God and attends church occasionally with me. However her lifestyle is far from reflecting a Christian. My 30 year old is a mormon. I suffered from guilt for a long time. Blaming myself for their choices. But I strongly stated my opposition to Mormonism and my daughters party life. Remember they are adults and have the ability to accept Jesus or not. I live by example and pray for them daily. They have free will. I am so impressed with your love for Jesus and your faith. We are blessed to have His salvation. You are a good Mom. Don’t waste time beating yourself up. We all make mistakes. That is why we ask God for forgiveness and move forward. I will keep all four of our children in my prayers. God Bless Jill. 🙂

  • Jill…good instincts listening to NewYorks counsel. Ive never seen him steer anyone down the wrong road. Good eye!

  • Hey Jill, listen to NewYork. He is right, you have been forgiven for ALL of your sins. And there isn’t a more powerful tool concerning your loved ones than prayer. Its also important for them to see you happy. They wont want to join up with someone who isn’t. Also be prepared at all times to witness to them. You can point out the things that are happening everywhere you look that are prophetic. Make sure they see you reading the Word too. But most of all pray pray pray pray !!!
    I would also take his advice on stocking up some food and supplies. I’m not as convinced as he is that we will be here through the whole tribulation period but I do think we will be here for some terrible things and we need to be as ready possible. I always include a Bible and some info on what to do and what not to do during the tribulation just in case we are raptured out during it. Maybe you won’t have to use your supplies and someone else will. If we are here for that, there’s a one in three chance that we will die before its over, which I think will be a blessing.

  • continued . . . And Jill, the most important thing for all of us is that we have asked Jesus into our life to be our Savior and repent of any thing that is not pleasing to Him. Our job is to tell other people the Gospel. I try to tell my friends and family and ask the Holy Spirit to open doors for me and then do the talking for me. If your witness is not Spirit led it will fail.
    I find myself getting a little too wrapped up in politics and such sometimes too. We are supposed to be involved but we are workers for Jesus first. I know its tough because I see Gods plan unfolding in front of us and sometimes feel like I’m fighting to stop it. Woe be unto me !! Lol !! That puts me back into place. I work for Jesus wherever I work. Anyway like my brother said. . . Don’t look for long in that mirror just keep driving !!

  • jill

    Hi Ruby..
    Thank you so much for caring and praying for our kids..I will do the same 🙂
    I wish I had a computer to type this cuz its a little hard doing it on a phone.
    Thank you for your wisdom too..after what you and NewYork said, I believe I can forgive myself for being in a long relationship without being married. It was not my choice. My bf was the one who taught me about Jesus and promised we’d marry, so God knows my intentions were good. But I think I finally get it and can forgive myself. I also have had bad feelings towards people that haven’t always been nice to me..its always bothered me..but I have to move past that. I so appreciate my fellow Christians reaching out to me. This means a lot to me. I don’t really talk to anyone about this.

    NewYork.. Thank you for taking the time to teach me some important things here. I am never going to forget what you said about driving..when I look in my rearview mirror, I will here, “Drive Jill, drive!” Lol.. seriously though..
    I wish I could explain to you guys.. uhmm..
    I’ll try to make it short, but I had a nervous/emotional breakdown over 2 yrs ago. Strange things happened to me. I start having panic attacks..I was afraid to take showered because I was alone..I even became scared to read the Bible. If I read something that was directed at a bad person, I always felt it was directed at me. I felt it was condemning me. I was so scared to read it. I didn’t know what to think about it. I was not myself for a while. I was very fragile in my mind.
    Yet, still today I am afraid to read the Bible. All’s I can figure is its the enemy trying to kill me, as crazy as it sounds. I told my friend that and he thinks not. But the enemy comes to steal, kill n destroy, so if that’s the case, how do I overcome? I just answered that, by the blood of the Lamb! But how would I go about it? Do I sound extreme?
    Ruby.. I am praying for you and your kids! XO
    NewYork..I am praying for you also!!
    NewYork ..God bless you for everything. I love you my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    • Jill its simple. Print and post these verses all over your house for you to see and read. 🙂

      Psalm 27:1
      The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?

      Jeremiah 29:11
      “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

      Philippians 4:13
      I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

      Proverbs 3:5
      Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

      Proverbs 3:6
      in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

      Isaiah 55:12
      For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.

      Joshua 1:9
      Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

      2 Corinthians 5:17
      Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

  • Oh my gosh Jill. I have tears in my eyes after reading that. GOD BLESS YOU! The bond of fellow Christians who love the Lord is powerful. Keep reaching out. Are you affiliated with a local Bible based church?? Perhaps they offer some biblical counseling. God loves you very much. You are forgiven. Don’t let any mistakes from the past haunt you. Go forward in Joy because you are a child of Gods. Let His peace give you comfort and grace.

  • jill

    God bless you Ruby!! You made me cry by saying you were crying!!
    I wasn’t able to open this email..sometimes when I click on comments, it wont
    go to the messages.. so I just read your last message Ruby.. I’ve been going to a
    Church that might have counseling. I’ll inquire about that because its so hard to carry all this stuff in my head and not tell somebody.
    So God will forgive me if I stayed in a relationship w/a man till just recently without being married to him? I used to tell God I wouldn’t have relations w/him anymore till he married me, but there would always be a seemingly good excuse why it got delayed. One evangelist told me it would kill me if I didn’t leave this man. At the time, I had no idea what she meant, and my bf said she was wrong for saying that. I was just a babe in Christ so I didn’t really understand. It took yrs to figure out why she said that but my bf said, We have intentions of getting married, so were alright. But yrs later, I start thinking I was condemned for not getting married.. but I wanted to get married. I’m sorry, I keep going on and on. Its just that it crippled me mentally and I believe that’s what brought on my emotional breakdown, that and my granddaughter almost died, at the same time basically. I’m stronger mentally but wonder why God hasn’t helped me get over my fear of reading the Bible. I had such a passion for the Bible and church. Now. I’m still fearful inside.
    I will look for counseling at the church ..
    Also, I am very limited on money, so I will try to stock up on supplies.
    What’s the best food item to buy if you can pick one or two items. Is soup a practical item?
    Thank you everyone for all your advice and input. I’m keeping these emails for future reference! I love you guys. Hey, btw, I live in Michigan! Is anybody close to me?
    New York…I think I know where you are…LOL..

    • The flesh is weak Jill. Life is a long struggle between the spirit and the flesh. The Lord knows the flesh is weak. The important thing is you have to make an effort to remove as many weaknesses from your life as possible. The Lord knows if your trying. If your trying he will help you and he also knows non of us is without since because of our flesh. Its the ones who do not even try that will get no help from him. Stop worrying about the past. Today is a new day keep your eyes on the road and not behind you. You will be fine. 🙂

  • Crisco can be used for candles, skin moisturizer, cooking the list goes on. Your first objective is to save for pocket water filter from Katadyn. These same water filters were sent in mass amounts to Japan after their nuclear plant problems from the earthquake they will filter most any water. Again you can get food grade storage containers from bakeries and food places like walmart. Put bags of beans (keep them in bags do not open them of course) and rice in food storage containers with quarter cup of salt and half cup of rice this helps remove oxygen and moisture from containers makes for better storage. Don’t worry so much. If the day comes and you have to run. Your definitely going to run into other Christians where ever you run to. But buy making a habit out of buying one or 2 items each time you go to the store, in a relatively short time you will have all the supplies you need. Again this is probably the best water filter you can get, the cheapest way to get it, cause you make it yourself, all you have to buy is the 2 filters from berkey.


  • Again water will be the most expensive thing and most important thing for you to get. Once you past the water problem with a filter. The rest is cheap and easy little at a time. Couple bucks each time you go to the store. There you have the cheapest, effect, survival information studied and gathered by non other then New York. Never underestimate a New Yorker, we are not all city people. The state is 99% mountains. There are more red necks here then the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa combined lol.

  • They can suggest that your pany is cheap or which you do not value quality

  • His success is based on the neverending commitment towards the fact that everything is about them

  • It includes a optical maser proficiency for logotype etching

  • jill


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