Glenn Beck Finally Admits The God Of Mormonism Is Not The God Of The Bible

Criticisms of Beck’s attack on evangelical Christians who live in the South and are not supporting Cruz were echoed by several participants in the February 25 Breitbart focus groups conducted of evangelical Christians in Tennessee who said they intended to vote in the March 1 GOP Presidential primary in the Volunteer State.

Robert Jeffress, pastor of the 12,000 member First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, is rebuking talk radio host Glenn Beck for his recent criticism of evangelical Christians who live in the South and are not supporting Sen. Ted Cruz ’s campaign to secure the Republican Presidential nomination.

“But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1:8 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mormonism, despite it’s all-consuming attempt to portray itself as part of mainstream Christianity, is nothing more than a cult started by con man Joseph Smith in the early 1800’s. The Book of Mormon is collection of fairy tales about places that never existed, and populated with imaginary people and names stolen from the Bible. Their main “angel” is literally a moron-i, and that tells you everything you need to know about the non-Christian cult of the Latter Day Saints. That ‘Lying Ted’ Cruz allows a cult member to preach false doctrine at his campaign rallies to curry favor with Christian voters tells you everything you need to know about Ted Cruz. He’s a liar.

“All throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to their God,” Beck said at a rally in Utah on Monday. “Beck’s wacko comment speaks for itself,” Jeffress tells Breitbart News.

“However, by using the phrase ‘their God’ to refer to the God we evangelical Christians worship, Glenn Beck is finally admitting that the true God of the Bible is different than the god of the Book of Mormon. I congratulate Beck for his honesty in differentiating between the two,” Jeffress adds.

“However, I am somewhat puzzled that Beck claims to know how the God Christians worship would vote in the Republican primaries.” Jeffress has introduced GOP frontrunner Donald Trump at many events, though as a pastor he is not officially endorsing any candidate.

This is what Mormons actually believe:

Beck, a Mormon, has endorsed Cruz and has spoken on his behalf at numerous rallies around the country.

One prominent academic who specializes in American religion takes exception to Beck’s comments as well.

“Assuming that Mr. Beck is referring to evangelicals who vote for Trump, I would make a distinction that Beck does not: The Bible certainly offers principles on how to think about government and politics. The Bible does not, however, tell us which individual candidates to vote for,” Dr. Thomas S. Kidd, Distinguished Professor of History and Associate Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, tells Breitbart News.

“If other Christians don’t vote for our preferred candidate, we should not say that they are not listening to God. None of us has special access to God’s opinions about candidates,” Kidd says.

“There are many reasons why devout Christians should hesitate to vote for Donald Trump, but God has not revealed Ted Cruz as the divinely anointed alternative, either,” Kidd concludes.

A number of evangelical Christians who live in the South are also critical of Beck’s fusion of theology and politics.

“Say what you want, but as a Southern Christian, I’m pretty sure my God doesn’t like politicians behaving like diamond pinky ring wearing TV preachers telling lies and trying to guilt people into donating their dollars to false causes,” Stephani Scruggs, a resident of Pensacola, Florida, posted on her Facebook page Tuesday. Scruggs says she is the former national co-chairman of the Glenn Beck inspired 9-12 Project

Criticisms of Beck’s attack on evangelical Christians who live in the South and are not supporting Cruz were echoed by several participants in the February 25 Breitbart focus groups conducted of evangelical Christians in Tennessee who said they intended to vote in the March 1 GOP Presidential primary in the Volunteer State.

“It has been very disconcerting to see Beck traveling with Cruz,” Elizabeth, who voted for Cruz in the Tennessee primary and participated in one of the February 25 focus groups, tells Breitbart News.

“I have had a nagging concern about Cruz’s integrity. His association with Beck confirms this,” she says.

“Beck is not reticent about pushing his Mormon faith, which from an evangelical perspective is heretical. Apparently Cruz has no discomfort being called the fulfillment of a false prophecy,” she adds.

“The fact that evangelicals have not fully embraced Cruz but Mormons have is troubling to someone who voted for Cruz but now questions the decision,” Elizabeth concludes.

“I am disgusted by Beck’s comments and he should be ashamed for casting stones,” Jim, a Trump supporter and small business owner who participated in the focus groups, tells Breitbart News.

“Are we counting sins? Let’s see: Cruz has lied on multiple occasions, smeared Trump horribly, wasn’t tithing while making over $250,000,” he adds.

“I tuned Glenn Beck out a long time ago,” Martha, a Trump alternate delegate and focus group participant, tells Breitbart News. (Note: Two other participants in the focus groups ran as Cruz delegates in Tennessee.)

“I think he has issues and is in no position to determine who is or is not listening to anything or anyone, including God,” she adds. “His hysterics do nothing but turn me off, whether it’s this or anything else,” she says of Beck.

“I think he has done some good exposing some of those leftist relationships that he has exposed. But, once he starts on opinion, he always seems totally off the wall to me. Have thought this a long time,” Martha concludes.

“I was offended by Glenn Beck’s comments, as I was by Romney’s speech several weeks ago. ‘My God’ doesn’t tell me how to vote,” Aime Molina, another focus group participant, tells Breitbart News.

“I believe God expects me to be involved in the political process for the good of His people and the advancement of His Kingdom,” Molina continues.

“I believe I am called to vote according to the morals and teachings of Jesus. I believe we should vote for the candidate who will enforce the expectations of personal accountability for one’s life and actions, and the protection of our Country and its citizens,” she continues.

“I don’t believe that God endorses a specific candidate, and Beck’s comments seem judgmental and manipulative to me. I am not anti-Trump; he is my second choice, but for the record I voted for Ted Cruz. And I’m still offended by Glenn Beck,” Molina adds.

The February 25 Breitbart focus groups of evangelical Christians in Tennessee confirmed the polling research of the Barna Group, the leading pollster of evangelical Christians, which found that committed evangelicals are more supportive of Cruz and cultural evangelicals are more supportive of Trump. source

NTEB is run by end times author and editor-in-chief Geoffrey Grider. Geoffrey runs a successful web design company, and is a full-time minister of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition to running NOW THE END BEGINS, he has a dynamic street preaching outreach and tract ministry team in Saint Augustine, FL.

  • bob jones

    Beck was excellent exposing government and globalist corruption early in his career, but unfortunately he is being blackmailed and has turned into a cowardly traitor. Allegedly he was into some butt bingo with men and wants to keep it quiet. He does appear to have completely lost his mind along with most of his audience.

    • The fact that Ted Cruz is using a cult member to preach false doctrine for him shows you that Cruz is a deceiver.

      • Steve

        Who do you support for President? You are very clear you don’t like Ted, I’m wondering who you do support? I asked this question yesterday on your blog, but you didn’t/wouldn’t answer…maybe you are concerned that whoever you support, will have situations like the one you pointed out above and yesterday as well, and then you’ll be caught in a hypocrites quandary….

      • l collins

        Ted Cruz is endorsed by NAR. His father preaches dominion theology. I heard him.

        The NAR is a cult…why would you expect less..NAR is dominion theology false doctrine. It is compatible with well as the prosperity gospel.. which is not Bibical either..all believe they have Apostles and Prophets for the times …and are hearing from God at a lower standard than the Bible requires, which is 100% ).Trump is Presbertarian (sp error sorry) who’s been endorsed by Kenneth Copeland and TBN preachers. Kenneth Copeland endorsed Ted Cruz too…as annointed of God for president.
        There are yout tubes of both on the net. I don’t have TV so haven’t heard debates or drama.. I do know each person’s beliefs though..very familiar with that.

        Guess the point I’m trying to make here is if you are looking to vote for a candidate that is Bibically sound, there is no one to vote for. Trumps strength in Scripture is minimal at best..the others are totally un Bibical..
        Thank you Mr. Grider for your articles and input on all these candidates and the Pope..your not the enemy, just the messenger and they usually don’t have a good fate as we well know. Keep us updated. Again, thanks..

      • l collins

        Ted Cruz is endorsed by NAR. His father preaches dominion theology. I heard him.

        The NAR is a cult…why would you expect less..NAR is dominion theology false doctrine. It is compatible with well as the prosperity gospel..



  • Ky

    Are Christians Who Support Trump Abandoning Their Faith?

    Donald Trump’s candidacy has sparked a civil war inside American Christianity.

    Trump’s popularity among self-identified evangelical Christians has led national figures in American Christianity to question whether large swaths of the church even know what their faith teaches, and how it applies to public and political life.

    The split is between a subset of evangelicals best categorized as “creedal” believers—those who take their faith most seriously and who oppose Trump. Less devout Christians, often described as “notional” or “cultural,” are more open to the businessman and GOP front-runner. The majority of national evangelical leaders are on the side of creedal believers.

    If Trump becomes the Republican nominee, many of these creedal evangelicals who have traditionally voted Republican say they would distance themselves from the GOP. But nobody knows whether this would result in evangelicals moving over to vote for the Democratic nominee or whether there would be a broader movement among conservatives to form a third party.

    Nonetheless, many anti-Trump Christian leaders believe that the American church has been in decline for decades, leaving many casual Christians — for whom faith is more of a cultural identity rather than a day-to-day experience — vulnerable to Trump’s appeals to anger and resentment.

    Anti-Trump evangelicals have not quite questioned the faith of Trump voters. But they’ve come close, arguing that Trump supporters are not applying Christian thinking and values to their decisions at the polls.

    “For some evangelicals, Christianity is no longer shaping their politics,” Peter Wehner, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, wrote recently. “With Mr. Trump in view, their faith lies subordinate.”

    Mike Farris, the chancellor of Patrick Henry College, a Christian university in Northern Virginia, told me that Christians who “stay true to their faith” would vote for someone other than Trump.

    And Russell Moore, head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s public policy arm, considers a vote for Trump “deeply inconsistent with an application of the Christian faith.” Moore wrote an op-ed in February for The Washington Post with the headline, “Why this election makes me hate the word ‘evangelical.'”

    These Christian leaders see Trump as the antithesis of everything they and their faith stand for. Trump’s arrogance and brashness — including his statement that he has never had to ask God for forgiveness — contradict their belief in the importance of humility. His past infidelities, divorces and his long record of misogynistic comments stand in opposition to their high regard for personal character. They see Trump’s willingness to lie, blatantly and repeatedly, as morally wrong, alarming and insulting.

    To take just one example, this past Sunday Trump denied that he’d said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was not a war hero because he was captured and held as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. “Oh no, no, no. What I was – I never did that. You know that,” Trump said in Ohio to Keith Maupin, whose son Matt was taken prisoner in Iraq and killed.

    In July, however, Trump said publicly — in a conversation that was videotaped — that McCain was a “loser” because he lost the 2008 presidential election, and said of McCain, “He’s not a war hero.”

    “He’s a war hero because he was captured. I liked people that weren’t captured,” Trump said.

    Finally, evangelical leaders see Trump’s inclination toward bullying, his admiration for tyrannical governments and his disregard for the rule of law as indications he would seek to use power despotically himself.

    True power and strength, according to the Christian faith, is found in service, self-sacrifice for others and in loving and forgiving one’s enemies.

    The response to all these concerns from the most prominent evangelical leader supporting Trump is simple.

    “We’re not voting for a pastor-in-chief,” says Jerry Falwell, Jr., the president of Liberty University.

    “God called King David a man after God’s own heart, even though he was an adulterer and a murderer,” Falwell said recently in an interview with the Liberty student newspaper. “You have to choose the leader that would make the best king or president, and not necessarily someone who would be a good pastor.”

    (When Falwell’s comment was made public over the weekend, many evangelicals immediately took to Twitter to point out that David repented and asked God to forgive his sins, unlike Trump.)

    On that score, Falwell says he thinks Trump is the best leader to stop terrorist attacks, reduce illegal immigration and deal with the national debt.

    “I think maybe after the country is saved and restored, perhaps evangelicals will start voting in traditional patterns again,” Falwell told the newspaper.

    Falwell’s dismissal of concerns over Trump’s character and moral core are similar to the way many other Christian voters think about Trump. Most don’t focus on, or don’t care, about Trump’s personal background. They just want him to fix whatever problem they think is foremost in the United Stats, whether that’s too much free trade and joblessness, or Christian values not being respected enough, or the size and scope of the federal government.

    Falwell is one of the few national evangelical leaders standing behind Trump. Robert Jeffress, the head of a 11,000-member Southern Baptist megachurch in Dallas, is more of a regional figure. Franklin Graham, son of the famous evangelist Billy Graham and head of the Christian aid group Samaritan’s Purpose, has spoken favorably of Trump but has not formally endorsed him. And Trump’s only other significant religious backers are televangelists and prosperity preachers such as Paula White and Kenneth Copeland, whose reception around the evangelical world is decidedly mixed.

    White recently spoke at a rally for Trump and defended his faith. “He loves God,” she said. Raising the religious liberty issue that concerns many conservative Christians, White said that Trump would protect those who worry “that wholesale persecution is coming to the faithful in the U.S.”

    Concern about an anti-Christian mood in the country is a high priority for many Trump supporters who are practicing, devout Christians.

  • Matt

    Geoffrey, what’s a moron-I?

    • Their angel is called Moroni….that is to say “moron” + “i”…think about it.

      • crystal

        Love it Geoffrey….”moron” + “i”…….as an ex-Mormon I found that really funny…

      • Patrice

        I can’t grasp why you use the Trump phrase, “lying Ted”, when I have listened to Trump downright lie about things he said and then down the road he has contradicted himself. eXaggeration you know is a form of lying. And Trump sure does exaggerate,.

    • l collins

      Moroni is an angel that came to Joseph Smith..You can also find him quoted in the Satanic Bible..I saw that. I wouldn’t recommend…but he is there too…does that help?

  • Ky

    Are Christians Who Support Trump Abandoning Their Faith? PART 2
    “Many Christians — and believers in other faith traditions as well — are feeling overwhelmed, sidelined and misunderstood,” write the Barna Group’s David Kinnaman and co-author Gabe Lyons in their new book, Good Faith: Being a Christian When Society Thinks You’re Irrelevant and Extreme.

    “This isn’t just a feeling,” they write. “When one-third of college-aged adults want nothing to do with religion, and 59 percent of Christian young adults drop out of church at some point in their 20s, it’s the new reality.”

    One factor complicating attempts to understand how religion may be driving voters in this presidential election cycle is that when the term “evangelical” is defined — instead of letting poll respondents self-identify — support for Trump within that community drops off dramatically.

    Among evangelicals who go to church every week or regularly, one Barna Group study found, Cruz is the preferred candidate of 30 percent, while Trump earned 24 percent, Rubio 14 percent and a handful of other candidates 30 percent. In the South Carolina primary, Trump did well in counties where church attendance is low, and poorly in counties where church attendance is high.

    The Barna Group has also worked to drill down with even more detail to identify serious, practicing evangelicals. In late January, it conducted a weeklong national survey of 869 registered voters. If anyone identified as a Christian, pollsters asked them nine theological questions. (The questions are listed at the end of this article.) Voters who answered affirmatively to all nine questions were classified as evangelicals. Voters who answered yes to some of the questions but not all were labeled either “non-evangelical born again” or “notional Christian.”

    “Among evangelicals, voters were split between Cruz (38 percent) and Carson (35 percent). Rubio only attracted 14 percent, and Trump got 11 percent,” said Barna’s Kinnaman, who conducted the survey.

    “Non-evangelical born again voters showed little resemblance to the preferences of their evangelical brethren,” Kinnaman wrote. “Among the non-evangelical born-again public, Trump was the clear favorite (38 percent), equaling the support for Cruz (23 percent) and Carson (15 percent) combined.”

    And among notional Christians, Trump’s numbers were even higher. He drew 43 percent of their support, compared to Rubio’s 26 percent and Cruz’s 15 percent.

    It’s also worth noting that Trump’s support numbers are higher among Catholics than they are among evangelicals. Trump won 30 percent of Catholics in New Hampshire, compared to 27 percent of evangelicals, and 44 percent of Catholics in Iowa, compared to just 22 percent of evangelicals there. In South Carolina, Trump captured 42 percent of the Catholic vote while picking up one-third of evangelicals.

    But among Catholics as well, there is a divide between grassroots voters who have been marking their ballots for Trump and national elites who oppose his candidacy. A group of 37 Catholic leaders signed a letter this past week urging their fellow believers to support other Republican candidates.

    “We understand that many good people, including Catholics, have been attracted to the Trump campaign because the candidate speaks to issues of legitimate and genuine concern,” states the letter, written by Robby George of Princeton University and George Weigel of the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

    “We urge our fellow Catholics and all our fellow citizens to consider, however, that there are candidates for the Republican nomination who are far more likely than Mr. Trump to address these concerns, and who do not exhibit his vulgarity, oafishness, shocking ignorance, and — we do not hesitate to use the word — demagoguery,” they wrote.

    The fact that evangelical support for Trump comes primarily from those for whom orthodox belief or daily practice of their faith is least in evidence indicates that something other than theology is driving their political decisions.

    “There’s a class component. Working-class and lower-class white evangelicals have tended to like Trump,” said John Green, director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron in Ohio. “The social profile of the evangelicals for Trump is remarkably similar to the non-evangelical Trump supporter.”

    “It suggests it has more to do with class and economics,” Green said.

    There is disagreement among Christians about whether Barna defines evangelicals too narrowly. The National Association of Evangelicals estimates that about 30 percent of the country should be defined as evangelical. But Barna, with its more detailed questions and precise definition, says evangelicals are more like 7 to 11 percent of the population.

    And just as conservatives who believe in ideological orthodoxy oppose Trump because he threatens to fundamentally change the belief system of the Republican Party, evangelical leaders who oppose Trump do so because they say he is compromising the core message of Christianity.

    Moore said the roots of the Trump phenomenon were clear to him six years ago, when then-Fox News personality Glenn Beck held a massive rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The response from evangelicals to a Mormon TV celebrity calling for religious revival demonstrated to Moore that many Christians had lost sight of the true aims of their faith.

    “I had all these Christians tweeting, ‘Turn on C-SPAN. Glenn Beck is preaching the gospel,'” Moore said.

    That word — gospel — means “Good News” in its original Greek form. To the most devoted evangelicals, the term refers to something very specific: the Good News of the Christian gospel is the virgin birth, sinless life and substitutionary death of Jesus Christ, to save sinners and reconcile them to God.

    That message, and its implications for everyday living, is what evangelicals like Moore believe Christians are called and commanded to devote their lives to embodying and sharing.

    But many evangelicals have begun to look to cultural or political outcomes to be a different form of “Good News,” Moore said.

    With the Beck rally, Moore said, “what you had happening was a populist movement led by a charismatic figure that religious Christians were encouraged to embrace as a civil religious awakening in the country.”

    “What’s happening now is you have the very same sort of populist sloganeering coming from Donald Trump,” he said. “Where people were encouraged to ignore Glenn Beck’s heretical Christology, now many Christians are ignoring Donald Trump’s personal character, and many of them are receiving him as a Christian, while redefining the gospel to do so.”

    “The faith demands priority over the politics. The faith should shape the politics, not the other way around,” Moore said. “And once that is compromised, then the entire point is winning elections and building coalitions. If that’s the case, then whatever is in the majority at the moment can be seen as right.”

    In that sense, Moore and a substantial number of other evangelical leaders believe, Trump is misleading American Christians about the very nature of power. Rather than having confident faith that empowers them to love and serve others, Trump has tapped into fear and anger, and channeled it into hatred of the stranger.

    • This site encourages YOU to make ORIGINAL comments, and not so much on the cut-n-paste. Next time just give ONE paragraph with a link where people can continue reading if they choose to. Thanks.

      • Leonard

        Beck lost my listenership when he referred to God as “…your “skygod”…” while commenting on a story about a preacher in a Christian church who called police when a female member was being threatened in church by a gun-wielding ex-boyfriend. As far as Cruz in concerned, his wife, a member of CFR is one of the creators of the North American Union concept. Conspiracy theories ten years ago went off the deep end on this–but it’s still dangerous to America. See it here:

      • Steve

        The wise man in Proverbs is the one who trusts and humbly follows God. The foolish man in Proverbs is a narcissist.

      • Estrella de David

        Brother Geoffrey, there goes that Cruz operative KY trying to put the Bushes puppet in the white house again…

        Cruz is CFR KY! Deal with it!

  • Of course he isn’t…The mormons teach Jesus is less in heaven than John Smith…

    More End Time News At:

  • Steve

    Dan Jones, no they do not teach that Jesus is less in heaven. This page is nothing more than a Mormon hate group, which is just sad.

    • Mormonism is a CULT, nothing more and nothing less. Mormons are not Christians, they are cult members. And all the billions they raise each year will NEVER change that one iota. Joey Smith was a FRAUD, a charlatan who DECEIVED people with his demonic doctrines.

      We don’t hate Mormons, but we sure do hate the cult of Mormonism.

      • crystal

        As an ex-Mormon I just want to add to your comment. I truly feel that Mormonism is a money-making cult, which also operates itself as a business.

        The spirit of Joseph Smith lives on in the leaders of the Mormon church. Joseph Smith was unsuccessful in his money digging schemes, and turned to religion to make himself wealthy. It was all about Money, Sex, and Power for this false prophet.

        The Mormon leaders of today are very much about making as much money as possible, and they put a LOT of emphasis on tithe paying. They even use it as “fire insurance”. Mormons are taught that if they do not pay their 10% tithing that they will be burned at the second coming of Christ. This personally terrified me as a young girl, and this puts a tremendous amount of fear on it’s members. PLUS if they do not pay their 10% they will not be able to hold a temple recommend so that they can do their endowments to reach Godhood. All of these Mormon teaching on tithing is evil to the core, un-biblical and sickening. This “fire insurance” tithing teaching is one of the huge reasons that the Mormon church makes BILLIONS.

        • dot

          sorry crystal, it seems as when you were a mormon you did not learn the religion, you are wrong on several things you say nothing is or has ever been taught like fire insurance, maybe your family did this on their own ……. but you should not teach what is wrong……. and u r wrong

      • Steve

        Good thing there is the Savior Jesus to save people from being in cults or even being a part of cult leadership. We all were deceived in one way or another before we were born again. Let’s try preaching the Gospel Geoffrey…. You like pointing out all the unbiblical things about people, what about yourself and all the hate you are spreading on this site? Will you repent and take it down?

        • Estrella de David

          No, he does not need to repent! you need to repent! He is a voice of alarm to wake up the people!

          You need to leave if you are trying to deceive others Steve!

          • Steve

            Sound the alarm in a Christ-like fashion, no need to be doing it the way its happening on this website.

      • Estrella de David

        Amen Bro Grider!!!

    • Steve

      I’m a different “Steve” and I agree. There’s nothing Christ-like about the hate towards Mormons, Catholics and other denominations on this site….

    • Estrella de David

      Mormons are not Christians! They do not beleive the same as we do.

      • Steve

        Estrella de David, RE:Mormons are not Christians! They do not beleive the same as we do.

        What are you doing about the lost, Mormons or otherwise….why are you bashing them and hating them…are they going to accept the Gospel when you speak the way they do?

        • l collins

          Moroni is an angel that came to Joseph Smith..You can also find him quoted in the Satanic Bible..I saw that. I wouldn’t recommend…but he is there too…does that help?

  • I am a very committed follower of Christ. I work everyday for the Lord by being His ambassador. I am not a cultural Christian. I supported Trump.
    Glen Beck is sounding like the word of faith movement preachers.

  • Anne

    The lies and stupidity on this page regarding Mormons is disgusting. Beck speaks for no one but himself. But the”Christians” on here must be breaking Christs heart. What a hateful a ignorant group of frauds.

    • crystal

      Anne, I am an ex-Mormon who was born and raised in the Mormon Cult, and I did NOT see one piece of false information in this article. If anyone would know, it would be myself. So please tell me what lies are presented in the article above??? I did NOT see any.

      I am guessing you are a Mormon, or you are coming to the defence of a group that you know nothing about. If you would like to actually educate yourself you can go to that has all kinds of factual, and historical information regarding Mormonism.

      I hope that helps.

      • Estrella de David

        Crystal, what a great counter-punch to the false argument made by Anne!

    • Mormonism is a cult, Beck is a nut case and Cruz is a deceiver.

      • Larry / vietnamvet1971

        I agree with ALL 3 statements / Sentence.

        Be NOT Deceived.

      • Steve

        What are you doing to reach them for Christ?

        • l collins

          Steve, those who are searching? They can be encouraged to read the Word of God for themselves. We are responsible for our own salvation and keeping in the Word of God ourselves keeps us sound. We can only point the direction for others. Christ has already reached for them. The story is written. If they are searching we can point them. Reaching them for Christ? He shed His Blood to redeem them. It is Lord who quickens their hearts. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. If we don’t stay in the Word ourselves we have nothing to offer do we? I cant give you a PHD you have to work for it yourself..I can point you towards it, you have to do the work..

          I can only lead you to the Word of God.. It was reading the Word of God fully on my own, that has led me out of many of Christian movements, because they are the Word and Character of God.

    • Steve

      I agree, too much haughtiness and hate here. What do the unbelievers hate about us? That we judge others and come across as better than others….too bad that many on this site are giving proof to that point. Just not a lot of Christ-like attitudes here. I am sorry to say, it seems many are following the lead of the man who runs the site.

      Speak the truth in love, otherwise you are just being brutal.

      • l collins

        Word of God and Jesus himself said that this would not be..the days will grow darker and evil will increase. and Jesus asked will I find faith when I return?…so the answer lies in the Word of God. We have been told and warned through scripture. Jesus warned us 4X be not deceived…we need to study the real to avoid the counterfeit..Read the Word of God and encourage others to read you aren’t one of the deceived..the Word of God does not lie.

        Many are sincerely deceived..because they did not read the Word of God themselves, but allowed a preacher pastor pope tradition friend etc to instruct them. Sincere or insincere deception have the same outcome..

  • MG

    well, does that mean now that those that thought mormonism was Christian, they will now know it’s not because Glen beck said it?????

  • Larry / vietnamvet1971

    Beck is just another Deceived WACKO how can we tell, just listen to his silly Ramblings.

    • Yes, that’s right. But the fact that Ted Cruz has this cult member not only campaigning for him but also PREACHING Mormon doctrine at his rallies tells you that Cruz is not to be trusted at all. Not one bit.

      • Steve

        So who should we vote for?

        • Estrella de David

          Well for Trump of course!unless you yearn to see the USA gone very soon?….Vote Cruzand you get the Bush-Clinton Syndicated Crime Family…

          Donald Trump and his supporters seem to be the last humans in America left with a brain!!! I can´t understand how there can still be idiots out there in the USA who are willing to fight, maybe, the last man who has a chance to save the country from endless terrorists attacks on its soil!!!

          You need to be a bonified pendejo to still believe what the US Pres, Barry Soetoro, the je/su-i/t Vic-Pres who really runs the show, Joe Biden and the Republican and Democratic party have the interest of the people as their priority!!!! They all serve the Va-/ti/c*an!
          The terrorists are allready inside your country!!!! Forget about the ones that are here in Mexico, waiting for the command…. they are allready there and Barry Soetoro is bringing them into your country by the planeloads!!!!

          Open your eyes America! You better awake from your alcohol,cocaine, heroine, porn induced stupor!!!

          Allow a true man that has these devils shaking in their boots to lead your country out of being prepared for the killing!!!!!!!!! ¡Viva Trump!

          O-ba/ma is not a muslim, he is a luce-/fer/ian-illum/inado, he could care less about any human… He, the Bushes, Clintons and all other traitors and nazi loving hijos de su podrida madre will use this bombing in Bruselas to attack and destroy more islamic nations… just watch… a “false flag operation” in anticipation of something big this summer in the USA…

          May YAHVÉ have mercy on your nation and the entire world! Amen!

      • Steve

        If you are so knowledgeable, why don’t you answer questions that are presented to you?

      • l collins

        Cruz is NAR. New Apostolic Reformation. NAR movement is thoroughly compatible with Mormon doctrine. NAR is cult in discernment is absent. Kenneth Copeland said he believes that Ted Cruz is God’s anointed ..Rafael Cruz preached at Copeland church..NAR is Dominion Theology. Copeland teaches “we are Gods”…they are ALL compatible with each others doctrines…birds of a feather…Copeland has declared protest is over with the Catholic church..

        So what we are witnessing is facts. All are heretical to the Word of God. Only God knows their hearts. We can see they are deceived and do not adhere to the Word of God. Sincerely deceived..but deadly deceived. We have a duty to show deception in the body of Christ. That is not mean spirited. That is called defending the faith.

  • David Boles

    I am an accomplished apologist. I recommend the book by the late Dr. Walter Martin, The Kingdom of the Cults.

    What is the correct definition of God? There are many definitions. Scientists call Him the “Superintellect Cause” who had to be the Cause of this Grand Effect we call the universe because the Law of Cause and Effect demands it. And there are as many different definitions of “God” as there are religions! Which definition should I accept as the true definition? What if one’s eternal life depends upon believing the correct definition of who God is?
    Here are three. A or B or C ?
    A. Who is God? “God was once a man, but ‘progressed’ to godhood. He has a physical body, as does his wife (Heavenly Mother). No trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate gods. Worthy men may one day become gods themselves. Other gods exist also.”
    B. Who is God? “The one God is Triune (one God in three Persons, not three gods); being Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Often the title ‘God’ designates the first Person, God the Father. God is a spiritual being without a physical body. He is personal and involved with people. He created the universe out of nothing. He is eternal, changeless, holy, loving and perfect.”

    C. Who is God? One-person God, called Jehovah. No Trinity. Jesus is the first thing Jehovah created.

    A. is the LDS counterfeit definition.
    B. is the Biblical, orthodox, true definition.
    C. is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society counterfeit definition.

    The Trinity can be understood by using the water analogy. There is only one GOD. There is only one H2O. The Liquid Water in Heaven came to earth as the Solid Snow. The Gaseous Vapor indwells believers. I have always speculated that God made water, without which there can be no life, as His analogy about Himself.

    “You happily put up with whatever anyone tells you, even if they preach a DIFFERENT JESUS than the one we preach, or a DIFFERENT kind of SPIRIT than the one you received, or a DIFFERENT kind of GOSPEL than the one you believed…. These people are FALSE APOSTLES. They are deceitful workers who disguise themselves as apostles of Christ. But I am not surprised! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:4; 13,14)
    I ask Mormons on facebook if they believe that their Book of Mormon is considered another testament, “another gospel” like the New Testament. They always give a resounding “Yes!” I don’t see any of their posts much anymore either. I suppose they don’t like my return comment! My hope and prayer is that Mormons come out of that CULT OF CULTS!
    If you can find a picture of the doorways to the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City you will see inverted pentagrams carved in stone over the entrances. Crosses are banned. Who hates the cross more than any entity in Heaven or earth? Wake up people!
    Here’s more:
    A. Who is Jesus? Jesus is a separate God from the Father (Elohim). He was created as aspirit child by the Father and Mother in Heaven, and is the “elder brother” of all men and spirit beings. His body was created through sexual union between God (Elohim) and Mary. Jesus was married. His death on the cross does not provide full atonement for all sin, but does provide everyone with resurrection.

    B. Who is Jesus? Jesus is the second Person of the Trinity. As God the Son, He has always
    existed and was never created. He is fully God and fully man (the two
    natures joined, not mixed). As the second Person of the Trinity, He is
    coequal with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. In becoming man, He was
    begotten through the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. Jesus is the
    only way to the Father, salvation, and eternal life. He was killed on a
    cross according to God’s plan, as a full sacrifice and payment for our sins.
    He rose from the dead three days later (on the third day), spiritually and physically
    immortal. For the next 40 days he was seen by more than 500 eyewitnesses.
    His wounds were touched and he ate meals. He physically ascended to Heaven.
    Jesus will come again visibly and physically at the end of the world to
    establish God’s kingdom.

    C. Who is Jesus? Jesus is not God. Before he lived on earth, he was Michael, the archangel.
    Jehovah made the universe through him. On earth he was a man who lived a perfect life.
    After dying on a stake (not a cross), he was resurrected as a spirit; his body was destroyed.
    Jesus in not coming again; he “returned” invisibly in 1914 in spirit. Very soon, he and the
    angels will destroy all non-members of this church organization.

    A. is the LDS counterfeit definition.
    B. is the Biblical, orthodox, true definition.
    C. is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society counterfeit definition.

    Thank you Rose Publishing. 4455 Torrance Blvd. #259, Torrance, CA 90503

  • Anon

    It sounds to me that everyone here is putting their ‘Hope and Trust’ in man, as opposed to trusting in the Lord. God didn’t abandon this country, we abandoned Him, and kicked Him out, after He has given us much that we should be thankful for. It therefore matters not who gets elected president, because no one man is going to step in and fix things, unless it is part of God’s plan. It seems we have taken our eyes off the Only One who can fix things and instead, relying on a corrupt system to patch things up. As the Bible says, ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,’ but as we can see, that is no longer true for this nation. We should pray that ‘our redemption is indeed near’ and finish the race as God has commanded us to do. Bless you all.

    • Steve

      Truth! Wisdom! Maybe our nation will repent and be revived!! God send the power of revival to America that we might not be turned against you and forgotten by you oh God!

    • l collins

      Our faith is no longer cooperate, if it ever was..It is individual. We need to search the scriptures deligently ourselves on our work out our faith, until the returning of Jesus for his bride. The parable of the virgins is sad, because 5 were unprepared to enter into the wedding feast.

      You are right no man is going to resolve the issues in this ever corrupt world. Our faith is in Jesus..we are only ambassadors in another put our trust in fallen man, is to trust in putting weight on a broken foot.


      Amen Anon Amen!!! Very clear and very well said. God is in Providence over all things…Whoever is President, it’s because God will have it so. Mr.Cruz has lost credibility because of lack of conviction and lack of running a campaign, where he puts his Trust in God,thus the need to allow unholy, ungodly prosperity con men & women aka Copland & White and cult personalities like Beck and others define his integrity, thus showing his lack of trust in he 1 and ONLY True God of creation. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel). True christians are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but True Christian are held captive by their conscience and by their Deep Love for the Agape Love and renewing work of God the Holy Spirit in us. There is not position under the heavens, that it is worth letting down our Savior, our God. As Martin Luther put it in May of 1521 AD at the Diet of Worms to the Roman Catholic leach mob council , sent by Pope Leo X (Who died in in Dec of 1521…Hmmm) who excommunicated Luther in Jan, 1521. Mr. Cruz could learn from Luther, when asked to recant. Sirs, I can do no other, for my conscience is held captive to the Word of God. “I Cannot” and “I WILL NOT” recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither RIGHT nor SAFE. GOD’S vote is the only vote that COUNTS!!! Neither Right nor Safe…MR. Cruz. Come Sweet Jesus Come!!! Amen & Amen!!! God Bless you Anon, for the Blessed Holy Spirit’s words reside in you. See you soon Brother 🙂

  • David Boles

    Nicely put Anon. In Ezekiel 38, 39, we read about a massive military invasion of Israel, “at the time of the end.” God alone rescues Israel from the invading military juggernaut. Where is the United States, the friend of Israel, the most powerful nation in the world?! The Israelis will spend the next seven years—the Tribulation period?—gathering the fallen weapons from the vanquished armies around the hills of Israel. Perhaps the Rapture, with so many believing Christians in the United States, will virtually empty this once great country, bringing this government to its knees and rendering America useless and Godless.
    “Thus will I demonstrate My greatness and My holiness, and I will be recognized, understood, and known in the eyes of many nations; yes, they shall know that I am the Lord God.” Ezekiel 38:23

  • Steve

    They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”

    Not KJV version – Still the heart-changing truthful teaching of Jesus!

  • robimac

    So Beck admits that his god is not the God of the Bible. That’s pretty messed up to come to such a realization while choosing to serve satan. His spiritual issues are between himself and the God of Israel.I listen to Glen Beck because he is spot on with regard to the communism that is being pushed in this country…that’s it!

  • David Boles

    “There’s nothing Christ-like about the hate towards Mormons, Catholics and other denominations on this site….” Steve. Please! There is a STANDARD TRUTH that is immutable about the definitions of who God is and who Jesus is. Cults make up their own definitions to suit their own counterfeit “theology.” We orthodox Christians MUST BOLDLY EXPOSE these false definitions! Please read the very well compiled definitions of God and Jesus put forth by the orthodox Christian organization, Rose Publishing. Read what I posted. See what I mean. When Mormons or any other CULT talks about “Jesus,” ask them, “WHICH ONE?!” They have the prophesied “another Jesus” by virtue of their changed definitions. “But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” (1 Peter 3:15)
    If the truthful definitions are going to hurt someone’s feelings, well, just TOO BAD! Truth is mighty and will prevail. My exposing the counterfeit CULTIC “churches” is not hate! We must expose them, “but with gentleness and respect.”
    Here are the Rose Publishing’s report on the Holy Spirit, by the way, the cultic and the orthodox:

    A. Who is the Holy Spirit? Holy Ghost is a separate god. Holy Spirit is God’s influence.

    B. Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is God, the third Person of the Trinity.
    The Holy Spirit is a person, not a force or energy field. He comforts, grieves, reproves,
    convicts, guides, teaches, and fills Christians. He is not the Father, nor
    the Son, Jesus Christ. [Like saying, “Fog is not the liquid Water, nor the solid
    Snow, but still H2O, still GOD].

    C. Who is the Holy Spirit? Impersonal “holy spirit” is not God, but rather an invisible,
    active force from Jehovah.

    A. is the LDS counterfeit definition.
B. is the Biblical, orthodox, true definition.

    C. is the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society counterfeit definition.

    Orthodox, Biblical definition of How to be Saved: Saved by God’s grace, not by an
    individual’s good works. Salvation must be received by faith. People must believe
    in their heart that Jesus died for their sins and physically rose again, which is the
    assurance of forgiveness and resurrection of the body. This is God’s loving plan
    to forgive sinful people. Those who are truly saved have the Holy Spirit dwelling within
    them, leading them to do good works.

  • Wyeth

    The truth IS offensive and the Gospel IS foolishness to those who are perishing so the negative reactions to the article aren’t surprising.

    EVERYONE has been deceived at some point in their lives, likely most of the time, so don’t feel bad when you come to that realization yourself.

    I grew up in “church” (30+ years) only to realize 99.9% of those preachers I thought were Biblically sound were actually willful deceivers better known as wolves. Imagine my surprise. After getting over that shock, I stuck with the pure Word of the Bible, bailed out of the false church and moved on.

  • Bill

    My advice to you is to read Galiatians 8:1 again, and then read the Bible from cover to cover. After that pray and ask God in the Name of Christ to reveal to you the truth about God the Father and His son Jesus Christ, so you can have “life eternal.” See John 17:3.

  • honesttogod

    As I’ve heard it said from time to time, I don’t have a dog in this
    dog in this fight, but I do want to make one comment.Mr. Grider, you give this article a click-bait title about Beck saying that the God of Mormons is not the God of the Biblelit worked.. I clicked). You base this on Beck using the construction that Evangelicals are disobeying “their God” as an admission by Beck that the Mormon God- his God-is not the same as the Evangelicals’God. Either you don’t understand rhetorical structure and using non-standard turns of phrase to create emphasis,or you are deliberately twisting the phrase to make it say something Beck did not intend. So you are dim about speaking, or you are attempting to deceive ie, lying. You object to Cruz because he is a liar- and he is– but he careful that you aren’t one too.

    • Larry / vietnamvet1971

      I am just speaking for myself but I am old enough to Divide & Decide what this article is saying…… sort of makes one think.

    • Ron S

      Geoffrey was quoting what Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas said, so if you have a fight about English grammar, it should be with Mr Jeffress.

      This looks to me like a “Freudian” slip by Beck. Normally in making that statement you would say ““All throughout the South the Evangelicals are not listening to God”. I’m with Robert Jeffress on this one. Inserting “their” into that phrase makes quite a difference in my opinion.

  • Ron S

    I’ve never seen hate from Geoffrey on this site towards any individual. It’s very possible to hate systems which teach cultic lies, and defraud their members without hating those who are deceived. The leaders of these cults will be held to account by the Lord for their leading astray of their people.

    Mormonism has been described as “the most ridiculous cult in the world”. For example, how many people know what Joseph Smith said about the “Moon-dwellers”?

    He (Joseph Smith)stated: “The inhabitants of the moon are more of a uniform size than the inhabitants of the earth, being about six feet in height. They dress very much like the Quaker style and are quite general in style, or the fashion of dress. They live to be very old; coming generally near a thousand years.” (From the Journal of Oliver B. Huntington, a devout Mormon contemporary of Joseph Smith. Copy at Utah State Historical Society, Vol. 2, pg. 166. Also found in The Henry E. Huntington Library, Pasadena, California).

    Beck belongs to a religion whose founder taught this (although I doubt if they publicise this much these days), so no wonder he’s displaying symptoms of lunacy. There is a rich mine full of this type of off-beat teaching. (And Mitt Romney presumably believes this as well).

    Ted Cruz needs to stand up and repudiate Beck’s endorsement if he wants to retain any credibility.

  • Bitter Clinger

    Beck thinks Cruz is fulfilling the Biblical “White Horse” prophecy, so yeh he’s a little off his rocker… might want to get back on his meds.

  • The Bible never teaches God was a saved, fallen finite person who became god like Abraham Isaac and Jacob

    “The Gods who dwell in the Heaven…have been redeemed from the grave in a world which existed before the foundations of this earth were laid. They and the Heavenly body which they now inhabit were once in a fallen state….they were exalted also, from fallen men to Celestial Gods to inhabit their Heaven forever and ever.” (Apostle Orson Pratt in The Seer, page 23)

    Would you think fallen means sinner In the 1844 LDS publication, Times and Seasons, volume 5, pages 613-614,… Joseph Smith reiterated that God was an exalted man and that Mormon men could also become Gods. This teaching is well documented, as is their claim that God is not a spirit being, but that he has a body of flesh and bone.

    “God is a perfected, saved soul enjoying eternal life.” (Second Counselor in the First Presidency, Marion G. Romney, as per Salt Lake Tribune, April 3, 1977.)

    It appears ridiculous to the world, under their darkened and erroneous traditions, that God has once been a finite being; and yet we are not in such close communion with him as many have supposed. He has passed on, and is exalted far beyond what we can now comprehend. Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7, p. 334

    Doctrine and Covenant’s 132:
    37 Abraham received concubines, and they bore him children; and it was accounted unto him for righteousness, because they were given unto him, and he abode in my law; as Isaac also and Jacob did none other things than that which they were commanded; and because they did none other things than that which they were commanded, they have entered into their exaltation, according to the promises, and sit upon thrones, and are not angels but are gods.

  • Landon Thompson

    You being a street preacher for the Lord Jesus Christ is great. I do that as well.

    Can you please provide direction as to what you are suggesting people do? To say Ted is a deciever may be true, (yet I will point out that every human being has told lies), but that may not be helpful if people are only confused and don’t know where to go next.

    Are you suggesting that people don’t vote, vote for Trump, vote for someone else, or do something else?


  • The results of your votes by that office-holder will reveal themselves by the fruits of the same.
    ie- You do get what you voted in and not necessarily what you thot you voted for ~!

  • Mormon horsepuckey= CULT- accepting the lie in the garden you shall become as God- quite simple.

    Tho I doubt Glenn buys into this apostasy.
    However he won’t turn on the Mormon people as he’s trying to include them to turn them away from it to the true Christ of scripture or the many good Evangelical pastors would not have given him public support.
    Rationality tells uou this!

    WHO else is reaching out to Mormons in a way they would listen to or consider acceptable-???
    They are misguided- not terrorists, the true gospel without the J.Smith BS states;
    “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit……and intents of the heart.” – Hebrews 4:12

    Mormons are a intrinsically dedicated type of highly organized people.
    Imagine if True-revival in the U.S. and the world was started with them ~?

    • Any thots on my above take and the implications are welcome ~!

  • David Boles

    Molly Miller: Ask the Mormon if the LDS church teaches its members these things:

        Was God once a man? (Journal of Discourses  vol. II p.40)

        Does the Mormon “God” have many wives? (The Seer, by Orson Pratt p.172)

        Does the Mormon “God” now live on a planet near the star Kolob with his wives bearing
    spirit children? (Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:9, 16)

        Are Jesus (the Mormon Jesus that is) and Lucifer (Satan, the Devil)
    “spirit brothers”? (Prophet Kimball, Ensign magazine Dec. 1980 p. 5)

        Are there many gods in Mormonism? (Abraham 3: 23-28 and Talmage,
    Jesus the Christ, pp. 15-16)

        Do you believe you’ll someday become a god with a planet of your own?
    (Articles of Faith, by James Talmage p. 430)

        Do you believe that Jesus had many wives? (the sisters of Lazarus and
    Mary Magdalene. The Journal of Discourses, vol.I p. 345 & vol.II, p.
    210), and that He couldn’t become a god unless He was married? (Mormon
    Doctrine, by Bruce R. McConkie pp. 117,118)

        Is it true that Joseph Smith was a “sublime degree Mason”? Masonry is
    a  man-centered theology that sees itself as above all religions in
    the world.  (History of the Church, by Joseph Smith, vol.4 pp.
    551-552).  This explains why Masonic symbols adorn Mormon temples, including
    inverted pentagrams over the entrances to the Temple in Salt Lake City.
    (Whited Sepulchers, by Schnoebelen & Spencer)

        Does the Book of Mormon  itself, contrary to the teaching of Mormon
    doctrine, say there is only one God and that He is unchanging? (Mormon
    9:9-11 and Alma 11:26-31)  And didn’t Joseph Smith say that anyone who
    teaches doctrine contrary to the Book of Mormon  is an impostor? (Times
    & Seasons, vol.5 p. 490) If the godhead (Mormon “trinity”) is one god “in
    purpose”, why don’t both the Book of Mormon and the Bible say  “in
    purpose” then?  They don’t!

    One God as three Divine Persons?
    Historic, Orthodox Biblical Christianity: [GodHolySpiritJesus]

    Or three gods in one godhead, “One in Purpose”?
    LDS: [God] + [Holy Ghost] + [Jesus] (and a “Council of Gods”)

    True Judeo-Christianity: “I am the first , and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.”
    “Is there a God beside me? Yea, there is no God;  I know not any.”
    (Isaiah 44; 6 & 8) There is only ONE GOD. But, just as I pointed out in the H2O analogy above, This ONE GOD is triune in nature. There is on other H2O.
    Then Joseph Smith and his gang of “Prophets” came along and changed the historical, orthodox Biblical definitions! LDS IS DCEPTION!

  • David Boles

    Typo. “DECEPTION” See there? I am not perfect, but at least I can research the facts. Thank you for making me perfect before God, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Chirst! (God Himself manifest in the flesh. The Liquid Water come to earth as the pure solid Show.) Read and explain John 1:1-14. The Watchtower cult has to go so far as to change the wording in their corrupted New World Translation just to deny the fact that the Word, God, became flesh and dwelt among us.


    Do I hear this correctly? Beck saID “their God” and that is interpreted to mean a different God? I am neither pro or con Beck but Matthew 1:21 reads, She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.” So – are their sins any different thaN our sins? Of course not – their sins are just the same as our sins. Boy – you can’t say anything anymore.

  • Wy did Fox terminate Glen Beck?

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  • Bellez (@bellez8)

    Wow the one thing we are not allowed to judge a person by is the only thing Trump is getting judged on.Let me just say this.Their are hundreds of stories of Trump giving absolute time money & effort to help those is serious need, whether medical financial thankfulness. Example He has paid out of his pocket for lawyers to help farmers KEEP their land from foreclosures, He has given his jet & crew more than one occasion to help medial emergencies when regular airlines wouldn’t fly sick people for treatment.When Star Jennifer Hudson’s mother & brother MURDERED he put them in TRUMP towers & paid security team with NO CHARGE.Miss Wisconsin due to medical negligence asked his help knowing him from a pageant he sent people & organizations to help her,now dying her 7 yr old son is guaranteed FULL college tuition.When a soldier was released from Mexican jail he gave him 10,000 ck to help him get back on feet.Bus driver who did a good deed for someone else he sent him a Thank you check.He is responsible for building the Vietnam War Memorial Wall.In Harlem when a black female coach a volunteer center died in 9/11 he sent $25.000 to keep their dreams alive.He has donated Millions & millions to endless charities that have helped so many without calling the camera crew like Beck & Cruz did when they went to border to pass out teddy bears & soccerballs to illegals.Beck cried foul not enough media coverage for their great act of charity.They got donations both being well into millionaires didn’t use their own money.You really should have taken time to scour the net for old video’s & articles to find out TRUTH. We wanted a you get one and don’t like the unpolished version of non-rehearshed scripts.You get mad he doesn’t have full knowledge of inner workings of GOV”T because he was business man not political hack. So he is abrasive.Yes I cringe too not because i any way I feel offended I just know how everyone else will have the “INDIGNATION SNOBBERY”. Cruz making over $250.000 donate less than 1% to ANY CHARITY,even his own Church.Like it or not Cruz & Beck been joined at the hip weeks in UTAh.Beck claiming he is the promised “White Horse Phrophesie” whatever that is.Beck said if Jesus had a brother it was Cruz who was standing there accepting this kind of blasphemy, Cruz will set things right to trigger Rapture.Cruz is only one to get us through rapture.Heidi With Ted as Potus you will SEE THE FACE OF GOD.ANY MINISTER PRIEST who says you have to vote for him..RUN..Any clergy dictates who period to vote for RUN.Is Trumps ego big..YEp that is why I know whatever promises he makes his ego will force him to follow through.See here is where Chrisitans keeep getting it wrong..I had to double take myself..God told you over & over ..”My ways are Not your ways..Do not be wise in your own wisdom. He will use those like Palin & Trump who seem foolish non scripted non-polished people to bring the elites down.I’ve seen pictures of Trump & family in Church No camera’s except someone cell..He isn’t looking for attention there he is sincere..Be very careful judging his soul.He loves helping people, he wants to be loved which is a fault..but he DOES things everyday to someone who looks some kind of kindness, even if he lets someone come up to his penthouse to go potty because their isn’t one in lobby. instead of just the cover you actually have to open the book and read it.At hi age-his enormous wealth,his kids & grand kids he could spend the rest of his life enjoying, He is spending tens of millions of his own money to give back some of his blessings.You think he needs The horrific lies, smears attacks against his family,no privacy,backstabbing of his own party & fellow republicans Paying his own pocket to stop the horrific voter fraud & abuse of power over the delegates by GOP & Cruz whom everyone last one of them are using The money YOU send for their campaign? You will have to account for your SILENCE knowing this is happening but because you want your “candidate” to win you will turn your head in denial. Your demolishing the One thing valued Our Vote.You cheat millions of their voice like Obama did in 2008?? I’m not ashamed of my country, I am for the 1sttime ever ashamed at my fellow Christian Conservatives.I’ve been praying 8yrs with some of you all,but never for any man only that fraud will be defeated And God’s choice be elected.TRAGICALLY you care more about Your choice which has led you to name calling mocking others & lying distortion threats & just refusing to look closer into truth.Trump has Many more REAL PASTORS who preach truth not collection boxes of touchy feel good smarmies..I am still praying GODS will not mine or your to prevail. I am praying for my country not your hurt feelings.


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